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Runaway Romance | Wedding Ideas | Wedding Inspiration | Wedding Decor | Tablescapes | Blush Colour scheme | Pink & Peach | Waterford | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/tablescape-trends/
Runaway Romance | Wedding Ideas | Wedding Inspiration | Wedding Decor | Tablescapes | Blush Colour scheme | Pink & Peach | Waterford | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/tablescape-trends/
Bohemian Botanical | Wedding Ideas | Wedding Inspiration | Wedding Decor | Tablescapes | Greenery & Copper | Waterford | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/tablescape-trends/
Bohemian Botanical | Wedding Ideas | Wedding Inspiration | Wedding Decor | Tablescapes | Greenery & Copper | Waterford | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/tablescape-trends/
Bohemian Botanical | Wedding Ideas | Wedding Inspiration | Wedding Decor | Tablescapes | Greenery & Copper | Waterford | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/tablescape-trends/
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Wedding Decor Trends With Waterford

At the moment we’re crushing on two equally stunning but completely different styles for weddings, “Bohemian Botanical” and “Runaway Romance”, both work beautifully incorporated into your wedding breakfast table decor. We’ve teamed up with Live. Love. Toast., a gorgeous new lifestyle site from Waterford crystal, to show you how to create these two stunning wedding decor styles.

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Not Just An Accessory.

The Rock My Wedding ethos is ‘Your Day Your Way’ and that goes for grooms as well as brides. We love it when grooms get involved in the organisation of W-day… Especially if that involvement extends beyond simply picking the band and playlist.

So grooms, you don’t want to be just an accessory on one of the biggest days of your life and one way to prevent this most heinous of W-day crimes is to accessorise yourself (see what I did there). Groom fashion has never been so diverse and today we’re going to look at a few of the ways grooms have been getting involved, tinkering with their look and personalising their appearance.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Socks can be really powerful and I don’t mean in the Stilton sense of the word. You can go loud and proud with your man hosiery (brosiery anyone?), safe in the knowledge that they will be safely covered 90% of the time by your trousers and footwear. A crazy pair of socks will remain pretty stealth, save for the odd ‘action flash’ as you make your way to the front of the church. You can choose if and when to reveal the power that lies beneath… The ‘shock sock’ is firm favourite with wedding photographers looking for a cheeky informal image.

Wedding photographers have embraced the shock sock to such a level that some of are even writing about them… Check out Christian wards thoughts on his personal blog mainly about me.

Personally, the geek in me is loving the fact that not only can you pick a pair of socks to tie in with your colour scheme but also now, thanks to Pantone, you can do an exact sock to decor colour match (complete with pantone reference). And there are a lot of colours to choose from.

Pantone socks available from – SockShop.co.uk

Stick Your Neck Out

Bow ties have been really popular for the last year or so and I must admit it’s only recently that I have started to once again favour the look of a traditional tie over the funky dapper dicky-bow.

Identical ties or a variety that match your colour theme will pull you and your groomsmen together and unify your look. A great trick especially if you are asking them to provide their own suits. A pattern will do the same job and right now polka-dots are seriously hot.

A polka dot has a knack of lending a whimsical touch to the formality of wedding attire without being too casual, and there is a great selection on the highstreet to choose from. Here are a couple of my current faves.

Blue tie white polka dot – Reiss

white tie blue polka dot – Pink

Wedding Day Bling

Another way to feel a bit different on your wedding day is by accessorising with some new or unique jewellery.

If you play your cards right and drop the odd well timed hint about the bit of bling you’ve got your beady eye on, you may even end up with a nice little wedding morning gift!

Don’t Be The Weakest Link

Cufflinks are a really customisable item that could reflect the theme or colour scheme of the day, or maybe something personal about you as a person or you and your future wife as a couple.

I so badly want a pair of the plectrum cufflinks, I just don’t know whether I would opt for a silver set like the ones below from Not On The Highstreet or go down and dirty with some authentic plastic picks from eBay.

Either way, they make a bold statement and would also make a great present. You may want to provide cufflinks for all your groomsmen for example.

Born And Bred Silver cufflinks – by Dizzy via Not On The High Street

Plastic cufflinks in various designs – independent eBay shop

Get Me To The Church On Time

My accessory-of-the-minute (and not only because it allows me to do another time based pun) is the pocket watch. I love them. So. Much.

There is something ridiculously cool about having a bit of chain looping between your buttonhole and pocket, and the actual item itself? What a fabulous object to remember your wedding by, and what a perfect gift it would make too (look here grooms, you have to start dropping the hints now ;)).

If you are looking to source a vintage pocket watch then your best bet would probably be to check out eBay or Amazon online and of course get yourself around some local car boot sales and antique fairs.

There are also some websites out there selling brand new pocket watches in classic and contemporary designs.

Silver plated pocket watch – Jean Pierre via Pocketwatch.co.uk

O Chive pocket watch – Full spot via o-clock.co.uk

For a vintage inspired or modern elegant wedding my choice would be the silver plated Jean Pierre pocket watch pictured above. It can currently be yours for £88.00

I wasn’t sure what to make of the O Chive pocket watches when I first laid my peepers upon them but I can see these bright modern timepeices from Italian design house Full Spot fitting in to a contemporary wedding perfectly, and they are available in a range of colours.

The more I look at them, the more they grow on me. Full Spot do a range of watches in a similar style and they are all really funky and quirky.

Prices for new pocket watches seem to range from as little as £20.00 right up to thousands – so just as with wrist watches there appears to be a watch to suit every budget. The O Chive pocket watch can be yours for a pretty modest £39.95

So, just a few ways to get the fashion based creative juices flowing of any grooms-to-be (and of course all you brides-to-be) out there in blogland.

Have any of you discussed accessories for ‘him’?

Are any of you girls perhaps considering presenting your future husband with a wedding morning gift for him to wear?

Leave your thoughts as per usual in our comments box below… Right, I’m off to choose my cufflinks – do I go For Kiss or Guns N Roses?


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The RMW Real Bride Search… Modern Elegance No. 2

Please welcome Rachel and Darren, our second contenders in the category of modern elegance

Please read each application carefully and consider who’s writing you enjoy and who’s wedding you would like to see the finished result of, before casting your vote.

“We got engaged on the 5th December 2010 in Egypt, which means my lovely fiancé Darren has been subjected to scrapbooking, wedding magazines, guest lists and all manner of wedding-ness for exactly 6 months. But actually I’ve been planning my wedding a bit longer than that – silently in my head, of course – and may have subtlely dropped some hints (read: as subtle as an elephant).

We’re getting married in my hometown of Canterbury in Kent. Our ceremony will be held in the church where I was christened (many years ago) and where my parents were married (even more years ago). Then our reception venue is in the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral. Both are absolutely steeped in tradition and I’ve not quite figured out how I’m going to compete with a cathedral…

I’m not particularly creative and I get my fingers all muddled up when I try to tie ribbons. I don’t have the first clue about how to stop my makeup rolling down my face when it rains or I get all emotional. But I adore weddings and I adore dressing up and I am a sucker for ideas. Massive.

Show me something pretty, classic and unique and the chances are I’ll want it. If left to my own devices, my wedding will be so full to the brim with ‘I just had to have it’ bits that I might as well get married in a circus (a sparkly, pretty circus of course)!

Darren and I aren’t used to being centre of attention, so we’re aiming for a day where we can just be us. Although once we’re all dolled up and there’s a camera in front of us, I’m pretty sure we’ll ‘rock it’! One of our themes throughout the day will be butterflies – not because they’re super cute and perfect for weddings (although they are) but for another reason entirely. I’ve had Lupus since I was 14 and the logo is a butterfly. So it seemed only right that they be at our wedding, not only because they’re beautiful, but also as a symbol of everything Darren and I have been through together. ‘In sickness and health’ will truly mean something to us both.

Aside from the butterflies, there’ll be DIY, a gorgeous pop of colour and plenty of cake and dancing! It’s got to be classic yet chilled and the best damn day ever.

We’re erring on the side of traditional with our venues, but we want to inject a bit of va va voom. I think if we had to categorise our wedding it would be english country, some modern elegance and a bit of DIY. Aside from the butterflies, there’ll be a gorgeous pop of colour and plenty of cake and dancing! It’s got to be classic yet chilled and the best damn day ever!

Essentially, it’s traditional with a twist.”

This is the second of three entries in this category. Voting will not open until all three entries have been posted. Vote by writing VOTE (or commenting) in the comment box of the bride you want to vote for. Please vote only once per category (ie Modern Elegance, DIY etc.) If you wish to vote in secret send the name of your chosen couple to: vote@rockmywedding.co.uk. Voting will close at 12pm on Friday 1st July.

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The RMW Real Bride Search… Modern Elegance No. 1

Drum roll please!

It’s time to start announcing the contenders for our next batch of Rock My Wedding Real Bride bloggers!

Every day this week you’re going to see the contenders for one category of real bride revealed, hour by hour and then the voting will open. Please read their applications carefully and consider who’s writing you enjoy and who’s wedding you would like to see the finished result of, before casting your vote.

Today, we’re looking at the entries for our modern elegance category. Here at Rock My Wedding, we think elegance comes in many forms, be it an up-to-date take on the traditional or a very pretty and whimsically stylish affair like this one…

Introducing… Amy and Neil!

A little bit about me, my fiancee and our wedding.

Let’s start at the very beginning… a very good place to start….
Neil and I got engaged on 10th April 2010 on St. Agnes Headland, Cornwall. It was a surprise, I had no idea, so much so that my first response was ‘Are you serious?’ (there’s a story behind that), needless to say I said ‘Yes!’

Straight away we knew the ‘feel’ of the wedding we wanted: relaxed, fun, great big party and celebration with friends and family.

We both put forward our ‘must-haves’: Mine = wedding cake/dessert from Maison Bertaux (Greek Street, London) (there were others but I seem to have forgotten them so they can’t have been that ‘must-have’ after all!) His = Skinner’s Ale, cocktail sausages, flip-flops.
Day two of our engagement I suggested ‘sports day races’ as a post wedding/pre dinner activity, Neil’s mothers response “But I’ll be wearing my best clothes”, Neil’s reply “You might just have to bring your playing out clothes Mum”.

So far we have a ceremony venue, a cute little beach cafe in St Agnes, Cornwall (everything is very Cornish and ‘be there d’reckly’), we have also booked a field on St. Agnes Headland (not far from where we got engaged) for the reception and we are in the process of booking the marquee.
The dress will be made by a family friend, and the style turns out to be the complete opposite of what I thought it would be, after trying on loads of different dresses to see what styles/colours suit I’ve gone for a 1950s style dress with LOTS of tulle and bright pink petticoats, my deciding factor was being able to get involved with the ‘sports day races’ and to be able to dance wildly all night long with all my friends, family and my new husband!

‘The Shoes’ have been bought and are beautiful, bright pink suede Christian Louboutin’s! I have to take them out of the box every now and again just to marvel at them. With a short dress it very quickly became ‘all about the shoes’

In terms of what category our wedding fits into, I don’t really know, we’ve drawn lots of our ideas from lots of different places and styles, and we both have quite different tatses: I’d like everything very romantic and vintage, he’d like it all pared back and beachy so it’s somewhere in between the two. The mood board I would describe as ‘romantic whimsy’. One thing we’ve both committed to (aside from each other) is to only having things at the wedding that we really love: all our favourite friends, family, foods, drinks, music etc. We see our day as the one opportunity you get to have all of your favourite things and people all in the same place at the same time.

This is the first of three entries in this category. Voting will not open until all three entries have been posted. Vote by writing VOTE (or commenting) in the comment box of the bride you want to vote for. Please vote only once per category (ie Modern Elegance, DIY etc.) If you wish to vote in secret send the name of your chosen couple to: vote@rockmywedding.co.uk. Voting will close at 12pm on Friday 1st July.

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The Classic, Pretty Look – Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of this classic and elegant day with a perfect pink colour palette and country simplicity as the styling theme.

And Oh My. Those flowers are pretty with a capital P.

Pale Pink and Cream florals

The theme of our wedding was a simple, beautiful country wedding and the colour scheme was pale pink and cream, which was used throughout.

A family friend is an extremely talented and well renowned florist and as soon as we started planning the wedding we knew we would love her to do the flowers and she did, with a helping hand from her husband and my mum. We described the look and feel we were after, and the colour scheme and left her to work her magic and make the suggestions. The flowers everywhere were incredible and the attention to detail was second to non in the boquets, at the church and at the reception venue.

Roses and lillies are favourite flowers so were the main focus for the day. As I was in ivory, my boquet was mainly pale pink and as the bridesmaids were in pale pink, their flowers were cream. Jon, the dads and the ushers all had a single rose buttonhole.

The circular tables had a centrepiece of tall vases holding lillies and long grass threaded with glass beads. The top table had a fantastic decoration running the length of it with flowers and candles.

We had a simple, traditional iced fruit cake, with three tiers. It was made by a very talented friend of my mum’s. It was also decorated with sugar icing flowers on the top tier and fresh pale pink and cream roses between tiers.

Background Photography

When we got engaged a friend, who was a wedding planner at the time, recommended Binky Nixon and I’m so glad she did. We didn’t want an intrusive photographer who dictated how our day was run or made us – and our guests – spend half the day posing for ‘stiff’ photos.

As soon as we saw Binky’s website and met her, we knew she was the photographer for us – her reportage style captured peoples’ big days perfectly and her personality and attention to detail was fantastic. If fact, we even moved our original thought for a wedding date back by a week as she already had a booking in the diary.

Binky’s pre-wedding photoshoots are beautiful and a great way to get the style right for the day. In fact we used one of ours for our seating plan. On the day Binky blended into the background but captured every aspect of our day and our family and friends wonderfully. When we saw the pictures afterwards we were blown away. They were worth every penny.

We weren’t intending to have a videographer at all, but half way through the planning a couple of people mentioned it to us and we looked into it and were so pleased we did. It has captured a different dynamic to the photos and we were able to see the day and the things we may have missed. Chris Cox also set up a section for guest messages at the reception venue which is a lovely memory to have. Like Binky, Chris blended into the background and you would hardly have known he was there. But he also captured the day wonderfully – the final dvd is about 2.5 hours long and edited to music, so is something we can keep forever and watch back.

Dancing the night away

We wanted live music for the evening and The Funtime Frankies certainly entertained. They were fantastic. We found them online and the had incredible reviews from previous clients on their website, had a great song list that suited all our guests and were reliable and professional from the moment we made contact with them. Everyone was on the dancefloor all night and they provided the perfect soundtrack to our reception – for all ages.

We chose Stand By Me, a classic, timeless track that we both love and a style that sums us up. I love the John Lennon version and Jon loves the Ben E King version so we were in a bit of a dilemma – but the Funtime Frankies were able to put together a mix of them both, so it was perfect. We finished the night with Somwehere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwole, which is beautiful.

Everything We Wanted

What made the day so special was that it was everything we wanted – an intimate wedding with our family and close friends around us and to ensure everyone had a great time. We had a great support network in our friends and family who made the whole process very special and all aspects, from the venues we chose, the themes, the suppliers we used and the finer intricate details, were designed to achieve this. We had our most perfect wedding day.

My main tip is: Enjoy every minute – take the time out for just the two of you to sit back and take it all in as the day passes in a flash.

Florist – Family friend

Entertainment – The Funtime Frankies

Videographer – Chris Cox

Photographer – Binky Nixon

Simple classic pretty.

Are you keeping things simple?

Yours Truly,


You can find Binky Nixon on The Love Lust List however all Real Weddings are chosen on individual merit and no part of this wedding is sponsored.

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The Classic, Pretty Look – Part 1…

If you’re channelling classic elegance with heaps of pretty then this is the wedding inspiration for you. Emma looked picture perfect and accented her day with a simple colour scheme and gorgeous flowers all, you guessed it – super pretty!

Emma & Jonathan were married on Saturday 11 September 2010 at St Peter & St Paul’s Church in Olney, Bucks, with a reception at Fawsley HallFawsley Hall, Fawsley, Northamptonshire.

We hired Knightley Court which is the old stable block which was refurbished several years ago. It’s gives you a self contained venue of a grand dining room, a private bar, courtyard, 8 bedrooms and a couple of chillout rooms – we used one for a seating area with comfy chairs and sofas and one for the videographer. You just look out onto fields and a tiny church, so it’s very peaceful and in the most picturesque country setting.

Structured Simplicity

My dress designer was Suzanne Neville and the style was called the Aster in ivory, bought from Once In A Lifetime, Stony Stratford (I also got my veil, bridesmaid dresses and bridesmaids’ shoes from there.) And I treated myself to a beautiful pair of platform 3.5inch off white Christian Louboutin’s. They were surprisingly comfortable all day!

I saw some of Suzanne’s designs and thought they were beautiful and simple, with great attention to detail so I made a beeline for her dresses in the shop. It was actually the second dress I tried on and nothing else compared to it. It’s classic, timeless and simple – but beautifully detailed with a waist cinching corset, buttons down the back and with a fuller netted skirt that suited the church and reception venue perfectly. I wanted something I could accessorize and complement with my veil and jewellery, but most importantly that I would look back on and still love in years to come.

I had a cathedral length veil with tiny diamante detail throughout and scalloped edging for a bit of detail as my dress was really simple. My hairdresser gave loose waves to my usually straight hair and pinned it half up/half down with lots of volume and body. For the church my veil was the main feature (I didn’t have a tiara) but when I removed my veil after the church, we added a vintage hairpin to my hair to finish it off and give a bit of detail from behind.

The Classic, Pretty Look

I used Claire Hanson for my hair and make up – recommended by a friend, she’s absolutely fantastic and a wonderful person to have around you on the day. Not only did she do my hair and make up, but did my mum’s hair and make up too and all three bridesmaid’s hair.

From the first time we met and discussed the classic, pretty look and feel of our wedding, she knew exactly what would work and suggested perfect ideas for us all.

Pretty in Pink

Everything was tied into the the theme and colour scheme.

We bought the three pale pink, one shouldered Dessy bridesmaid dresses from Once In a Lifetime in Stony Stratford, Bucks – and also got their shoes from there which Once In A Lifetime was able to have dyed to match the dresses perfectly.

The dads/ushers/grooms’ morning suits were all hired from Allens of Olney. We searched high and low to find the perfect suit! They were very traditional and we tied them into the colour scheme with waistcoats and buttonholes. They all – and particularly the groom (of course!) – looked fantasic!

Photographer – Binky Nixon

Venue – Fawsley Hall

Gown – Suzanne Neville from Once In A Lifetime

Make Up – Claire Hanson

Maids dresses – Dessy from Once In A Lifetime

Suits – Allens of Olney

Tomorrows florals (oh yes, those of the Sneaky Peek this week,) continue the restrained simplicity and elegantly pretty theme. You’re in for a treat lovelies,

Yours Truly,


You can find Binky Nixon on The Love Lust List however all Real Weddings are chosen on individual merit and no part of this wedding is sponsored.

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Rock Your Real Style… Naomi, The Modern Glamour Bride: Part 1

So this is it guys, the first bit of delectable bridal style inspiration from us to you. And you’re going to be seeing a lot of Naomi today as she is our first beautiful Real Bride model.

You see as we have both already said, people have been asking us to collaborate on shoots for a very long time now, but the timing and most importantly the focus had to be right. At the heart of everything we do here, are you the brides, and so whatever we did had to be about more than putting ourselves in fancy frocks and looking pretty, it had to benefit you. So we dreamed up the best ideas we could think of to inspire you all, that you would really benefit from. Then we took that one step further and are going to be giving you all the information you need to recreate that look, in some cases with real DIY features.

Of course, we also had a lot of fun along the way dressing the girls up the Rock My Wedding way. Each of the girls were absolutely brilliant and we can’t wait to share all of their individual looks but first up, please direct your comments to Naomi, today’s dolled up Real Bride. And don’t forget, the reason we did this with real readers instead of models, was that this could be anyone of you looking just as gorgeous, come W-day or darn it, any day of the week!

The Make-Up

As you saw in this mornings post creating a style sheet was key for the shoot, to really tie down our ideas and was created in the same way we often advise brides looking to find their wedding style to do; by pulling magazines apart, tearing out everything we liked and looking for the common theme. We then worked with each Real Bride, getting their opinions of what they liked or didn’t like, what they fancied trying and worked that into our own ideas… Obviously we were never going to make them wear something they didn’t like!

Fortunately for us, the biggest Spring/Summer 2011 make up trend is pink, so our nothing short of fabulous make-up artist Catherine’s brief was a pink bridal face, which we adapted to suit each brides colouring and the style we were going for with them.

For Naomi we wanted to go more than a bit gorgeous with a sexy sultry eye as the main focus of the look, to match her full on glamourama tousled hair. So we asked Catherine to sex up the pink a bit, with golden pink tones and pinky-brown definition.

Here’s how she created Naomi’s look…

Once I had mixed the perfect colour, I used Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation applied with a stipple brush in circular motions. I used the trusty Touch Eclat around the eye area, nose and mouth to lighten any dark areas. Where Naomi needed a little more coverage I used the Graftobian HD palette which is a highly pigmented formulation and covers incredibly without being too heavy. To provide luminosity on the cheek bones and brow bone I them applied Giorgio Armani fluid sheer (no2). I then applied Mac Mineralize skin finish powder onto the t-zone area to minimise any shine during the day.

I started by applying ‘naked lunch’ eyeshadow by MAC over the entire lid up towards the brown bone. I then used ‘Da Bling’ by Mac over the entire lid. To accentuate the eye I applied ‘Mythology’ by Mac into the outer corner of the eye socket and used my trusty Mac 224 brush to blend the colours together getting rid of any harsh lines. Next I applied a coat of Mac False Lashes Mascara and added some falsies for a ‘fluttery look’. I chose Eyelure Naturalites in style 080 which, along with a black topline using Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner, created a more intense look.

Duwop blush in Watermelon was applied to the apples of the cheeks and blended along the cheek bone to create a sculpted glow.

I began with a natural pink look by using Lancome L’absolu Rouge in No 352. Later on in the shoot we turned up the volume by adding a bright pink bold lip ‘Full Fuchsia’ by MAC.

Make-up – Catherine Hughes at IvyClara

Hair – Severin Hubert at Hepburn Collection

Accessories – Liberty in Love

Photography – Dani and Chris at CBMedia

Styling – Rebecca and Charlotte

Gorgeous, right? Catherine Hughes is one very clever lady and anyone looking for a make-up artist in the North West should definitely get in touch – just wait to see the rest of her work this week 😉

Needless to say, we are pretty chuffed with the results.

Coming up next we’ll be sharing the fashion choices we made for Naomi and the fun-as-you-like images we created 😉

Come back soon… it’s a three post day today!!!!

Yours Truly,


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Perfectly Detailed… Part 2

It’s Part 2 and it is breathtaking.

If you thought Part 1 couldn’t get more beautiful, then feast your peepers people!

Even better, Julia is selling her gorgeous pronovias gown on undress, so do go and check it out if you fancy a bargain!

Perfectly Pink Blooms

I photographed Gulsen and Jons wedding last year and when I met her I commented on how stunning her flowers were. What I hadn’t realized was she did them all herself. So when it came to decorating the venue I knew she was the girl for the job.

We both worked quite closely together on ideas as I had a very clear idea on what I did want. I adore flowers so I made sure I had lots of different varieties and as many as possible, all in shades of pink to compliment the pink staircase at Beauberry House.

I particularly loved the heart arrangement, which was truly stunning and felt sad that it would last more than a few days. Gulsen was particularly good as she knew I was stuck at home on crutches she came to my home to show me samples and discuss the details. They also created the lovely candy bar for us.

However my stunning bouquet and our mothers corsages which were all stunning works of art, were a gift from Pesh flowers. Pesh’s work is truly amazing and my bouquet was no exception, it was perfect.

Cute Cupcakes

My lovely ex house mate, Sarah Moriarty has made wedding cakes for years and my birthday cakes so I knew I would ask her to create our cute cupcakes.

I bought the cupcake wrappers from Lindys cakes. As well as the cake she made individual initial cookies for all our guests napkins. Everyone had their own initial. It’s easier to be personal when you have less guests!

We went for useful favours. So during the ceremony all the chairs had paper fans to keep them cool, which turned out to be very handy as it was baking hot that day. Then on their dinner chairs all the ladies had pashminas to keep them warm in the evening. Everyone had their own initial cookie too!

Dancing with Elvis

At another wedding we shot last year, the bride and groom had organized surprise entertainment in the form of Chinese Elvis. Everyone was dancing instantly and in fits of hysterics. My friend Lia (photographer) introduced us and she is the biggest Elvis fan I have ever met so it seemed like an extra special surprise for her too. After our first dance he surprised everyone by making an entrance, after the initial shock everyone was dancing. IT was a massive highlight.
“Elvis” recommended the very talented Simon Henderson also know as https://www.bestdjintown.com/ who was fab and really kept the party going

Now it feels like all our influences are from other people’s weddings! But our first dance, like entertainment & flowers, was inspired by a wedding photography client (in fact our first wedding we went to together.)

It was their first dance and they gave us a CD of their favourite tracks which we listened to all the way home. I guess I get very emotionally attached to all my clients and even if we don’t stay in contact I feel all of them have a little influence on me!

The song itself was “You’re all I need to get by- by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell” and I adore it. There was no special dance- Ian had hoped we would do a strictly come dancing style routine but due to my accident it was a shuffle- with both of us trying not to giggle too much as we knew Chinese Elvis was coming out next!

Advice from a Bride

I guess from all that it there was lots of unique details, but my biggest piece of advice is do it your way. Whatever that maybe!

We didn’t want a huge do, we wanted to treat our nearest and dearest. We set a number and decided we wouldn’t invite anymore than that. In turn this meant we could really treat all our friends. The day couldn’t have been more perfect and whilst it did go quickly with the small number of guests we truly felt we got to spend lots of time together and lots of time with everyone.

Photographer – Emily Quinton

Venue – Beauberry House

Bouquet – Pesh Flowers

All other florals – Gulsen at Posh Nosh

Candy Bar – Posh Nosh

Cupcake Wrappers – Lindy’s Cakes

Letters – Not on the High Street

I see weddings of all kinds day in, day out, but this truly has to be one of the most beautifully styled affairs and I defy a single reader to not be able to take one small bit of inspiration (hell, maybe bucket loads!) from this stunning day.

Thank you so much to Julia for allowing us to share it with you all – I know she’s been bombarded with offers to have it posted elsewhere so we are very grateful she chose Rock My Wedding!

Yours Truly,


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Perfectly Detailed… Part 1

I don’t quite know where to start with todays wedding because it is an absolute extravaganza of unashamed pretty. It’s also the wedding of a friend of ours, Julia Ford, Photographer and Art Director at WEDDING magazine and her husband Ian who is an international celebrity photographer. Together they have the wedding photography company Modern Photographic. Pretty good basis for a visually stunning wedding eh? Well, even knowing all this already, I was still wowed by the pretty perfection Julia created at Beauberry House for their wedding day.

Pretty Pink Perfection….

The One

Our wedding was on July 2nd 2010 at Beauberry House , organised by the lovely Oleia.

I only ever went to see Beauberry – I knew they were perfect. The venue is light and airy with a contemporary interior in a Georgian mansion.

Dress Decisions

Working at WEDDING magazine I was bombarded with choice. My initial thought was I wanted a very very simple evening dress, except after buying one as the day approached I realized it didn’t feel special. So I sold it and quickly searched for a new one, luckily I searched for sample dresses and found a stunning Pronovias dress, it was perfect and I knew instantly it was the one.

I guess its one bit of advice I always give friends, don’t settle and think about the style of dress you would pick to go out in. If you hate strapless bras/dresses don’t buy a wedding dress like that, your wedding is a reflection of you, not what you think you should look like. Having said that if you want a huge fairytale- then go for it!!

Vintage Accessories

I knew I wasn’t a veil kind of girl, they look stunning on most girls but it just wasn’t me. I scoured WEDDINGs amazing fashion cupboard for accessory ideas. I loved the idea of a bow but like the veil it just wasn’t me. Then I discovered Flo and Percy, their pieces are stunning, I chose the Clarice hairpiece and a matching cuff. They are like vintage heirlooms and looked perfect. Everyone commented on how beautiful they were.

Like my photographer I phoned Kate Hughes shortly after getting engaged, I knew she was the lady for the job. She has been a beauty writer for WEDDING for quite some time but she does the makeup for celebrities and high profile weddings so having her do my day was such an honour

A Shoe Disaster!

Well apart from changing my mind on my dress I had another slight hitch before my wedding. Ian and I were in Cannes, he was shooting for the film festival. Ian had said whilst I was there I could go check out the shops and pick something special heel wise as a present from him for the big day. I had my eye on some amazing jimmy choos sandals in gold…

Then disaster happened. I feel down a flight of stairs in Cannes (in the middle of the day, in flat shoes and not under the influence of alcohol!). Instead of spending my time floating around the shops in Cannes and going to parties it was spent in a french hospital followed by a wheelchair assisted flight home (Ian had no choice but to stay behind in Cannes as he was working).

I was on crutches for the weeks leading up to my big day and one the day itself I bought some sparkly flip flops from Debenhams- but thankfully no crutches.

Honestly it didn’t spoil anything, and just goes to show that nothing can spoil marrying your best friend.

An Intimate Occasion

We didn’t have any ushers or bridesmaids, as the wedding was intimate (with just 39 guests) we decided that everyone who we invited was equally as important to us. However my gorgeous niece, Annabelle and Ians best friends little girl, Laila, were both 2 ½ and made the cutest flower girls!

They had simple next dresses and shoes and very cute pomanders.

Ians best man and brother, Steve, and our dads all wore their own grey suits all with pink ties to pull the colour theme together

Ian had a bespoke made suit, which he had made at Dress2Kill – it looked amazing and it fitted perfectly. Not easy when hes so tall (and handsome!)

Photography for a Lifetime

I am extremely fortunate to know lots of lots of very talented photographers. However unlike we advise people in the magazine I only saw one as I knew she would do an amazing job. I met Emily Quinton at the office and I had also met her at the national wedding show through work, so I knew her work well.

I also felt she was the perfect person to join our day- we were overjoyed at the photos. We were looking for stunning shots that would last a lifetime and our house is now full of them.

My close friend Lia did some informal shots of me getting ready, because she stayed with me the night before and it felt more informal.

Photographer – Emily Quinton

Venue – Beauberry House

Dress – Pronovias

Side headband and Cuff – Flo and Percy

Make-Up – Kate Hughes

Grooms Suit – Dress2Kill

A.Mazing yes?

So much more pretty goodness in Part 2 folks. Coming your way tomorrow.

Yours Truly,


ps, Julia is selling her gorgeous Pronovias dress
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