Vintage Wedding Dress

Sequinned Bridesmaids Dresses | Vintage Wedding Dress | Pimhill Barn | Indie Love | Costa Sisters Productions
Sequinned Bridesmaids Dresses | Vintage Wedding Dress | Pimhill Barn | Indie Love | Costa Sisters Productions
Sequinned Bridesmaids Dresses | Vintage Wedding Dress | Pimhill Barn | Indie Love | Costa Sisters Productions
Sequinned Bridesmaids Dresses | Vintage Wedding Dress | Pimhill Barn | Indie Love | Costa Sisters Productions
Sweetheart Table
Sweetheart Table
Sequinned Bridesmaids Dresses | Vintage Wedding Dress | Pimhill Barn | Indie Love | Costa Sisters Productions
Sequinned Bridesmaids Dresses | Vintage Wedding Dress | Pimhill Barn | Indie Love | Costa Sisters Productions
Sequinned Bridesmaids Dresses | Vintage Wedding Dress | Pimhill Barn | Indie Love | Costa Sisters Productions
Sequinned Bridesmaids Dresses | Vintage Wedding Dress | Pimhill Barn | Indie Love | Costa Sisters Productions
Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Sequinned Bridesmaids Dresses | Vintage Wedding Dress | Pimhill Barn | Indie Love | Costa Sisters Productions
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Gemma & Russ

I just love the styling in this afternoon’s wedding – Gemma & Russ have created the perfect combination of rustic blooms, vintage details and travel inspired decor. And those sequinned Bridesmaids dress?! SO gorgeous, the colours are just lovely.

We also love it when a Bride sources a vintage dress and then finds something that’s absolutely perfect for her – it’s like it was meant to be! And that’s exactly what happened for Gemma. Plus she wore metallic Topshop heels, which is never a bad thing as far as we’re concerned…

Did I mention the bouquets yet? They’re pretty spectacular too! In fact the whole wedding is so awesome I’m going to stop talking and let you enjoy the images from Indie Love and the video from the wonderful Costa Sisters. Enjoy this one lovelies, there’s so much to swoon over!

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Laura & Simon

Isn’t the colour palette for Laura & Simon’s big day just gorgeous? Normally I write off pinks and purples due to a horrendous bedroom redecoration job I demanded as a 12 year old – but this, this is how to do it! The blooms are just beautiful, and totally abundant too – we love that Laura has filled every space with pretty flowers.

The adorable tea length gown Laura is wearing belonged to her Nana, whose happy relationship with her Granpa was a big inspiration to our smiley Bride – we just love stories like this 🙂 and I’m sure it would have been a lovely thought for her Nana to picture her dancing the night away in it.

Laura had the Bridesmaids dresses with that gorgeous ruffled shoulder detail made for her girls in China and don’t they look just so pretty? The perfect dress to suit her wedding party of different ages.

The photographs come from the fabulous Sarah Jane Ethan and we just love how happy everyone looks – especially Laura!

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Sam & Rob

I am having serious hair envy all over the blog this week. Honestly.

This wedding is a dream. If I was to say to you coral, peach, turquoise and purple, what would you say? “Woah! That’s a lot of colours?!’ Well… I’d say ‘in your face!’. This wedding has them all and it has them in the most perfect way possible.

Sam very helpfully tells you all the names of her flowers. There were serving platters and her choice of wine is one of my go-to’s. I would very much have enjoyed being a guest at this wedding. Sam and Rob really had it their own way and I love what they did for readings. Just lush.

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The Talk Of The Town… Part 2

Welcome back to the city of Manchester for the second installemt of “The Talk Of The Town”. Since yesterday I have actually decided that I would like to live in Manchester Town Hall please. How cool is the floor for blogs sake?

Ok, im off to investigate how I go about becoming the mayor of Manchester (I’m assuming that’s what I need to do). I will leave you in the capable hands of Jill (on the words) and Anna (pictures).

Anna Hardy

I wanted a photographer whose style I liked and also someone who would appreciate the beautifulness of Manchester Town Hall. Another main concern was that we were comfortable with the person and the photos weren’t staged! I googled wedding photos of the Town Hall and it led me to Anna Hardy’s blog. From looking at her collection of photos, lovely write ups and speaking and meeting with Anna, we knew that she was the one! I knew that we would feel comfortable with her being part of our day – and it was like she was a guest! What she produced was a collection of beautiful photos that are like a story of the day and exactly the style of photography we were looking for – amazing!

Cup Winners

My close friend Rachel made our wedding cupcakes. We (and the other family members) sampled many trial batches of different flavours and toppings and we voted for her carrot cake cupcakes with vanilla frosting. They looked and tasted absolutely delicious! (And they freeze! – So we had wedding cakes on our return from our honeymoon! Ha!)

Hey Mr DJ

The entertainment was one of the most difficult things for us to choose. We were worried as we felt that a DJ can make or break a wedding reception. We decided on a DJ that would accept a playlist but also notice what the dance floor were enjoying. Chris found a company on the internet called DJs4Weddings and we provided them with our playlist of songs that the guests had requested and our own favourites and crossed our fingers! Luckily the DJ was really good and everybody – including me in my heels – was up dancing all night!

George Is Best

Our first dance was ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by George Harrison/The Beatles. As we have been together a long time and like all genres of music we don’t really have ‘a song’. We didn’t want a particularly modern or a typical first dance song. We both love this song and one of Chris’s only requests for the day was that this song be used somewhere as he wanted to be able to think of our wedding when they do occasionally play this song on the radio.

Wish Tree

We had our florists design a wish tree instead of a guest book. We also arranged to have a projector with a slide show displaying pictures of us together from our youth to now.

Final Thoughts

What made our wedding special was that we had it how we wanted and didn’t follow traditions like a formal wedding breakfast. We also invited only the people that are truly special to us and had influenced or been a big part of our lives in some way. It was a celebration of family and friends and having the little ones there gave the evening a lovely family vibe too!



Get a Costa Coffee Club Card – my mum and I, on our many trips out to look at florists, dresses, shoes, make up etc. would religiously ‘need’ a coffee and a piece of cake! You could earn millions of reward points! Ha!

Photographer Anna Hardy

Venue Manchester Town Hall and White Hart Inn at Lydgate

Accessories Halo and Jenny Wicks

Boutique Cocu

Shoes Allora by Rainbow Couture

Flowers Verdure

Entertainment DJs4Weddings

I love those shots from the dance floor, love the venue, love that short vintage dress, love love love the photography. Oh and Iove George Harrison too, he’s my bestest Beatle… what else?

Erm… Carrot cake. Cup cake carrot cake is genius.

Bye for now,

Adam (Mayor of Manchester).

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Dolly Pop… Part 1

Well, Hello Dolly 😉

We said we wanted to inspire you… and by that we mean ALL of you, so we weren’t messing around when we said we wanted to play with some different themes. And the one I was most excited about? Dolly Pop.

You see, I’m a sucker for colour. Bold, bright, juicy, punchy, every-colour-of-the-rainbow hues. Think candy colours, sorbet shades and beautiful brights. I love it all and if you do too, then Dolly Pop is for you.

We compined Pop-Art, Pop-Culture, Eye popping brights and fun fashion.

I hope you like.

Doll Face

As I said, Dolly Pop was all about colour, and we wanted to show that doesn’t have to stop at the accessories for W-day. After Charlotte’s Spring time beauty Queen with a fresh green eye went down a treat we thought, why not rock green for bridal, and charged Katy with creating a wearable green bridal eye. A pop of coral on the lip finished off a modern face for a youthful and fun bride…

It’s over to the talented and super-lovely Katy Messer (Make Up By Katy) to share more Dolly beauty secrets…

My brief here was to keep it fresh but vibrant and I loved showing that a sheer wash of a bright colour can be so wearable and flattering! I circled the eye with a mid-toned green that I pressed on denser at the lashes and then buffed out towards the brow bone. This was lifted with a slightly lighter shade of green at the inner corners and I placed individual lashes from Ardell all along the lashline to add volume but at the same time keeping it fluttery and natural.

Whilst the eyes were very soft and sheer, I wanted to inject some real colour on the lip. I started by lining the lips with a Laura Mercier lip pencil in Petunia, keeping the edge clean and sharp and filling in the whole lip (this increases longevity and helps lipstick wear evenly) and then I layered 2 thin coats of OCC Lip Tar in Memento all over and blotted.


I won’t lie, this is an idea I have been dying to use since we shared The Soho-Sexy with you… but taking it one step further, part tongue in cheek, part full on fun, we wanted to reference Minnie Mouse with a stand out bow style, right on top of Chara’s head.

It might seem a little comical for W-day and as with everything on these pages, it’s about finding something that’s you, but this Dolly is fun-loving, quirky and individually stylish. The bow makes a perfect base for adding a short veil for more retro styling and continues the theme working with such a fabulously feminine yet flirty dress.

Cassandra did a wonderful job of putting the brief into action and here’s how she went about it!

Chara surely Popped her Dolly Pop look with a Disney Minnie Mouse inspired Massive Bow and a large Bun. I neatly combed her hair into a sleek high ponytail which was split into two sections and pinned to create the Bow effect. With Chara’s second look I back combed her hair as Big as possible but kept it in the high ponytail to create the bun. I then smoothed her hair out and pinned it in place to give the bun a sleek apperance. (More on this look later…)

Let’s Play Dolly Dress-Up

There was only one choice for Dolly Pop when it came to frocks and that was short. However that’s not to say all short dresses have to be big-skirted… but more on that later. 😉

The very first dress that popped into my head? This lace and tulle, swinging skirted creating by Morgan Davies Bridal’s own label. The very lovely Annaliza at Morgan Davies Bridal was kind enough to loan us this one (and as a matter of fact the other version of the same dress with a more solid, silk taffeta skirt). We loved the vintage look lace and neckline, retro skirt, feminine layers tulle and the adaptable nature of this dress. It would work just as well in a much more restrained theme but worked perfectly with the fun factor we wanted to inject here.

Of course, there are some absolute must have’s when you’re wearing such a fun outfit, killer colour-pop heels, the shorter retro-look veil we mentioned above (also from Morgan Davies) and some serious swishing!

We chose some lime green suede skyscrapers from Dorothy Perkins to subtly pick up on the make-up, (very kindly loaned by my friend Jess.) They’re last Summers collection, but lucky for you guys, you can find similar in any high street store currently while colour-blocking remains a huge trend.

Accessories were of the juicy but plastic-fantastic variety, picking up on the pop art theme and props we used. The Button Bracelet was by Blue Pebble from NOTHS and also had a matching necklace.

The scrabble rings (you can choose any letter combination you fancy!) were from Rock N Rose.

Dolly Pop was also an exercise in how to have fun with your decor. More and more, Brides are turning their attention to really ‘styling’ the venue, with tables laden with photos, vintage trinkets and cakes. But it doesn’t have to be all about pearls and cake-stands! Particularly if that’s not your style. We used retro style kitchen memorabilia and edibles (Fluff from Selfridges and a Mason Jar filled with Love Hearts) along with single flower heads scattered on the table top and a stylish clock. The important thing is to pick out your co-hesive colours and work them together, candy pink, sky blue on a background of mixed pastels – this little arrangement was almost leaning towards a 50’s American Diner feel, but whatever portrays your personal style will work just as well.

Sorbet Scoops

Charlotte and I don’t pretend to have a structured approach to planning these shoots… more often than not they’re the product of brainstorming madly and bouncing ideas around like ping pong balls, while flashes of inspiration hit us like a virtual light bulb switching on above our heads. So here’s a little peep inside my mind…

…Pop – Colour Pop – Spots – Round – Dots – Balls – Brights – Buttons – Bouquet – Ranunculas…

…I told you it was a little bit random!

So for Dolly Pop’s bouquet and their perfect little swirly rounded scoops of sorbet shaded petals, we couldn’t beat a packed dome of ranunculas in shades of mango, peach, coral, lemon, cream and pale green tinges. I’m a little bit in love with this bouquet, this colour scheme.

I’m a little bit in love with this Dolly.

Photographer – Julia Boggio

Bouquet – Robbie Honey

Hair – Cassandra Rizzuto (Love Your Hair)

Make Up – Katy Messer (Make Up By Katy)

Venue – Nonsuch Mansion, Cheame, Surry.

Dress – Morgan Davies at Morgan Davies Bridal

Veil – Morgan Davies Bridal

Shoes – High Street

Button Bracelet – Blue Pebble at NOTHS

Dolly Pop Letters – Alphabet at Pedlars

Pink Lady Art Work – Jasper Goodall

Scrabble Rings – Rock N Rose

Fluff – Selfridges

Mug – Find similar at Pedlars

Styling – Rock My Wedding

And you know what? We’re not done yet. Dolly Pop was so cool we’ve got a whole other look to share with you all, coming right up later. Pop Chic meets Pop Art and oodles more colour.

Yours (I’m Dolly Pop) Truly,


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And The Bride Wore Peach….part 2

Part two of this peachy dream has possibly one of the greatest group shots ever……. kisses for 50c anyone?

And how about serving some of your favourite fruity cocktails at your evening reception? puts your personal stamp on the day and is certain to be a sure fire hit with guests.

Jo and Luke’s London Big Day was full of unique details, glamorous touches and fantastic fun, all captured to perfection by Julia Boggio.

Enjoy Lovelies.

Capturing The Magic

The exceptional Julia Boggio was our photographer and she is just magical!

Sophisticated Stationery

The tables looked amazing – the menus and place cards were completed by our stationer Hello!Lucky and personalised to each guest. My friend Jo scribed the table plan on a blackboard to match the stationery motifs which looked brilliant!

Glamorous and Elegant Inspiration

Zoe Lingard: The East Gallery of One Marylebone has the most beautiful crystal chandeliers and we took our inspiration for the tables from them; glamorous and elegant. We used gorgeous damask linens, cut glass chargers and glasses and art-deco style cutlery. Each guest was given their own personalised menu/place card which was folded into the napkin and accented with a paper pinwheel to add a touch of whimsy.

A Work Of Art

Our cake was by Maisie Fantasie, Lemon cake with rose petal jelly, coffee with coffee butter cream and Ginger cake with white chocolate ganache butter cream.

Maisie created a bespoke design taking inspiration from our stationery. It was perfect and a real work of art!

A Fruity Reception

We had a band called Abnormally Funky who were brilliant – Zoe found them for us. In the evening we also hired a bar from Bash Bars which was lit using pink and purple to match the lighting that was used in the dancing space.

The bar was manned with mixologists and they served: Peach Cosmopolitans, Rose Mojitos, Raspberry Belinis, Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Daiquiri’s

Favourite Moments And Useful Advice

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful with the hundreds of tea lights and music (we walked up the aisle to ‘here comes the sun’ by the Beatles). Luke’s sister Laura singing Adele ‘Make You Feel My Love’ was so moving in the ceremony. The dinner was lovely (the room look amazing!) and the speeches from my Dad, Luke’s Dad and Luke were perfect.

My best piece of advice would be to hire a wedding planner – and preferably Zoe Lingard – she is absolutely fantastic and completely helped Luke and I achieve everything we wanted. In the week preceding the wedding everyone commented how calm I was and that was purely down to Zoe! I knew she had everything under control so we could relax and enjoy ourselves.

And finally, just savour every moment of the day as it goes so quickly!

Stationery – Hello! Lucky

Cake – Maisie Fantasie

Cocktail Bar – Bash Bars

Band – Abnormally Funky

Wedding Planner – Zoe Lingard

Venue – One Marylebone

Photographer – Julia Boggio

I would very much like a raspberry bellini right now please ( and yes I do realise it is a Thursday morning but…..you only live once right?)

With huge thanks to Jo, Luke, Zoe and Julia for sharing this gorgeous W-day with Rock My Wedding.

Big Peachy Love

Charlotte xxx

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The Perfect Design…..part 2

Well then.

Where do I begin?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many times I pour over a W-day submission there are always lovely new things amongst the images I have missed and Katie and Harley’s Big Day may just be the greatest example yet. Even after completing the templates, editing, editing some more……there were still so many gorgeous decor surprises that I couldn’t stop looking.

A bicycle decorated with bunting, a retro radio, old cinema tickets, the prettiest ( and most unique) table plan, a chintzy lampshade, a step ladder laden with blooms…….the list is endless.

The Bride and Groom, wedding planner Lauren at Florence Blue and photographer Lee Robbins created what is a definitely a W-day with the Wow factor.

Enjoy Lovelies.

Journey’s And Jazz

We had a big red london bus to take guests from the museum which started the entertainment off. We had a fabulous silhouette artist who walked round and created the most amazing silhouettes of the guests to take away. My friend Mary Morris marymorrismusic@gmail.com and Dom Stichbury domstichbury@gmail.com were a jazz duo and sang and played piano to entertain guests in the afternoon tea section of the day. Lovely jazzy numbers.

We also had Metropolis which is one of Harley’s favorite films playing in the background.

Afternoon Treats

We had afternoon tea with delicious cakes made by Jo Nelson Angel Cakes angel_cakes@blueyonder.co.uk and biscuits from Bettys (which Harleys family often go to in Yorkshire) so we didn’t want to have another cake for after the meal as it might have been a bit cake overload. So being total cheese lovers we went for a ‘cheese’ tower cake from Country Cheeses in Devon (down the road from where my family are from)

The design museum laid out lots of apples and crackers so it was an amazing cheese tower with all the trimmings. Our cake topper was a little wire bike, we both are keen cyclists so this fitted in perfectly!

The Perfect Design

Lauren at Florenceblue managed the decoration of the Design Museum along with, Rebecca Nee who is the Events Executive at the museum. They were both amazing and worked so hard to make it all run smoothly.. By the time I met with Lauren a few months before the wedding, pretty much most of the details had been decided but Lauren was key in the afternoon part at the Design Museum and brought it all together on the day and made it all work brilliantly.

We wanted something whimsical, vintage, meets London chic and as the room at the design museum was a modern blank canvas there was lots to do. We decided on a vintage afternoon high tea with a cozy, living room feel where guests could be entertained, soak up the atmosphere and get some refreshments. Lauren found a great vintage shop in Wimbledon which provided us with old vintage tins, blankets, old bike, cups and saucers, chairs, dressers, stools, bookshelf, cake stands, coffee table, old suitcases, ladder and much more. We used furniture and more props from Drink Shop & Do in Kings Cross.

There was a soft seating area for guests to hang out, then a massive table of cakes and biscuits. We didn’t serve champagne till later in the afternoon so we provided warming whisky macs that were set up in the room for people to help themselves. There was a vintage Bureau where we put our guest book with old polaroid cameras for guests to add their photos and comments of the day. I made hot water bottle covers that were in keeping with the room style so that guests could sit outside with them as the weather was cold and take in the amazing views at the Design Museum.

I also made some little bespoke Harley and Katie tickets which guests were given, as guests were able to go round the museums exhibitions for free. Lauren made little bike themed paper cake flags and paper chains for decoration.

The room was lit beautifully with fairy lights and uplighters and festoon lights by Colin Head at Ash Event Productions Ltd

D.I.Y Decor

The restaurant was not changed too much as the view in the room is fantastic and does all the work. It was drenched in candle light which set the mood beautifully. I bought a load of little glass bottles which Lauren from Florenceblue used to put simple flowers on the tables. The table names were our favorite ales that they had tried or that just had a great name! I designed an ale label for each table which I stuck to painted white sticks which had the table names on.

I also designed the menus and wrote peoples names on little luggage labels which Lauren then tied up all together so everyone had a little package of napkin, menu and name tag as they sat at the table.

Food For Thought

The food was absolutely amazing and we went for big plates of salads for everyone to share on the tables and then big sharing beef pies and mash so everyone to get stuck into it. To accompany the pie we used a local ale company which brew there own beers, The Kernal Brewery

They were delicious and really great using another small company just starting out. Melissa Sargin and staff plus head chef Jeremy Lee worked so hard and fantastically to make the day be totally brilliant.

Stylish Blooms

The reception flowers were done by the wonderful talents of Jessica Phillips vidafloraweddings@yahoo.com. They were also in keeping with the season and fitted in with the style at the Museum.

The wedding felt extremely special to us as so much of it was so much about the two of us. As I am a designer I designed the invites and stationery which immediately set the tone of the wedding. We both wanted it to be a lot of fun and whilst still staying within the traditional wedding boundaries we also wanted to put a little twist on it and give all the guests a day to remember.

We also wanted it to have that home spun feeling as much as possible even in quite a modern setting at the Design Museum. St Paul’s was incredible and we felt extremely privileged to be able to get married there. We wanted something very London which the Design Museum gave us as the Thames view was perfect with Tower Bridge, The Gherkin and the City. We were keen to use small independent businesses in our wedding and some that were just starting out, it felt good helping those businesses grow and felt more unique.

We also were aware that if there was a friend with a skill that could help out it also made the day much more personal and unique to us. However much hard work it is I think the more you can do yourself and as a couple the greater satisfaction you get from the day and it feels like you are giving your guests a little part of you and what you represent as a newly married couple.

The Greatest Advice

The biggest advice we can give is soak it all up, enjoy it and have fun. We laughed all day and stayed in the moment rather than stressing about the next step, as by that point the best thing you can do is take a deep breathe, soak it all up and enjoy.

Silhouette Artist – Alison Russell

Biscuits –Bettys

Cheese Tower – Country Cheeses

Wedding Planner – Lauren at Florence Blue

Reception Venue – The Design Museum

Vintage Finds – Nicholas And Steele

Lighting – Ash Event Productions Ltd

Photographer – Lee Robbins

I know. So much pretty to take in.

I suggest you come back and have a second look, and maybe even a third…….

Big Vintage Inspired At Its Best Here On RMW Love

Charlotte xxx

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The Perfect Design…..Part 1

Photographer Lee Robbins last W-day to be featured on RMW was a sure fire hit and Katie and Harley’s city chic affair is definitely going to follow suit. The fashion is both glamorous and accessible and the pretty pale blooms add the perfect dose of modern and feminine charm…….

And that is what the entire event is like, perfectly executed and perfectly designed. In fact, the reception details are like nothing I have ever seen before, a whole host of unique ideas and vintage-inspired va va voom.

Katie and Harley were married at St Paul’s Cathedral with a reception at The Design Museum, Shad, Thames. Katie is a book cover designer and illustrator and all of the stylish stationery is her very own handy work.


Oh how we love to make your Monday’s memorable 😉

A Lifetime Of Beauty

I decided to do my own makeup. I went to Liberties a few weeks before the wedding and got a trial makeover at the Laura Mercier counter. I have never owned a huge amount of make up but the trial was a great way to try things out and see what suited me and then a bought quite a few of the items for the wedding and the great thing is I also have makeup that should last me a lifetime!

It was just so nice myself and my bridesmaids all doing our own makeup together, chatting, it was just great fun and memories I will keep forever.

Vintage Shoe Candy

My Shoes were from a vintage shop just off Brick Lane. Silver peep toe not too high beauties.

My hair was done by Steven at Clipso London It was a very friendly place and worked perfectly as myself and my bridesmaids went there on the day and we all got excellent service. I wanted something very me, and so just pinning the front part back is something I often do but done professionally it made me feel like a bride but still very much me.

Something Borrowed Something Old

I borrowed my best friends sparkly hair clip which went in to clip my fringe back. My friend who designs bridesmaid dresses and does alterations and wedding accessories made my beautiful veil for me as a wedding present , Genevieve Leicester-Thackara. I wanted something soft and feminine to add to my dress as I walked down the isle. My engagement ring was my great grandmothers and a friend of a friend is an antique jewellery dealer and she found me my victorian antique wedding band.

She was amazingly helpful and talented at finding the perfect ring.

Vintage Meets Modern

We hired best men and ushers suits from Moss Bross to match in with the groom so they wore grey. And their ties matched into the colour of the bridesmaids. Bridesmaids dresses were from Reiss. Colour scheme ended up being a deep teal ocean blue for the bridesmaids. Teal for ushers and best men ties. Grey suits and white for me!.

The Groom wore a dog tooth grey 3 piece wool suit we bought from Suit Supply. A slim fitting suit which had the right feel of vintage classic meets modern.

Glamorous And Elegant

My Dress was from Babyceylon in Notting Hill. It felt vintage but modern and fitted perfectly. It was approx £150 which was amazingly good value for such a beautiful dress. I loved the elegance with an element of chic 40’s glam which was just the look I was after.

White On White

My bouquets/buttonholes were done by Aflorum florist in Kings Cross. I was keen to have flowers in season. We went for white hellebores and ranunculus which I love and they looked beautiful on the day.

Second Time Lucky

When organising the Design Museum we needed someone to set up one of the reception rooms as we could not get to it the day before or obviously on the day. I googled wedding planners to see if I could hire any help. I came across Florenceblue’s website and knew that Lauren could help me out as her style was just what I loved.

Lauren suggested Lee Robbins as we had another photographer double book us so we were on the hunt for a photographer who was available at short notice and style I was interested in.

Lee’s photos had a real sensitivity, romantisism, slightly quirky and excitement which I was immediately drawn too. After speaking with him I knew he got what sort of look I was after and he was fantastic, friendly and really hard working but also a really good chap to have around on your wedding day. We were really glad we had been double booked as it meant we had Lee on board!

Hair – Steven at Clipso

Veil – Genevieve Designs

Groomsmen’s Suits – Moss Bros

Maids Dresses – Reiss

Brides Gown – Babyceylon

Florist –Aflorum

Stationery – Katie Tooke

Photographer – Lee Robbins

Now I may be biased because I actually purchased the Reiss dress myself earlier in the year….. but how very lovely are the bridesmaids?

And a wedding gown for £150?!

Bargain of the century me thinks.

Just make sure you don’t miss part 2 lovelies. It’s pretty darn special.

Big We’re All About The Design Love

Charlotte xxx

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What Laura Did…..Mrs DoubtFire Rocks My World.

Well, dear Rock My Wedding readers, in the last few weeks I’ve been a busy bee. Industrious is not the word. We Are Officially Getting There on the wedding plannage front. Hurrah!

First off, there have been the dress fittings. You may remember that in my first blog, I wrote at length about the experience of finding The One. No, not the fella – The Dress. And after a trek around the High Street, heading ‘dahn Font’ill Rawd’ with my mum and Aunty Philomena and an afternoon in a vintage wedding dress shop, I decided on a dressmaker.

My mum found her and set up a meeting with her in a local haberdashery shop. It was a bit like a blind date. Armed with a sketch of a dress I’d drawn in the back of a car, I arrived with some trepidation. What does a dressmaker look like, anyway?

Well, as it turns out, my dressmaker looks a bit like Mrs Doubtfire. Cool. And within about four seconds, she’d put me right at ease.

“Oo, a short dress? Stunning, man. Elegant. Proper vintage. Ah can just imagine it, pet.” (A Geordie Mrs Doubtfire, perhaps…) “Now, love, you need to trust us. It’s me business to make you look fab.u.lous. If you don’t look fab.u.lous as a bride, ah divvn’t look fab.u.lous as a dressmaker. So trust us.”

So trust her I did. She starting flinging different types of lace and satin all over the table and I started sifting through them like Goldilocks. Too plain, too glittery – ah, this one’s just right. Too shiny, too matte – ah, this one’s just right. She talked through the design and starting asking me some technical questions and pleats and hems and waistlines. I shrugged and gesticulated and sketched some more.And so on my first fitting a couple of months later, I tried on a cotton outline of the dress that she’d crafted. We pinned the skirt in to make it sharper and added capped sleeves. She shortened the length and brought it to my knees. We experimented with a little satin sash around the middle and hacked away at the neckline. And suddenly what had looked like a frayed cotton sack started to take on the shape of my ideal dress.

She’s the stuff of fairytales – seriously.

Dress fitting number two and the cotton dress had been transformed into an unfinished satin-and-lace version. Again, I wriggled into it, she pinned it at the back, and with a few strokes of her scissors and pins the dress started to take shape again. Shall we line the sleeves? Let’s see what it would look like. Oo, yes please. Would this look better with a couple of pleats here? Yup, I like it. I insisted I wanted it shorter– then when I tried it on with my nude Carvela heels that were standing in as wedding shoes, it just looked wrong. A bit of scrambling around on the floor and a few pins later and Mrs Doubtfire had it looking shipshape. And then my favourite bit – pinning on the glorious little seed-pearl and sequined motifs – just a few – around the neckline and fastening on the fancy edging. Eek. Oh my.

And, do you know, she is BARGAINOUS. I won’t be too specific, but put it this way. I was debating wedding shoes and was considering a pair of super-snazzy Laboutins. The pair I was looking at were an eye-watering £440. I decided against them on the basis that they were more expensive than my dress.

Yessir. That’s right. We’re not being tight or owt, as Yorkshire Boy might say, but with 200 guests we’re cutting a few corners here and there. And I’m super-happy with my dress which is the MOST important thing for any gal getting married – but I’m also super-happy with the price. Bonus!

Next off, We Have Booked Our Honeymoon. Oh yes. We pondered and discussed and fell out a couple of times, but now we’ve decided on a week in Northumberland. We got engaged there, it holds deliriously happy memories for the both of us and once we got past the pressure of We Have To Have The Best Holiday Ever, we started thinking about what we really wanted to do and what we really loved.

And look at where we’re staying:

I know. Isn’t it lovely?

Admittedly, the decision-making process was influenced by the fact that my sister is getting married in September (I know – two weddings in five weeks – my poor parents) and her fiancé is Indian, therefore next Christmas we’ll all be jetting off to Bangalore for a fortnight for some belated celebrations with his family. Then Bedford and I will sneak off for a week somewhere in the South of India possibly. Glorious.

So if it chucks it down for a week in Northumberland I won’t be upset. Well, not TOO upset, anyway.

Add into the mix sorting our invitations, meeting our photographer and wedding co-ordinator, discussing menus endlessly, ordering a cake, discussing favours, attending an obligatory wedding preparation course and RUNNING LIKE A DEVIL in order to tone, tone, TONE that bod, and you’ll have an idea of how busy things have been!

Who’d have thought planning ONE DAY would take so much time and effort?!

Finally, I have some questions for the always-supportive RMW community. Firstly, a conundrum. To paraphrase Hamlet’s existential crisis, my query is thus: ‘To fake tan or not to fake tan?’ Whaddya reckon? My Celtic roots mean that I’m PALE, man. Paler than pale. And not in a particularly ‘pale and interesting’ way – just a pale-and-freckly-and-occasionally-a-bit-red-faced way. I don’t want to look like a bronzed Californian goddess – but neither do I want to look a bit sickly and consumptive. I’ve never had a spray tan (too scared by the Ross from Friends tan incident, I fink) but I’ve occasionally used self-tanners (nowt seriously posh) and ended up looking a big ol’ streaky mess. And smelling a bit like a digestive biscuit. Anyone got any fake tanning products/places to recommend to a (very pale, slightly anxious) spray tan virgin? Or do I just leave it and stick to being pale and ‘me’?

Secondly, has anyone ever been to the South of India? Or India generally – we’re not that tied to a particular spot yet. Where would y’all recommend to visit/stay/go/do/eat/drink etc?
Muchos appreciation.

Big I-Heart-Mrs-Doubtfire-the-Dressmaker Love,

Laura xx