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“Become A Rock My Wedding Guest Pinner” Competition.


Yes it’s back folks. Back by popular demand – who are we to say no to you lovely lot. We’re offering you the chance to become a guest pinner for Rock My Wedding on our Pinterest account for the whole of September!

Granted we’ve only really just hit the peak of summer – hello heatwave predicted this week – but we can’t quite help but turn our hearts and heads towards the smells and colours of Autumn which will be on its way before we know it. If I were forced to choose then I’d say that Autumn was my favourite time of the year for sentimental reasons as I celebrate my wedding anniversary in October but also for all the gorgeous new season collections that appear in the shops around this time.

It’s like going back to school with that sparkly new pencil case and a shiny new pair of shoes. Anyway I digress, we’re looking to RMW’s favourite season of the year to provide the theme for our next Pinterest competition of 2014.

Yep folks, Autumn in all her glory is the key to success this time round. Think cherry reds and saffron yellows, berries and pumpkins and wreaths and crunchy leaves and creamy hot chocolates diffused with that soft orangey light. It’s quite positively dreamy!

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Social Media Whores.


Rock My Wedding has been been using various social media tools since our inception.

I say using – how much should you be using these things? Obviously we want to keep you lovely lot updated and inspired as much as possible, we just don’t want to bore the pretty panties off you.

If you don’t know already we are on Twitter, at last peeky we had about 15,577 followers….that’s a lot of folk to keep entertained. Mostly we use it to tell tweeps about our latest posts or publish pictures of stuff we think is cool/hot/absolutely necessary for W-day.

Sometimes we just use it to talk about what we bought at the shops. Or to take the michael out of Adam.

We are also on Facebook. Oh yes. You can see all of our latest posts there too – and sometimes we’ll share sneaky shots of lovely things we are going to feature in the future.

Sometimes we also have discussions about things we think are relevant, and the RMW Facebook page is a great place for like-minded brides to ask for advice and recommendations.

More recently (like um…last week) we joined Pinterest.

Yes I know.

How freakin’ behind are we?

And it’s not like we were not aware it existed or anything, it was just one of those tasks we kept putting on the back burner – we are well aware we’re all over it anyway due to you gorgeous lot pinning our templates to your own boards (We LOVE this fact by the way – we’ve been having a good old nosey at who’s been pinching what.)

As well as your “big day bread and butter” as we like to call it – i.e. boards on decor, DIY, florals and fashion ideas, we’re also starting to create some colour palette specific versions and even some that are era related…yes you can get your 1980’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and 1950’s fix over at Rock My Wedding too lovelies.

We’ve also put together some boards that will work for W-day but also everyday life – we’ve been pinning immense make-up and hair images until our fingers bled.

We’ve also got interiors.

And style icons.

And individual team boards so you can get to know us all a little better…(or at least what it is we’re desiring right now.)

And maybe our most favourite board of all?


Which is exactly as you would suspect – H.O.T


Are you on Pinterest?

What is your first go-to social media tool?

Do you follow Rock My Wedding on any/all of the above?

Any tools you have maybe once used but no longer do? What were the main reasons for that?

As always your feedback is appreciated RMW’ers.

Big Keeping In Touch Love

Charlotte xxx