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I’m guessing that each and every one of you lovelies has some kind of body hang-up. As in, one area that you focus on more than others, the one bit that you wish you could somehow change. I bet this hang-up is more than likely unfounded, no-one notices it but you…. Nevertheless, it is what it is and no matter how many people try and convince you otherwise, the fact remains that it is and always will be the one area you don’t make any effort to emphasise.

Mine has always been my legs.

They are short, and kind of muscly. I think my calves are chunky. And my knees are not very attractive either.

I would very much like them to be long and slender. The kind of pins that look fabulous in a pair of pretty patterned hoisery. Legs that warrant wearing a short frock every day of the week.

I have tried everything in my bid to change their shape. Running. Not running (they just became increasingly bulgy). Pilates. Power Plates. Yoga. Cutting out carbs and eating more protein….

All completely and utterly pointless.

Then a couple of years ago I got over my self and realised I was pretty lucky to have a healthy body and a pair of perfectly adequate limbs. I had wasted so much precious time being preoccupied with something so trivial and achieved precisely nothing. Oh and I also discovered 80 denier opaque black tights by Wolford (not only do they hide a multitude of sins but they also seem to create the illusion of immense slenderness – worth every penny people).

And there began my obsession with dresses. After years and years of being a 100% trouser wearer I embraced my new found freedom and went on a new kind of wardrobe adventure.

Literally any excuse to don a frock. And what better time of year than now eh? Christmas party dress. New Years Eve dress. Millions of dresses I can swoon over for you gorgeous lot… because some of you will be looking for maids gowns, or maybe even a new number as a W-day guest? Or just because you fancy something flirty for no particular reason at all.

Basically I get to look at lots of lovely and share it all with you.

I love my job.

Sexy Sleeves At REISS: This mesh panelled Venus is top of my Xmas wish list and the cream wrap Lorna would look sensational on your best girls for a winter affair.

Slinky And Sophisticated At ZARA: Not enough dollar for Missoni? (me neither…) but you can make like you do in this fringed number, a bargain at £45.99. And I imagine just as lovely with ankle boots and tights as it is on this bare legged beauty, the shiny “Bat” (no – no idea) dress. A very reasonable £59.99.

Brights And Metallics At COAST: I currently have a thing for orange. Bold in-you-face look-at-me orange. And if you do too then the Ursula may be just what you have been looking for, perfect for work or play. Completely different in terms of style and colour but equally as covetable, the Pippa would look stunning on your best girls for a contemporary W-day or black-tie themed do.

Pale And Interesting at TED BAKER:I love a LBD as much as the next person but equally I adore a LND (little neutral dress), be it pale grey, nude or cream. Ted Baker really delivers on the nudey front this season with the pleated Vaira and the ruffled Ditio.

Show Stoppers At KAREN MILLEN: Not normally one for a very busy print, I am a huge fan of the butterfly design on this pencil length gown, and although a wee bit pricey at £350, this beaded shift is both elegant and timeless.

Casual Cool At FRENCH CONNECTION: My two favourite frocks of all, the super cute Frisella Fortune (looks amazing with the red velvet platforms as per the model) and the Swallow Scoop tea dress. LOVES.

So you gorgeous lot, any frocks that take your fancy?

And what is your body hang-up? do you dress to “disguise” the bits you are not as keen on or like me, have you recently said “stuff it” and made the most out of what you were born with regardless?

And how do you feel about maids in tights (I love this look – was just wondering what everyone else thought…)

Big If You’ve Already Bought Your Party Dress Then Comment With A Link Love

Charlotte xxx