Seating Chart

Glass bottle table plan created using brown beer bottles and flowers, resting upon a rustic table in front of a brick wall in a traditional English garden Pin Image

How to Make a DIY Bottle Table Plan for £25

This is surely one of the simplest but most effective table plan ideas: using beer bottles as both vases and as a seating chart. (Useful and beautiful. Marie Kondo would be so proud). Plus, it’s FUN! You get to drink ALLTHEBEER. Or wine, or cider, or whichever nicely bottled drinks you can get your hands on. (But always drink responsibly, kids!). Here’s how to do it.

Wedding Table Plan Ideas Pin Image

Wedding Table Plan Ideas – 10 Unique and Stylish Trends

We’re really lucky here at RMW to see some of the most original and stylish ways to decorate your wedding day, and one of our favourite decor items is the table plan. Obviously an essential part of the decor, helping guests to find their seats, but also a great way to continue your wedding styling. We love a table plan so much, we’ve dedicated a whole episode of RMW The Podcast to it! You can listen here, perhaps while you’re browsing this post. There are SO many fantastic wedding table plan ideas out there for how to make your table plan look gorgeous, but here are 10 of our recent favourites.