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“Become A Rock My Wedding Guest Pinner” Competition.


Yes it’s back folks. Back by popular demand – who are we to say no to you lovely lot. We’re offering you the chance to become a guest pinner for Rock My Wedding on our Pinterest account for the whole of September!

Granted we’ve only really just hit the peak of summer – hello heatwave predicted this week – but we can’t quite help but turn our hearts and heads towards the smells and colours of Autumn which will be on its way before we know it. If I were forced to choose then I’d say that Autumn was my favourite time of the year for sentimental reasons as I celebrate my wedding anniversary in October but also for all the gorgeous new season collections that appear in the shops around this time.

It’s like going back to school with that sparkly new pencil case and a shiny new pair of shoes. Anyway I digress, we’re looking to RMW’s favourite season of the year to provide the theme for our next Pinterest competition of 2014.

Yep folks, Autumn in all her glory is the key to success this time round. Think cherry reds and saffron yellows, berries and pumpkins and wreaths and crunchy leaves and creamy hot chocolates diffused with that soft orangey light. It’s quite positively dreamy!

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Pin It Forward UK.

Pin It Forward UK

A few weeks ago RMW had a very exciting email from the team at Pinterest …would we be interested in taking part in their new campaign Pin It Forward UK? Set up with the aim of promoting the UK pinning community, the project has brought together over 300 UK bloggers over the last 30 days who have all lovingly shared what Pinterest means to them.

Today marks the last day of the campaign and we’re as proud as punch to be able to close Pin It Forward UK with our own take on the wonder that is Pinterest.


A long-time convert to the pinning phenomenon, I was introduced to Pinterest in its early days by the paper genius that is Megan at MaeMae Paperie (by the way check her out!) who used it to store all of her inspiration for her stationery designs.

It took one click and I was hooked.

Rock My Wedding Pinterest Board

I adore Pinterest…for so many reasons that it’s hard to list them all here. In fact, the entire RMW team find the tool invaluable; from planning parties and storing inspiration to collating ideas and creating moodboards, we use it for everything and anything including planning weekly inspiration posts and our Rock My Boutique campaigns.

I think it’s fair to say that RMW couldn’t imagine life without Pinterest now. With over 60 boards and about 3,900 pins and counting we’re most definitely Pinterest addicts. Our boards are packed to bursting with gorgeous wedding imagery to help you plan your big day. From colour schemed weddings to groom fashion and from hair-styling inspiration to DIY we’ve got pretty much every base covered.

Hell we even have a board we’ve named ‘The Sexy’ dedicated to all those things that are well…erm sexy. A warning however… Mr Gosling makes a frequent appearance on this particular board. We’re not sure who keeps pinning images of him but we have an inkling that it might be Adam….

And if you’re not so interested in wedding pretty then we’ve got other boards to pique your interest too. If home interiors are your bag then why not take a look here or keep up to date with what’s on the wishlist of the different members of the RMW team here and here.

Rock My Wedding Wedding Inspiration Pinterest Boards

One of our favourite aspects of Pinterest is the ‘secret’ board functionality. Whichever member of the Pinterest team came up with this idea is quite simply a genius.

The RMW Team recently used a secret board to pull together ideas and inspiration for the RMB Coco campaign sharing it with only this season’s collaborators without letting anyone else seeing it before the grand reveal. This is particularly useful for you brides too if you need to stash your wedding dress ideas somewhere without your other half finding out before the big day.

Rock My Wedding Coco Campaign Rock My Boutique

I think the real beauty of Pinterest is that it’s so easy to store and share ideas. So if you’ve been struggling to explain the vintage Great Gatsby vibe that you want your day to look like to your Great Aunt Mabel, then voila Pinterest to the rescue. You can show her instead which means that everyone can get involved with the planning of your day irrespective of time or distance.

Pinterest continues to up its game too – just recently they’ve introduced a clever little feature which lets you know if you’ve pinned something twice. Always handy if you’re like me and forget what you’ve pinned the first time round.

We’ve decided to share our secret Coco board with you lovelies especially for Pin It Forward. For us it was all about capturing the chic je ne sais quoi quality that epitomises French chic. Think Summer, think Chanel, think Paris, think Ooh La La. We love it, we’d love to hear all about what you think too…

Rock My Boutique Coco Campaign Inspiration Rock My Wedding Pinterest Board

You can follow the official Rock My Wedding pinterest boards here or if you’re interested in my own pinnning adventures then just click here.

Are you a Pinterest addict? Has it helped you plan your big day?

What will you pin today?

All my love Lolly xxx

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Baby Beau

During one of my manic weekly Pinterest sessions, I came across an image of what is possibly the coolest kid in the entire universe.

So effortlessly chic in fact that I had to include it at the beginning of this post just so you lovely lot can see what I’m going on about…

Doesn’t she just own that look…

After I had tweeted, facebooked and pinned the image, my brain switched gear and I started to think about the topic of kids at weddings.

I often find that most people tend to take one of two stances when it comes to kiddiewinks; either they embrace the idea of these these mini beings attending their big day because ‘it’s all about family after all’ or they firmly believe that weddings should be a kid-free zone.

There won’t be any children attending my do later this month, mostly because there aren’t any youngsters on either mine or the boy’s side of the family and very few of our friends have any of their own either. Ultimately, it just made sense to us to keep it as an adult celebration.

The following moodboards then are a wish-list of sorts, a hint of the sorts of things that I would have provided if children had attended my wedding. They are biased towards the younger end of the age spectrum but I do hope it gives some of you inspiration for your big day nonetheless.

One word of advice for you lovely lot is to make any child-related resolutions quickly. Unlike your menu choices or your readings for your ceremony, decisions relating to children need to be dealt with early on so that parents can make appropriate plans.

Right then, let’s take a look…

That’s Entertainment

Weddings are long ol’ days.

Hell I’ve even needed to have a lie down halfway through some of the soirees I’ve attended, so you can imagine why some children can be impatient, fidgety or restless during these events.

One of the best child-orientated weddings I’ve been to had a creche for the little ones complete with four childminders and a whole host of entertainment tools. We’re talking fancy-dress, a painting table, a mini sports day championship with accompanying trophies and even hula hoops and skipping ropes.

In fact, towards the end of the night it was noticed that quite a few men had disappeared only to find them having mock sword fights across the lawn.

Boys will be boys.

Not everyone’s budget will stretch to a creche but there’s no reason why you can’t provide some activities yourself. Why not provide a sandpit and hold a sandcastle competition or hire a magician to entertain the children whilst the adults chat.

If you’re having a photobooth, perhaps include some kiddie-sized props so that they can get in on the action too. I particularly love these finger puppets here which children can amuse each other with as well as take home at the end of the day.

Some children prefer toys or cuddly animals to keep them occupied – the sailor’s ship and the exhausted bunny shown here are just gorgeous.

Lastly, if there are only a few mini-people attending your big day why not purchase cardboard or wooden letters to reflect their initials and ask them to paint them over the course of the day – it’s a placename, a favour and entertainment all rolled into one.

Come For Tea

Do you know it’s been a while since I’ve been asked to go round for tea. When you’re a grown-up it’s all about the more sophisticated dinner or the girly brunch. I can’t remember the last time I slipped off to my mate’s house for good ol’ chicken nuggets and chips.

Honestly, those kids get all the fun!

Back to the topic in hand then…

I love weddings where children are given their own designated table; it means that weary parents can relax for a while whilst the little ones feel super special that they’ve got their own space.

To ensure that your children’s table is the ultimate success try utilising child-size furniture. Not only does it look adorable but it’s completely practical too. Replace floral centrepieces with items that are much more relevant to their age group – I can assure you that little Esme really won’t appreciate that blousey peony in quite the same way that you do…

Animal figurines make a striking table statements and are fun for children to look at and play with. Equally clusters of cake-pops, bottles of milk or quirky containers such as the bunny-eared cake stands shown here are guaranteed to capture kids’ attentions in a completely wholesome way.

Don’t be afraid to use colour either – if your colour palette is fairly muted and you don’t want a garish spectacle in the corner of your exquisite marquee, try introducing colour in the food that you’ll serve to your little ones or through the food containers instead such as these polka dot pots, cups and straws shown here.

Put On Your Party Frock

When you were young, did you ever have a favourite party dress? You know the one, THE frock that your mum got out whenever you were going somewhere really special.

Mine was a swirly navy blue sailor dress with white piping. I LOVED that dress, so much so that my mum kept it so that I could pass it on to my own tiny girl one day.

This moodboard is all about sartorial choices for little people, bridal party or otherwise because every girl wants to be a princess at a wedding.

I love broiderie anglaise on little ones. It looks clean, fresh and chic and is perfect for weddings in any season. Equally flower wreathes and corsages look great on kids without overpowering them, plus a discarded/lost floral crown is not going to make you throw your hands up in despair in the same way a more expensive tiara would.

This is one of few times in your life when you can go hell for leather and wear frothy layers of tulle and layers of ruffles without looking like an overdressed turkey. So, I urge you proud parents to do your little ones justice – they’ll thank you one day.

Lastly I couldn’t not mention how adorable those three boys look in their braces – just look at them. Don’t they make your heart melt…

Good Things Come In Small Packages

If you’re going to include favours anywhere in your big day then I strongly recommend that you provide them for any kids that might be attending. If your budget has room to stretch that bit further then I’d also suggest different offerings for children and for adults too.

There is a wealth of amazing gifts and trinkets for kids out there, from colouring pencils, moulding clay and sweets to activity packs and trivia games.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box either. Whilst it’s great to provide favours that will help to keep their active minds occupied as the grown-ups enjoy themselves, it’s equally lovely to give them a keepsake that they can treasure long after the day has passed.

Call me nostalgic but I love toys that were around when kids were really kids. You know what I’m talking about…bows and arrows, little wooden figurines and yo-yos and familiar cuddlies.

Your favours can also help to form part of the table decor too. Why not replace floral centrepieces with jars of crayons or lego pieces or even something like the animal candlesticks pictured here; they’re guaranteed to appeal to both adults and kids alike!

So what do you think?

Are children a big part of your wedding day or are you having a solely adult event?

Have you attended a wedding where kids were present? What were your experiences of them being there?

And come on girls – I want to hear all about your favourite party dress from when you were small.

As always we want to hear your thoughts…

All my love Lolly xxx