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Bridal Make Up Advice For Mature Skin

Over the last few weeks we’ve been sharing some beauty related posts to help make you feel your most beautiful self on the big day (if you’ve missed any you’ll find links at the bottom of this post). Today we’re sharing make up advice and top products for Brides with more mature skin, because no matter what your age, on your wedding day you still want to feel and look gorgeous.

I’ve turned to the experts – Kristina Gasperas and Katy Djokic, both of whom you’ll find on our recommended supplier directory, The Love Lust List. And it’s not about piling on the products for coverage, as Kristina says ‘different age groups require different approaches to makeup. With a few tricks and the correct products it’s possible to look radiant, youthful and an elegant version of yourself without appearing like you’re wearing a lot of makeup.

Right, let’s get started shall we? And no matter what your age, there’s a product or two in here I think we all need to order 😉

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Wedding Make Up For Destination Brides

This month we’re covering bridal beauty – products we love and would highly recommend, skincare solutions and how to cope with different conditions on your wedding day. Which brings me nicely to destination weddings! If you’re getting married in the heat, then your make up needs some serious staying power. It also needs to be light and breathable while still giving you the coverage you want to look flawless in your photographs. Not a lot to ask then hey?!

We’ve gathered some advice from our recommended MUAs who grace our handpicked supplier directory, The Love Lust List to help see you through the best day of your life. Credit cards at the ready…

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Bridal Make Up Essentials {With Bobbi Brown}

Over the weekend we kicked of special series of blog posts for June focusing on bridal beauty. If you missed the first post on doing your own wedding make up, you can find it here. Today we’re sharing the Pro Picks Wedding Essentials set from Bobbi Brown, which is the perfect starter kit for making you feel your beautiful best. We’ll be sharing lots of skincare and beauty posts over the coming days and weeks – so if there’s anything you’d like us to cover please just ask.

But for now, let me introduce you to the bridal beauty set of dreams, tried and tested by yours truly…

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Doing It The Rock My Wedding Way.

If you saw Friday’s post you will already be aware that we have a selection of RMW Team styled delicious coming up all this week. And it’s been a long time coming let me tell you. We’ve been asked on numerous occasions in the past to utilise our W-day industry knowledge and get involved with various shoots and events but if the truth be known, 1) We have never really had the time ( yes we all have a full time day job as well as the blog – I know we must be nuts!) and 2) Frankly, we didn’t think we were experienced enough.

Until now that is.

Of course it would have been extremely easy for us to enlist an uber talented wedding planner who would make whatever we do look chic but let’s be honest here, what would we have contributed exactly?

There’s the thing you see. NOT A FAT LOT. And just for the record, apart from the occasional silly pictures that we may share with you once in a while, we’re not particularly interested in posing around in them either. So I guess that just leaves us with actually styling the majority of these shoots ourselves, and you know what? that’s just fine with us lovelies.

Rock My Wedding was created because there just wasn’t an inspirational wedding blog for UK brides and Rebecca, Adam and I thought it was about time there ruddy well was! We wanted to showcase unique ideas and innovative industry suppliers so that you gorgeous lot could ultimately have the Big Day that you’ve always dreamed of. Your Day Your Way as it were. And this week’s selection of delectable delights is no exception.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite bridal gowns, knock-your-socks-off-they-are-so-lovely accessories, amazing make-up and hair styles and even some outside-the-box bridesmaids fashion to really get your bridey pulses racing.

Oh and of course we are not just sticking to one particular style necessarily, we’re giving you elegant and timeless, ethereal and bohemian and a little pinch of good ol’ rock n roll. Because we LOVE IT ALL. And we sincerely hope you guys do too.

Picture this. Rebecca and I standing in the middle of my living room at 1 o’clock in the morning surrounded by glossy magazines. Trashed glossy magazines. We’ve literally torn up the entire contents of a few months worth of Tatler, Vogue, InStyle, Grazia, Look, Marie Claire, various Bridal titles……. you get the picture. We were on a mission, a mission to create a Rock My Wedding “Style Sheet” that would shape the design and content of our January styling adventure.

Um, it was a little bit daunting. And dare I say it, more than a little bit scary. I mean….. where do you even start?

For me the lightbulb moment came with a contact sheet formatted image of Duffy in last month’s Elle, it was cute, quirky and fun, all the things I love about our real weddings and what I hope we achieve on these very pages. For Rebecca is was a chunky plait headband from a Narciso Rodriguez advertorial , sophisticated, unique and extraordinarily pretty.

And there you have it. The key elements of what Rock My Wedding style meant to us.

So with our vision confirmed what we needed next was a team of talented industry professionals that could bring our ideas to life. And that meant a hairdresser, make-up artist, dress designer(s), an accessory provider, amazing photographers, a videographer, a stunning venue……..

Yup, nothing like setting ourselves a challenge 😉

Although I’ve got to own up to the fact that really it wasn’t that difficult. There sure are a whole host of super suppliers in the UK these days and a whole host of them that already embrace the Rock My Wedding ethos.

We’ve got Severin Hubert glossing locks who’s big net balls (!) caused a bit of a stir on Friday. Catherine Hughes of Ivy Clara making faces look flawless, Liberty In Love and their selection of shiny gorgeousness and Mamfii Bridal who supplied us with some DELICIOUS dresses. To capture everything to perfection we enrolled the cooler than cool Chris and Dani at Chris Barber Media who have been long term RMW supporters and sponsors and Aaron at Reel Weddings, who came in last minute and made a video so unbelievably brilliant, between us all we’ve watched it over a hundred times…….

All set in the beautiful Hampton Manor.

Of course that just leaves one REALLY important thing to consider right? Yes it does. The models. Who are they going to be?

Why our REAL brides of course!

That’s right lovelies, Naomi, Julie and Mahj are going to transform before your very eyes from pretty young brides-to-be to all out glamourama. And lordy do they look absolutely ruddy FABULOUS.

And of course all of this is very fancy and all but it’s also very ACHIEVABLE. Both Severin Hubert and Catherine Hughes will be sharing what products they use and the full on How-To on complete bridal beauty, ideal if you are looking at ways to save some much needed pennies come W-day.

Oh and just to give you a little sneak peek of what went on behind the scenes……

Because most of all folks, we want to make this wedding planning lark fun……ok?


Big Some Modern Glamour Coming Right Up Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S It’s 3 post Monday people!

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Rock My Wedding 1st Birthday Competition… Pretty Plum Sugar

Our very first giveaway this week is a good one. Seriously good, and I know that I would really want to win it!

Charlotte Mills from Pretty Plum Sugar Loungerie is donating a lounge tank set to one lucky reader!

*Top, Pink Love Poppy, bottom left, Lilac and bottom right, Beckoning Creatures.

Lucky old you can choose from any of the above patterns and could be looking super pretty and stylish for your make-up and getting ready photos, come wedding day!

And what do you have to do to enter? Head on over to the Plum Pretty Sugar Facebook page and leave a comment on the wall there stating which of the three colourways you would like to receive. That is all!

Get entering – entries will close at midnight on Friday 8th and winners will be announced shortly afterwards!

Yours Truly,