The Wild Bride

Hindu Wedding at Sefton Park Palm House with Bride & Bridesmaids in Sarees, Plus Botanical Plants & Bright Decor by The Wild Bride Photography Pin Image

Hindu Wedding at Sefton Park Palm House with Botanical Plants & Gold Decor

BUDGET £32.5 – 35K

This Hindu wedding ceremony also know as a Vivaah Sanskar in North India and Kalyanam in South India will leave you speechless. Firstly it’s set in a beautiful botanical orangery in Liverpool with greenery and floral moon gates plus incredible customised wedding stationery and welcome signs. And secondly, it’s full of SO much fashion! The 14 bridesmaids and bride all wear colourful saree’s with henna hand art and the groomsmen dazzle in complementary sherwani suits. Everything about this wedding is goals, pure goals. Just wait until you see the mandap!

Carly & Leon Pin Image

Carly & Leon

Would you have a surprise wedding? I’ve never even considered it before, but that’s exactly what YouTube fitness vloggers Carly & Leon did…and it looked flippin’ awesome! I definitely think more people should do it. I also think more people should have a Nandos van at their wedding. I mean who doesn’t like Nandos?! I can’t think of a better food to serve hungry dancing guests.

How did the pair manage to pull off such an epic surprise? Well I’ll let them tell you that, but first of all I’ll set the scene. Guests arrived at the stunning Fishley Hall expecting to celebrate the couples joint 30th birthday. Little did they know…