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Lighting For Weddings {Advice From Marble Private}

Marble Private are an integrated events company, who bring their team of experts together to help you create your perfect wedding day. Not just planners, not just a technical team, they cover everything and so are the perfect people to talk to if you’re planning a large wedding, or perhaps one that will involve lots of logistics and lots of suppliers. But equally, Marble’s services can be booked individually, if it’s just sound, production or technical help you need.

Today we’re chatting to Marble about lighting. Such a crucial part of any wedding day, but definitely one where expertise and experience is needed. We caught up with Robbie, Marble’s Chief Technology Officer, who tells us everything you need to know about creating a magical atmosphere on your big day…

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Wedding Lighting For Outdoor Celebrations

We’ve all swooned over incredible images of outdoor weddings with twinkling lights, but how does this actually work in real life? Where there’s no power source, or your venue is a exposed to the elements?! There are a few things to consider if you have your heart set on outdoor lighting for your wedding day – but worry not, as always, RMW’s The List is here to help.

We have some brilliant lighting companies on our wedding directory, who hire and sell lighting to make your festoon-lit dreams a reality. Read on for our guide to wedding lighting for outdoor cerebrations…and prepare to swoon!

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Kate & Jack

If you use Instagram, then you may recognise this stunning fairy light canopy as it captured the imagination of Instagram users across the world and was shared profusely across wedding accounts at the end of last year. Well today, we’re lucky enough to be sharing the WHOLE wedding which involved the talents of some of our very favourite wedding suppliers. And yes, there are lots more gorgeous photographs of the fairy lights – Damien Milan, as always, captured the details and the story of the day to perfection. (As a side note, Damien is currently running an amazing competition to win elopement wedding photography and there’s only a few days left to enter)!

Kate and Jack trusted RMW recommended Italian Eye with styling their big day and I think it’s safe to say they did an excellent job. With elegant, minimal decor choices, the beauty of the venue and it’s surroundings has been allowed to shine, and guests, as well as our gorgeous couple, truly had a magical time.

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Luminous Luminosity.


In case you hadn’t already guessed from the oh so obvious title of this post, this afternoon we’ll be discussing the joys and jubilations of good lighting design at weddings. I’m not sure whether it’s the gradually fading Summer light and the fact that the nights are drawing in but increasingly my thoughts have turned lately to the importance of lighting schemes at weddings particularly during the late Autumn and Winter months.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I implore you to consider this crucial element when planning your wedding decor.

I’m guessing that the majority of you possess a seemingly endless wedding ‘decor’ checklist all of which needs to be covered by a rather stretched wedding budget and lighting really doesn’t feature all that highly.

I get it.

Honestly I do.

Is adding the most fantastic light display that the world has ever seen absolutely essential?

Perhaps not. But a carefully thought-out lighting design is the key to successfully creating mood and atmosphere within your reception venue.

Lighting is your best friend – in more ways than one. Luminary devices subtly help to influence mood and signify the beginning and end of different stages of the wedding day. Plus I can guarantee that an excellent lighting layout will have your photographer praising you from the rooftops.

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