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How to Make a DIY Order of the Day Sign Using Wooden Pallets for £10

Here at Rock My Towers we LOVE the use of a beautiful sign at a wedding. They make a great talking point and infuse a heap of personality and fun into the décor. And what better way to add real impact, but for very little cost, than with an Order of the Day crafted out of a wooden pallet.

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Acrylic: The Transparent Wedding Trend You NEED at Your Celebration

The beautiful, transparent acrylic wedding trend has been slowly gracing our pages for a while now, but we think it’s high time it was catapulted into weddings everywhere in 2019. From table plans and signs, right through to name place settings, menu cards and even invitations, it quite happily takes on many guises. We love to see it etched or adorned with beautifully written calligraphy, and whether your wedding is ultra modern, traditional or rustic there’s a place for this versatile wedding decor amongst it. Our handpicked supplier directory, The List, is filled with every supplier type you will need to set your acrylic dreams alight, so let us take a look at these inspirational ideas from our Stationers and Planners & Stylists to inspire your own use of acrylic, perspex and lucite details.

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Five Signs You Need For Your Wedding Day

Who doesn’t love a beautiful crafted, hand written sign? We’re signage obsessed here at RMW and love how they can bring together your wedding styling beautifully. Use the same font as your wedding stationery, tie in your colour scheme and the final result will be cohesive, gorgeous and super stylish.

Use signs to tell you guests what’s going on, where to go when and what they will be eating. Our favourite ideas include the ‘unplugged ceremony’ sign – where guests are told to put those pesky phones away during the ceremony, and the dance floor rules post as seen in the Rock My Wedding book, Your Day Your Way. For more ideas we love, read on…

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Stylish (& Helpful) Signage For Your Wedding Day

This afternoon we’re swooning over signage. Be it a welcome sign, a cute quote, a cocktail menu or a set of dancefloor rules, we think they are a great way to enhance your decor or theme, and also have the added bonus of being super helpful for your guests.

We’ve combined some of our favourites from real weddings with signs from our gorgeous Love Lust List members, whose signs are available for you to hire for your own big day. If you’re on the hunt for wedding suppliers handpicked by team RMW, then be sure to visit The Love Lust List.

Right, let’s get on with the signage action shall we..?

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Give Me A Sign.

Image by Ann-Kathrin Koch

…hit me baby one more time.

Sorry I couldn’t resist. Bit of Britney for you there lovelies.

But before you get your hopes up, this post is not about pop music or indeed any type of music in fact. Today folks we’ll be discussing the joys of wedding signage…I know waaay better than Britters, right?

Those that followed me on my own wedding journey (journey… signposts geddit?) will know that I’m a big fan of the informative plaque. I love how they can be both a gorgeous piece of decor and a functional statement in their own right. They literally scream…’the wedding starts here (or over there)!’ whilst providing your nearest and dearest with a bit of reassurance that they’re actually in the right place.

If I’m being honest then my own wedding signposts weren’t really focused on providing our guests with information as such but more about setting the tone for the wedding and giving our friends and family a hint of the day to come. Nearly everyone shared their stories with me about how they couldn’t wait to see what word would appear next on each of the twenty four placards placed alongside the drive as they made their ascent towards our venue.

For us, it was all about building a sense of anticipation and it’s this attribute that I love most about big day signage. Proof that you can combine excitement, information and smiles in a single prop.

Here are just some of my favourites.

Show Me The Way

Perhaps the most traditional and functional of all wedding signage, the informative signpost is now often a familiar sight at most receptions. From rustic, driftwood creations to elegant calligraphied examples you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll find a sign to suit your style.

And whilst their primary purpose is to point you in the right direction, it doesn’t mean that your signage should be boring. Experiment with different signpost shapes rather than adhering to the traditional arrow format – I love the sweet chapel at the bottom here which would look exquisite framed and hung in your home after the day is over.

Show-Me-The-Way Wedding Signage Inspiration Rustic

It’s also worth playing around with script too – the substitution of “I do’s” for ‘ceremony’ says so much more and the ‘happily ever after’ is a wonderful footnote at the bottom of the signpost in the middle here. And if you’re not so keen on text, why not have pictorial representations instead – use rings to depict the way to your ceremony and cakes to point out the route to the reception.

Lastly if your venue is hesitant about signpost stake holes appearing all over their perfectly manicured lawn, never fear! The hay bales, milk churns and the old vintage bike displayed here are all wonderful ways of securing your signage without staking it into the ground plus they look gorgeous too.

Looks Good Enough To Eat

Wedding signage doesn’t just have to fulfill a directory role; in fact, a decorative placard is perfect for displaying your wedding breakfast menu too.

It’s worth really having a think about the style of your table settings and then reflecting this in the display and format of your menu signage. Blackboards needn’t be just for rustic affairs – I particularly love the luxe frame and classic print on the menu at the bottom here complete with this couple’s tree motif.

Looks-Good-Enough-To-Eat Wedding Menu Large Sign Inspiration

Thinking of having a cocktail hour? Why not go all out on a customised cocktail menu for your guests so that you can share your favourite tipples with them. Rather than printing out stacks of paper menus, save money by propping a miniature cocktail blackboard menu on the bar or go large with a wooden placard listing yours and your beau’s choice cocktails. Utilise lots of different scripts and fonts to keep things interesting.

Signs needn’t be huge affairs either – stamping lollipop sticks with a foody phrase or displaying flag shaped flavour labels is a sweet way of integrating signage into your big day if you’re limited on space.

Divine Order

If you’re anything like me then you probably like to have a vague idea about what’s happening at which times at a wedding so you know where to be to capture the defining moments on camera.

Why not forgo the traditional paper derived Order of Service and opt for a huge banner outlining your big day events. Not only will it save you on paper and printing costs, it also makes for a gorgeous bit of decor and a conversation starter for guests too.

Divine-Order Large Seating Plan Wedding Sign Ceremony Order Of Service

One of my favourite signs in this collection of images is at the bottom and states a kind of who’s who in the wedding party. I absolutely adore the film credits format of the blackboard sign – an innovative twist on a classic plus the pennants, swirls and shaped fonts all help to make it visually inspiring too.

Think outside the box – old discarded window frames which you can find easily at reclamation or salvage yards make for a perfect ‘canvas’ on which to scrawl table plans and these miniature oars are the perfect accompaniment for a nautical themed wedding.

For Every Occasion

And then there’s a sign for every occasion. A sign purely for the sheer hell of it with no purpose other than purely for decorative reasons.

And why not.

From flower girl statement banners, to glorious chairbacks (FYI the ‘my darling wife’ sign makes my heart melt) through to portrait shot props and congratulatory flags there’s literally something for everyone.

Why not tell your  story through strategically placed signs around your venue. Guests always love to hear about how ‘you’ became ‘us’. Include details about where you met, funny memories or how he proposed. These can be great icebreakers for guests who are unfamiliar with one another to boot. 

Pinning up swathes of fabric printed with favourite quotations, personal anecdotes or even your ceremony readings  is a brilliant way of hiding unsightly venue decor. Try keeping the background neutral to really let the text do the talking. 

I’m in LOVE with the supersized luggage label by this barrel here. Somehow things always look more interesting when they assume unexpected proportions. Is there anything you could shrink or enlarge to create a quirky piece of signage on your big day?

For-Every-Occasion Wedding Sign Pennant Wedding Backdrop Ceremony Flowergirl Sign Chairback Inspiration

And lastly feast your eyes on that amazing wooden ceremony backdrop     I love the idea of all the effort and thought that’s gone into making it and the concept of saving it as a family heirloom for others to add their story onto the screens too. 

So what do you think? Will you be having signposts directing your nearest and dearest on your big day?

Perhaps your big day placards will tell a story? What will yours say?

And is anyone opting for a huge menu on an old school blackboard? I’ve yet to attend a wedding with one on show but it’s on my wishlist for sure!

Come on folks tell me all about it.

All my love Lolly xxx