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RMW Real Bride Competition 2014.

Tuesday’s real wedding is coming up very soon but firstly it’s competition time…

This is your last chance to enter the world wide famous 2014 Rock My Wedding Real Bride competition so what are you waiting for…. get those entries in before midnight!

Our Real Bride competition closes Tonight April 30th, so get busy compiling your inspiration boards and 500 words about you and your boy’s big day as you only have this weekend left.

Why Become A Real Bride?

We have a truly-madly-deeply lovely and loyal community here at Rock My Wedding who will support and help you throughout your planning process and at the end of the whole thing you get to celebrate not only your wedding but you also get to see it, share it and treasure it forever via these water coloured (and still slightly polka-dotty) pages.

We did a full post on the details you need to compile to enter the competition earlier in the week, you can read that post here. Below is a recap of the essentials.

How To Enter

1. Create a mood board that sums up your style, your idea’s and inspiration for the big day.
2. Write 500 words (give or take a few) to tell us about yourself (and your boy).
3. Find a photograph of you and your future Mr.

Send your text, mood board and mug shot to adam@rockmywedding.co.uk and please use the subject header ‘REAL BRIDE COMPETITION’… Otherwise your entry might get lost!

In order to enter you must have set your date and that date must fall on or between March 01 2014 and September 30 2014.

Thank you to everyone who has entered so far – we have really enjoyed reading through all of your submissions.

Good luck, and have a great weekend everyone.

Team RMW x

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The RMW Real Bride Competition 2014.


So… What’s everybody up to this weekend?

Putting your entry for the 2014 Rock My Wedding Real Bride competition together you say? Good choice, well done and good luck!

Our Real Bride competition closes on Tuesday April 30th at the stroke of midnight 😉 So get busy compiling your inspiration boards and 500 words about you and your boy’s big day as you only have this weekend left.

Why Become A Real Bride?

We have a truly-madly-deeply lovely and loyal community here at Rock My Wedding who will support and help you throughout your planning process and at the end of the whole thing you get to celebrate not only your wedding but you also get to see it, share it and treasure it forever via these water coloured (and still slightly polka-dotty) pages.

We did a full post on the details you need to compile to enter the competition earlier in the week, you can read that post here. Below is a recap of the essentials.

How To Enter

1. Create a mood board that sums up your style, your idea’s and inspiration for the big day.
2. Write 500 words (give or take a few) to tell us about yourself (and your boy).
3. Find a photograph of you and your future Mr.

Send your text, mood board and mug shot to adam@rockmywedding.co.uk and please use the subject header ‘REAL BRIDE COMPETITION’… Otherwise your entry might get lost!

In order to enter you must have set your date and that date must fall on or between March 01 2014 and September 30 2014.

Thank you to everyone who has entered so far – we have really enjoyed reading through all of your submissions.

Good luck, and have a great weekend everyone.

Team RMW x

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What Rebecca Did… Photos & Fittings.

Happy New Year gorgeous RMW-ers!

So, 2013 is here, which means one thing……………..I’M GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness I cannot believe how quick the time has flown by. It feels like only yesterday that Dave had finally plucked up the courage to ask me to marry him! But that was over 2 years ago…and now we only have 6 months left! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!

So, as you may have guessed, I’m just a teensy bit excited about 2013!

Before I get too excited we have a pretty big list of things still left to do! But we are the King & Queen of last minute so I know that it will all come good on the day! (I hope!!!)

Say Cheese!

So, did Santa bring us all that we wanted?

For Dave & I Santa was very kind indeed and along with an amazing array of gifts (we were seriously spoilt! 🙂 ) he also supplied us with some funds for our next wedding project – the photobooth! Ever since going to the National Wedding Show with my MoH, I have longed for a photobooth at our wedding, because what’s not to love about dressing up in silly hats & getting your pic taken?!! Just look how much fun they are…..


Even though we don’t really have the space for a proper photobooth, I am determined to incorporate some photobooth fun into our day. Having scoured the internet for ideas, I have discovered that a home-made photobooth needn’t be a huge challenge all we really need is this:

  2. PROPS


So project photobooth begins here…..

Gorgeous Treats & Pretty Sequins

Another favourite I have seen grace many a RMW page is the gorgeous sweetie table! A table adorned with jars and jars of sweeties, or stand after stand of gorgeous cakey-ness…… Mmmmmmmm. So without giving too much away Dave & I have decided to have a display of treats for our guests (and us!) to enjoy – and we think they are going to love it!

So now to decide how to display these gorgeous treats? There are just so many gorgeous treat table displays, just look at these


But a while back, at a little soiree in Birmingham (!), I stumbled upon a fabulous alternative to the table display – the vintage wooden step ladder!!! Yup, sorry team RMW but I am stealing your immense display idea!


And to go with my step ladders (they still need to be collected from various family members & painted) I have bought some of these gorgeous table runners from H&M – I am hoping they will add a little glamour to the display, what do you think?


So are any of you gorgeous lot including a treat table? Are you a sweetie lover or a cake fiend? Or are you going for something completely different? I’d love to hear your ideas….

The Big Pink Bag

Finally……I am now the proud owner of my very own gorgeous wedding dress!!!! Yes, that’s right I have picked up my dress, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😀

I have to say I don’t think I’ve been quite as nervous as I was trying on MY dress! What if it didn’t fit, what if I didn’t like it anymore……? I have already suffered once with the dreaded dress wobbles, I can’t go through that again!! So with a thousand butterflies fluttering around my tummy I made the journey back to Signature Brides to try on the most expensive dress I have ever bought! Off I trotted into the dressing room to be introduced to the dress I would spend my whole wedding day in, she was beautiful! Just as I remembered! So first worry out of the way, now to try the thing on! Now down to just my smalls and the assistant attempts to help me into my dress – there is a mild panic when it feels like it is not going to do up, but the removal of my bra does the trick!

My dress fits perfectly! And by this I mean I need absolutely no alterations what-so-ever!!??! Seriously how on earth is this possible? (even the shop assistants are surprised – apparently I am only the 4th person they have known this happen to!!) Wandering around the shop in MY dress I feel like a princess, I could wear this all day! Unfortunately the shop assistant reminds me that I should probably put it back in the bag so it doesn’t get dirty! So reluctantly I head back to the dressing room & that is it, my dress is back in her pink bag & I am waving the shop assistants goodbye for the last time!!


WOW, this just got real! I’m getting married!!!

Big ‘it’s really happening’ love

Rebecca xx

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Time To Get Real.

Real Brides that is…

Yep, we have counted up and adjudicated all of the votes from our recent Real Brides competition and the results are in… Get ready to meet the new team, there may be a few more of them than you expected!

The quality of the submissions was totally immense – we were bowled over by so many unique stories of love and we were equally dazzled by all the pretty!

And this got team RMW thinking… The sad truth is that it won’t be too long before a few more of our current crop of Real Brides disappear off into the Weddingville sunset. Sad only for us at RMW of course! We are going to miss them all.

The good news is that we have decided to recruit not three brand new blushing brides to be, but six.

Our three overall winners were:

Group 1

You can view Kitty and Al’s story and mood board here.

Group 2

You can view Hannah and Jon’s story and mood board here.

Group 3

You can view Karen and Lee’s story and mood board here.

We have also chosen the three overall runners up (based on total votes received) to also be Real Brides.

So, we are really pleased to welcome the following couples to the RMW fold:

You can view Rebecca and Dave’s story and mood board here.

You can view Victoria and Simon’s story and mood board here.

You can view Tabitha and Chris’s story and mood board here.

Thank you to everyone who entered, we are really sorry that we couldn’t pick you all. All of our finalists would have made perfect RMW Real Brides.

Congratulations to the winners, I’m sure I am not alone in saying that I can’t wait for you all to start telling your w-day preparation stories on our polka dotted pages.

Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone,


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What Kelly Did… Caught Up On A Bit Of Wedmin.

Afternoon lovely readers. This month has been an itty-bitty type of month with heaps of ‘wedmin’ (thanks Jenny Lane for that one) taken care of so be prepared for an itty-bitty type of post.

Suppliers, Suppliers, Suppliers

Now even a small, modest wedding would require the assistance of at least a handful of suppliers. Add a few other ‘ingredients’ into the mix and suddenly planning a wedding becomes more like a military operation (that teen Army Cadet training has really paid off!). At the last count we had over 15 different people / groups / organisations lined up and ready to go for our big day. One person who I am very pleased to have made the acquaintance of though is Ashleigh Millward. Ashleigh is a ‘Wedding Correspondent’ and makes, and I quote, a ‘written wedding reportage’ of the day. I think it is such a great idea and another way to remember the day by besides the photos.

Now, by no means do I count my Mum as a supplier, more like a godsend. Working quietly behind the scenes she has been working very hard on the bunting. 50 meters down 50 meters to go. Go Mum!

Dad has also been charged with making the wedding signpost; his brief went a bit like this:

Surprisingly he seemed to ‘get’ it and didn’t even bat an eye-lid (not to me anyway)! He has sourced the planks but apparently his ‘paintwriting’ doesn’t cut the mustard so we need to come up with an alternative font idea. Love you Mum and Dad.

We have also firmed up plans, made decisions, paid off suppliers and even begun to construct a timetable for the day (I wasn’t quite ready for this bit with still 4 months to go, but it seemed people needed to know where they had to be and when, so point taken).

I thought it would also be useful at this point to show how our budget has been eaten up in the form of a pie (I know, I wish it was a real Apple one too):

Seeing it as a visual representation like this really puts into perspective the big ‘money moments’ of the day and highlights where we have splurged. You may be wondering where the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen outfits are, well, my four lovely, lovely ladies offered to pay for their own dresses themselves and we have asked the Groomsmen to provide their own grey suits and we supply the ties. My Aunty has also very kindly offered to make the cake (she is a super talented arty person and I cannot wait to see it).

Call Off the Search

The search for ‘The One’ finally came to an end last month. At this point I do have to confess that I bought more than one dress, okay maybe more than two dresses, but I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the process and have a ‘nothing lost, nothing gained’ attitude. Let me explain…

I think I am pretty much like the next girl. I LOVE a bargain. I search for on-line discount codes before clicking ‘checkout’ and I get a satisfied glow if something comes up cheaper than I expect at the tills. On holiday I love haggling at markets and now and again I get carried away and try it in England, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and if it doesn’t I am happy knowing I’ve tried. I don’t find it rude, distasteful or vulgar, it is part of ‘looking after the pennies’ when, let’s face it, in the context of weddings, they are not exactly cheap.

Anyways, back to the dress. I have always been pragmatic about dress shopping. I am sure the process of buying a dress from a beautiful boutique is a fantastic experience and at times I have wished that I had gone down this route, but my inner bargain hunter voice said “a dream designer dress at a bargain basement price please”. Cue the online hunt.

Now, at this point in the story I am sure some of you are muttering under your breath, and later you may even utter the inevitable “I told you so”. Yes, I will admit, my first (and second) foray into online wedding dress shopping was not too successful. Note to self, just because a fish tail dress looks good on the slinky Amazonian catwalk model it does not mean that it will look good on me. Lesson one learned. Lesson 2, people were A LOT shorter 60 years ago and lace can age, vintage is best tried on and seen in person. Lesson number 3, persistence and patience DOES pay off. Bingo. Dream designer dress at a bargain basement price, check. I won’t give too much away but in my rather biased opinion, I have the most gorgeous dress in the whole wide world! As for the other two dresses, sold on ebay 😉

Take a Pew

The DIY hasn’t escaped this month either. This project has all been about pew ends. I had a few ideas of what I liked:

Some of the grander ideas like the fresh flowers were quickly ruled out due to our ailing budget so I had to think outside the proverbial box. I tried the tissue paper pomander ones (bottom right), but mine came out rather naff (if anyone would like some polystyrene balls and floristry wire they’re all yours). After a few more failed ideas, I finally made something that a) worked and b) I liked:

They are really simple to make and do not require too much sewing ability. I cut some floral material into squares and hemmed. I then edged 2 sides of the square with some gathered lace and on the back, sewed a satin ribbon across the centre. I bought some tulle on a roll and simply cut to the necessary length, tied the square around the tulle and voila. Easy and only 23 to go!

Looking Back

This month has also seen a fair bit of wedding nostalgia. Like many couples, we have chosen to display some photos of our parents’ and grandparents’ weddings.

Between them, they had / have had 100’s of years worth of happy, successful marriage, and I guess that is what it all comes down to in the end. I can’t wait to be a Mrs and see what our future has in store.


Kelly (Reds) xxxx

P.S. I would like to put a massive shout out to Sue. I went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and Sue was the mother-of-the-bride. Sue had made the most A-MAZING guest book for her beautiful daughter, and there was me who hadn’t really given ours a second thought… Until then. I plucked up the courage and asked if she was in the business of making them. Although crafting was more of a hobby of hers, she generously agreed to make one for us too and she has been a star ever since! Thanks Sue.

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What Céline Did… Earned Herself A Break.

I’ve never had any trouble filling these polka dot pages on my previous posts, but with only THREE MONTHS to go there’s just sooo much to tell you, I’m not sure where to start this week!

First things first, our invites are finally out – hurrah! Here’s a little peak of what they actually looked like once printed:

Since my last post, Tom and I have completed our FINAL wedding planning trip to Brittany to tie up some major loose ends. Beforehand we took a couple of days off for ourselves in the Loire Valley to visit some chateaux and taste some wine (it’s a tough life). And frankly, I *highly* recommend every couple takes a couple of days of holiday from wedding planning when it all gets a bit too much. Before our holiday, our planning had descended occasionally into bickering – Tom had begun to feel overwhelmed by my constant flow of chitter-chatter, and I was becoming frustrated at his lack of interest in my ideas. At the end of the day, we were both tired and mis-communicating, and just a couple of ‘normal’ days off together gave us the energy to face wedding planning again as a team.

Once we arrived in Brittany however, we got stuck in and, in the space of 3 days, we did all of this:

  • Chose our flowers;
  • Finalised ceremony plans with our priest (well, almost);
  • Picked our Friday night rehearsal dinner menu
  • Met our DJ
  • Organised Sunday lunch plans at my parents’ house
  • Chose and tasted our wedding menu (yum!)
  • Had a (successful!) hair trial
  • Bought wedding shoes

So it was a rather busy couple of days in France then…

I couldn’t possibly tell you about everything on that list without sending you to sleep, but here’s a little photo montage of to-do’s we accomplished:

From left to right: Les Terrasses de Bréhat, the restaurant for the Friday night rehearsal dinner; a candelabrum decorated by the florist; the ‘Harlow’ hairpiece by Polly Edwards that I want to wear in the evening; inspiration for my hair; wedding shoes by Mellow Yellow; Tom and I working hard on our ceremony plans; the delicious dessert tasting.

As the invites were sent and we went to meeting after meeting (and we had to make lots of decisions!), I started thinking a lot about the added layers involved with organising a ‘destination’ wedding that’s a multi-lingual and multi-cultural.

So as the resident ‘Delicious DestinationRMW Real Bride, I thought it only right to take you through some of the added layers (I hope it all makes sense!) and in turn, I’d love to hear some of your stories as I know that there are lots of RMW readers out there facing some of the same issues.

Destination Nightmares

The most obvious problem with a far-away wedding is the distance between you and the ‘destination’. Not only is it impossible just to pop over whenever the fancy takes me, but all of our recent holidays have involved appointments left, right and centre – not very relaxing!! My mother has been absolutely invaluable in making things happen. But being a bit of a bossy boots, although I’ve delegated to my ever-patient mum, I can’t deny feeling somewhat removed from the process at times, which is frustrating.

My frustration (and anxiety) has actually started to manifest in a recurring nightmare (!!): I show up at the ceremony… and there are only 40 guests (of the planned 150!). And the others aren’t hiding waiting to surprise, they just haven’t come at all. Right. Not quite time for therapy, but we’re getting close.

During the day, I’ve oscillated between feeling perfectly confident (I mean, who doesn’t want to spend a weekend in La Belle France?!?) to feeling hugely guilty (flights are expensive after all, and I feel like I’m forcing 150 people to a teeny tiny village in the middle of nowhere France). At the end of the day, I know that we’ll be surrounded by family and friends and we’ll have an amazing day. But sticking to that (rather logical) state of mind has not been easy!

French, English, American… Huh?

Now, to add an extra layer of complication to the proceedings, Tom and I come from different countries. In fact, our slightly strange mish-mash of French, English and American cultures is probably what defines us most. After countless lost-in-translation moments, we’ve gradually merged them into something of our own (effectively just picking the best bits of each country!). Tom has even taken the step to learn French properly, which really is one of the nicest gifts he could possibly ever give me (and the only sure way to ensure our future children can’t outsmart him!).
From the beginning, we agreed we wanted a wedding that reflected our patchwork of cultures (easier said than done!). Between the rehearsal dinner, the procession to the church and our active encouragement for ladies to wear hats, I think we’re getting close to achieving the look we want! It hasn’t been easy to make it all flow together and sometimes I do wonder what our guests will think of our unique combination of bits and bobs. For example, I’m a bit worried that our foreign guests just won’t ‘get’ the procession from the town hall to the church and think we’re being somewhat silly! And let me tell you, I’m not looking forward to the table plan and seating people according to their language capabilities!

We’ve also encountered some challenges conveying our ideas to others, be it our family or our suppliers. A while back, I suggested to my parents that we could serve American-style cocktails (dirty martini is one my all-time favourites!) alongside champagne at the cocktail reception. I have never seen my father look so bewildered:

“Je ne comprends pas. Pourquoi voudrais-tu un martini alors que tu peux avoir du champagne?”

We quickly gave up on that idea.

We have also had to spend a little more time with some suppliers to explain certain things. For example, bridesmaids are not traditional in France so the florist had not thought about the bouquets for them when we met her. And we’ve had other suppliers turn their noses up at us for suggesting non-typically French ideas (unsurprisingly). For example, when looking for a rehearsal dinner venue, one restaurant criticised the whole concept, calling us ‘unusual’ (and not in a good way). Or just last week, our local church choir suddenly dropped out because they refused to learn an English hymn. They’ve definitely been a minority, but it’s always a little disappointing.

Actually, Tom and I are both really looking forward to mingling the two languages, particularly for our ceremony. Our priest is 100% French but he has taken a lot of time to suggest parts which could be in one language or another and even certain readings (such as psalms) which could have one verse in French and another version in English to help symbolise our union. It’s taking us a long time to come to a final order that we both like (the problem with adding cultures is that you also add extra options!) but I think it’s fair to say, it will be a real reflection of us! And somehow, I get the feeling that all our guests will be willing to try out their basic French/ English after a glass of champagne or two… 🙂

Well, I have rambled on for long enough I think! I promise there will be more pictures next time, but I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the post anyway… I would absolutely love to hear from all of the destination wedding/ multi-cultural brides out there about your stories.

And, in general, which parts of wedding planning have you found to be important yet hard to put together? Have you had any issues with suppliers not ‘getting’ you?

Céline xxx

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What Jo Did… Survived The Dress Wobbles.

Lovely RMWers! We have 55 days to go. Yep, LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!
Hope you all had a fantastic Easter. I have just eaten a whole Lindt bunny. All that is left is his red ribbon and I feel ILL!

I know what some of you are thinking… what about the dress wobble?! Well, after the amazing advice and support from you lot after my last post, I emailed Dot, explained my concerns, and got this lovely, wise response…

“… It doesn’t fit you well and will take quite a lot of work to get the fit right – which I can do. However, in my experience, it really comes down to how you feel in the dress…
It is vital that you have confidence in how you look, if you are going to enjoy your day. The last thing you want is to be worrying about whether it makes you look as you want to look…
Come and try it on again and see what your reaction is, then take it from there…and don’t worry – these things have a way of working out for the best!”

What a star! So, I took my friend, Sarah, who a) got married last year and didn’t like her dress, even on the day (FYI, she looked completely amazing) and b) hadn’t seen me in the dress before. MrsA Snr also brought the veil.

Again, I put the dress on and really didn’t like it. Without giving too much away, it has a V-neckline and, as I thought it was too low, Dot had pinned everything ‘up’ to make it higher. This made everything higher – the underarms were rubbing, the waistline was around my ribs etc.

It looked pants, I felt pants, hell, I would have been happier only wearing my pants! Dot mentioned that, at that stage, making a new dress would be easier(!) We settled on a new bodice. I sketched it. She brought out the most brilliant box of patterns (jealous, moi?) and we designed a new top for the dress.
Dot began removing the pins from the front of the dress, leaving the side pins in place. The whole thing dropped down an inch or so. Silence, nervous glances all round; then we all burst out laughing – it looked EXACTLY how it should look! We’d never had just the sides pinned (without the front) and I think the number of people at the previous fitting had resulted in too many opinions and too much pinning, rather than simply letting Dot do her job.

I felt so relieved, but also a teeny bit daft for having moaned for almost my entire last RMW post. I mentioned this to the other lovely Real Brides on FB and they allayed my fears – imagine if I HADN’T moaned, hadn’t bothered to tell Dot, hadn’t gone for the refit. I’d either be wearing something I was unhappy with, or buying a whole new dress 2 ½ months before W-day.

This very long-winded account leads me to say one VERY BIG thank you to all of you for your advice. Oh, and those of you that gave details of your dresses after that post – they all look stunning!!!

So, having sorted the dress wobbles, we were free to spend the Easter holidays completing the long list of wedding jobs that were outstanding…


First up, make up. The aforementioned Sarah is doing my make on W-day and booked me in with a well known brand as the first port of call. I had high hopes but, alas, they were dashed.

You can see from the picture that (apart from the fact I look knackered – last day of term), it looks very, well, ‘meh.’

I wasn’t allowed a) powder over my foundation (I got home and MrA told me I looked very oily!) b) any more mascara c) any more blusher. The eyeshadow made me look like I had mud on my lids and, having said that I needed to be drinking more water (dehydrated skin), the lady later told me I might want to consider fake tan OR A SUN BED!! My flabber was gasted – surely nothing is going to dehydrate my skin more than actually cooking it?! Suffice to say, I purchased nothing and felt a wee bit disheartened.

The Clinique counter beckoned (my usual brand of choice). We booked for the following week…

I had kind of written them off for not being ‘wedding-y’ but I honestly cannot praise Clinique highly enough. Suzie (in the Milton Keynes branch) was utterly lovely. For two hours, she was patient, helpful and completely un-patronising. Interestingly, she matched the foundation to my neck and blended upwards, rather than matching it to my face and telling me I needed a sunbed/fake tan to get my neck to blend in!

This was the end result:

I bought it all! My super W-day kit consists of:

  • Superbalanced Foundation, Blended Face Powder and Iced Lotus Blusher.
  • All About Eyes Concealer (dark circles – GONE!) and Touch Base for Eyes (Gutted I haven’t found this before – my eyeshadow looked exactly the same hours later!)
  • Lilac Truffle Eye Duo (Gorgeous pale lilac all over, with a slight shimmer, then a chocolate shimmery brown to give the daytime-smokey-smouldery-without-being-heavy look I wanted).
  • Grape Quickliner – such a lush colour, picked out by Sarah 😉
  • Woppin’ Watermelon Chubby Stick. Actually looks like a bright pink child’s crayon but is a tinted balm. Not sticky, so my hair/veil won’t get stuck on it, and light enough to not come off when Mr A and I have our ‘I now pronounce you man and wife’ smooch! *goosebumps*

The only thing I didn’t get from Clinique was mascara, simply because I had a Maxfactor voucher. I purchased their new False Lash Effect 24hr in black and can vouch for the fact that it does lengthen, it does volumise, and NOTHING budges it, so I can blub away to my heart’s content!

**HELPFUL TIP ALERT** I have always wondered why, in photos taken with a flash, my face looks lighter than my body, despite me wearing foundation. Well, it’s to do with having SPF in my moisturiser/foundation. The flash bounces off it, thus giving the dreaded facial ‘glare.’ If only I’d know before, there’d be less photos of me looking like Caspar the Friendly Ghost’s head on Jodie Marsh’s body (in colour, I mean, not size or shape!)

Food Glorious Food

Next up, our food tasting. This was a very surreal experience for me as Lemon Zest are my old company. I have done many, many tastings in my time, but always on the ‘other’ side of the table – the side where you want to eat the food but can’t!

Now, I may be biased, but the food was INCREDIBLE. Beautifully presented (and I know it will look the same when reproduced 160 times over – they always manage it!), seasoned to perfection, and served with an exact explanation about what was what. I’m not going to give away the menu (some things need to be kept a surprise for our guests!), but I am 100% certain that I will not be a bride who doesn’t eat anything at the wedding breakfast. I am also 100% certain that they will ensure that we have the most perfect food and slick service by friendly staff.

It all felt a bit more real after that!

We went straight from there to our cheese tasting. (HEAVEN!) And then on to John Lewis to ‘zap’ our gift list, where we were given complimentary coffee and cake… Probably the yummiest day ever!

Floral Fun

One thing that Mr A left me to sort on my own was flowers 🙂 Part of the reason for getting married in June is that it’s smack bang in the middle of peony season. The wonderful Emma from Emma Walker Flowers is one of those amazing talents who can listen to your garbled ideas and instantly ‘get’ what it is you’re trying to achieve. I first met Em when working at Blenheim Palace, when she created some beautiful arrangements for a client and ensured that they went to a hospice afterwards, rather than going in the bin. She is a floral genius and it is SO exciting to now be working with her on our wedding! Again, I don’t want to give too much away, but my bouquet will be something like this:

The bridesmaids will have hydrangeas or sweet peas tied with coral ribbon to match the waistband on their dresses:

Decor Delights

For the wedding breakfast, our table will include lots of vintage items (or ‘tat’ as my father will say). The theme/names are another secret, but this is what we have collected so far…

I may have to hire these bits out, along with the teacups, after the wedding so I can justify keeping it all!

…And Finally!

So, once again, I have used up my word count without telling you everything I had hoped to. I’m sure Charlotte and Adam won’t mind if I quickly whizz through the other things we’ve done in pictures…!

Delicious turquoise water glasses hired from Top Table Hire (amazing company, with some FABULOUS hire equipment) a must visit, especially if you are having a marquee wedding along with Festival Hire, from whom we have hired our cutlery, crockery and chairs:

The invites are OUT! I have a little squeal of excitement when the post arrives each morning. Thank you for all your advice on the wording for the dress code. We went for ‘Smart suits and fancy frocks. Ladies: Fabulous millinery encouraged’ 🙂

We had a little production line going, with me stamping the names, Mr A sealing the envelopes and back to me for addressing (Yes, I have the neater handwriting!) Huge thanks to Jenny O for the AMAZING stamps – they have had many compliments!

Seriously though, people, HOW MUCH for a first class stamp these days?!

The suits have been chosen; navy blue morning suit, looks FAB! And MrA, along with both Dads, has a shiny new pair of shoes 🙂 My MoH and I also spent an awesome day shopping in Birmingham with the mini bridesmaids! They were SO excited, even though they kept having to go back to shops we’d already been to, take everything off and try on dozens of dresses. We absolutely loved these pretty rose print dresses from Monsoon:

But, with the bigger bridesmaids having patterned dresses, we opted for these simpler, but equally pretty dresses from Zara. A steal at £25.00 and completely adorable when coupled with flower hair garlands from Accessorize (and minus the tights!!).

My wedding ring has been ordered from the ever-helpful Serendipity Diamonds (eeeeeek!!):

The hymns and readings have FINALLY been decided.

Weather balloons have been sourced through the fantastic Qualatex.

The amazing Roger Goodgroves (marrying our lovely Shirley in TWO DAYS!!) has offered to take the photographs in our photo booth 🙂

Small jam jars and little bottles have been sourced through JBConline (for the favours).

The Prosecco has been chosen, thanks to a very boozy evening filed with A LOT of Italian food…

And lastly, Lois and Vicky, two of my awesome BMs, gave me the most fantastic hen weekend, along with 11 other friends.

It started like this on the Friday night journey to the Peak District:

On the Saturday morning:

Absolutely brilliant!

Back to the house for some pampering (faaaaabulous facial!) and a MAMMOTH afternoon tea (including these amazing biccies, made by Mr A’s sister, Kate, to match our wedding invites!!):

Followed by the caterers arriving to cook us three yummy courses for dinner, and a game involving A LOT of loo roll…

An EPIC weekend, and not a plastic willy in sight. Thank you, beautiful ladies!

See you soon for my FINAL pre-wedding post!


MrsA-to-be xx

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The RMW Real Bride Search.

Happy Sunday you gorgeous lot. Just in case you missed this post on the 22nd, the closing date for our real bride competition is midnight on Tuesday the 3rd April, so if you fancy telling the W-day world all about your plans then you better get crackin’ with sending us your entries!

Please note: although we love looking at your pintrest pages we will need you to put together a mood board for your entry to be valid, when we post the finalists there will be a picture of the two of you looking lovely, your text and yep you guessed it….your inspiration board….so we actually need one.

I am loving looking through everyone’s ideas already – there are some seriously talented brides-to-be out there….Charlotte xxx

That is right folks, the search is back on.

Already one of our latest crop of blushing brides has gone and got herself married, congratulations once again to Alex. And soon enough Amanda and Shirley will be saying “I do” too…

That leaves Rock My Wedding looking for 3 new Real Brides to share the thrills and spills of planning a wedding with our wonderful RMW community. If you’d like to apply, then read on.

How To Become an RMW Real Bride.

Most importantly we are looking for brides with a date set between December 2012 and September 2013.

If you would like to apply then all you need to do is write a maximum of 500 words about you, your style, your theme or any plans you have for your big day.

Oh actually we want pictures too (demanding aren’t we). They say that a picture paints a thousand words… so a mood board must paint about a billion!

We want to have a peek at your visual references of inspiration, your favoured colours, florals, fashion, stationery – anything visual that represents the sort of wedding that you are hoping for. It’s time to get creative and compile your definitive inspirational artwork.

Please accompany your text and inspirational mood board with a photograph of you and your future husband and send it all in to realbrides@rockmywedding.co.uk.

Remember that your text and mood boards may well appear on Rock My Wedding – so please leave out any information or images (like shots of your actual dress!) that you don’t want to share.

The Closing date for entries will be Tuesday April 2nd. We are looking for three real brides at the moment but soon enough we will be on the look out again – so don’t panic if you can’t get your entry in on time, all is not lost.

After the closing date Team RMW will choose a selection of our favourites then it will be up to the RMW community to decide!

So, who fancies themselves as the next Rock My Wedding Real Bride?


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What Kelly Did… Jam Jars, Bean Tins and Ice Cream Cones.

Hello bloggers,

Kelly here with my latest instalment and this month it’s all been about the Dee to the I-Y. Yep, I have attempted to tackle some little projects I have had up my sleeve and whilst the Blue Peter presenters can rest easy, I have been quite pleased with some of my results 🙂

The first somewhat on-going task features my now rather large collection of jam jars. Months of collecting, scrubbing, scraping and gluing have paid off and I now have a rather fine assortment of lace and twine glassware. The inspiration came from this:

And here’s some I made earlier:

The plan is, the day before the wedding (pre manicure of course), with the help of friends and family, to make arrangements with flowers bought from a local wholesaler then place around the reception room to make it look pretty.

Along with my collection of jars, I also have a collection of baked bean tins. Yes my colleagues may mock, but who else can boast a pretty pastel stream of tins billowing in the wake of their getaway car? Yep I am sad enough to have spent night after night painting baked bean tins. To do this, I bought a pot of white gloss paint and some tester pots of matt paint, mixed a small drop of the latter with the gloss to get the right shade and painted. And painted.

You’ve Been Framed

I bought two of these 1950’s frames from Ebay for £10 (barginous). They had dodgy watercolour paintings in them (I hope they weren’t worth a fortune) which I cut out, then I cleaned and painted the frame. So far we have done one in yellow, and we will paint the other one in blue. Here is a before, during and after:

The plan is to attach lengths of twine from side to side. Make photos from our travels to look like Polaroid pictures and peg them on to the twine and display at the reception. Here are a few of our Polaroid-esque pictures:

Sewn Up

If Carlsberg DID do housemates, Cath Kidston would be mine. Although Andy is not a massive fan of the prints and polkas (I find guys don’t always “get it”), it hasn’t stopped me adding a few florals to the day. Because we are having white linen and white chair covers, to inject a bit of colour into the reception, I decided to make some table runners. I bought two sets of curtains, cut each panel into 3 strips and edged each strip with some lace trim purchased from eBay. Don’t laugh at my sewing machine; it’s an oldy but a goody!

Flower Power

The flower side of wedding day planning took a bit of a back seat to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I think flowers are an important part of THE day, however, with running the risk of sounding a little ‘nuts’, I realised that I would never have, ahem, full control on this aspect i.e. you say what you like, show a few pictures then you put your trust in that person to create your ‘vision’ on the day. So with 6 months to go, we (Andy) decided it was about time we got something sorted. A tap, click and a Google search later, we had lined up a meeting with a florist.

Now, by no means do I class myself as an expert in all things floristry, but I’m no mug either. Despite choosing a lot of Gypsophilia (cheap) and hydrangea (big flower head things = budget friendly), a few days after the meeting the florist quoted us a somewhat, erm, ‘exuberant’ price. We were a tad surprised as judging by the conversations we had had at the meeting, we were expecting something quite different. After a tactful questioning (inquisition) by email later, I still wasn’t happy. A tap, click and a Google search (take 2) later and I came across Green Flowers. Not only is their concept brilliant; they source from local growers, use ethically produced products and where possible they deliver by bicycle (how cool is that??), but their prices were a lot more reasonable too. Despite not meeting in person (this is arranged for next month), I felt confident in handing over our deposit and putting a big fat tick next to ‘florist’ on the to-do-list.
So, the floral ‘vision’ looks a bit like this:

Coupled with a few ideas I have for the Church, all in all I am very happy. Interesting fact alert; the groom often chooses a flower for his buttonhole which also occurs in the bride’s bouquet. This is a vestige of the time when a Knight would wear his Lady’s colours to display his love (you learn something new everyday and all!).

Ice Ice My Baby

I have a terrible habit of turning up to a wedding having had breakfast but no lunch. Come post ceremony I’m starving and I’m one of those people trying to strategically place themselves so that they can catch the canapé tray on the way out and back in to the kitchen whilst Andy tries to pretend he doesn’t know me.

So, with the budget running tight, canapés seemed like an expensive option when really they are just the fancy equivalent of cheese and pineapple sticks or cocktail sausages. With a bit of research and weighing up of options, we decided to venture down the route of serving ice cream.

We looked into various ideas and decided to hire a vintage ice cream bike from Traditional Ice Cream. Julie, the lady behind the brand is so lovely and if you’re after a village fete inspired day, she also has a sausage cart (Andy’s first choice) and a Classic Crepe option too. The next obstacle will be deciding/arguing about the flavours; I mean who actually likes Rum and Raisin? (She says waiting for some terrible backlash!)

So that’s about it for this post folks. I would love to hear about some of your own DIY projects you’ve got going on.

Big Vanilla-and-Macadamia-Nut-is-the-best-ice cream-flavour-on-the-planet Love,

Kelly (Reds)

P.S. Just to leave you with one final thought…