Peter Lang Deco Earrings

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THE Hot One Hundred – This Rocks.

*Waves* Happy Sunday You Gorgeous Lot! Now I know you have seen this competition before but the question is HAVE YOU ENTERED?! Because not only can you win TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS worth of pretty you will also be entitled to 20% off whatever items you leave us a comment about. So even if you don’t win (which you might – let’s face it, this has much better odds than the lottery)… you can still have your fancy jewels at a not so fancy price.

Oh, and did I mention Christmas? I mean who said these pieces were just for W-day anyway……


How would you like to win £250 worth of W-day goodies?

And when I say “goodies” I actually mean pretty – bejewelled type pretty. And when I say W-day you can of course have this pretty for any day of the week.

Rock My Wedding and Liberty In Love have teamed up to bring you the HOT ONE HUNDRED, a hundred of our favourite products that we think you gorgeous lot will love….and you can win!

Clockwise From Top Left:

The Vintage Hollywood Deco Brow Bridal Headpiece by Fabledreams (told you I was into pearls)

The Deco Cuff by Jane-Taylor Millinery (this is so statement it could be the only jewellery item you need)

The Art Deco earrings by Stephanie Brown. I have wanted these to swing from my lobes from the first moment I saw them.

The Ragalia Madame headpiece by Stephanie Browne. I have yet to see a Bride don this piece and someone really needs to.

The Westwood earrings and bracelet by Stephanie Browne (yes I know – I do so love her designs..)

The Art Deco long crystal drop tower earrings by Peter Lang. I have no words.

Of course there are a whole ninety three (!) other items you could get your soon-to-be-ailse-walking mitts on so please do go over to the Rock My Wedding HOT 100 page and have a butchers.

How To Enter: What you will need to do is drop us a comment telling us what are your favourite pieces and why, then put your details in the submission box at the end of this post to whizz over to Liberty In Love. This will capture your email address and between us we will pick a (very) lucky winner.

*Please note, we will not under any circumstances share your email address details with any third parties.

Don’t forget £250 means you could have several items up to this value or it could be a contribution towards one INCREDIBLY FANCY item. The choice is completely yours.

The competition closes at Midnight on the 16th December……So what are you waiting for folks, get entering!!!!

Big Hot One Hundred Love

Charlotte xxx