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With ‘Wedding Weekends’ becoming more and more popular, we are well aware that you’re often providing food for your wedding guests both before and after the day itself. I think it’s fair to say that M&S is the ‘go to’ when it comes to party food and so this discount is very exciting indeed…whether you need an evening buffet, an afternoon tea, some hearty food to keep you going during the wedding set up, or even your wedding cake – NOW is the time to order. M&S Food To Order is always delicious, well packaged for transportation and you can pick up from your local store at a time that suits you. Read on for your discount code and for full details…

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Ask The Experts… Kalm Kitchen.


Quick Question… Who’s having food at their wedding?

Everyone..? Well, in that case this is a VIP (very important post). Today we have managed to persuade Love Lust List members Kalm Kitchen to put aside their pots and pans for a few hours and instead the lovely duo are poised in front of their computer, ready to answer all of your culinary conundrums.

As a quick aside, my Kitchen is anything but calm… I start off with good intentions, meticulously chopping and prepping all my ingredients, giving them all their own little bowls to sit it just like on the telly. Then… carnage. I am actually quite a good chef but I am MESSY. I spill everything and I have a habit of using every single item in the kitchen no matter what I happen to be making. Bad chef.


So what have we learnt so far? Don’t hire me to manage your wedding food requirements… But who should you hire then? When should you book? How do you go about choosing your menu? Can you try before you buy? Is it ok to serve fish when you know for a fact that Aunty Maggie bloody hates fish. How much should you spend on food? Should you definitely have a sit down meal? What about a buffet? Can you get away with serving everyone fish and palming Aunty Maggie off with a cheese sandwich? Do you have to feed your evening guests too? Should I have a cake? Should I have cheese? What about a cheesecake? What about a cake of cheese? Does Aunty Maggie like cheese? What time should we eat? What’s Parfait?

The list goes on… I am sure that if you are currently planning your wedding you will have pondered at least a few of these questions. Today you shall have your answers! Kalm Kitchen are here right now ready to respond to your food based queries… so please ask away in the comments box below, but first here are a few words from James and Jen Middlehurst from Kalm Kitchen. Have a read because your question might get answered before you’ve even had a chance to ask…


James and Jen: At Kalm Kitchen we are finding that more and more of our couples are choosing not to have a traditional three course wedding breakfast, and instead are opting for fun and informal menu options that truly reflect their personality as a couple. This year buffets, BBQ’s and street food stations are proving more popular than ever before. If you are keen to offer something a little bit different from traditional chicken and salmon options, and are looking to wow your guests, here are our current most popular suggestions.



Canapes are a great opportunity to get creative and really tie in the theme of your wedding in with your food. From mini slider burgers to tiger prawns on skewers the way in which you present your canapes can really set the tone of the day and create a talking point amongst your guests. We are seeing many couples opting for unusual methods of displaying their food, anything from a beautiful old book to a moss garden with old apothecary bottles used to hold skewers. We recently served canapes from old birdcages and suitcases – perfect for a vintage style wedding. If you are looking to create a luxurious theme without stretching your budget get your florist to provide some stray stems of flowers, your caterer can then lay these on perspex canape trays
creating an elegant whimsical look.



We are seeing a trend towards fun and informal starters which encourage guests to interact with one another – such as beautiful abundant olive wood boards filled with the finest anti pasti or mezze style eats, these work wonderfully as an ice breaker getting your guests who may not know one another to interact.



A popular choice amongst couples is the option to carve at the table. This creates a relaxed, fun and informal feel to the day and ultimately gives guests more control over what they are eating. One guest is nominated as the “carver” and comes to the kitchen to collect their beautiful joint of meat. The waiting staff then follows the guest back from the table and provides all

the accompaniments in lovely big porcelain bowls. The carver can even be given an apron and chef hat for an extra personal touch.



A new emerging trend, and a quirky twist on a traditional three-course meal is to introduce an element of family service. Examples of this include serving a family sized pie for each table accompanied by a selection of steaming bowls of fresh vegetables – all members of the wedding party can get involved passing plates around and serving their portions as they see fit.



A new twist on afternoon tea, table picnics are set to be extremely popular this summer. Ideal if you are holding a laid-back country garden wedding, think long tables with hay bales for seats. Each table is given a picnic hamper filled with deli style eats, fresh bread, cold meats, cheeses and sweet treats – the hampers can be personalised for each table ensuring guests with dietary requirements can be catered for. We love this fun and informal option – a quirky take on a Great British tradition!



One of our current most popular dessert requests is our DIY Dessert. The puddings are based around old school classics like Eton Mess, Summer Trifle and Knickerbocker Glories. Each table is presented with beautiful cut glass cake stands, bowls and glasses, guests are then encouraged to fill their vintage tea cup with jellies, berries, creams and coulis. The elegance of the glass combined with the scrumptious rich food allows guests to be as creative or restrained as they like. Again it’s a great fun way of getting your guests to interact – the messier the better!



Cheese cakes are extremely popular with couples opting for cheese towers as an alternative to a traditional wedding cake. The cheese can then be broken down and served with pate, crackers and a selection of chutneys to your evening guests instead of a separate buffet; this can also be a great way of stretching your food budget.


Photography by: Anneli Marinovich | Sarah Legge | Zoe Collyer | Captureit | Kalm Kitchen

So Folks, have you got any questions for James and Jen from Kalm Kitchen… They can be menu based questions or absolutely anything you can think of regarding catering or food at your wedding.

Please use the comments box below to ask your questions and James and Jen will be around all morning to provide answers.