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Bride in Short Lace Elodie Michaud Wedding Dress | Studio Ohlala | French Wedding
Bright Wedding Decor | Studio Ohlala | French Wedding
Bride in Short Lace Elodie Michaud Wedding Dress | Studio Ohlala | French Wedding
Pastel Wedding Stationery | Studio Ohlala | French Wedding
Bright Bouquet | Coral Bridal Shoes | Studio Ohlala | French Wedding
Industrial Wedding Venue | Studio Ohlala | French Wedding
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Bride in Short Lace Elodie Michaud Wedding Dress | Studio Ohlala | French Wedding
Short Lace Elodie Michaud Wedding Dress | Grooms Shoes | Studio Ohlala | French Wedding
Paddle Boat
Paddle Boat
Bride & Groom on a Paddle Boat | Studio Ohlala | French Wedding
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A & P

The header image taken by Saya at Studio Ohlala literally sums up this whole destination wedding in the sun perfectly. The couple are happy, relaxed, carefree, bright and bubbly, and had an absolutely beautiful wedding.

Firstly celebrating on the beach near St Tropez France with family and friends, followed by a big party in an industrial venue, filled with even more spectacular colourful decor, and festoon lights. You know how we love festoon lights. (insert multiple heart eye emoji’s here).

You’ll probably also fall in love with the bride’s adorable short gown’s by Elodie Michaud. Both creating unique looks perfect for each location. And not to be forgotten, the grooms dapper navy suits with immense bow ties.

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Seeing Stripes.

Is there one place in the world where you feel completely at home?

Somewhere that calms you, completes you, nourishes you and restores you. Somewhere that inspires you and takes your breath away – even at its worse.

For me, this place is the sea.

It doesn’t matter where in the world it is, once those crashing waves are within my sight everything is ok again. Life reclaims its perspective and I can honestly say that I’m truly happy. I’m even getting a little bit emotional writing about it.

Shame that I live in the landlocked Midlands then…

A huge part of me wishes that I’d planned a nautically inspired wedding and I’m always slightly envious of those brides who have chosen to have their nuptials by or on the water.

It always looks so romantic doesn’t it.

Perhaps you’re a seaside bride, or maybe you or your beau are in the Navy and want to reflect this in your celebrations but aren’t sure where to start.

Below is a collection of some of the most beautiful maritime images to help you on your way.

And if anyone has a boat full of drinks at their wedding I want to be the FIRST to know!

Aye Aye Sailor

Now girls.

Hosting a nautically inspired wedding does not mean that your other half must therefore don a full sailor suit complete with kitbag and cap.

Although I would like to see that please.

I would also like to see more grooms half submerged in water and smouldering at the camera.

Ahem….. back to the topic in hand.

Maritime grooms and ushers look best in clean lines, close-fitting suits and modest cuts. Keeping things simple is the key to preventing this look from becoming farcical. If I had to sum the look up in one word then I’d say it was ‘preppy’ but with a modern twist.

Ok that was 6 but I’m allowed a little bit of creative licence, aren’t I?

Striped fabric and brass buttons really epitomise this look best, as do deck shoes, rolled up trousers, navy blues and seersucker materials. A smart bow-tie finishes a maritime ensemble off nicely too. Try to mix colours up; the best nautical grooms include at least two or three shades in their outfit with the usual suspects being blues, creams and tans topped off with a splash of peach.

It’s also worth thinking outside the box for buttonholes. Using shells, nautical crests, fishermen’s knots as well as seeds and grasses more commonly found at home in the sand dunes is a perfect way of pulling this theme together.

Message In A Bottle

If there’s one thing that gets me more excited than a posy of beautiful blooms then it’s a well executed stationery suite.

If you think about it, this is the first impression that your guests will have of your wedding day – a sneak peek if you will – so relish this opportunity and really go for it.

The beauty of a nautical scheme is that there are so many motifs to play with. Ships, anchors, twine, ropes, knots, flags and compasses – I could go on and on. And you don’t have to limit yourself simply printing these symbols either.

Why not have flags made for guests so they can wave you down the aisle or pull the different components of your invitations together with an actual fisherman’s knot.

I am in love with the idea of giving each guest a compass as a favour – it’s sweet, relevant and still has a purpose after the event has taken place. And how amazing is the oar guestbook – I love how this can be displayed pride of place in the home once the wedding is over as a constant reminder of the day.

Continuing a ‘look’, regardless of what it may be, through all of your stationery i.e. from invites, menus, order of service and table names really helps to strengthen the theme as well as putting smiles on the faces of your nearest and dearest as they discover these quirky touches.


Dressing your maids to suit a seaside event follows much of the same lines as that of grooms and ushers. Let stripes and greeny-blue hues be your guide.

Silky blue and cream stripes are reminiscent of the sea and the foamy frothiness on top of choppy waves. Accessorise the look with jewellery in golden tones – the two anchor bracelets below are simply the tip of the iceberg of nautically inspired accessories that are available to buy.

Choosing blousey white flowers such as hydrangeas will also ensure that darker hues pop for maximum effect.

I love classic, bold, navy stripes but these pretty girls in green pleats show how easy it is to reinvent this traditional theme in a modern way.

Don’t they just ooze effortless cool.

If your wedding is a more casual affair, I’d suggest opting for a shorter style dress with sleeves. Perhaps you’d like your maids in something a little less obvious? Finishing bouquets with a ream of stripy ribbon can be a perfectly subtle nod to such a theme. If in doubt add a pair of shades and a straw hat for that finishing touch.

Lastly I want to look like the bride at the bottom of all these images. Doesn’t she look like a real life mermaid washed up on the shore…

At The Captain’s Table

As much of the inspiration shows here, tablescape settings tend to be soft, elegant affairs with muted palettes of blues, browns, whites and greens. Peaches and blousey pinks are the perfect accent colours to boot.

This look takes much of its inspiration from its natural environment – driftwood centerpieces, coral and shells, lanterns, grasses and wildflowers all feature heavily. Table settings should be windswept and worn. Don’t fight the landscape and light, embrace it.

And then add scads of candles on top.

A really effective tablescape manages to reflect the wedding day theme in the flower centerpieces too. I love the idea of grouping masses of thick white blooms, such as dahlias and hydrangeas, in large galvanized buckets as a way of creating centerpieces that are reminiscent of the choppy sea.

If the traditional blue and white stripes leave you cold why not think about using stripes in other ways. Choosing ribbon bands of different colours and in various thicknesses still cleverly hints at a nautical theme without being conventional.


This last moodboard demonstrates how simple it is for you to capture the perfect beachside essence by choosing and clustering key props at your event.

Think oars, kitbags, knotted ropes and bleached driftwood.

Time to put on your creative hats boys and girls and bring your bartering skills out to play.

Whenever I’m trying to create a certain look or theme for a photoshoot or an event, I pull all of my inspiration together into one place. This helps me focus my thoughts so that I can determine what it is that is really needed to make a look work, what is likely to be expensive and those pieces that I can recreate for myself that won’t induce a call from a red-faced bank manager.

This is also a great way of prioritising where to spend those precious pennies when your budget is limited.

Larger items like boats, oars and anchors can be pricey. I’d suggest looking on eBay as there is always a bargain to be had, as well as down your local car boot. You just never know what you can find.

Some props are easy to recreate at home. Filling old jars and hurricane vases full of sand and pebbles or knotting nautical ribbon onto cocktail stirrer screams seaside chic without hurting your pocket. Plus it’s a great way to get your nearest and dearest involved in the big day.

Never underestimate the aesthetic value of candles – they don’t have to be expensive and they always look amazing, whatever your theme may be.

Lastly finer details, such as compasses and anchors in this case, aren’t always essential but they do take things to the next level. I’d recommend purchasing items like these once you’ve analysed how much you’ve spent and whether there’s room for anything more.

So what do you think?

Are you suddenly inspired to include some nautical motifs in your big day?

Perhaps you’ll have mermaids rather than bridesmaids and handsome sailors for ushers instead…

And does anyone else try to get their sea ‘fix’ by buying bucketloads of the Sea Salt and Kelp handwash from Waitrose?

No? Just me then…

Let us know your thoughts by sending a message in a bottle folks …or if it’s easier then in the comments box below.

Love Lolly xxx

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She wore a Pink Ribbon… Part 1

There’s just something super sweet and pretty about todays big day and boy are we spoiling you all with seaside weddings right now!

Todays is a little different showing you yet another way of making it yours with Rock My Wedding reader Rebecca’s glamorous Cornish wedding to Dave.


Dave and I were married on the 25th September 2010, just over two years after we were engaged. I was a year into my nurse training when he proposed, hence the (what I consider to be) lengthened engagement. Two years gave us the time to save and gave me the opportunity to spend two years procrastinating on wedding activities rather than writing essays. Our tale began, rather romantically, in Tesco. I was a checkout girl for a summer when I was nineteen when he came through my till. It later turned out that he worked there too, as a runner, which I used to my full advantage to pursue him until he became mine. Nine months later he moved to Brighton to live nearer me whilst I finished my first degree. Seven and a bit years later we’re still in Brighton, but Cornwall is still considered to be as much our home, so it was the natural choice to get married there.

A Mousehole Bolt hole

One thing that we splashed out on, that caused doubts but was one of the best things we booked, was a holiday cottage for the week before. Both of our parents live in Penzance, and we usually reside at my folks on trips, but this time we knew we would want a hideaway. We booked The Old Stores in Mousehole. It’s an old store house for the old village shop with a roll top bath in the bedroom and floorboards made out of the old food storage boxes.

It was probably our biggest extravagance, but was worth every single penny and provided a lovely setting for getting ready on the morning of the wedding. Being a student, I had to carefully consider every purchase, but this was well worth the extra overtime we both had to do at work.

She wore a Pink Ribbon

The dress! Well, I bought this (much to the amusement of everyone I knew) about two weeks after we were engaged. I had taken one of my best friends to a dress shop just to try them on in an attempt to get the unruly dress thoughts out of my head. The plan was to swish about in a few and then begin some serious dress shopping in a years time. The universe obviously had other ideas that day. We went to Pronuptia in Brighton. Not my first choice of shop, but fine for some window shopping I thought. Most of the dresses seemed to be very traditional, silk dresses. They were nice but just not ‘me’. Then I found ‘the one’.

It was from their couture range, and should have been £1400, but luckily for me it was reduced to under £500. Seeing as my original budget in my head was about £300 this was way over but worth every single penny. It had everything I didn’t know I wanted. Ribbons, a small train, low back and lace. I paid my deposit and left it in storage at the shop. However, a few months later the recession started to take a hold and bridal gown shops were dropping like flies. So, for piece of mind I paid the balance and it came to live under my bed until it came to fitting time.


To veil or not to veil? Now, that really was a question! I originally decided to have a bespoke birdcage veil made for me by a local milliner. However, the finished product was not what I had asked for so that idea was out the window. In the end, my mum bought me a beautiful Amanda Wyatt headband from Bride in Penzance. The lady in there was so helpful, even though I was only spending a (relatively) small amount of money.

I wanted something to break up the large expanse of flesh I was showing off on my back, so my mum bought me a marabou wrap which I converted into a shrug. I finished off my outfit with a necklace and matching stud earrings that Dave had bought for me from an antique shop on a trip to Rye. They were new items, but looked antique and were the perfect bows I had been looking for.

An Irregular Choice

The shoes! A pair of Irregular Choice gold-edged sling backs that I picked up in a pop-up shop in Brighton.

I wanted shoes that I would wear again and they couldn’t be too high, (my mum’s one rule was I couldn’t be taller then Dave).

Pink to make the Boys Wink

The bridesmaids wore simple pink dresses from oli.co.uk. They were inexpensive, looked nice on all three of them and, because of the price, I wasn’t going to be too upset if they didn’t wear them again.

I left the shoes up to them. I wanted them to personalise their outfits as well as wear something they weren’t going to blame me for getting blisters in!

DIY Make-up

The hair and makeup. Due to the most disastrous make up trial, where the so called ‘make-up artist’ put makeup from the pound shop and Primark on my face, I ended up doing my own. Don’t get me wrong, I like cheap make up as much as the next person, it’s perfect for fancy dress and occasions where you are likely to wear that glittery lipstick once and once only, but not for my wedding day please. Needless to say I never ever communicated with her again and embarked on a mission to find the perfect products that were going to last on me all day. I ended up with an arsenal of products that did the job perfectly and spent as much as I would have done on a trial and artist for the morning with the added bonus of now having a rather lovely collection of make up.

Hair was done by Sarah Veal. She was a calming influence in the morning and did a beautiful job. My hair did not budge all day, and looked as good at the end as it did at the beginning.

Handsome as handsome can be

Now, Dave is a postman. He lives in shorts and t-shirts and has never worn a suit. We didn’t want to hire suits for anyone, it wasn’t the look we were going for, so everyone wore their own. Dave wore a suit by Jasper Conran at Debenhams and a bright turquoise tie, which he picked himself. His shoes were a pair of Rockports that we picked up in TKMaxx, which were the first pair of smart shoes he had owned since being at school.

As someone who is always told he looks about 12 he looked as handsome as handsome can be. There was no colour theme at our wedding, so we left the ushers and best man to wear what they wanted to.

Photography – Luna Photography

Cottage – The Old Stores in Mousehole

Dress – Pronuptia

Headband – Amanda Wyatt from Bride in Cornwall.

Shoes – Irregular Choice

Maids – Oli.co.uk

Hair – Sarah Veal

Grooms Suit – Jasper Conran at Debenhams

I am so adding that cottage to my travel hot list. What a brilliant idea. And if someone told you they would be wearing a dress with pink ribbons would you think it would work? It so works.

See you tomorrow for Part 2 ladies 😉

Yours Truly,


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Vintage Unique… Part 1

Charlotte and I say this a lot, but when this wedding dropped in to our inbox (Jo sent it to both of us at once,) there was a serious flurry of over excitable emails. In terms of truly unique style, and I’ve-never-seen-anything-quite-like-it detail, this vintage inspired wedding stands out by a mile and just happens to have been photographed by one of our all-time favourite photography duo’s, Jo and Simon at Shoot Lifestyle Photography. Jo has been holding off blogging this one for us and we are eternally grateful to both her and Tamsin and Alex for allowing us to share it with you.

Tamsin & Alex were married on the 18th of September, in a Church wedding at St John the Apostle Church, Torquay. The reception was at the Spanish Barn, Torre Abbey.

Edwardian Style

The dress is an original Edwardian lace panel dress and I had a slip and matching sash tailor made by Beau Monde in London. It’s over 100 years old and I felt very elegant and privileged to have worn it. I found the dress in the Vintage Wedding Dress Shop.

I made this my last shop to visit in the hope I would find the dress of my dreams and I did! No other dress I saw inspired me and it fit as if it was made for me.

Heirloom Keepsakes

For the reception I swapped my 1940s veil for a 1920s diamonte hair slide. I searched for months to find earrings to match the hair slide and eventually found them in Spitalfields market on a tuesday lunch break a week before the wedding! I also wore an eternity locket bracelet which my grandfather gave to my gran in the 1940s. His photo is still inside and it’s extra special because their ashes are buried inside St John’s Church (the church where the ceremony took place).

Dove Grey Design

I wore dove grey peep toe court shoes from Hobbs. Apart from grey being my favourite colour the vintage style of shoes looked fab with the dress.

Beauty School

My make up artist Carlo Di Caterino came down from London with my bridesmaid and did a great job. Local hairdressers McKinlay Martyn did all our hair.

Print Particulars

Not wanting a strict colour theme, we opted for short floral print shift dresses in warm autumn colours from hobbs. My bridesmaid Amie is happier on a mountain bike or snowboard than in a dress, so she was thrilled with the less girly choice.

The bridesmaids also wore ballet pink colour skyscrapers with big pink bows from Carvella.

Top and Tails

Alex insisted on traditional morning dress from the outset… no garish colours or thrills! His favourite magazine is ‘The Chap’ and so in line with their recommendations he hit london and brought a classic herringbone jacket with tails and grey pin striped trousers. He splashed out on a waistcoat and tie from Andy & Tuly to complete the look – light blue seaside.

The Groomsmen and FOTB hired from Calders – a classic tailors opposite cardiff castle – and went fully traditional in line with the groom’s strict instructions. Finding size 14 classic oxford shoes for Rob the best man was no easy ‘feet’!

Are you stunned? Thought you’d seen it all with this seasons weddings?

Well my lovelies, we have so much more in the way of rockin’ individuality coming up in Part 2 tomorrow.

See you there 😉

Yours Truly,