Paloma Cruz

An Outdoor Wedding Reception at Marques de Montemolar in Spain Styled By Paloma Cruz with Peach Flowers, Pampas Grass and Festoon Lights by Serafin Castillo Pin Image

An Outdoor Wedding Reception in Spain Styled By Paloma Cruz

BUDGET £25 – 27.5K

The bride was in awe of the outdoor wedding reception and quite frankly so are we! Every detail planned and styled by Paloma Cruz will knock your socks off. There are peach flowers to complement the bride’s firey red hair mixed with pampas grass and foliage, plus copper chairs and vases, and the pièce de résistance, the bride and groom and their wedding party who are hitting all the style stakes with heavely updos, gorgeous gowns and dapper suits. Captured to perfection by Serafin Castillo whose weddings we are always honoured to share.

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Emily & Joseph

Ok team, hold on to your hats. This morning we’ve got a Paloma Cruz wedding, shot by Pablo Laguia, with a Wes Anderson inspired vibe. I know, I know, it really doesn’t get much better than that does it?! Well actually it totally does, as we can claim this gorgeous pair as our own – Emily and Joseph are Brits, who chose this Spanish dream team to bring their wedding plans to life. And oh my goodness we’re pleased they did.

There aren’t really any words to describe how epic this wedding is, so I’ll let the photographs do the talking, along with the report from the leading lady herself, beautiful Bride Emily…

Are you ready to reach Pampas Grass Heaven? I thought so.

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Sophie & Reeda

My jaw hit the floor when I saw these images from Pablo Laguia and I just knew we had to share them with you all. If anyone is questioning why you need to have a huge over the top wedding and spend a fortune, then the answer is you don’t – you could do it like Sophie and Reeda and just have a really special day for the two of you.

Paloma of Paloma Cruz Eventos, along with the fab Grace and Thorn team on the florals, has done the most amazing job of styling an intimate dinner party setting. It looks like a really chilled Saturday night in with your besties, except everyone is dressed to the nines looking gorgeous!

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Irene & Ioannis

Whenever we receive a real wedding submission from Spain, I get really excited. They have a thriving and ridiculously stylish Wedding Industry. And someone at the forefront of that is the amazing Paloma Cruz. Everything she works on is beautiful and this morning’s wedding is no exception.

There are elegantly dressed long tables, a colour palette that reflects the sand and sea, a really cool seating area and a canopy of fairy lights. Then there’s Irene’s stunning dress with a full skirt and some gorgeous embroidery detailing. This wedding is a real treat from start to finish and every magical moment has been captured by Oscar Guillen.