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It’s A Blue, Bright Blue Saturday.

Usually I start at the beginning but today (just for variety and all) I’ll start at the end.

Leila spent the last moments of W-day in A & E. And no it wasn’t anything too serious.

Leila managed to fall off the stage as she was having such an immensely brilliant time. So I guess if you are going to spend the first eve of wedded bliss exchanging your gorgeous gown for a green paper one…. it might as well be for this very reason (and this reason only)

As well as the falling-off-the-stage hilarity there was also some quite fabulous fashion going on at Tom and Leila’s big day, including my favourite kind of jewellery (Turquoise and Native American influenced in case anyone is remotely interested) a perfect easy-breezy up-do and nude-hued maids.

And quite possibly the best table naming idea I have seen in a long long time.

For those of you who missed Monday’s post on the pressures of having or indeed not having exactly what you want come W-day Leila described her theme as “Spanish, fiesta, colourful, country…vintage theme? – very mis-matched but all the things we loved!”


And it so worked folks.

Oh and for any of those wondering how to make your photobooth that little bit different why not set up a tea for two scenario outside of your venue? Genius. And if I was planning I would definitely be stealing this idea. And no, I wouldn’t give two hoots that it had been “done before”.

All of the colour pop images are courtesy of Andrew Squires.

Polka Dots and Bold Brights

We didn’t really want to have all the wedding party matching, as we quite liked the whole colourful mis-matched theme and bringing people’s own personalities into it. So we told the told the Groomsmen to wear their own suits either blue or grey and then we gave them green polka dot or blue polka dot ties. Tom, the best man Steve, Tom’s Dad and my Dad and step Dad all had brightly coloured flowers as button holes.

We also bought different coloured polka dot hankercheifs for the guys to wear in their top pockets and had their initials sewed into them to make them unique.

A Dapper Gentleman

Tom wore a slim fit, bright blue suit from Reiss – we had looked everywhere for this colour and could not find it anywhere as it is such a rare colour in a suit and especially as Tom is 6ft 4inch it was so hard trying to find him one that fit! We thought we were going to have to get it specially made but then we saw this one in Reiss and it was beyond perfect.

Tom wore his yellow polka dot hanker chief in his top pocket, along with his silver time piece, which I had bought for him as a wedding present and had engraved with his initials and the date of our wedding. He wore brown leather braces, a skinny polka dot tie and bright yellow polka dot socks to finish off the look. – He looked so dapper and old school gentleman – I loved it!

Charming Nudes

The bridesmaid dresses were nude colour with sweet heart top and pleated. I told them to choose their own belts and shoes so that they could bring their personalities into it and add some colour to the day – I liked the idea of nude as it really makes the flowers stand out. I made them each a charm bracelet, with charms I had collected from boots sales. The flower girls wore matching dresses with bright coloured butterflies on them.

My friend Jess Bing made all the usherettes flower corsages each in a different bright colour – they were made from layers of material and tied around the wrist with ribbon.

Old, New And Totally You

My dress was from The Vintage Wedding Dress Company – I had loved their website immediately as I knew I wanted an old dress that told a story. I always wanted a dress that suited my personality and that wasn’t just a ‘wedding dress’. I love old things as it’s so exciting to think of who has worn the dress before me and how their life was back then, I also like the fact that it has that worn look rather than shiny and new. The dress was from the 1950’s but also had a very Camelot-esque feel to it – which really appealed to my boho/gothic side. I had to have the dress customised to make it a bit more modern and sexy, so Lizzie Burns – an amazing Designer and Stylist did this for me – she shortened the length of the dress, cut off the arms and brought the neck right down into a sweet heart shape and lowered the back. With the left over material she made two arm bands that tied onto the dress and which I could remove when I wanted to party!

I had made a belt to go with it out of turquoise and silver beads (from the Bead Shop in Brighton) and Lizzie sewed this onto the dress to help emphasise my waist and bring out the Camelot/boho feel.

I could not believe how much I loved my dress and how perfect it was for me!

Lots Of Lash and Wind Swept Pretty

I wanted my make-up to be natural, with pinky lips and pink cheeks but also have a lot of emphasis on the eyes, to really bring them out. My sister (Zara Sloan) is a trained in doing make-up for weddings – so she was obviously my first choice! I wanted blue eye-liner so Zara used this and then did slightly smoky corners around my eyes to really bring out the blue, then used some lash extensions at the corners of my eyes to help widen them. The loads of Lancome Hypnose mascara – the water proof version!!

I did my own hair, I wanted the messy wind swept look (which turned out to be a given with the weather we had!) I used the ‘hair donut’ to pin curls up and create a high, unruly bun, with bits falling down. Then I fitted the head piece just above my fringe and pushed the grip in underneath, so you could see it from the back.

Hand Tied And Natural

The amazing Jo Osbourne did the flowers for my wedding and at really short notice as well! I must have annoyed her by using the phrase – ‘Can I have non-weddingy style flowers please’ about 200 hundred times! Jo was brilliant she really listened to everything I said and was spot on with the theme of ‘very colourful and natural looking’.

My bouquet cost £40, A very loose, natural looking hand tied bouquet of cerise Germini, orange Dahlia, blue/purple Lisianthus, lime green Bupleurum, pink Veronica and dusting of white Gypsophilia. Foliage was included to protect the flower stems.

A Beautiful Contrast

As my style has always been a mish-mash of things and my jewellery embraced this idea as I went for Native American style pieces with bright turquoise colour. Again I like the history behind the jewellery and the big bold colours. I’m not really a formal girl so I wanted to get my personality into the look. The bracelet was a one off antique piece bought for me by two of my best mates Sophie and Kate from The Two Feathers shop in Brighton who specialise in Native American clothes and jewellery. My sister then bought me a necklace from the same place with the same design and colour of the bracelet. As the chain was too small, I made a longer chain and added a long bit of chain that fell down my back with a turquoise bead on the end to complete it.

I didn’t want a veil as the detail on the dress was so beautiful it would have looked a bit too much, so my friend Beth kindly made me a head piece by weaving string and beads (which she had collected from her travels in India) together. I loved the contrast of the bright blue with the faded, vintage look of the dress.

Capturing Colour

We chose Andrew J R Squires to take our pictures- he was a friend of ours but also we had seen his work and it was exactly the style we were after for our wedding. He has a way of really capturing the mood of the moment and bringing out tiny details that tell a thousand things about the scene, person, event, he is shooting. He did our engagement shoot for us and this really helped to put us at ease in front of the camera. Andy has such a great eye for colour and knows how to get you into the perfect place for a really unique picture. We also felt so comfortable around him and trusted completely that he would do a fantastic job for us.

The Fiesta

We did all the decoration ourselves as we had decided on a Spanish, fiesta, colourful /country, vintage theme – very mis-matched but all the things we loved. We wanted to really put ‘us’ in to the wedding. We trawled around boots sales and markets to collect the lace table cloths and all the different jars, jugs, bottles and rusty tins, for the table decorations. We collected loads of old bottles and used bright coloured candles to finish off the look. We couldn’t find the right coloured napkins and for a cheap price –so I bought a load of second hand ones from Ebay and then died them pink and orange – then I tied a pink ribbon around the orange ones and orange ribbon around the pink ones.

For the name settings I got loads of limes and sliced into them and added the name cards. Tom is a graphic designer so he created all the table signs, seating plan and toilet signs and we went for a rustic wooden signs sticking out of old cider bottles.

We had simple bulb lighting around the dance floor to emulate a night in Granada we once had (our love of Granda and the chilled, fiesta way of life inspired a lot of our design). We had paella from the Brighton based ‘Viva Paella’ company and they cooked this in front of the guest so the smell and colour of it all really added to the theme. We designed the bar around my dad (he is called Julian) – when I was younger I always said that if I had a bar I would call it the Papa Jules Bar and finally we got the opportunity – Tom designed all the signs for this as well and we loved having a drink with my pa there later on in the night!

And The Lord Said…

Neither me or Tom like wedding cake, so we just created a cheese and red wine corner at the wedding and made a sign saying “ And the lord said….Let them eat cheese!” We are massive cheese lovers and we thought what better than to have a whole area dedicated to cheese! Our friend Emily Wareham from ‘Cheesy Pleasey’ made us a massive jar of her home-made pickle!

For our entertainment we hired a traditional flamenco dancer, singer and guitarist. They were amazing and really gave the wedding the spanishy –fiesta vibe we were going for. The dances were very moody and passionate and full of colour and emotion.

Mix Tape

We chose Zero 7 ‘Destiny’ as our first dance as it was on a compilation CD Tom made for me when we first started dating 7 years ago and when you listen to the words it just felt like it was written for us. Our friend the gorgeous Sarah Gardner (lead singer of Derrier) sang the song for us – she did such an amazing job that some people thought it was just the CD of the original playing. That was definitely one of the highlights of the wedding for us.

For favours we got castonets for the boys and sandlewood carved fans for the girls (which I threaded coloured ribbon through the handle and wrote the date of our wedding on).

Make Do And Mend

The cheese and red wine corner we made out of old wooden apple boxes, vintage sacks and old wine racks. Tom’s Mum’s friend Terri brought in wild vines to drape over all of it.

We borrowed the bunting from our friend Jess, whose family made it for her wedding and every flag was a different bit of material. It was really special knowing that she had used it for hers as well.

We had the photo booth area and decided to an old vinateg tea party for this – we found old furniture at Shabitat and did an indoors-outdoor thing which was really fun for pictures.

A Celebrity Special

The wedding was so special because it was created purely from our minds, everything we thought of we created and made ourselves. What made it extra special is that we had so many friends and family help us to make our vision a reality and as the day was as much about them as it was us, that made it all the more special – we owe them the biggest thanks!

Loads of things went wrong on the day itself but it was full of so many great people and so much love that no one even noticed and everyone just kept saying how lovely it was and that they really felt that they were at a wedding made specially for me and Tom.

One amazing thing our friend Ali (who is a booker for festivals) spent the summer getting video messages from the likes of Adele, The Inbetweeners, Blondie, Hughie from the fun loving criminals, Mark Ronson, 2 Many DJs and loads more – all saying Leila and Greeno have a wicked wedding day – it was such a shock and completely blew us away – so funny as they had no idea who we were!!

Try Not To End Up In A & E

One bit of advice, try not to take on too much yourselves – we were a little frazzled after so much organising that we were knackered on the actually day.

Have some good groomsmen and usherettes to rely on, on the day so you can relax and enjoy everything. (Try not to worry).

Just go with the flow when mistakes happen and…

Try not to end up in A&E on your wedding night – true rock on roll bride and I have the blood stains on my gorgeous dress to show for it!!!

(nothing serious just fell off the stage onto a champagne glass and cut my hand open – too much bubbly methinks!)

Brides Gown – The Vintage Wedding Dress Company

Gown Customisation – Lizzie Burns

Photographer – Andrew Squires

Entertainment – Flamenco Dance

Grooms Suit – Reiss

Florist – Jo Osbourne

Did you like what I did with the title there? no? oh. I thought I was being clever.

So Monday was all a bit serious on the W-day front what with Done to Death and then yesterday as well what with Jenny’s reflection on her own big day…. So this afternoon we decided to do a one eighty and post what might possibly be the least serious thing we have ever done.

As reader Carrie put it (*waves*) – Here at RMW HQ we try not to take ourselves too seriously sometimes, we want you all to be inspired admittedly but we also want you to have fun.

Looking forward to seeing you later folks.


Big Laughter Is The Best Medicine Love

Charlotte xxx