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Kent Wedding Venue Marleybrook House with Ferris Wheel, Homemade Doughnut Wall and Bride in Willowby Watters Lace Wedding Dress by Lemonade Pictures Pin Image

Kent Wedding Venue with Ferris Wheel and Homemade Doughnut Wall

BUDGET £30 – 32.5K

It’s mid-January and we are officially ready for the rain to stop and the woolly jumpers to be put away. So, we thought we would bring a little sunshine to you with this Spring/Summer celebration at this Kent wedding venue. Ferris wheels, food and fun was the order of the day for this beautiful couple. DIY decor, a gluten-free menu and their favourite song lyrics scattered throughout the displays – the whole day encapsulated their personalities!

Norfolk Wedding Photographer Pin Image

Norfolk Wedding Photographer Darina Stoda Photography for a Rustic Barn Wedding with Lace Wedding Dress

BUDGET £27.5 – 30K

An incredibly Happy New Year to all you gorgeous couples out there. Whether you are recently engaged or on the cusp of saying your I dos, today’s rustic wedding by Norfolk wedding photographer, Darina Stoda Photography, promises to fill you with love, inspiration and helpful advice. There are doughnut walls, peacock chairs and the most beautiful couple having the time of their lives on their wedding day. It’s the perfect start to 2020!

Shustoke Barn Wedding Pin Image

Shustoke Barn Wedding with Greenery Moon Gate and Bride in Charlie Brear Carenne Dress with Corette Lace Overdress

A Shustoke Barn wedding always brings us joy here at Rock My Wedding, and Jade and Dave’s Summer wedding day is no exception. Positively brimming with amazing wedding ideas and decor, including a cookie bar, and a ‘find your face to find your place’ polaroid picture table plan DIY’d by the bride herself. Plus absolutely stunning wedding party attire that may make you reconsider your own choices. Enjoy lovely ones, I certainly did!

Pin Image

Lizzie & Adam

Hi everyone, I don’t get the opportunity to write much on these pages anymore so if you don’t know who I am please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Adam Crohill and I am co-owner and Creative Director here at Rock My Wedding. Today’s wedding is rather special for me because, well… It’s my wedding.

Lizzie and I married at Elmore Court in the Cotswolds in September 2016. We had an outdoor ceremony, Lizzie wore an Anna Campbell wedding gown and I wore a suit by Cad & The Dandy But enough about me, I’m going to place you in the capable hands of my wife…

Anna Campbell Bridal Pin Image

Anna Campbell Bridal Elegant Wedding With Peach Colour Scheme

This morning’s wedding is one which is very close to our hearts because it’s packed full of suppliers we’ve worked with for numerous years, who we are now lucky enough to call friends. Gorgeous Bride Lisa runs her own stationery and design company and creates gorgeous wedding stationery day in and day out, so we always knew her wedding would be beautiful. Then you throw in the styling prowess of Sundari, The Wedding Stylist, whose own wedding planning journey we shared on these very pages, and you’ve got yourself one seriously elegant, cohesively styled wedding. Lisa looks absolutely stunning in her Anna Campbell Bridal  gown and the gorgeous Maid of Honour? That’s our very own Becky – who had her second little boy just weeks before the big day! We KNOW, she’s amazing.

There’s so much gorgeousness to bring you that we’ve got a special feature on the design and details coming up on Sunday, so do check back at the weekend to read more. And if you love Lisa’s stationery as much as we do then you’ll be pleased to know that she has made Skye one of her house collections – you can see it in full here. But for now, I strongly urge you to get comfortable because this is one wedding you’ll want to savour…

Why you should have a wedding film Pin Image

…Big Mistake. Big. HUGE.

Big mistake.

This line from Pretty Woman sums up my underlying feelings about the topic of this post. In life, I have few regrets. So few I’m not sure I can name any… except one.

My wedding was amazing. Boy of my dreams (actual dreams…definitely dreamt about him once before I met him…true fact), everyone I loved in the same room at the same time and I’d never felt more confident in my own skin. Ever.

I chose my photographer very carefully. And I made the perfect choice for me. I am utterly in love with my wedding photos. So many moments captured that I didn’t even know existed, so much fun on the day, even in the horrible rain. My photos tell a story. The story of a day that started very chilled, both at my hotel and back at my apartment where Mr S got ready. Then there was his anxious face as he waited for me to walk down the aisle, our first kiss as husband and wife, lots of laughter, an abundance of food and finally lots of dancing. Friendships forged with photographers that will hopefully last a lifetime.

A day I will never forget for many many reasons.

But even having said that, I feel there is something missing from my memory.

How did I move in my dress? How did I sound saying my vows? What words did I actually say? How many times did I whoop? (because I guarantee I will have whooped a lot).

Yep, my main regret is not having any moving footage of my day.

It makes my heart cry.

And why didn’t I have someone there to film my day? Budget? Lack of thought? Was I really that bothered about it at the time being too wrapped up in everything else? Did I want to avoid some dated 1990’s fade in fade out rubbish?

The truth is I can’t really answer the question. I did look into it. For the videos I liked I was looking at adding around an extra £1500 to my total spend – an amount I hadn’t factored in to start with. But was it really budget that made me not follow through with my research? I can’t believe it was…if I’d have wanted it badly enough I’d have found the money, I could have spent less on something else, had a loan from the bank of Mom and Dad etc. Plus, for the quality of video I was looking at and the lasting memory it would give me, £1500 was pretty much a steal.

I just don’t know why we didn’t organise a videographer. I guess it just wasn’t high on my list of priorities, perhaps I thought about it too late. Perhaps Mr S wasn’t really as bothered as me. Perhaps it was all the talk of other couples who said ‘we never watch our wedding video’…but maybe that’s because their videos weren’t well made?

Whatever the reason, I deeply regret it. I regret not having that extra dimension. The other side of the story.

And now it’s too late.

I will cherish my photos forever and I often look through them and smile from ear to ear. But I’d love to be able to put that DVD into the PlayStation and see it differently.

I implore you to carefully consider having someone to film your day. The standard of wedding films today is incredible. They are exactly that, a film of your day, you on the big screen. We have some amazing suppliers on the List if you’re unsure of where to start to find your videographer. I’d hate you to feel the crushing feeling I do each time I think about how much I wish I had a film of our day.

So, which camp are you in? Are you having someone film your day? Or do you think it’s a waste of money that you can spend on something else?

I’d love to hear your thoughts? and does anyone share my heartache at not having a film of their day? We can weep together (or alternatively plan a vow renewal and do it all over again?!).

Big regrets but still generally massively happy with everything about my day love,

Oh, and if you’d like to see it then follow this link to New Love At The Old Library.