Waterford Crystal

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Heirloom Wedding Gifts From Waterford

There’s no escaping it – however much you protest your family and friends love to buy you wedding presents. We know for many couples just having those you love in attendance is gift enough, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to spoil you! Buying something special that will become a family heirloom is a lovely idea – it’s heart warming to read about Brides wearing their Nana’s wedding dress, or jewellery, or having an antique family veil customised that has been worn by several generations of women. Or how about cut glass stem vases for your flowers that you remember from your Great Aunties house, or a vintage cake stand that your parents would use for special occasions?

There’s definitely a special connection between weddings and family heirlooms. So why not continue that tradition with gorgeous pieces from Waterford crystal? These are elegant, timeless glassware that will make your home special and form the backdrop to your family life, always reminding you of the best day of your lives.