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DIY Doughnut Wall Pin Image

Doughnut Wall: DIY in Less Than 5 Minutes

The doughnut wall has taken the world of weddings by storm. If you’ve decided to hire or buy a board to position doughnuts on then it’s very easy to set up your own wall. However, if you’re opting to DIY your own board then it could take you a few hours to knock together.
Today’s tutorial shows you how to create a show-stopping wedding doughnut wall in minutes. Yes minutes! All you need to do is ditch the board and grab yourself a mirror instead.
Adam shot this post on the hottest day of the year and the display held up very well. My top tip would be to make sure your hooks are secured well otherwise you may find a rogue doughnut or two at the bottom of your display!

Hanging Wedding Hoop installation styled by Rustic RentalsImage by Nick Walker Photography Pin Image

Wedding Hoops Inspiration

Simple, opulent, rustic, chic, handmade or professionally styled… The trend for wedding hoops is going strong. The applications of this beautiful symbol of union and eternity have been wide and varied. From striking ceiling installations to table plans and bouquets. Whilst it’s possible to DIY these beauties for your wedding day, if you want to outsource the responsibility (you’ve got enough on your plate) or if you want a more ambitious take on hoop decor such as the moon gate or a complex hanging display, our handpicked directory of florists can help you find the talent to take on that task. And in case you need some inspiration shots to take along to meetings with your chosen florist, here is a gallery full of beautifully styled wedding hoops.

Confetti Exit by Miss Gen Photography Pin Image

12 Wedding Confetti Ideas (All Biodegradable)

Wedding confetti!!! There’s a reason that every single confetti image we get is filled with giant smiles from the bride and groom. It’s just SO fun!! Likewise, your friends and family also get heaps of delight out of throwing confetti into the air in celebration.

Most venues now will require that if you’re using confetti that it’s biodegradable (and rightly so), but even then some can be reluctant to allow confetti at all, so always make sure you check with your venue. But once the due diligence is done, it’s down to the fun planning part. What to throw?! Well, we’ve got 12 alternative wedding confetti ideas for you below (as well as a heap of joyous inspiration images!). 

Wedding Details - Make Your Wedding Extra Pin Image

Wedding Details – Make Your Wedding Extra

When it comes to planning your big day, covering all the essentials is fun. But adding in the unexpected extras for guests is THE BEST. That feeling you get when you create wedding details that you know will have everyone laughing, talking and having a great time? All the loved up, proud feels. And lucky for you we’ve rounded up a bunch of wedding details, little and large, that will blow you (and your guests) away. They’re all showcased on our handpicked supplier directory, The List, and for very good reason. As you’re about to see…

How to create a confetti cone station for under £25 Pin Image

How to Make a DIY Confetti Cone Station for Under £25

If you’re planning on using confetti at your wedding then a gorgeous touch (and lovely talking point) is to create a confetti station from which guests can help themselves to their own cones of confetti. It’s a super easy, fun and affordable DIY that only takes a couple of hours. Get your bridesmaids involved and you’ll have whipped one up quicker than you can say Confetti Cone Station…

Acrylic Wedding Inspiration Perspex Wedding Table Plan | Wedding Ideas | Wedding Planning | Helaina Storey | Samuel Docker Photography Pin Image

Acrylic: The Transparent Wedding Trend You NEED at Your Celebration

The beautiful, transparent acrylic wedding trend has been slowly gracing our pages for a while now, but we think it’s high time it was catapulted into weddings everywhere in 2019. From table plans and signs, right through to name place settings, menu cards and even invitations, it quite happily takes on many guises. We love to see it etched or adorned with beautifully written calligraphy, and whether your wedding is ultra-modern, traditional or rustic there’s a place for this versatile wedding decor amongst it. Our handpicked supplier directory, The List, is filled with every supplier type you will need to set your acrylic dreams alight, so let us take a look at these inspirational ideas from our Stationers and Planners & Stylists to inspire your own use of acrylic, perspex and lucite details.

DIY floral heart wreath decor/photo backdrop for under £50 Pin Image

How to Create a DIY Floral Heart Wreath Backdrop for Your Wedding in Under an Hour and For Less Than £50

At your wedding, squillions of photos will be taken. SQUILLIONS. And what could make for a prettier backdrop to alllll the pictures than a floral heart wreath installation? And best of all, it can be done for under £50…

Wedding Signs You Need For Your Big Day Pin Image

Five Signs You Need For Your Wedding Day

Who doesn’t love a beautiful crafted, hand written sign? We’re signage obsessed here at RMW and love how they can bring together your wedding styling beautifully. Use the same font as your wedding stationery, tie in your colour scheme and the final result will be cohesive, gorgeous and super stylish.

Use signs to tell you guests what’s going on, where to go when and what they will be eating. Our favourite ideas include the ‘unplugged ceremony’ sign – where guests are told to put those pesky phones away during the ceremony, and the dance floor rules post as seen in the Rock My Wedding book, Your Day Your Way. For more ideas we love, read on…