The Wedding Of My Dreams

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Jesus Peiro Wedding Dresses with Statement Accessories, Elegant Hair & Makeup and Minimalist Dried Flowers

Get ready to swoon as the lovely We Are The Bazeleys and Kayleigh Pope Photography show us how to do fierce bridal style. There are gorgeous Jesus Peiro wedding dresses straight from the Barcelona Bridal Week catwalks, as well as statement jewellery, natural makeup and feminine wedding hairstyles. Plus, dried flowers and props from our friends Karen at Passion for Flowers and Gemma from The Wedding of My Dreams. Not to mention the gorgeous Compton Verney in Warwickshire playing host to all this minimalist magic.

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L’heure Opulente

I love Winter, but I’ve very much like to spend ‘L’heure Opulente’ translated into an hour of opulence at Le Jardin à La Française surrounded by all the pretty created by Simply Perigord Weddings.

She enlisted the help from many of our fabulous supplier directory members including, The Little Button Bakery and Emily & Jo Stationery. As well as Gemma from The Wedding of My Dreams whose destination wedding we’ve featured on these very pages, and was also there to help us on our shoots for our planning and inspiration book Your Day Your Way.

All the captures by Mathilde Dufraisse will have you longing for your own sun blessed chic French wedding infused with British elegance.

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Gemma & Rich

This morning’s real wedding is a particularly special one to us here at RMW HQ. The beautiful bride Gemma and her gorgeous mum Karen are the creative forces behind The Wedding Of My Dreams and Passion For Flowers, two wedding brands we’ve worked with many, many times over the years. Gemma and Karen are so wonderful in fact, that we chose to work with them on the RMW book, Your Day Your Way. And not only are Gemma and Karen super talented but they are also LOVELY and an absolute dream to work with, so blogging Gemma’s wedding is just an absolute treat for us today.

Gemma and Rich chose Tuscany as their wedding destination and found three incredible venues to use for various parts of the big day. If you’re also planning an Italian wedding then do check them out.

The images and film come from Anna and Simon at WE ARE /// THE CLARKES – two more absolute gems we’d recommend in a heart beat. This wedding is an utterly gorgeous one, from start to finish and it’s just even more special that we know the wonderful family involved. Massive congratulations Gemma and Rich, your wedding is every bit as gorgeous as expected!

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Laura & Oliver

There’s pretty, incredibly pretty, and then there’s Laura & Olivier’s at-home marquee wedding which has left me swooning with delight. You are going to absolutely love all the details. From the DIY signs, to the antique key escorts cards, and not forgetting the truly stunning cake and pastel flowers.

Then there’s Laura’s Jesús Peiró wedding dress. It is so delicate, with the most beautiful keyhole open back detail and cap sleeves. The bridesmaids Ghost dresses also have fabulous details. Coming in a gorgeous powder blue shade, and sporting a stunning twisted neckline.

I haven’t even mentioned the romantic proposal story yet. It’ll literally make your heart ache it’s so sweet. All the pretty has been captured beautifully by Rachel Rose Photography. Enjoy every minute lovelies. This is definitely a treat.

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Modern Day Cinderella

The fairytale look is often ignored in wedding styling – people think it’s too cliched, too traditional, and even a bit cheesy, but we love the look and feel of this Cinderella inspired shoot and are perfectly happy to be whisked off into a Disney Princess fantasy of a Sunday morning! Bethany at Mode 20 Weddings & Events has got the styling spot on. It’s utterly charming, swoon-worthily pretty and if you can’t feel like a Princess on your wedding day, then when can you?!?

With metallic colour accents, fresh florals, an abundance of candles and the sweetest of cakes, this is definitely a modern take on the Princess look. And remember, Cinderella didn’t ask for a Prince – she asked for a night off and a dress 😉

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A French Forest Fairytale.


This afternoon we’re venturing into wedding fantasy land. French wedding fantasy land to be precise. Which is definitely a wonderful place to be.

This dreamy inspiration shoot comes from the lovely Louise at B.Loved who always sends us the prettiest, most romantic inspiration features.

Think blowsy roses, lashings of sage green foliage, delicate hearted shaped macarons, tiny gold forest animals and the most beautiful, unashamedly feminine Johanna Hehir gowns.

And if you loved the photography from this mornings wedding, then you’ll be pleased to know that this shoot was captured by the same photographer. Yes, Anneli Marinovich really is a super star.

Enjoy the pretty lovely ones.

A Romantic And Whimsical Bridal Inspiration Shoot With Johanna Hehir Gowns And Victoria Millesime Accessories With Stationery By Artcadia And Flowers By Boutique Blooms Images From Anneli Marinovich 1

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The Best Day Of Our Lives.

Self confessed RMW addicts Lisa and Andy married in February 2012 at Longueville Manor and then partied the night away in a marquee in the grounds of Samares Manor in Jersey.

Anyone out there loosing sleep over guests not turning up, suppliers dropping out and the elements ruining the big day should read on to find out how Lisa and Andy dealt with a situation that could have so easily brought all festivities to a premature halt.

Photogrpahy today is by that super cool duo Charlie and Hector from We Heart Pictures.

Problem Bride

I was a real problem bride, coming from Jersey you are quite limited (in my head anyway I always like to be different) and I really wanted something different but at the same time I had no idea what would suit me. I decided to cross the water to London to see what I could find there. The weather was definitely going to play a part in my whole wedding experience because my flight was cancelled due to the weather so I missed most of the appointments I had booked. We finally left the following day and after a few stressful phone calls I managed to re-arrange most of them. I initially thought I wanted a Vera Wang because I love her as a designer anyway however, none of the dresses really suited me. The lady in there was so helpful and the service was amazing and the experience was worth it alone.

I had lost my appointment at Pronovious in Harrods but on the advice of my Uncle’s friend who is in the wedding dress business she told me to go anyway and explain to them why I had my missed my appointment. I’m so glad I did by some bizarre coincidence they had had a cancellation and were able to see me that afternoon. We had 3 hours to spare before heading back to the airport so they gave me the catalogue and I chose as many dresses as I could try, the first dress I tried was the ‘one’. I still wasn’t a 100% sure but I think the stress of missing the appointments and the panic that had started to set in played a massive part. When I saw my mums and my maid of honours face I knew I had found it. The dress was called Alfil and was part of their glamour collection, it suited my body where it was fitted and the layers and train filled the dress out enough but not too much. I went through phases of not liking it then loving it but I think because you don’t go out every week in a wedding dress it’s the one time you want you want to look absolutely perfect. Now when I see the pictures I know I made the right choice.

I also found a beautiful Ivory Streisand marabou feather wrap from Sasso Bride, the ladies here were totally amazing too, they sent me samples of the wraps so I could match them up to my dress as it was a difficult colour to match to and it worked out perfectly.

Liberty In Love

I was obsessed with RMW and other bridal blog sites, one I came across a necklace by Stephanie Browne and fell in love with it immediately it was so different to anything I had seen so I contacted Liberty in Love straight away and placed the order for the necklace and what I thought was a hair slide.

There was a long delivery time for the pieces as they came from Australia. When they arrived the necklace was amazing but my hair slide was in fact a tiara. I’m so not a tiara girl but, I had nothing to fear, I dropped Tabby an email and ordered some slides instead. To my amazement Tabby actually found the slides that matched the necklace, they had been discontinued so weren’t on their website, it was meant to be, on the day they went so well together. I did initially have a veil as well but when I went for my hair trial I totally went off it, it detracted away from the necklace and I didn’t think that was fair given the effort Tabby had gone to, to make sure I had every thing I wanted, so my pronovious veil was never worn!! I decided then as well that I wasn’t a veil bride either!! Honestly you learn so much about yourself!!!

Dainty And Comfortable

Andy is the same height as me with out heels on so I had to be really careful with the type of shoes I chose but I knew I wanted a really special pair that I could wear again. On my visit to London I went to Browns bridal and chose a pair of smallish (Andy didn’t agree) Christian Louboutins, they were really dainty and surprisingly comfortable. They were totally put through the mill on the day though however, I have managed to find a cobbler in London who is in the process of repairing them and then they are being sent to a lady who specialises in dying them. They were very much a treat but once they are given a new breath of life my feet and I will treasure them for ever.

Talented Friends

I was really fortunate as both my good friends happen to be my beauty therapist and my hair dresser so having been with them both for almost 16 years they know me really well. I don’t wear a lot of make up so Sam from Tonic Body and Skin Therapy knew that I would want something quite natural which she achieved. She highlighted my eyes and left my face natural with a nice pink glow on my cheeks, and bless her she did this as my wedding gift, Sam also took care of my mum’s and bridesmaids make up too, I thought we all deserved a pamper on the day.

Jane my hairdresser at The Room knew that I would want something soft and vintage looking but at the same time both the girls knew that I wanted to look like me and they both did me really proud and I am forever grateful to them for this. Being so comfortable with them as well made the whole experience with the trials etc so much fun and enjoyable, we cracked it with one trial each which made me realise how well they know me!!!

When It’s Spring Again…

We love Amsterdam and as it was February it was the perfect month for tulips so I decided on purply pink tulips, with white and green foliage for the table centres which I placed in vintage buckets that I sourced from The Wedding Of My Dreams, Andy is Scottish so I also used thistles to add some wintery roughage. The guys all wore thistle button holes and the bridesmaids including my bridesboy each had posies of tulips. The flowers came from Appleblossoms in Jersey and the amazing Clare did such a fantastic job with everything, they were so laid back and relaxed it made the whole experience very easy. We also had a wish tree as again through our love of Amsterdam it is a Dutch tradition and I thought it would make a lovely feature in the drinks marquee. I used a bucket for the tags and framed an explanation as to what people were to do and how it was a way for them to send us their best wishes, it worked really well and it was great being able to read the tags after the wedding.

I didn’t have flowers as again through my addiction to RMW I found a link to a lady called Debbie Carlisle from DC Bouquets who made me the most amazing bouquet out of vintage brooches, I couldn’t have imagined what it was going to look like until Debbie started to send me pictures. She found the most amazing things to go in it including some thistle brooches too. Debbie also sourced some brooches for the bridesmaids which was my little gift to them, I wanted them to wear something on the day too, so they picked a brooch and wore it on their dresses on the day.

A Scottish Touch

Andy is Scottish and he has always wanted his own kilt so as soon as we were engaged we knew where we had to go. Keogh and Savage is the oldest kilt maker in Greenock where Andy is from so on a trip home we paid them a visit and he was ‘kilted up’ as they say in Scotland. I wanted Andy’s kilt to mean something to him but McCabe (our surname) doesn’t have a direct clan so he opted for the Earl of St Andrew (his first name) tartan which was mixture of blues. I wanted him to stand out and he did just that. I had already decided the colour scheme of grey and purply pink (its very hard colour to describe hahaha). We settled on Gray Spirit kilts for the Ushers and the Best man which we hired from Austin Reed in Jersey. We had 3 ushers and a best man who was coming from Scotland and 3 who live in Jersey so a few fittings later we were sorted.

For the girls, my addiction to internet shopping paid off; I found their dresses on Cocosa from a company called Two Birds Bridesmaid. They were ideal as each of my bridesmaids were a different shape and I didn’t want to choose a structured dress that might make them feel uncomfortable on the day. The dresses were ideal as they were one size so it didn’t matter about their sizes and they hung beautifully and really complemented the shape of each of the girls. All that had to be done was to take up the length, although one of my nieces is 5ft 11” so we had to select a slightly different style shoe for her. It all worked out in the end. And as it was winter I found some really quirky fur wraps from ASOS for the bargain price £22 each. At the time it felt like I was throwing their outfits together but when we saw it all come together on the day they each looked stunning.

We Heart Pictures

I chose We Heart Pictures as our wedding photographer, we know Charlie and Hector through my very bestest friend Peter who was my best brides boy. I always knew I would choose them as I had seen their work before and I loved the way Hector captures the expression and emotion in people’s faces and that’s what I wanted to see when I saw my wedding pictures. One of the most amazing photos was of Andy and I hugging one of our best friends Toni, we asked her to do a reading at the wedding. I had told the girls to read what they wanted and I didn’t know what they were each going to read until we all heard it for the first time at the ceremony, Toni’s reading was about me and Andy and what she thought of us, I was so shocked and choked up hearing it and this is what Hector captured in this photo of us. It was lucky because Gill’s was a poem which was also about us and how we met so luckily the laughter helped me recover from the emotional tears that were pouring down my face.

Together they work amazingly well and bless Charlie with her beautiful bump survived the entire day. We are truly grateful for the memories that we have our day. Between them and James I would say this was the best investment for my wedding as it’s so hard to remember each and every bit of it but when you see the photos and the video you almost relive it… It was hilarious there were people I thought I hadn’t even spoken to but when I looked at the photos and you see your self I was like ‘oh thank goodness I did speak to them’ its amazing what you think after the event!!!

Slate Hearts

Our cake was made by Rebeccah May. Andy and I have quite different tastes when it comes to sweet things, he doesn’t like currents and I don’t mind them so I knew a fruit cake was out of the question. I totally love chocolate brownies but he isn’t so keen on chocolate cake so we decide on a carrot cake as our main wedding cake and I thought it would be nice to also offer chocolate brownies.

The main wedding cake was made in the shape of hearts as my favours were slate hearts and the brownies were displayed on some larger slate hearts. Samares Manor has a garden where they grow their own herbs, Rebeccah thought this would really compliment the cake display so I asked Clare at Appleblossoms if she would display some small pots of Rosemary next to the cake. Rebeccah was so right it all looked amazing, I also placed my favourite picture of Andy and I in the centre with some candles so it made a really nice feature.

Let’s Get Married

We love music, so I knew I wanted music to play a massive part of the day, I walked up the aisle to the Proclaimers Let’s get married, it’s a song that Andy and I totally love. I love Bob Marley so DJ Bruce who was also our MC played some bob whilst we signed the register and on the way out we played ‘I’m on my way’ by the Proclaimers too.

For my guests arrival my very good friend Garry asked his Jazz band to play as our guests arrived into the ceremony. By the time the ceremony was over and Andy and I arrived at Samares Manor the guys had set themselves up again, the jazz worked really well and it created a really laid back atmosphere. The guys continued through the wedding breakfast too and Garry even pulled his trumpet out and played ‘come fly with me’ in between eating his sausage and mash!!! It was a really lovely gesture and it worked so well it put every one in the mood for a party.

For the evening I wanted a few surprises, I had seen Ray Guns look Real Enough at the Branchage film festival in Jersey, they are not only comedians but they are really great musicians too so I contacted them and arranged for them to fly over the morning of the wedding, crazy idea I can hear everyone saying… I know however, I knew with a winter wedding that the weather was going to be a factor and Jersey has very unpredictable weather all year round. I’ve seen summer wedding completely drowned out so I thought I would take my chance… Well Jersey experienced the worst fog the day before my wedding that they had seen in a few years. So much so flights were grounded for 3 days almost, so my band never made it sadly. The morning of the wedding we were frantically trying all possible routes but to no avail. Luckily one of my friends is a musician who was also a guest came to the rescue. We really wanted to give him a day off from playing as we’re always getting him to pull the guitar out but bless him, he pulled Matty and Aaron in and the three became my band, they were totally amazing, Adam knows me well so they played all of our favourite songs and even the guests decided to have a go at singing too.

DJ Bruce had a full list of our songs so after the band had played he continued the party playing all of our favourites. We love to dance and have fun so I wanted the music to be relevant to us so we went from Rhianna, to Janis Joplin to Dolly Parton, literally every type of music you could want to hear, he did a great job, he even managed to throw in the sopranos theme tune by Alabama 3, it was varied and each song pulled everyone onto the floor.

Mid way through the party I had organised for the Jersey Pipe band to come in and play, this was a surprise for all the guests and it was our way of bringing some Scottish tradition to the wedding, the sound of the pipes and drums was totally amazing, the emotion you could see from all our Scottish guests was truly wonderful and it was lovely watching everyone stamping their feet and clapping… although they did cut the ‘Flower of Scotland’ short, I don’t think one of us was in tune with our singing… it was a comedy moment for me…. To be fair it was quite late in the day!!


Our first dance was very unconventional, we have always had a song (no diggity by Black Street) but when we were travelling we visited Andy’s good friend who he came to Jersey with and who had since moved to Tahiti. Whilst we were there Andy came home from work one day and told me he had heard this song and it really made him think of us, the song was a Samoan song by a band called Te Vaka and the song was called Tamahana which when translated means cuddle.

When it came to the wedding we were torn as we love Tamahana but we also loved Blackstreet. Our travelling days have a massive place in our hearts for so many different reasons but when I think of Tahiti it was a time just before we suddenly lost Andy’s dad so rather than feeling sad about it, Te Vaka always bought back really good memories. We decided that we would ask Bruce to bring all of the songs together to make one first dance song. I had hidden the bars and the dance floor of the main marquee with a reveal, so when we were ready to do our first dance Andy and I sneaked behind it, Bruce started Tamahana and the reveal lifted to literally reveal Andy and I, it was hilarious, we asked Bruce to tell everyone it meant cuddle as we knew that no one would be familiar with it, then half way through he played Nina Simone’s I’m feeling good and then cut it off to play Blackstreet, this was one of my best memories of that day, as soon as the beat kicked in everyone was on the floor. It was amazing we got to play all of our songs in a way that was perfect for us.

Slate Grey

I became quite obsessed with Slate in my search for unusual wedding décor, because the wedding was in winter and my colour scheme was gray and purply pink, I had visions of using slate hearts for my name tags and I thought this would work as a thank you gift too. So my search began and my heart sank as slate is soo expensive, however, on one of my searches on Ebay I found a lady who was based in Liverpool who handmade slate anything really. I made contact and over a few emails Karen had saved the day. I was able to use mini slate hearts as my name places and double them up as my favours and Karen made larger ones that I used as my table plan for each table.

When the slate arrived we had a good few nights in writing on everyone’s name on their heart using their nickname where possible. The larger ones were a challenge as the guests kept changing during the lead up to the wedding, not everyone had rsvp’d but some had said they were coming so I didn’t want run the risk of not putting them on the table plan especially as a lot of the guests were travelling over. I incorporated our wedding invite by printing gift tags on the same paper using the pattern that was on them and attaching them to the hearts, we printed a thank you message and also an invitation to the guests to let them know that we would be having drinks the day after the wedding. I always keep favours from weddings that I have been to so I really wanted to give something that my guests could keep too.

What We Like

As mentioned I used a lot of slate, candles and photos of Andy and I, I also used some photos of our engagement pictures that Charlie and Hector kindly took for us. I had also used one of these in our invite so I wanted to show the photo at the wedding. I had also bought Andy a framed personalised ‘what we like picture’ for Valentines day from Not on the Highstreet and I made it so it really gave a perspective of what our life is like together, it looked lovely hanging in the door way next to the slate hearts with the engagement photos in. I also used loads of different candle holders that I had collected, I had bought them from different shops and charity shops, online shops, I literally picked up any thing that I thought represented Andy and I. The cake was a great piece of décor and the flowers just made it. I love the fact that although I had chosen the flowers seeing them for the first time when I walked into the marquee was amazing. I also had fire pits and lighting all around the marquee and the grounds to make the outside look as special as the inside.

This is the beauty of a marquee wedding because you can let your creativity run wild. I had help from Delta solutions who supplied the main lighting and fire and the Mr and Mrs bars, they were amazing and they literally accommodated everything I asked for.

We Can Make It Through Anything

Every bride will love her wedding but for me I learnt the biggest lesson about Andy and I on ours and I also learnt that no matter what, we can make it through anything that our life can throw at us. I mentioned the fog earlier not only did our band not make it but neither did a lot of our families, including Andy’s mum. We were a bridesmaid, 2 flower girls, a best man and 2 ushers down so the morning of the wedding was like being on a roller coaster. My family were stuck in Liverpool, some of our friends and Andy’s family had managed to get to London but that was where their journey ended.

I am Project Manager by day and a Yoga teacher by night so I knew I had to be realistic but this didn’t stop the tears on the morning or the array of different emotions I felt. I had planned everything to a T, the registrar even commented on the fact that I hadn’t left a minute for a toilet break so for me the fact that this situation was out of my control was beyond me. I had taken everything in my stride so far with all of the planning, but this was the biggest test so far. But somehow around 10am of the morning I suddenly had a realisation, I still had 90 odd guests coming, I was still marrying my Andy so either I sit and cry about the people that aren’t there or I pull my self together and enjoy my wedding and be with the people that are there!! and after that thought the day literally rocked. The fact that many people weren’t there bought everyone that was there even more together for us and that is probably the best advice I can give, everyone at your wedding is there for you. I had problems with guests the day the invites went out, people not responding, people not wanting to sit with certain people but at the end of the day no matter what this is your day and no matter what happens you will enjoy every moment of it. It is so much easier to say this now but even on the day you will realise this because you won’t stop smiling, you definitely won’t stop laughing and you most definitely won’t stop dancing.

Our wedding day was the best day of our lives, and we laughed the whole way to India and back and we’re still talking and laughing about it now. I love looking at my now husband and knowing that he is my husband and I love knowing that our wedding was about us and that every part of it represented us, yes we had more ‘hitches’ than the average wedding has but I am sure there have been worse and I am sure those brides and grooms made it out the other end just like we did, unscathed and stronger for it. We have been together for 9 years and our first wedding anniversary will essentially be our 10th anniversary and I so cannot wait to celebrate it!!!

So, don’t worry about a thing, when the day arrives, take a deep breathe and enjoy every moment, no matter what happens!!!!

Dress Pronovious

Feather Wrap Sasso Bride

Hair The Room

Shoes Christian Louboutin

Necklace Stephanie Browne via Liberty in Love

Make-up Tonic Body and Skin Therapy

Vintage Buckets The Wedding Of My Dreams

Photography We Heart Pictures

Florals Appleblossoms

Bouquets DC Bouquets

Venue Samares Manor

Cripes, I think it would be really easy to let things fall apart when so many of your nearest and dearest fail to make it to your big day. Just one single supplier cancelling last minute would probably be all I’d need set me off smashing my groomziller fists through all the lovely cakes!

But, Lisa is right. It doesn’t really matter if things don’t quite go to plan (or even if they deviate wildly from plan). Every wedding is really only about two people. Anyone else who happens to be there is a bonus.


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RMW Rates – The Wedding Of My Dreams

The Wedding Of My Dreams have regularly featured in RMW real weddings for quite some time now. Whether they are providing signage, table decor or D.I.Y inspired bits and bobs ranging from luggage labels to bunting.

Their style is spot on and so it is with great pleasure that we welcome them to The Love Lust List. The Rock My Wedding directory with a difference.

Rock My Wedding hand select and verify each of our suppliers, we know for a fact that every member of our directory has the ability to make your wedding day rock!

You can find The Wedding Of My Dreams in our National Decor & Hire category.

Check them out, and remember if you are looking for vendors and suppliers with the RMW seal of approval, the Love Lust List is only one click away via the badges in the header section.

  • The Wedding Of My Dreams

    The Wedding Of My Dreams

    t: 01676 529014
    e: info@theweddingofmydreams.co.uk

    About Us

    The Wedding Of My Dreams is an online boutique offering a unique range of wedding decorations and details to style your day. Run by a mother and daughter team each decoration has been hand selected and chosen for its style, quality and originality. Their inspiring range includes everything from quirky signs to candle sticks to table plans to bunting to DIY luggage tags and stamps…