surf girl hair waves tutorial

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Stay-In-All-Day Beachy Boho Waves.

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Wearing your barnet in some sexy waves is nothing new, I mean – who doesn’t want to look like one of those bohemian surfer chicks who seemingly dry their hair naturally in the sun only to emerge all golden skinned and perfectly coiffed after a day spent on the beach?

Personally I find my waves don’t often last – and if I get them to the point where they do I find I’ve used so much salt spray that my hair is kind of….crunchy.

So the question is lovelies, how do you achieve that soft yet glamorous tousled look that is perfection for a relaxed W-day…a version that is not going to turn into a limp straggly mess by the first dance?

Well you’re in for a treat you gorgeous lot you, Love Lust List member Jodie Hazlewood is going to show you how to become a sunshine goddess and includes all of her favourite products to enable you to achieve full-on boho beauty in just a few easy steps.