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Kitty And Dulcie.

Well today has turned out to be pretty exciting all in all, as you read this not only will Team RMW will be at The National Wedding Show but we have a ridiculously delicious exclusive to share with you all.

It’s no big secret that I am a sucker for fashion. Even more so when a collection is beautifully styled and the pieces are A. Complete. Bargain.

Imagine my delight then when Kirstie Taylor (she of Flo and Percy fame) and new business partner Shelley-Carter Bright (beauty writer for many a fancy glossy) asked Rock My Wedding to feature their brand new range of vintage-inspired gowns.

Kitty Paine and Dulcie Smith were Kirstie and Shelley’s grandmothers who in the war-torn years when money and materials were scare, shared an undeterred and fierce passion for dress-making. In their honour and loving memory Kitty and Dulcie was born, an on-line boutique of affordable, beautiful and catwalk-worthy W-day dresses.

The Kitty And Dulcie website has everything you could possibly need for purchasing your favourite frock at the touch of a button, all-angle images with zoom feature (LOVE a zoom me….) and a video that demonstrates exactly how each delectable number “moves”.

So without further ado, sit back, relax and enjoy the pretty.

The Cockney Rebel: Goodness me the swooshyness… layers of tulle make me giddy with glee, and I love the mix of princess-esque dress with bohemian headpiece and rock n roll make-up. £375.

The City Slicker: Yes I know, who knew a full length slinky applique number combined with a bowler hat would look so darn HOT? If I was offered the opportunity to wear this to the local market I so would. £375

The Bobbi Dazzler: Fun and flirty, one-shoulder floral corsage detail is gonna be HUGE for 2012 brides. And not that I want to make you buy even more or anything but… at £285 you could purchase it just for the first dance right?

The Pearly Queen: Make like an extra from Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan with a knee-length full-skirted number. There are sparkly beads AND sequins people. £285

The Dolly Rocker: The bow… how I love thee. And you know what? it’s the biggest bargain of the lot, £250. I’ll have two please….

Head Candy: If you were wondering what the to-die-for head accessories were then they are the Wilderness headband and the Temptation headband, both by Flo & Percy. And with such an under budget gown why not treat yourself?

Photography: Sarah Louise Johnson assisted by Paris Walkett

Make-up: Katie Reedman at Slap

Hair: Mariko Kinto Athertoncox

Every Kitty and Dulcie dress arrives beautifully tissue wrapped complete with pretty padded hanger for you to try on in the comfort of your own home. I really want one. And as I can’t find a suitable enough excuse to flex the plastic I am hoping some of you gorgeous lot certainly will.

Big I’m An On-Line Shopaholic Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S Does anyone else order clothes off the net that are essentially just for themselves giftwrapped for the sheer pleasure of receiving fancy parcel? No? Oh dear. Just me then.

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Timeless Glamour.

I love a sleeve me. And no it’s not just because I have a girl crush on Madam Middleton, it’s because they look so deliciously elegant, be it capped, three quarter legnth or full on all-the-way-to-your-wrist.

Beverly Lister’s 2012 collection offers a varied selection of sleeved numbers as well as your perhaps more traditional shoulder baring beauties. Taking influence from the timeless glamour of the 1950’s and 1960’s and using delicate beaded Chantilly lace and Duchesse satin, Beverly’s current selection of pretty is opulent, decadent and seriously red-carpet worthy.

Beverly Lister gowns are all designed, hand-made and hand-finished in England and are stocked throughout the UK.

Perfectly Capped: My two favourites from the collection, the neckline on Bouquet (top) is universally flattering and Juliet (bottom) is ridiculously feminine. Loving the over-sized floral birdcage, so stylish.

Winter Chic: A viable option for a bride getting married in the colder months, the Baltimore comes complete with a removable top piece unveiling a true fairytale princess inspired gown underneath.

A Royal Influence: It is the simplicity of Eliza that for me makes it so covetable, combine with chunky statement pearls and a backcombed ballerina bun for maximum impact.

Lady-like: Not everyone wants to flash a substantial amount of skin come W-day and if that’s you then why not give Martha a whirl, charmingly sophisticated.

And the veil? I die.

Delectably Demure: Beverly used the super sweet sixties style of Doris Day and used fancy floral applique to create Primrose (top left and bottom right) and Sara would look stunning paired with a wow-factor headpiece. And yes, I am strangely attracted to the satin-ribbon-as-bandana look….

Hair – Yulia Newport at Hepburn Collection

Make-up – Mariam Jensen

Are there any of you lovelies that are wearing Beverly Lister for the big day?

Anyone definitely opting for sexy sleeves?

Big If You Are I’m Green Eyed With Envy Love

Charlotte xxx