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Mr & Mrs
Mr & Mrs
Karen Willis Holmes Bridal Gown | Stoke Place Country House | Elegant Wedding | Pink Blooms | Coast Bridesmaid Dresses | DIY Decor | Source Images | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/victoria-ken/
Karen Willis Holmes Bridal Gown | Stoke Place Country House | Elegant Wedding | Pink Blooms | Coast Bridesmaid Dresses | DIY Decor | Source Images | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/victoria-ken/
Karen Willis Holmes Bridal Gown | Stoke Place Country House | Elegant Wedding | Pink Blooms | Coast Bridesmaid Dresses | DIY Decor | Source Images | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/victoria-ken/
Karen Willis Holmes Bridal Gown | Stoke Place Country House | Elegant Wedding | Pink Blooms | Coast Bridesmaid Dresses | DIY Decor | Source Images | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/victoria-ken/
Karen Willis Holmes Bridal Gown | Stoke Place Country House | Elegant Wedding | Pink Blooms | Coast Bridesmaid Dresses | DIY Decor | Source Images | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/victoria-ken/
Karen Willis Holmes Bridal Gown | Stoke Place Country House | Elegant Wedding | Pink Blooms | Coast Bridesmaid Dresses | DIY Decor | Source Images | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/victoria-ken/
Karen Willis Holmes Bridal Gown | Stoke Place Country House | Elegant Wedding | Pink Blooms | Coast Bridesmaid Dresses | DIY Decor | Source Images | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/victoria-ken/
Karen Willis Holmes Bridal Gown | Stoke Place Country House | Elegant Wedding | Pink Blooms | Coast Bridesmaid Dresses | DIY Decor | Source Images | http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/victoria-ken/
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Victoria & Ken

When you hear that the Bride is an ex wedding planner you know the wedding is going to be full of details, and oh my are we spoilt with Victoria & Ken’s pastel pretty country wedding.

The sweetest pink blooms, including hydrangeas & roses, twinkling fairly lights and the most adorable DIY rustic crates & chair back signs fill Stoke Place. And how can I forget the cakes loving gifted by family.

Whilst Ken dons a tartan kilt and rocks to the ceilidh band to pay homage to his Scottish heritage, Victoria and her girls look the picture of elegance in gowns from our Look Book members Karen Willis Holmes and Coast.

If you love your wedding’s full of light and feminine touches, then this wedding captured by Source Images is for you.

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Johanna & Vish

This morning’s wedding is full to bursting with cultural influences, colour and love. An English and Indian fusion affair with a Hindu ceremony, beautiful feminine floral arrangements and an abundance of carefully thought out and personal details.

Johanna wore not one but two stunning bespoke traditional Indian gowns and Vish was equally as fashion forward in his Tuxedo style Tom Ford suit. The venue really is something else – Sezincote House is an Indian house in the middle of the Cotswolds, absolutely breathtaking in terms of architecture and dramatic views.

All of the laughter was captured by Rock My Wedding sponsors Source Images.

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Ruth & James

If you were to have a wedding in the Spring and there was to be a carpet of fallen blossom on the ground you would absolutely have to make the most of it wouldn’t you? Ruth and James certainly did, the most beautiful nature-made backdrop for show-stopping portraits.

Grey and pink is one of my all time favourite colour combinations and this pair have used the hues so well, Ruth’s best girls look particularly luscious in their mis-match pale blush frockage. Did I mention the flowers? Just lovely. And Ruth’s lace gown? Equally perfect.

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Blue Sky Love.

Source Images Photography

Claire and Sean married at Marylebone Town Hall with a reception held at The Distillers. It’s a great venue with some really cool and quirky features. Make sure you check the gallery to see more photos of it.

Claire’s Suzanne Neville dress is perfect for her, she looks simply stunning. Sean scrubs up pretty well as well. They both have seriously amazing smiles too. Fact.

Blue Sky Love

Claire The Bride: The Dress was from The Bride in St Albans and was by Suzanne Neville, brilliant corset! Which is why I went for it and also it wasn’t too “big”.

I had a brooch on the side of the dress and a head band with similar beads/sparkly bits in it. I got both of them from the wedding dress shop and they were hand made. The brooch was stitched on and just added a really nice bit of sparkle. I decided not to go for a veil because i didn’t want the truly traditional look, but more of a London look.

Blue Sky Love

Top Service

Sean’s suit was from Paul smith and the service in London from them was brilliant. It was nice for Sean to have a shopping experience too.

Blue Sky Love


Shoes were sky scrapers! I needed the height. I really struggled with shoes but I fund some from Rainbow ones as the choice out there is quite limited. I had my hair down and big to also go with the occasion. I didn’t want to look too different. My sister did my make-up in the end. She know’s what I like and did a fab job, plus it was lovely to have her helping.

Bue Sky Love

A Bit Nervous

The florist was someone that Scott from The Distillers recommended called sandra. We didn’t really see anything before the day so I was a bit nervous but it was all gorgeous. Because we had quite small tables we didn’t want big displays on each table so Scott saved the empty wine bottles and coke bottles and we used them to put the flowers in. A friend made some table runners so that we could show off the wooden tables and then decorated with glass gems. I was super impressed by the florist and the way The Distillers set up the table.

Blue Sky Love

Grey And Pink

The colour theme was grey and pink, but we didn’t worry too much about everything matching perfectly. The boys had grey suits which were from different places and the girls had slate grey dresses from Monsoon. All of them then had a pink flower. We chose corsages with gorgeous bracelets for the bridesmaids rather than bouquets.

Blue Sky Love

Not the Norm

Jordan and Ines from Source Images where our fab photographers! It was great not to have the norm for photo’s and have them a little more relaxed and fit in with our London theme. We particularly like the ones with us in the cafe!

My friend made cup cakes rather than have a cake as I wasn’t sure of the point for a cake for us. It was great as in the evening we had bacon sarnies and cup cake for dessert!

Blue Sky Love


I guess there are 2 other things to say about the day. We hired a London bus for everyone and they had a tour of London while we had photo’s done. Which everyone loved and drank champagne! Also the food at the distillers was great. We had sharing plates to start which got people talking.

Blue Sky Love

Blue Skies

Instead of champagne for toasting we had mojito’s as we got engaged in Cuba. They were awesome! We were so lucky with the weather at 29 degrees and blue skies for October!

Blue Sky Love

What Fits For You

My advice would be to do what fits for you. Try and ignore family if they put in any demands! Not that ours did, but that was the pact we made and it made it stress free. Also because we didn’t worry everything being perfect and matching we didn’t get too stressed organising. Lastly remember to take a few time outs on the day to look at everyone and enjoy the fact that they are there for you!

Blue Sky Love

Click here & view all images from this wedding

Venue – The Distillers
Boutique – The Bride
Shoes – Rainbow
Groom’s Suit – Paul Smith
Maids – Monsoon
Photographer – Source Images

Don’t the images just ooze of a relaxed day. I’m proud of brides who don’t get overly hung up on the tiny details and making sure everything matches, the ones who hand over a large portion of ‘the look’ of the day to someone else. I could never have done that on my day and so am always somewhat envious of those brides that can.

Because you know what, it always turns out alright on the night and in this case, more than alright, simply ruddy gorgeously alright. I love the floral arrangements and they general layout of the room.

I hope we all get a bit of blue sky love in our lives today. It is Friday afterall, and we deserve it.


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A Berkshire Garden Party.

Siobhan and Dave married in June 2011 on what turned out to be a very hot and sunny day. This led to some last minute changes of plan to accomodate the weather conditions. On the plus side, all that light has had a part to play in the creation of this stunning set of photographs from Source Images.

Prepare yourself for mismatched furniture, glassware used as bud vases, dusty pink hues and slim fit navy suits. Our bride Siobhan looks stunning in Pronovias and her Ted Baker shoes are show stoppers.

Let’s join the party.

Local Suppliers

We got married at St Nicolas Church Taplow then had our reception at The White Oak in Cookham. We wanted local venues and suppliers so our wedding was a reflection of the community we lived in. It makes me smile every time someone says they’ve been to dinner at the White Oak. We’ve inspired a few of our friends to pop the question there and then go on to get married there too.

The Only Bride In The World

My dress was a nightmare to find, I must have tried at least 100 dresses on before deciding on the one, it was starting to become a chore and I was worried I’d never love any of them. I decided on a Pronovias dress from a little wedding dress shop in Chepstow Wales. The women made me feel like I was the only bride in the world and the feeling I got from the dress was magical.

The style was simple which I think Dave was surprised about as I normally have to be ‘fashion’ with all my outfits. The dress was strapless with a sweet heart shaped bust, it was ivory in colour and was fitted to the hips and then fish tailed out.

Traditional Security

I knew before I’d picked the dress I’d have a veil, I saw it as a security thing for walking down the isle as I wore it traditionally. It was full length, trimmed with a scalloped edge.

For jewellery I wanted to be myself and wear my much loved Siobhan necklace but my mum presented me with beautiful antique pearls which I loved. Diamond stud earrings and the engagement ring Dave designed for me finished off the look.


During the wedding planning I found out that I am a traditional and superstitious girl at heart. Shoes are what I am known for and I didn’t let the side down! Royal blue peep toes with blue bows on the peep. I searched high a low for blue shoes and put more effort into finding the shoes than the dress or the accessories. They came from Ted Baker and I love them. Jordan did an amazing job picking them out in the photos because he knew they were my pride and joy.

I danced away all night without any pain, but the next day OMG!

A Natural Look

I wanted to be natural on my wedding day, I went for simple and softly swept back hair, dewy skin and rose cheeks. I think this was for the best as the day was so sunny and hot – heavy make up wouldn’t of been appropriate. Dave always prefers when I go for a more natural look and I was conscious that when he turned round to meet me at the aisle that he would think I was beautiful and that he was making the right choice in marrying me 🙂

I did my own make up as I am lucky enough to have a make artist mum and have always dabbled in make up and all girly things.

Fleurs de la Maison

I wanted beautiful summer aromas to be the first thing my guests picked up on so went for my favourite freesias. As the reception was in a country style restaurant I wanted the decoration to be in keeping with the surroundings which is why we said no to table cloths and clinical chair covers and went with mismatch furniture and crystal cut glasses to bounce the candle light off.

Sherry, champagne flutes and other ornate drinking glasses held white and hypnosis pink roses and the freesias. No two tables were decorated the same. The guys at Fleurs de la Maison in Cookham did an amazing job delivering the relaxed and informal brief we gave them. It helped that they were locals of the White Oak and really reflected the personality of both us and the venue.

Navy And Pink

The bridesmaid wore silk knee length Karen Millen dresses, I wanted to make sure they looked elegant and grown up and that the dresses were comfortable enough and fashionable enough to party hard. Hopefully they’ll wear them again. Deciding on knee length was another blessing in disguise due to the amazing sunshine we were blessed with.

The groomsmen wore hired suits – a gift from Dave’s fantastic brother and best man. The navy and pink came from the wedding invite – a very talented friend of mine designed them for us and it all started from there.


We went for navy 3 piece slim fit suits instead of the classic morning suits. I was conscious that because we had chosen an informal venue we should reflect that in all the extras. All the boys blew me away on the day – but I have never seen Dave look as handsome as when I saw him at the alter. It’s meant to be the bride’s big moment but he looked Hollywood.

Every Day Lives And Locations

Both Dave and I hate having our photo taken and made the decision early on that we wanted a relaxed and intimate wedding so we wouldn’t have a photographer. We were planning on recruiting a few family members to snap candid moments throughout the day. This didn’t go down well with everyone who we causally mentioned it to and so reluctantly we decided to get a professional. It was a good friend of mine who got married a few weeks after us that recommended Jordan from Source Images.

We loved the fact that weddings were something he did outside of this travel and journalist photography and there was one shot in his portfolio which made us say yes straight away – the groom and his best man, cigars and sunnies. At that moment we knew he was the best man for the job and would capture the day as it unveiled its self – rather than taking us away from our guests for the standard wedding shots!

After a beer with Jordan at the White Oak we knew we were making the right choice! The beautiful lighting in our wedding pictures came as a result of it being too hot and sunny to take photographs after the church service. Jordan waited until after dinner so we went out as the sun was setting to have all our pictures in Cookham’s streets and fields (and even in someones front garden). I love that our photos show the countryside and our everyday lives and locations in a very special way. I can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve had over the Cookham bridge shot and the antique chairs.

The Uncut Cake

The cake wasn’t something we were overly worried about so we went to M&S and got a tasty chocolate covered sponge. My roots are Irish and I always remember my family telling me that if everyone at your wedding has a piece of the cake then you’ll have a long and happy marriage. With this in mind I totally ruled out fruit cake and played the percentage odds on that everyone likes sponge. Every little bit of good luck helps!

We totally forgot to cut the cake and it was only at 10pm when we were doing shots at the bar with family and friends that the restaurant manager put the cake in front of us for cutting.

Causing A Stir

The White Oak doesn’t cater for weddings as its main business and the space wasn’t suitable for a band. We had a DJ who played every song requested and we danced well into the early hours of the morning. As it was such a hot day all the windows were open and as it got dark we had the locals of Cookham walking past the party, looking into the windows and wishing us luck.

Last Chance

Our first dance was to Paolo Nutini Last chance, Dave hates dancing so gave strict instructions to the groomsmen to join in after a minute or so. The song has a sad meaning but I loved it because the words summed up how much I missed and longed to be with Dave when we had a bit of a break after university.

Childhood Memories

I grew up in Wales and wanted to bring in elements of my childhood, so we picked Bread of Heaven as one of the hymns in church. For those who don’t know it’s a classic Welsh rugby song and made me feel at home. The favours were also a flash from our childhoods – personalised bags of haribo!

We were worried about everyone filling up before the meal but once the food was served the haribo didn’t get a look in. We gave our guests a choice of 3 starters, mains and deserts, which they selected when returning their R.S.V.P – a sure fire way to ensure that you get 100% of your invites back before the deadline. Fish and Chips, Pork Belly and Steak were all on offer.

Garden Party Vibe

Dave and I tried to keep the whole wedding informal and relaxed. We had handmade signs asking our guests to ‘join Siobhan & Dave for a party’. With only 75 guests for the reception we made sure we sat and talked with all of our guests. Everyone who made up our lives was there to share our day. We didn’t have standard sized tables so they ranged from a table for 4 to 6 and even 11. Our top table was opened up to grandparents and second mums. The garden was filled with dressed trees and crisp white bunting which captured the garden party vibe we longed for.

A Goovy Kind of Love

A family friend played the piano while we signed the register – hits from The Beatles, Elton John and the classic A Goovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins. Our wedding was a real family and friends affair, so much so that our MC (a close university friend of mine and Dave’s oldest school friend) turned up in the red tails, kane and cravat – much to our surprise and delight. We knew all about the little surprises the guests could expect but this was something we were as elated by.

White London Cabs

I was adamant that an informal venue and setting would not sit comfortably with big and imposing classic cars like Bentleys and Rollers – these are lovely but wouldn’t have been right! We went for white London cabs to take dad and I, mum and the bridesmaids to church. They looked fantastic against the sunshine and green field back drop. The driver even came with his cabbies badge.

All these small elements complimented the day, I tried to avoid a ‘theme’ as such but the more I avoided it the more the theme became apparent – classic English Garden Party!

Step Back And Watch

The best piece of advice I can offer is to invest in good food, photography, booze and music!! These are the elements that your guests will enjoy most, happy guests = fun times and amazing memories!

Your wedding should reflect your and your partners personalities, don’t let anyone convince you that your way is the wrong way. Spare five minutes on the day to step back and watch everyone celebrate you and your partners big day and success, it’s the best feeling to know that everyone is there for you.

It’s the one day in your life that you won’t need to have a phone, a watch or money in your pocket!

Photographer – Source Images

Dress – Pronovias

Shoes – Ted Baker

Blooms – Fleurs de la Maison

Bridesmaid Dresses – Karen Millen

Thanks to Siobhan and Dave for letting us have a peek at their amazing garden party.

A little while ago Jordan from Source Images wrote a post for us tackling the issue of the group shot and how to keep them fresh and interesting, you can read the article here. And as you can see his is a master of the art form.

A great balance of clever composition, an unusal environment and a subtle injection of humour has made the collection of shots taken on the driveway on Siobhan and Dave’s big day completely priceless.


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Wash Away The Blues.

This wedding really should come with a nudity warning… During the speeches Paul decided to reveal arguably slightly too much about himself. I’m not really sure why, but some things are best left unexplained 🙂

However, it’s not the flesh on display that’s referenced by the “blue” in the title to today’s wedding… It’s the casual and relaxed classic blue colour scheme, lifted with the occasional accent of green and yellow.

Gill and Paul married at St Maty the Virgin Church followed with a reception ot The Olde Bell in Hurley. Photography is by the super husband and wife team Jordan and Innes from Source Images.

Dress Number 2

My Wedding dress was by Suzanne Neville – Manhattan, with a Sassi Holford lace top. I knew it was “the one” when I realised I preferred it to the first dress I’d bought! (An expensive discovery).

A Sassi Veil

My veil was fab and was from the same company, Sassi Holford. I bought it from Ellie Sanderson in Beaconsfield.

Something Old

I wore my most-favourite-of-all-time (and a bit worn) Kurt Geiger pink satin peep toe shoes with a snakeskin mega heel – awesome! )

Genie In a Bottle

I had my hair put up with loose ringlets: A bit Christina Aguilera of old. My make-up was by Lauren Dunn from Channel 4’s 4Beautyteam. She was brilliant and gave me bright blue eyes.

Blue Blooms

I adored the flowers. We had blue hydrangea bouquets; blue agapanthas; delphinium and hydrangea. Wendy from Sonning Flowers in Reading was brilliant.

In The Navy

For our Groomsmen and we bought navy suits with blue ties and blue/lime green buttonholes.

Dressed To Kill

Paul wore a tailor made 3 piece suit from Dress2Kill. He looked trim and fab (until he got his red cabbage tattoo out in the speeches).

A Perfect Day

Jodan and Innes from Source Images were amazing and they were brilliant people too. The images are beyond my dreams and a perfect record of a perfect day.

A Bit Cheesy

We decided to have a cheese cake (Literally) with tiers of cheese from La Fromagerie in Marlyebone. PJ helped us choose it all and found the heart shaped camembert to it. We served the cheese with bottles of port to finish the night off.

Loud And Proud

We used a local DJ to provide entertainment. There was a strict decibel limit at the venue which we kept exceeding. This was an amusing near-disaster!

A Very First Dance

Our first dance was to Human by The Killers. It was the first song we ever danced to (aaahhh!!)

Boutique Chic

Jo and Andre De Jong, awesome event experts, themed the entrance and link room with quirky candles and boutique chic glass candelabras.

Up-lit with blue and green lights it absolutely transformed the ‘weaker’ area’s of the venue.

An Amazing Team

Alanna Mells at The Olde Bell is the best wedding organiser I can imagine and James and the team were amazing with the food and service.

Frankie Says Relax

My one piece of advice would be just try to be totally relaxed about the whole day, then nothing will disappoint you and you will have an absolute ball.

Venue The Olde Bell

Dress Suzanne Neville

Accessories Sassi Holford

Boutique Ellie Sanderson

Shoes Kurt Geiger

Photographer Source Images

Make-up <Lauren Dunn

Flowers Sonning Flowers

Suit Dress2Kill

Cheese La Fromagerie

Gill says to relax, that might be easier said than done for some of us – but if you can manage it, it’ll really show though on the day and in your photos. Of course it helps to have a great photography team on standby and Source Images never fail to produce classic and timeless imagery with comfortable and natural looking portraits.


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Get Me To The Church On Time… Part 2

Well, thankfully it looks as though Rachel did make it on time. Phew! Although to be honest, the sensible money wouldn’t have been on RMW covering a wedding where the bride didn’t turn up!

Let’s jump straight into the second installment of Rock My Wedding reader Rachel’s account…

La Dolce Vita

The cake was made by Chisato at Sugar Creations in Virginia Water. It had four tiers, the bottom was Chocolate, then Vanilla with Lemon and Lime filling, and 2 tiers of fruit on top. It was decorated with ivory icing and dolce vita sugar roses so detailed that they look like real flowers.

A Crowd Pleasing Anthem

We chose Anthem for our wedding band, they played two 60 minute sets, and provided music in-between. We have had so many compliments about them, and have given their details out to a few friends.

One Day Like This

It took us ages to decide, as we don’t really have ‘a song’. In the end we chose “One day like this” by Elbow and the band sang it live. They hadn’t even really had a chance to practice, but it sounded great on the day.

Groovy Baby!

We decided against favours as every wedding i’ve been to they’ve been left on the tables. Instead we set up a retro candy bar, and had a Groovybooth photo-booth which printed double prints, one for the guestbook and one for the guest to take home. It’s made for a hilarious guest-book.

Love Is All Around

I bought MDF letters spelling “LOVE” and painted them in navy and pink. These were hung on alternate pew ends to the flowers in the church, and were transferred to the reception. They were also very useful for photo props!

I also bought little table easels for the table names, and had I-spy camera games on each table. The hotel set the tables up perfectly, and it looked incredible with the flowers.

The Personal Touch

We made all of the stationery, which meant we could put our personal stamp on everything. If you have the time, I’d definitely recommend it, although I’d suggest you start as early as possible!

Everything went entirely perfectly on the day, and if anything wasn’t quite there, I didn’t even notice it, so I doubt anyone else did either. We had the most incredible day, although I really wish I had taken more than the one day off work before, as come 10pm I was so tired!

Rock My Wedding was such great inspiration, and I got so many great ideas from the real-life weddings on the site.

Photography Source Images

Dress Florentina by Ian Stuart

Suit Ted Baker

Tiara Amanda Wakeley

Shoes Christian Louboutin BibaFrou in ivory

Hair Amanda from Brox

Makeup Helen from A touch of Magic

Flowers Nicola at Flowers by Eve

Cake Sugar Creations

Entertainment Anthem

Photobooth Groovybooth

Top Notch web based wedding inspiration 😉 Rock My Wedding!

Ha! Thanks Rachel – the cheque is in the post! Seriously though – it is great to know that team RMW played a little polka dotted part in making Rachel and James’s wedding the visual treat that it undoubtedly was.

I hope you all enjoyed it… looking at the comments from part 1 I think the shoes just may have stolen the show a bit! I wondered what all the fuss was about so I visited the Louboutin website and nearly scared myself half to death… Click the link and you’ll see what I mean!

Big “scary bald man trying to sell me posh shoes” love


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Get Me To The Church On Time… Part 1

Hello there lovely wedding folks, Adam here again sharing another insight into big day bliss.

I’m afraid that I’m still a bit new to this wedding report lark and I keep re-writing the rule book somewhat. Last time I was making new templates willy nilly and this time I think I’m just using too many photo’s… I could blame Jordan and Ines at Source Images for sending me three dvd’s crammed full of images to choose from… if they hadn’t all been so ruddy brilliant I might have been able to do a better job of whittling them down.

As it stands it’s a bit epic, so I suppose I should stop using up valuable page space and hand over to Rock My Wedding reader Rachel, who married James at St. James’ Church in Gerrards Cross…

A Quirky Touch

The dress was Florentina by Ian Stuart, and I fell so in love with it. It was so silky and pretty with flower corsages, had this amazing huge skirt, was just that little bit quirky, without being out of place. When I tried it on, every dress I looked for turned into Florentina, instead of looking for beautiful dresses, I was looking for “a more beautiful version of Florentina”, which I don’t think actually exists!

Rebecca Rocks it DIY stylee…

I had an Amanda Wakely Tiara/hairband and a single tier cathedral length Veil. My Jewellery I made myself after reading RMW Rebeccas original report (I emailed asking for the pearl supplier and she was very helpful!) I made enough Jewellery for the whole bridal party for less than £50, although I didn’t get to wear my earrings on the day, as James bought me some Tiffany diamonds which I wore instead.

Hot Shoe Shuffle

I wore Christian Louboutin BibaFrou in ivory. I fell in love with some gorgeous hot pink ones with rhinestone heels, but they were just too high :). Although the ones I wore were stunning, everyone saw them and went “awwww!”

A Touch Of Magic

My hair was done by my usual hairdresser Amanda from Brox in Gerrards Cross, she came to my parents house with an assistant, and all of us were styled to perfection. Even my dad had a trim!

Our Makeup was done by Helen from A touch of Magic. She was fabulous on the day, and kept us moving, I very much doubt we would have ever got to the church if it wasn’t for her.

Flower Power

Our Flowers were by Nicola at Flowers by Eve. She captured my vision entirely, even when I was talking random ideas. All the flowers were stunning, and both the church and the dining room looked incredible.

Sock It To ‘Em…

We bought everything, as we didn’t want traditional, and found it similar in price to hire as it was to buy regular suits.

The groomsmen wore 2 piece grey suits, white shirts and navy/fuschia ties, all from TM Lewin. They all had matching socks in different colours which made for brilliant photos.

The bridesmaids wore knee length navy silk one-shoulder dresses with a corsage detail. We got these from ASOS and they were perfect. They each chose a pair of Nude Louboutins, which was their gift aswell, and they were under strict instructions for only inside wear before the big day!

Groom Swoon

He wore a 3 piece grey silk suit from Ted Baker, (I swooned when I saw him try it on in the shop!) with a white shirt and a blue and pink tie. He looked VERY handsome!

Local Boy Comes Good

I loved RMW’s Charlottes pictures when I read her original report, and didn’t even think of using Source Images at the time, as I didn’t know they were local. When I found out they were based about 15 minutes from our house, I booked an appointment to meet Jordan. We never bothered seeing anyone else, we loved his work so much.

The Cliffhanger

Well, that is it for now, good so far though yes? Too many images? Noooo! Surely not!

Remember in the first set of pics – a message in the flowers from James that read… “Don’t be late xxx”

…Well you’ll have to join me tomorrow for part 2 to find out how this story ends…

Photography Source Images

Dress Florentina by Ian Stuart

Suit Ted Baker

Tiara Amanda Wakeley

Shoes Christian Louboutin BibaFrou in ivory

Hair Amanda from Brox

Makeup Helen from A touch of Magic

Flowers Nicola at Flowers by Eve

Until tomorrow then!