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10 Romantic Songs That Make Excellent Wedding Readings

If you’re on the hunt for alternative wedding readings, then have a think about using a song instead. There are a million love songs out there, all with absolutely gorgeous lyrics that you could use in place of a traditional wedding reading. Here are ten of our favourites…

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Wedding Reading Ideas For Your Non Religious Ceremony

When it comes to finding non religious wedding readings, it can be really hard to plough through the cheese, or find something that resonates to both you and your partner. Today we’re sharing some of our favourite, more unusual wedding reading ideas. More and more of you seem to be doing the legal bit in a small and intimate way, then going hell for leather on a humanist ceremony where you can have whatever readings and songs you fancy.

As always, we LOVE to find readings we’ve not come across before, so if you’re having something really different please let us know in the comments box below the post. Although I don’t think anyone will be able to top this wedding where they used the lyrics from ‘Ain’t Nobody’ by Chaka Khan 😉

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Wedding Reading Ideas For Your Ceremony

Choosing the wedding readings for your ceremony is one of the nicest jobs of wedding planning – whatever type of ceremony you are having, there is usually room for a personal reading or two. Often it’s something that you’ll work on with your fiancé, choosing meaningful literary extracts or poems that really relate to your relationship. And alongside the vows, it’s often the part of the wedding ceremony that brings tears of joy to my eyes. The world is full of beautiful writing on love – from passionate and intense Bronte novels to light-hearted poems by Edward Monkton, there’s something for everyone out there.

Our lovely couples often mention which wedding readings they’ve chosen for their big day so we’ve selected some of our favourites to share with you this afternoon. Some of the choices I think would make excellent wedding readings for little ones to read, but if you go down this route, make sure you have a backup plan in case of stage fright!

If you’re after more inspiration, check out these posts from our archives which contain even more ideas – Say it like you mean it & Speak to me of love. And as always, if you have any wedding readings you absolutely love, please do share them in the comments box below the post, we love finding new treasures we’ve never seen before.

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Speak To Me Of Love.

Inspiration For Your Wedding Readings

If you’re anything like me then you’re a hopeless romantic.

You probably openly admit that you love Valentine’s Day despite being fully aware that it’s a commercial gimmick, cry at every romantic film you’ve ever watched and you’re a compulsive hoarder of every single note and letter than your beau has written to you. Actually that last trait makes me sound slightly odd doesn’t it…

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It’s Friday lovelies…..

And today we thought we would start off on what we are all about – words. Lots and lots of lovely words.

You see there are many people who think long and hard about what reading or poem will fit their W-day perfectly only to discover that perhaps there isn’t one. I know I was kind of in that camp myself.

There are so many goose-bump-making songs about though – made so not just because of the melody but because of the delicious lyrics.

So. My question is, why not use lyrics instead of the perhaps more “traditional” readings and poetry?

Here are a few of our favourites as a starter for ten and in the comments box we’d really appreciate it if you would share yours too, that way the RMW community can all be inspired by each other’s lyrical genius.

Something Changed

I wrote the song two hours before we met.
I didn’t know your name or what you looked like yet.
Oh I could have stayed at home and gone to bed.
I could have gone to see a film instead.
You might have changed your mind and seen your friends.
Life could have been very different but then,
something changed.

Do you believe that there’s someone up above?
Does he have a timetable directing acts of love?
Why did I write this song on that one day?
Why did you touch my hand and softly say.
Stop asking questions that don’t matter anyway.
Just give us a kiss to celebrate here today.
Something changed.

When we woke up that morning we had no way of knowing,
that in a matter of hours we’d change the way we were going.
Where would I be now if we’d never met?
Would I be singing this song to someone else instead?
I dunno but like you said
something changed.

“Something Changed” by Pulp.

Passenger Seat

I roll the window down
And then begin to breathe in
The darkest country road
And the strong scent of evergreen
From the passenger seat as you are driving me home.

Then looking upwards
I strain my eyes and try
To tell the difference between shooting stars and satellites
From the passenger seat as you are driving me home.

“Do they collide?”
I ask and you smile.
With my feet on the dash
The world doesn’t matter.

When you feel embarrassed then I’ll be your pride
When you need directions then I’ll be the guide
For all time.
For all time.

“Passenger Seat” by Death Cab For Cutie

Mirror Ball

I plant the kind of kiss that wouldn’t wake a baby
On the self-same face that wouldn’t let me sleep
And the street is singing with my feet
And dawn gives me a shadow I know to be taller

All down to you, dear
Everything has changed

My sorry name has made it to graffiti
I was looking for someone to complete me

Not anymore, dear
Everything has changed

And we made the moon our mirrorball
The streets, an empty stage
The city sirens violins
Everything has changed

So lift off love
Lift off love

We took the town to town last night
We kissed like we invented it
And now I know what every step is for
To lead me to your door

Know that while you sleep
Everything has changed

“Mirror Ball” by Elbow


I want to take you with me
to life with no more yesterdays
we can start again awake and so excited
and change the way we always push
we always push

I’ll open up and be your Parachute
and I’ll never let you down
so open up and be my human angel
and we’ll only hit the ground

and when the world gets sharp and tries to cut you down to size
and makes you feel like giving in
oh, I will stay, I will rain, I will wash the words and pain away
and I will chase away the way we push
the way we pull
you’re beautiful

and if it feels like we might drop
it will stop
so don’t look down
it wouldn’t be the same without you
this life is too good to give up on

“Parachute” by Train

There are many many more of course but we’ll share those another day. We want to hear your favourites – and don’t be shy, we won’t judge you if your most loved lyrics are totally geek chic/80’s pop/90’s boy band/Celine Dion….

Ok maybe not Celine Dion.


Big Amazing Offer and Competition Coming Up Later Love

Charlotte xxx