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The Love Lust List {Sarah Fleet Photography}

Sarah has been a member of our handpicked supplier directory, The Love Lust List, for a while now and we’re absolutely thrilled to be introducing her to our community today. If there’s one thing that really puts a smile on my face when reading about your experiences of photographers, it is when they appear to have become “one of the family”. Sarah feels right at home amongst all the people you love on the most exciting day of your life, yet captures every moment effortlessly, which is the perfect double whammy of skills, in my opinion.

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RMW Rates – Ross Hurley Photography

I can’t write about Ross Hurley Photography without saying that I just love the way his photography tells a story, he captures the tiniest of glances, the fleeting moments, and the unrestrained dance moves effortlessly. By the end of looking at a couple’s photographs you feel like you really know them, and we believe that part of the art of photography is being a great story teller, so Ross has got himself some serious RMW points.