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I Believe In Mermaids – The Film.

Cover-ImageSometimes still images are just not enough.

Having said that, we all seriously loved how the photographs from our last RMW styled inspirational shoot came out. If you need to remind yourself just how beautifully everything turned out then you can see The Fashion here, you can remind yourself of The Decor here and you can revisit our original inspiration planning piece here.

Today it all comes to life in front of your eyes, and it’s sexy as hell folks!

We have utilised the amazing film making skill set of Simon Clarke Films many times in the past. You may remember our Rock My Boutique Launch film and our SS13 campaign film behind Coco… Well Simon Clarke created them all for us. And now – to coincide with our latest additions to Rock My Boutique we have for you a tale of sea… Sand… And seduction.

All of the headwear you see in this film will be appearing in a certain online boutique near you soon!!

Let us know what you think.

Styling, Concept and Design – Team Rock My Wedding
Assistant Stylist – Lauren at Fairly Light
Decor – Rock My Boutique – Coming Soon!
Jewellery and Accessories – Rock My Boutique – Coming Soon!
Bridal Gowns – From a selection at Suzanne Neville, Naomi Neoh and bespoke by Johanna Hehir
Hair and Make-Up – Emily Kent at The Wedding Hair Company
Stationery For Mermaid Luxe – Designed and made by Team Rock My Wedding
Stationery For Desiring Driftwood – Pirrip Press
Florist – Katherine at Florist In The Forest
Cake –Little Boutique Bakery
Film –Simon Clarke Films
Location – The Gallivant Hotel At Camber Sands

Thank you to everyone involved, and please do let us know what you think – do you believe in mermaids now?


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The Best Thing Rock My Wedding Ever Did (Again.)


When we decided to create an on-line boutique we really didn’t know what to expect. As with anything you’ve never done before, it’s a steep learning curve complete with daily challenges and constant surprises.

We wouldn’t have it any other way though, there is never a dull (or even vaguely quiet) day at RMW HQ. “Boredom” doesn’t feature in our vocabulary.

Launching Rock My Boutique was a huge project for us, we hosted our biggest industry event to date and spent a significant amount of time scheming, dreaming and designing our first campaign “Big City Love“.

Those of you that have already seen AW12 will know it was very urban, quite…… edgy.

And so for Spring/Summer (let’s face it – we’ve kind of um…by-passed Spring already (!)) we decided to do something very different. Actually, we decided to create what might be considered the polar opposite of our disused-nightclub based Autumn/Winter shoot complete with a zillion spray-painted tins and break dancers….


Our new campaign is called “Coco” after one of Lolly and I’s favourite icons of all time…..Coco Chanel.

Think super super polished. Think sophisticated and clean and timeless. Think mercuried glass, sequins, feathers and an abundance of beautiful blooms. Think Provence in July with a generous dose of Parisian chic thrown in for good measure.

Think pretty. Really REALLY pretty.

We love the outcome of our latest adventure. And we’ve got everything crossed that you gorgeous lot will feel the same way.

The full shoot will be appearing first thing in the morning along with details of our new product range and the official collection shop launch.

For now we’ll leave you with our campaign film by the very talented Simon Clarke – he did such an awesome job of the last one how could we ask anyone else?

Plus frankly, he might be the only person on earth who could put up with my Miss bossy-boots director ways and verging-on-the- ridiculous requests.

With special thanks to a whole host of unbelievably creative Love Lust List suppliers who made this whole thing possible, you can find links to their websites in the credits below.

Enjoy lovelies.

Videography – Simon Clarke Films
Photography – Anna Clarke
Venue – The Old Chemistry Lab at Nottingham Conference Centre
Styling – Team RMW
Assistant Stylist – Lauren at Fairlylight
Florist – Leafy Couture
Make-up – Jo Leversuch
Hair – Emily Kent founder of The Wedding Hair Company
Headpieces, veils and sequin cuffs – RMW in collaboration with What Katy Did Next
Sequin bouquet Train and sequin badges – RMW in collaboration with What Katy Did Next
Shoes – RMW in collaboration with Harriet Wilde
Bridal Gowns – From a selection at Naomi Neoh
Bridesmaids Dresses – “The Fearne”, RMW in collaboration with Maids To Measure
Artwork – Team RMW for RMB
Vases, Candlesticks and Frames – Team RMW for RMB
The Belle Necklace – RMW in collaboration with Natasha Jane
Ceramic cufflinks, badges and tags – RMW in collaboration with Alice Shields
Giant “Coco” letters – Doris Loves
Stationery – Bonny and Clyde

Did you like it?

Did you see anything you might fancy for W-day?

If you’ve got any questions on any of the products or just want to give us some feedback (we massively appreciate it!) then please leave us a note in the comments box.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!

Big Coco Love

Charlotte xxx