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What Kelly Did… Set the World On Fire. (part 2)

Let’s jump straight in at the point where we left off… The words once again are by Ashleigh Millward and the pictures are from Daffodil Waves.

As their turns came to speak, to recite the scared vows of marriage, Kelly and Andy, shoulders turned slightly to face one another and fingers entwined, shared a united expression of love and adoration. Music played out and conversations grew in tone and volume where guests turned in their seats to analyse the ceremony and catch up with friends, those seated at the front of the church stood first, followed by those behind them until the entire church was on it’s feet to grin, cheer and clap as the bride and groom, the new Mr and Mrs, walked hand in hand back along the aisle to The Wedding March by Mendelssohn, closely followed by their parents, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.

Back outdoors, the oversized white balloons by the door bobbed and bounced off of one another as the guests organised themselves into two neat lines stretching from the door of the church right the way down the path to the car park, armed with handfuls of confetti and awaiting Kelly and Andy’s final exit from the church. As the pair stepped into the dazzling sunlight a cheer and many happy cries erupted to a clattering of applause and the flickering rain of confetti which showered the married couple as they made their way between the rows of merry faces. The multi coloured confetti filled the air like tiny lights flashing overhead and stuck in Kelly’s long hair and veil, and to Andy’s spluttering lips. They both laughed, reaching out to kiss and embrace friends as once again the familiar sound of cameras clicked.

The newlyweds made their departure to the roar of an old engine and the sharp grinding sound of tyres on gravel, as a powder blue MG, it’s convertible roof down to show off it’s proud passengers, rolled out of the car park to leave and follow the coastal roads across the Island. The sound of tin cans, which had been painted in pastel shades and tied to the back of the car, tinkled against the tarmac as they pulled in to the lane.

Soon after, a stream of cars began filing in to the car park at the Newton House Hotel. The MG was still nowhere to be seen, as the couple and Nicola, their photographer, had made their way to the beach to take some candid shots. Everyone else however, was emerging from the heat of their cars into the persistent Summer sunshine, still fanning themselves with the pretty Order of Service booklets or anything else that they’d found fit for the job.

Everyone was keen to find a drink, and thankfully the hotel staff, who’d been so occupied all morning, were well prepared with glasses of Bucks Fizz to be handed out amongst the crowd. Each drink was complimented by an eye catching red and white candy striped drinking straw, which the guests sipped from between smiling lips as they continued to mingle and converse and catch up with old friends.

“Kel and Andy are here” said an Usher, waving his glass towards the car park at the rear of the hotel, where Andy had parked the little blue MG and was now leading his wife in to the hotel garden to greet their guests. The smiles on their faces were infectious, and despite the unrelenting heat the guests found a new source of energy in being around the newlywed couple.

Kelly grabbed herself an ice cream, stopping to talk to Julie Etele who was serving the traditional ice cream from her vintage bike. Meanwhile Andy began circulating the garden, everyone rising to kiss him on the cheek or shake his hand as he approached.

The tables in the reception room had been named to make it easier for the guests to locate them, each given the name of a destination that Kelly and Andy had visited whilst they travelled the world, including East Cape, Hava Supai, Barefoot Island, Mutianyu, Angkor Wat, Hoi An, Rarotonga, Tongariro, and Vang Vieng. The top table, where Kelly and Andy’s parents, Alec the best man, and Samantha were taking their seats, had been named “Sydney” after the iconic Australian city, where Andy had proposed.

The plan of the tables was displayed on an easel at the entrance to the reception room and had been handmade and framed in an ornate white frame, the tables represented by paper doilies, mounted on to a pretty floral background that tied in with so many of the details of the day. The tables at which the guests were seated had been treated with equal care and attention to detail. The white tablecloths were brightened by beautiful runners made from colourful floral fabric, edged with delicate lace. Folded into a neat triangle and laid elegantly on each side plate was a pink floral napkin, and a pretty name card had been attached to each wine glass with a wooden heart shaped peg, to direct guests to the correct seat. As wedding favours the couple had stored homemade jam in glass jars and topped the lids with mismatched floral fabrics.

Kelly looped her arm through that of her husband, who was fidgeting with nerves as the prospect of making his grooms speech to the gathered friends and family washed over him. He was relieved, as he knew he would be, that they’d agreed to present the speeches to their guests before the meal, so that at least he, Alec and Kelly’s Father Steve would be able to relax and enjoy the food and one another’s company without further public speaking hanging over their heads.

Steve was the first to make his speech, in which he thanked everybody gathered for the wedding and gave fabulous anecdotal stories about Kelly, her twin sister Samantha, and their younger brother Laurence’s childhoods. Not to mention the history of Kelly’s relationship with Andy, from the meeting when Kelly took a teaching job at the school at which Andy was also a teacher, to them being spotted out on a romantic evening at the theatre by Kelly’s Granny before they’d announced their relationship to their families, to their travels around the world and the purchase of their first home. He received rapturous applause from all of the guests, who gladly raised their glasses to toast the bride and groom and sipped their champagne eagerly as Andy stood slowly to his feet.

“On behalf of my wife and I…” he began, receiving a sudden burst of clapping, whistling and cheers from everybody around him, and so he continued with a round of jokes which maintained the merry atmosphere in the room and kept everybody laughing, before his speech took a more serious turn and he took the time to mention those people who had passed away and thus had not been able to share his and Kelly’s wedding day with them.

Andy passed over to Alec to make his best man’s speech, his friend stood slowly, his hands, which both clutched the paper on which he had written his well thought out speech, were visibly shaking. He spoke candidly of his memories of his friendship with Andy, how close they had been since meeting one another and how their friendship had grown within the security of a close group of friends, all of whom were present in the room. The guests listened attentively, nodding agreement and laughing heartily at each joke. Wine flowed from bottle to each glass as the room relaxed, drank, and listened to the final sentiments of the best man’s speech.

After the meal and with the full bridal party assembled Nicola, the photographer, with Kelly beside her leading the way, began to make their way out of the hotel grounds, turning left on to a small public footpath which lead to rugged meadow land. Everybody followed, some slowly, Djamilla stumbled on the uneven ground in her stiletto heels, grabbing hold of anyone who might be able to support her as she wobbled and tripped along the path. Andy’s friends who’d been asked to act as ushers, followed behind, their laughter and crude conversation bubbling ambiently as they picked their way over potholes and around stray bramble branches, pint glasses half full of lager clutched to their chests.

“You’ve got St. Mary’s Church in the background” Samantha smiled, pointing over the vast pale meadow to a spire which rose from the dappled landscape beyond. The setting Sun glinted off of the grass which thanks to a wet summer was still a vibrant shade of green and nodded in the stifling humid air. The sky was the colour of peaches and cream, the Sun streaking an orange line across the horizon and lighting the houses which lay close to the water’s edge beyond. It was a dreamy summers evening, warm and lazy, with soft light and no sound. By the time Nicola was satisfied and they turned to head back to the hotel to re-join the rest of the party before evening guests began to arrive, the Sun had dipped yet lower in the sky and the evening light was fading.

Meanwhile, back at the Newton, a DJ had set himself up in the corner of the room, where a sociable evening space had been created. Guests wandered back and forth from the bar on the other side of the garden, enjoying the balmy evening. Around the cake table guests jostled to get a photograph of Kelly and Andy slicing a large silver cake knife into one of their three cakes, lovingly hand made by Kelly’s Aunty Sandie. Their smiles were radiant and full of love for one another.

The catering staff at the hotel whisked the cake away as the couple made their way towards the dance floor. Giant A & K letters were illuminated by bright clear bulbs, creating an almost fairground atmosphere and Kelly looped her hands around her new husbands neck so that he could pull her close to him, their faces barely inches apart as the first few notes of Christina Perry’s “1000 Years” tinkled over the speakers.

As the slow tune drew to a close a second song, We Are Young, played out, and like a scene at the end of an American romantic comedy film, Kelly and Andy’s friends crowded around them, unprompted, with their arms around one another’s necks and shoulders, they swayed happily, their faces raised to the ceiling with closed eyes and smiles wide as they sung the words which seemed so ideally to sum up the day they’d enjoyed.


We are young

So let’s set the world on fire

We can burn brighter than the Sun

A Final Thought from the Bride

Planning our wedding was one of the funest things I’ve ever done. It is not often you get to spend oodles of money on fairly frivolous things, with the phrase ‘it is my wedding day after all’ sweeping away any remaining feelings of guilt. That said, it is a lot of money, so go with your gut and trust your instincts.

Our photographer, Nicola at Daffodil Waves was truly outstanding. Whilst the pictures speak for themselves, what they don’t tell you is how truly passionate she is about her work and how utterly friendly and kind she is. Since the wedding, we have spent hours and hours looking at our photos and I still can’t believe what a gorgeous set of images we have. In fact, it took us a whole WEEK to choose 60 photos from the 513 she sent us for an album. Seriously, how do you CHOOSE??!

Marie, our wedding planner was also brilliant and has so much knowledge and experience; you can’t help but feel safe in her hands. I guess what I’m trying to say is, surround yourself with people who take the time to get to know you and your partner and who show a genuine interest in what you wish to achieve and the rest will fall into place.

Finally, when I embarked on the ‘planning journey’ I never realised how many truly wonderful people I would meet along the way. To Charlotte, Adam and the RMW team you have made my year allowing me to contribute to your polka dot pages, thank you. To the RB’s of 2012 you rock and I always look forward to your news and gossip. To my Husband, I love you and always will.

Kelly (Mo) xxx

Photographer – Daffodil Waves

Videographer – Rupert Ward-Lewis

Car Hire – Vanilla Classics

Ice Cream Bike – Traditional Catering

Wedding Reporter – Ashleigh Millward

Wedding Planner – Isabella Weddings

Wedding Dress – Priscilla of Boston

Florist – Green Flowers Florist

Kelly Kelly Kelly! You little star – you’ve made our year too 🙂

I loved reading through your final report, which was a bit different to the norm and your final thoughts really hit the nail on the head.

Your contributions have been great fun and everyone at RMW wishes you all the best for a very bright and fun filled future with your boy.


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What Kelly Did… Set the World On Fire. (part 1)

Today the blog belongs to Kelly. Kelly our Real Bride who married her man way back in August.

The report today is somewhat different to the norm, as Kelly hired the help of Ashleigh Millward – Your Wedding Correspondent to document her day.

So, in the words of Ashleigh and with images from Daffodil Waves It is my great pleasure to bring to you the wedding of Kelly and Andy.

Where the noise, smell and frustrated agitation of summer traffic crawling towards Portsmouth and the surrounding coastline ended, there stood a bridge. Proud and low to the water which glistened in the morning light and played host to the sight of white and blue boats, bobbing in a salty breeze, the bridge carried cars and vans, loaded with kayaks, parasols and fishing rods, and an excitable stream of wedding guests, to the tranquil setting of Hayling Island.

Just the other side of the bridge the water met velvet swathes of grass and curving roads which cut through fields and hedgerows. Clusters of houses looked out across calm seas, back towards the mainland where, oblivious to the still, clammy quiet just a short drive away, motorists queued, dragging themselves towards the city.

Nestled amongst one such group of houses on quiet closes and narrow lanes, where flowering boarders burst out of old stone walls with country charm and a cheerful wildness, stood the ancient church of St. Peter, the oldest building on the Island. In the white weekend Sunshine that morning, the church stood, as so often it did, in silence. The grass rippled slightly on a hot breeze, and the only sound to be heard was that of the coo of wood pigeons and the very distant moan of a lawn mower.

Meanwhile, across the Island, people were rising to meet the day with nervous anticipation. The Newton House Hotel had already been thrown into merry chaos. The car park was constantly agitated as new guests arrived, the sound of high heeled shoes clicking against the concrete ground. There was a shout from the kitchen concerning the absence of white table linen, and a response from one of the nearby offices before a quiet commotion once again descended upon the building.

Room 10 at Newton House was that morning drenched in the gleeful excitement of a bride on her wedding morning, and the scent of Chanel Chance. Of the 3 beds arranged at the far end of room Chief Bridesmaid, Samantha, had been able to find space on only one, and sat still, watching as her sister Kelly’s makeup was expertly applied.

“You next”, Kelly gestured at Samantha, who stood slowly from the bed, her long hair in dreadlocks tied back with a bright blue elastic, her body wrapped in just a soft white towel. The physical resemblance of the twins was all the more striking as they stood beside one another, Samantha admiring her sisters perfectly made up face. She sat in front of the mirror; where Kelly had been seated, and closed her eyes expectantly as the make-up artist dived enthusiastically back in to her cosmetics bag.

From the en suite bathroom came a rustling sound, and a thud, one of Kelly’s bridesmaids, Djamilla, strode out in a towel similar to Samantha’s, her face already made up as she leaned over the Chief Bridesmaids shoulder to check her hair and visibly jumped as a heavy knock was heard at the door. Kelly, still dressed in a short pink and white floral robe, leapt across the room, expertly avoiding shoes, bras and handbags which littered the hotel room floor to pull back the door. She squeaked in a mixture of delight and relief as her florist gently pushed her way into the already crowded room, and proudly set forth a delicate bouquet of white and pink Hydrangea and clouds of puffy Gypsophelia.

“Is it as you imagined?” she asked Kelly hopefully.

“Yes, it’s better.” The bride sighed, lowering her face to the blooms and grinning at Djamilla who had frozen in the mirror as the florist had entered the room. The flowers indeed were beautiful; each confetti-like Hydrangea petal was edged in a pretty shade of pink, the whole bouquet tied carefully with lace. The florist sidled quietly out of the room unnoticed.

Julie, the Mother of the Bride, frowned with concentration as she secured the back of Kelly’s dress and tied a black silk sash around her daughter’s waist, the dress now hung gently from her shoulders, the lace pooling on the gold and black carpet around her bare feet. As Kelly put her veil in place her bridal style complete, her additional two adult bridesmaids, and soon to be sisters-in-law Samm and Becca, breezed into the room, both of them on top of towering platform shoes in white lace dresses identical to Samantha and Djamilla’s.

Back at St. Peters church the atmosphere had changed enormously since the still of the morning. Now, the car park area was overflowing, so that cars had been jauntily abandoned, behind one another, some part concealed by bushes. Amongst the trees and headstones that created a fairy tale like church yard, a laughing brigade of young children jumped and chased one another, their summer dresses and waistcoats disregarded as they balanced on fallen trees, and shuffled down grassy banks on their backsides.

The adult guests had congregated on the path which led towards the church doorway. Two tall pine trees supported a string of pastel coloured floral bunting, and the florist had installed an archway of delicate flowers over the church door.

The sound of shoes crunching over gravel attracted everyone’s attention, Julie had arrived with the four bridesmaids in attendance, as well as Naimh, Samantha’s daughter, in a dainty flower girls dress patterned with petals, and her son Ethan, the page boy, in a neat little grey suit. Each guest seemed to swarm towards them with cameras, turning the church path in to a gravelled red carpet, capturing Niamh as she laughed into Ethans arm, pointing as Marie, Kelly’s wedding planner, breezed through clutching a handful of string attached to giant helium filled balloons.

The bridesmaids looked splendid, each of their feminine white dresses fastened at the waist with a contrasting coloured belt. Samm’s deep cherry red hair was swept up from her clear young face and fierce blue eyes. Becca, with honey coloured pale brown hair which fell to her shoulders seemed wary of the crowds of guests that excitably jostled to look at the four of them, and she concentrated on her posy of Gypsophelia and on dragging her tapestry lace up boots through the dusty ground, creating an ark with the enormous platformed heel. Djamilla had relaxed; she posed ruefully for each camera, waving her hand above her head when she spotted a friend or one of Kelly’s relatives that she knew.

By the entrance to the church stood Andy, Kelly’s groom. In a slim fitting grey suit, with sharply cut blonde hair, and open and warm smile, he commanded attention as he stood between the larger figures of two of his ushers, who handed Order of Service booklets to guests who were now being rounded into the church entrance hall. Andy’s eyes were gentle, friendly, his gestures familiar and kind. Friends and family alike seemed to gravitate towards him, not simply because today was his wedding day, but because collectively they couldn’t help but want to be around him. He greeted them all individually, young and old, with warm embraces and cackling laughter, relaxing each person in to the fun and casual atmosphere.

Each of the wedding guests had been presented with a hand made booklet outlining the Order of the Service, designed by Kelly and Andy with covers printed on to brown grained paper. The booklet contained a pool of information about Hayling Island, as well as the words to carefully adapted hymns, information concerning readings, and several pages containing photographs painstakingly collected by whatever means available, of each and every one of the guests present. In the anxious church congregation old friends and members of both families poured over the booklets, complimenting the design, the wealth of content, sighing and shrieking at their own photograph or trying to see around the church to identify those people that they didn’t know. Kelly and Andy had even devised a crossword with clues hinting at words relating to them, their story, or at least on the subject of marriage, and pockets of guests debated the answers whilst the reverend entered and shuffled in to her position at the head of the church.

The first straining notes of Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel played out through the church and to a united gasp Ethan entered, clutching a pillow on which perched a pair of shining wedding rings. Niamh followed with a wide eyed look on her face, and a basket of flower petals jiggling in her hand. She looked over her shoulder for her Mother, tall, sinewy and graceful in her bridesmaid dress. Once all the bridesmaids had reached the very end of the aisle, attention turned collectively to the back of the church once more, where Kelly stood with her left arm, shaking a little, looped through the bent elbow of her Fathers right arm.

With her lace veil hanging softly behind her, long brown hair cloaking her shoulders and layers of fabric sashaying around her ankles as she walked, ever so slowly, into the main church building, she looked every inch the radiant bride. The music played out to a diminuendo before dying out altogether to hushed whispers from the congregation who all craned their necks to see the couple before being encouraged into song as the first hymn of the ceremony, “Come to a Wedding”, began to play.

Photographer – Daffodil Waves

Videographer – Rupert Ward-Lewis

Car Hire – Vanilla Classics

Ice Cream Bike – Traditional Catering

Wedding Reporter – Ashleigh Millward

Wedding Planner – Isabella Weddings

Wedding Dress – Priscilla of Boston

Florist – Green Flowers Florist

And that is where we leave this summers tale of love… For now.

Join us later for the finale complete with top tips from Kelly herself and an amazing video from Rupert Ward-Lewis.


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Big Apple To Big British.

Today’s bride and groom are English but currently reside in New York. They decided to hold their big day back in their homeland and chose the big smoke as their location, from one stylish city to another if you like. And of course London is the most convenient place should you have guests travelling from all over the world, from Singapore to Australia to Uganda…..

Sara and Kevin wanted a classic British wedding and achieved exactly that with a neutral colour scheme, pimms on the lawn and the stunning architectural backdrop that is the Stationers Hall.

And if there wasn’t enough reasons to wear a simple princess-esque gown for W-day here’s another one, pair with smoky eye-make-up and some shiny nude skyscraper heels and you will positively smoulder whilst remaining elegant, sophisticated and timeless.

Yup. Sara is one stylish beauty.

All of the gorgeous images are courtesy of Anushe Low.

Polished Perfection

I bought Laura Mercier makeup from the one Makeup Girl in SAKS who didn’t look like a Drag Queen! I wanted to look like me, so I did my own makeup on the day. It was probably the third time in my life I wore foundation…..

Gigi from Love Hair did my hair on the day.

An Instant Attraction

I bought my dress from Priscilla of Boston. I loved the dress the minute I tried it on. I wanted something classic, with a modern twist and I wanted something full but didn’t want to feel like a meringue….. This was the perfect balance. And I loved the embroidery on the bodice.

Simple Accessories

Kevin bought me a pair of diamond earrings to wear, he had them made as a surprise, it was really sweet – they are completely beautiful.

One of my very talented friends, who is a Stylist and headpiece designer made me my veil. She used a vintage piece of material and attached it to a gold comb. I loved it. Everything I saw in the bridal shops were too ornate and frilly and covered in diamantes or flowers. I just wanted something simple. Lauren made me 3 different versions and cut the one I liked to size on the day of the wedding!

For shoes it was Porn star heels all the way! I’m 5’ 2”, I need all the help I can get! They were pearly pink and from Joan & David.

Classic Cream

I wanted cream roses, something classic and English for bouquets and pins. I opted not to have any other flowers at the venue, as it was ornate enough and didn’t need it. Plus I tried to limit anything that could go wrong as I was planning the wedding from abroad!

A Splash of Gold

The venue had a lot of colour palates, so I wanted the bridesmaid dresses to be neutral colours. We found their dresses online at Coast and I took the original cream sashes’s off and added gold ones to distinguish from the cream of my dress.

The boys suits came from Moss Bros. We ended up having to rent 2 suits each as we wanted to mix and match the jackets and trousers. It turned out more expensive than it should have been, but I think they all looked very handsome! I matched their ties to the sashes’s on the bridesmaid dresses.

Very Visual

I’m a perfectionist and also work in a visual industry, so finding the perfect Photographer was a challenge, It took me ages! I looked at 100’s of portfolios before I stumbled across Anushe Low’s website. Her photos are absolutely stunning and I am so glad I found her!

A Lot To Ask

It took me ages to find a venue. I wanted something beautiful and old, and steeped in history. Living in America makes you appreciate old architecture! I also wanted somewhere we could hold the ceremony and the reception…and I wanted and garden and for it to be in central London! A lot to ask I know!

I finally found Stationers’ Hall and instantly knew it was the place. The venue is absolutely stunning and perfect for what we wanted. It’s also right by St Paul’s Cathedral so we snuck out for some amazing photo opportunities!

Cheap Chic

I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a cake as I thought most people would be too drunk to notice! I bought a 4 tier chocolate cake from Marks and Spencer. It was delicious and a bargain!

A Taste Of NYC

Every time we visit England from America, we always have a list of sweets and treats to bring people. I thought it was a nice idea to make up little bags of all the sweets you can only get in the US – Tootsie Rolls and Hershies!

Simplicity Is Key

The most significant advice I can offer is to keep it simple! There is no point stressing yourself out over minor details that may not get noticed. Stick to the basic necessities and do them well.

Hair Stylist – Gigi from Love Hair

Brides Shoes – Joan and David

Brides Gown – Priscilla Of Boston

Headpiece – Lauren Armes

Maids Dresses – Coast

Groomsmen – Moss Bros

Venue – Stationers Hall

Loving those city portraits, and of course the shoes. And the make-up. And the sophisticated simplicity of it all….

Anyone else planning a W-day from afar?

Big Smouldering Love

Charlotte xxx

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Priscilla So Pretty

Last weeks wedding, An Ice Cream Dream, caused quite a stir for all the right reasons. Filled with unique, one stand out detail was the Gown. It had Pockets!

Pockets I hear you say? Isn’t that what Bridesmaids and husbands are for, to hold your lipgloss and tissues on w-day? Well, I’m not saying you need to use them but there’s just something cool about a pocket and as soon as I saw this wedding I remembered a whole array of pocket filled wedding gowns, by the very same designer, Priscilla of Boston.

Pocket Perfection

If you’re looking for something with pockets (and the styles shown here show that needn’t be quite so avant garde,) then look no further, Priscilla has it covered. An American Brand I have often seen in US real weddings, I had never considered it’s availability over here until last week, when we saw Angelica Bridal in Islington are Priscilla of Boston Stockists. Well hooray for a bit of American Style making it across the pond!

Sleek and Sexy

And it’s not just pockets the line has, featuring a number of very sleek gowns puuuurfect for flattering your curves.

I’m loving the simplicity of these gowns with gives them a modern, elegant edge with all the femininity of the well placed details and a frill or pleat here and there.

Short and Sweet

Another string to Priscilla’s Bow? A seriously knock out fabulous range of shorter wedding dresses. I am in awe.

Really, just how much do you want to be the girl on these photo’s? She just looks so, cool, but still seriously sweet.

So tell us, which is your favorite here and will you be considering a Priscilla of Boston dress?

Yours Truly,


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An Ice Cream Dream… Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of this gorgeous London wedding where we get to really share the ice cream dream of a reception complete with paper poms, donuts for a cake and, um, is that a Kylie and Jason Duet?!

Yes folks, it is. Guilty Pleasures coming right up. 🙂

Family Flowers

My mother in law dealt with the flowers and did a brilliant job. She put bay trees wrapped with ribbon on the church steps and made beautiful arrangements for the reception venue.

We also collected vintage tin tea caddies and filled them with flowers for the centerpieces on the tables. The buttonholes were a combination of roses and thistles, because Sam is English and I am Scottish.

We also had a little flower wand for our flowergirl, which she loved!

Mirrorbox Moments

We found out about Mirrorbox Photography because they were recommended to us by my sister. Once we saw their style of photography in their portfolio we knew they were the right choice for us.

We liked the mixture of photojournalism with quirky posed shots and also that they kept posed group shots to a minimum. We also loved the albums they create as part of their package.

Donut Designs

Cake was one of the things I couldn’t care less about, so did nothing about choosing one! Neither of us really like traditional wedding cake.

Sam had the bright idea of doughnuts instead, so the day before the wedding, he and the best man went to a wholesale bakery and collected 120 fresh doughnuts of all flavours. They looked and tasted gorgeous and cost almost nothing.

Also, one of my favourite things was our ice-cream machine! Instead of a dessert, we had a Mister Whippy machine, complete with sprinkles, flakes and three different kinds of sauce.

Everyone could go and help themselves as many times as they liked. I made labels for the different toppings, downloaded from Eat Drink Chic, which is great!

Favour Fantastic

We decided to make donations to two charities, and gave guests pin badges attached to their place cards with an explanation of why we had chosen them. We donated to Macmillan Cancer Support in honour of my mum Dianne who died of kidney cancer two years ago. We found the support of the Macmillan nurses invaluable when she was very ill, and think they provide a wonderful service. We also wanted to remember my mum in as many ways as possible throughout the wedding.

We also donated to Yorkhill Children’s Foundation. Josh, the son of close friends of ours, became very ill when he was only a week old, with blood clots in his kidneys, brain and stomach. He was rushed to Glasgow Yorkhill hospital where they gave him incredible, expert care, and saved his life. Josh is now a cheeky 10 month old who has just had his eight operation, but is still smiling.

Paper and Cotton

We were able to decorate the venue and the marquee ourselves the day before the wedding. We hung bunting (from ebay) and homemade tissue paper pom poms all round the marquee.

The venue provided little tea lights for all the tables, and as already mentioned, we made our own place cards, and used vintage tea tins for the table arrangements.

Piper, Ceilidh and Kylie

We had a piper called Willie to pipe outside the church and at the reception before the meal. He also piped us in to dinner and had a traditional dram of whisky. In the evening we had a mixture of disco and Scottish ceilidh dancing. A friend of mine, Alison taught everyone the dances, and the English people didn’t manage too badly!

Um, well…we don’t have a song. We racked our brains for something romantic, but just couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t wrist-slittingly melancholy or just too cheesy.

So we decided to recreate Kylie and Jason’s ‘Especially for You’ routine from Christmas 1989 Top of the Pops. Yep. We even did the lift…

Advice from a Bride

What made our wedding special was the fact we were joining two families together from two very different parts of the UK and we managed to include traditions from both England and Scotland in the day. What also made it special was actually spending time together. I know that sounds strange but a lot of couples are so busy they barely see each other after the ceremony! We had a half hour drive from the church to the reception – just the two of us in a white London taxi with a bottle of champagne Sam had arranged. Perfect. We also didn’t have a top table, but instead had a table for two, so that we spent the meal talking to each other and letting it sink in that we were hitched at last.

My advice is – don’t put loads of pressure on yourself. All those little details you’re sweating over? Pretty much only you will notice them! Everyone thinks ‘this has to be the best day of my LIFE’ – that’s just too much stress. It’ll be a lovely, fun day, you’ll be married at the end of it, and that’s really all that matters. Also, don’t make your own bunting, you’ll go demented.

Photography – Mirrorbox

Ice Cream Printables – Eat Drink Chic

Favours – be.macillan

Bunting – Funkylicious Parties on Ebay

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m seriously hoping that the Sweetie Bar trend is replaced by an Ice Cream bar trend in 2011! I just love ice Cream. (In fact Charlotte and I were stuffing our faces with it the night before NYE!)

Are you doing something individual on the food front like this or the Donut cake idea? We’d love to hear about it!

Yours Truly,


Mirrorbox Photography are Rock My Wedding Sponsors, however all real weddings are selected on individual merit and no part of this feature is sponsored.

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An Ice Cream Dream… Part 1

So today we have the first half of this weeks Sneak Peek wedding and you would almost be forgiven for thinking the two were not related, if it wasn’t for the give away style to the photography by Mirrorbox and a couple of quirky touches DIY-d by the bride.

It just goes to show, you can still have the big dress, elegant church ceremony and exercise a whole lot of personality in the process, really breaking loose for the reception.

Suzanne and Sam were married on 7th August at St Mary’s Church, Wanstead, London, followed by a reception at Tyttenhanger Park, St Albans in Hertfordshire….

Cava and Curls

I had my hair done at The Orford Salon in Walthamstow Village (he has a fridge full of pink cava, by the way) and a local beautician, Dawn did my makeup.

Pocket Perfection

My dress was ‘Sophie’ by Pricilla of Boston and I bought it from Angelica Bridal in Islington, London. It has pockets, which really swung it for me!

My veil was my ‘something borrowed’, from one of my bridesmaids, Sarah. My necklace was made by ‘theredmagnolia’ on etsy. I loved the combination of classic pearls with the vintage brooch. My engagement ring is a Victorian opal ring which was my great great grandmother’s and my mum gave it to me just before she died.

Brooch Bouquet

I also made my own bouquet from brooches I collected, bought at markets or was given by friends and family. I had everyone hunting for them! I really loved the way it turned out, although I obviously couldn’t throw it, or I’d have killed someone!

Glorious Gold

My shoes were gold and red Melissa’s from Vivienne Westwood. They are made of the same plastic as the jelly shoes you wear at the seaside when you’re little, and they smell like My Little Ponies.

Ladies in Red

For the bridesmaids, we all met up and went shopping together, and chose the red dresses from Coast. The mint green shoes were from Office. The flower girl’s little gold dress was from Monsoon.

Sam was in charge of the boys – we hired all the suits from Moss Bros and went for a neutral colour as I had no idea what my colour scheme was – in fact I never really had a colour scheme, everything was all over the place!

His own suit was from Moss Bros and the shoes were a panic buy two days before the wedding! I gave him cufflinks as a wedding gift, again from Etsy. I chose a map of London and a map of Aberdeen, my home town. And he actually remembered to put them on on the day!

Love that dress, really love the necklace and also loving the way it has all been captured so beautifully by Mirrorbox.

However, there are some seriously fun, cool and DIY perfect ideas coming your way tomorrow with Part 2.

Photography – Mirrorbox

Venue – Tyttenhanger Park, St Albans

Dress – Pricilla Of Boston at Angelica Bridal in Islington

Necklace – The Red Magnolia, Etsy.

Shoes – Vivienne Westwood available on My-Wardrobe

Bouquet – DIY by the Bride

Bridesmaids dresses – Coast

Map Cufflinks – Sherry Truitt on Etsy

Yours Truly,


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