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How To Plan The Order Of Your Wedding Day

What time are you getting married? Due to the recent (we won’t say strange or unprecedented times) surge in wedding postponements you might find that to secure a new date that you’re happy with you have had to accept an alternative time for your wedding. Perhaps you had originally planned for a 1pm ceremony but now you’re looking at an 11am or a 3:30pm ceremony instead. All of this culminating in the fact that you now need to plan for an alternative order of your wedding day.

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Doughnut Wall: DIY in Less Than 5 Minutes

The doughnut wall has taken the world of weddings by storm. If you’ve decided to hire or buy a board to position doughnuts on then it’s very easy to set up your own wall. However, if you’re opting to DIY your own board then it could take you a few hours to knock together.
Today’s tutorial shows you how to create a show-stopping wedding doughnut wall in minutes. Yes minutes! All you need to do is ditch the board and grab yourself a mirror instead.
Adam shot this post on the hottest day of the year and the display held up very well. My top tip would be to make sure your hooks are secured well otherwise you may find a rogue doughnut or two at the bottom of your display!

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What Is Exclusive Use?

There is nothing quite like the feeling of having a venue to yourself. Everyone seems to be that little bit more relaxed, less like a guest and more like themselves. It creates camaraderie as everyone knows they’re there for the same purpose. To see two people they love, tie the knot. But if you’re wondering “What is exclusive use?” and would like to know some of the benefits of having a venue for your own, then this is the post for you.

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27 Ways To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding

RMW The Podcast episode four is out today! And as Charlotte and Becky are chatting ways to save money, I thought it might be a good idea to re-share this post – one of your ALL TIME favourite features, 27 ways to have a beautiful budget wedding. Have a read, then head over to iTunes, Spotify or wherever you like to listen to your podcasts and enjoy even more top tips for saving money while still having a gorgeous day…

One of the things we get asked time and time again here at RMW HQ is how to save money on your wedding day and luckily for you lovely lot, the whole RMLtd team has picked up lots of tricks and tips over the years. I’m going, to be honest with you here – getting married is going to cost you some money. You can’t throw a party for your friends and family, wear a beautiful dress and shoes, have pretty flowers and expect it to be free. I know, life is tough hey 😉 BUT there are things that you can do to keep a lid on your budget and still have a beautiful wedding day…

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How To Build The Perfect Wedding Cheese Tower

If you’re hoping to have a cheese tower for your wedding guests to nibble on, then this post is a must read. Drawing on the vast experience and talents of our The List recommended suppliers, Neal’s Yard Dairy and The Cheese Plate, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to choosing, assembling and devouring ALL THE CHEESE

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The Wedding Guest List Dilemma {Who Do We Invite?}

Narrowing down your wedding guest list is always a headache, from debates about whether to invite parents friends, old friends or work friends, to that dreaded ‘plus one’ consideration.

We’re chatting all this and more on Rock My Wedding: The Podcast right now (episode two is out today, download and listen now) but to wet your whistle, here’s some top tips from the whole RMW team to help narrow down your wedding guest list…

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Orangery Wedding Inspiration

We’ve all gone totally bonkers for glasshouse, orangery or clear marquee venues at Rock My HQ, it’s not hard to see why when they literally light up your wedding and illuminate every inch of the decor and details.

The lovely Holland Park, Kensington, London was the perfect backdrop for such elegant proceedings. From the immense hanging floral installation by Blue Sky Flowers, to the elegant tablescape, complete with ghost chairs and romantic candle light.

Every elements was planned and styled beautifully by Katie Stocks of The Events Designers, and working her magic behind the lens was Eva Tarnok Photography.

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Brides Speech – How To Write One – Advice From A Bride Who Did

A quick note from me to introduce today’s guest post from real bride, Ashley. We featured her wedding a little while ago and loved her writing style. Ashley made a speech on her wedding day, which we know lots of our amazing brides do, but there’s just nothing out there online to help and support you. Which is why we’ve invited Ashley to talk about her brides speech today. Enjoy this feature lovelies, it’s a cracking post and I’m excited to hear all about the fabulous speeches you’ll be making on your wedding day this summer.

How To Write A Brides Speech

There’s a paradox hidden at the centre of the Wedding Complex.

It is mostly women who run this industry – mostly women who plan the weddings, mostly women who design and make and sell the dresses, mostly women who bake the cakes, mostly women who write these blogs.

But when it comes to wedding day speeches, women are mostly silent.


In a highly unscientific poll of my own friends and family, the reasons seem to fall into two camps: fear and/or tradition.

Now, I can’t promise that this article will cure you of either – but it can’t hurt to try. Because silence is no longer the only option.

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Wedding Tents – What Are The Different Types?

If you follow us on Instagram then you may have noticed that over the weekend we shared some images from some of our favourite wedding tents, tipi and marquee suppliers. Having your wedding reception in one of these glorious structures is proving more and more popular as the flexibility and creativity you can unleash is unrivalled. Even more so if you’re lucky enough to bag some land on which to set up your party. (Exhaust those family and friend connections, it’s always worth a try).

So, if you’re lusting after a festival style wedding but aren’t sure where to start, here’s our guide to choosing the best of the wedding tents for your wedding celebrations…