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Rebel and The Rose – Creative Floristry and Wedding Flowers

We pride ourselves on presenting you the very best suppliers and florist Rebel and the Rose is well and truly up there with the finest! We’ll hand over to Esther to talk more around the creative process for creating stunning wedding flowers.

I’m a firm believer that all creatives have a rebellious streak. I like to wear mine proudly, and I urge all my couples to do the same. Since starting my floristry business four years ago, I have learned that the sorts of wedding flowers that spark my creativity and passion are those that you won’t find on Pinterest. I have no interest in doing what’s been done before, and neither should you – you’re not living someone else’s fairy tale, you’re writing your own.

Anemone Bouquet Pin Image

Anemone Bouquet and Floral Arrangements with Grey & Gold Wedding Decor

This stunning Anemone bouquet complements this rustic-luxe inspiration perfectly, proving it’s as versatile as it is pretty. Typically in season from October through to May. These beauties come in a variety of colours, including crisp white as portrayed, which looks stunning against the grey, gold and wood decor.

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Summer Wedding Flowers – Inspiration From The List

Summer is just magical, isn’t it? It’s the height of wedding season for good reason. Longer, brighter nights perfect for partying. Warmer temperatures and (hopefully) less rain. But probably most notably in the world of florists and stylists, the landscape just bursts to life as the choice of blooms for summer wedding flowers explodes. From the early release of big pillowy peonies, to the abundance of white sprays of delicate tiny blossoms, summer is the perfect time to play with scale, colour and texture. And with such an array of blooms to choose from, the only problem is… Where to start? 

We hope you can find some inspiration in the beautiful images laced throughout this post. And if you’re in the process of turning inspiration into reality, consult The List for our handpicked choice of florists up and down the country to help you design the floral focus of your big day. 

Peach and White Wedding Flowers Pin Image

Romantic Peach and White Wedding Flowers with Bride in a Lace Atelier Eme Wedding Dress

When your first reaction when you look at a wedding is a huge swoon, you know it’s going to be a good one. The tranquillity and beauty of the Italian villa mixed with the elegance of the peach and white wedding flowers and sophistication of the bride’s lace wedding dress is a force to be reckoned with. You’ll instantly want to be transported there, and will find yourself pinning all the beautiful blooms before you can say peachy!

Daisy Ellen Flowers Autumn Wedding Bouquet Image By Kim Williams Pin Image

Autumn Wedding Flowers – Inspiration From The List

Is your wedding booked for the Autumn months? Well, you lucky devil. The blooms of summer might be less abundant, but what replaces them is a resplendent display of rich tones and sculptural textures, found only in Autumn wedding flowers. Whether you choose to embrace the traditionally warm reds and oranges, decide to take advantage of the deep jewel colours or prefer a simple neutral or pastel palette, an expert florist will be able to guide you through the blooms available during this transition season. 

diy wedding centerpiece with mini glass vases and bottles and single stems of brightly coloured spring flowers on a linen tablecloth Pin Image

DIY Wedding Centerpiece {How to Create Your Own Showstopping Florals on a Budget}

If I were getting married in the summer, or at any time in the foreseeable future for that matter, THIS is how I’d be doing the wedding flowers for the tables. It’s super easy (get your bridesmaids involved and you’ll have those tables decorated in no time), effective and best of all, it won’t break the bank. And it looks hella romantic. Here’s how you can create your own DIY wedding centerpiece.

Blush & Burgundy Floral Fairytale Wedding at Grittleton House Planned & Styled by Jennifer Louise Weddings with Floral Arch. Katherine Yiannaki Photography Pin Image

Fairytale Wedding Inspiration with Blush & Burgundy Wedding Flowers

This quite aptly titled ‘under a floral spell‘ fairytale wedding inspiration, with its romantic blush and burgundy colour scheme, dreamy tablescape, and beautiful floral arch is nothing short of spectacular. Instantly transporting you into a place of love and wonderment. And instantly filling your hearts and Pinterest board with amazing ideas.

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Blow-The-Budget Wedding Florals {From RMW’s The List}

If you read RMW regularly, you’ll know we’re big fans of flowers. If you can find another way of decorating a venue so beautifully, then I’ll eat my (wedding) hat. We’re seeing bigger, bolder and more exciting ways to use florals than ever before.

It’s all about installations, hanging displays and garlands, with people choosing to spend less on favours, gifts and fashion in order to blow the floral budget.

You’ll find lots of incredible florists on our recommended supplier directory, with different price points, but today it’s all about making a statement…

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Introducing Emma Soulsby Flowers

Amanda Karen Photography

Amanda Karen Photography

I first met the lovely Emma Soulsby around three and a half years ago on a floral course in London. She was so kind, passionate and hard working (dropping off flowers before a full day’s work if I remember correctly) that I was utterly delighted when fate brought our paths together again – and this time we got to have a proper chat. Emma has worked as a florist for a long time, honing her skills and developing her style, so she’s by no means new to the industry, but it’s wonderful to see her rebrand as Emma Soulsby Flowers and to share her floristry talents with you all. Not only does Emma create floral magic, but she’s also the kind of woman you want to be your friend. She’s passionate, genuine and an excellent wine drinking companion. If florals are a really important part of your wedding day, then Emma is the girl for you. Here’s a little more from Emma and some photos from her recent launch event…