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What Hannah Did… Wedding Breakfast And Bunting.

So I’m sitting here wondering what I can tell you… thinking ‘I haven’t done much since my last post’ then I remember we have done loads with the help of our families! It’s not necessarily really exciting like trying on wedding dresses but it’s all the little bits and bobs that go into making the day special…

Yummy Yummy… Food Fit For The Queen!

So after my last post we went to the venue for our food tasting which was lovely, all of the images above were taken by Stott Weddings. It was the first time we’ve seen Dodford Manor in the daylight and with the sun shining! We were on a table with two other couples… The only ones who hadn’t taken their parents with them! (eek! Sorry mums… we just thought it would get too confusing with lots of people there!) Jon and I have a fairly tight budget, so that ruled out sea bass and fillet of beef but we loved the duck and the goats cheese tart so went away feeling happy that whatever we picked would be tasty. So although we are yet to pick our final choices… we’re thinking we might go with salmon… although after speaking to people they say that’s a bit of a risky choice in terms of lots of people not liking it…(would love to hear your thoughts…?) We also recently found out that our caterers – Jenkinsons catered for the Queen when she popped in at Cosford Airbase! (does that make me nearly a princess!?)

Friends, Family & DIY loveliness

One of my favourite bits of wedding planning is the styling, after umming and arrring over the decorations for the barns, and several sketches later I have decided to stick with bunting, (I think it suits the British RAF theme!) so Mum, JLo (one of my bridesmaids… her real name is Jade) and I trekked off into Birmingham with a suitcase to pick up reams of patterned pink and blue fabric. We went to the ‘fancy silk store’… it’s totally amazeballs!

Floor to ceiling fabric in every type and colour you can imagine… we were there for three hours! We finally pulled ourselves away with enough fabric to make a village of Bedouin tents let alone bunting for one wedding!

So although I would like to claim credit for the beautiful bunting, (though I have helped to cut out the triangles, handy tip: buy a rotary cutter and make a wooden template = 10 times quicker than scissors!) mum is now the bunting queen and it’s looking beautiful! She has been sewing away and has finished the 50 meters of bunting and is now moving onto confetti bags!

As you can see by the pictures below… it’s been a bit of a DIY family affair for the past few weeks, Jon’s made two wooden templates to cut the bunting out, mums been busy sewing, Jill – Jon’s mum has made the fruit cakes for the wedding cake, Jon’s dad (Brian) is busy making a sweet trolley (he’s even making the wheels!) and I have made the bridesmaids and my hair slides, and we have all been collecting heaps of tea cups for favours! It’s so much fun to get everyone involved and I think (hope!) they’re really enjoying helping us to make our day personal and special, so a big thank you to our wonderful family!

So what’s next…?

So things on my ‘next to do list’ are: finish our wedding website… any ideas for good templated sites would be welcomed… currently using gettingmarried but not sure on their designs, looked at appycouple too… but missing some of the features I like e.g being able to see where all the guests are staying. Arrange some music/entertainment, find someone to make me look beauteous, find hotels for guests and write a list of hens to come on my hen do being arranged by Rach my best friend… would love to hear your ideas on hen dos, whether to stay in the UK or venture further a field and the general do’s/don’ts/disasters and delights!

Much love and happy planning,

Hannah xx