Second Hand Wedding Dress

Second-Hand Wedding Dress Stylish Rooftop Wedding In London Pin Image

Second-Hand Wedding Dress For Stylish London Rooftop Wedding With Fireworks

I mean these two – ALL the heart eyes. Sarah looks utterly incredible in her gown (a second-hand Pronovias number don’t you know)! And her savvy shopping meant she could wear a second gown for the evening, because let’s face it, those accessories deserved another dress to adorn. As well as ticking all the sartorial boxes, this pair had, (and this is possibly one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen at a wedding), a DJ battle, complete with ring-entrances, boxing gloves and robes. I know, epic right?

As well as knowing how to save money and throw an incredible party, this duo are awesome at selecting a photographer too. They opted for the amazing Jason Mark Harris, who we are biggggg fans of here at RMW towers. Not only did Jason shoot their day beautifully, but he shot their film too which is just so much fun and absolutely worth a watch on this fine Saturday morning…

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Mekele & David

Mekele and David’s big day is a RMW wedding though and through! The couple absolutely did things their way, from start to finish. They started with an intimate wedding ceremony, beach walk and lunch, and ended the day with a massive party in a marquee so that all of their friends and family could attend.

Mekele wore a second hand wedding dress and her and David decided to create a day that avoided waste and excess, by crafting, recycling and getting guests involved too. It’s such a happy, feel good wedding and the images from Francesca Hill really tell the story for us…

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Vic & Dan

I love this rustic, tipi for many reasons. For starters it was truly a DIY affair, with family and friends helping out with flowers and food (so much food in fact that Vic and Dan were eating wedding buffet for weeks). Vic also has several changes of outfit – including TWO capes. Yes TWO CAPES. And all for under £400. She’s clearly a bargain hunting queen as both of her dresses were purchased second hand – what absolute finds.

The whole wedding looks like a party from start to finish, which is exactly what the couple were aiming for with their version of WedFest. There’s some spectacular flowers, the Bridesmaids look SO cool and just wait until you see the serious shape throwing on the dance floor. Enjoy this one lovelies, it was clearly THE festival to be at last summer…

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The Bridal Boutique With A Serious Difference

Our little slice of lunchtime loveliness for you today comes from Bridal Boutique with a difference, Pritchard and Moore, the exclusive bridal shop for Cancer Research Wales. Selling both new and preloved dresses, the team wanted to create a charity boutique that still felt special. If you’re on the hunt for a gorgeous dress at a fraction of the price then do give them a call, you never know what treasures they might have in!

And for all of those lurkers out there who are actually married but still visit on a regular occasion – if your wedding dress is sitting in a box collecting dust, why not donate it to Pritchard and Moore? It means that Cancer Research can continue to do an excellent job AND someone might be able buy the dress of their dreams.

For the record, this post is in no way sponsored, I just think this is a truly wonderful idea. Unfortunately every single one of us knows someone who has been affected by Cancer, in fact only this week we featured a beautiful wedding where Bride Jo had lost her mum to this horrible disease shortly before her wedding day. Let’s put the positivity of planning a wedding to good use!

Enjoy this greenery filled shoot that Pritchard and Moore have put together and do get in touch if what they are doing resonates with you.