Zena Birch Wedding Celebrant

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Jazz And High Tea At Bartholomew Barn.


Kirsty and Tom are the cutest. I mean the absolute sweetest. You only have to look at the header image at the top here to see how much these two adore each other.

The pair opted for a humanist wedding ceremony at Bartholomew Barn set against the gentle strains of jazz floating in the background on the breeze. Perhaps more unusually Tom actually got in on the action and played as part of the Jazz band to Kirsty’s delight.

This wedding folks, well it makes my heart sing. From Kirsty’s floral maids to the flower strewn aisle created by all of the guests through to the passing around of the wedding rings and the table with old wedding photos of their grandparents and parents as a way of celebrating marriage, this is a couple who have their priorities straight. Because that’s what weddings are all about – love and acceptance and family.

Perhaps most poignant is the emotional exchange between Kirsty and her Dad who is blind and hearing impaired. I’m not going to say too much here as I want to let the pictures speak for themselves but I want to say that Andy Squires captured it all perfectly with real love and soul.

A Humanist Wedding At Bartholomew Barn In West Sussex With A Paloma Blanca 'Amber' Dress And Photography By Andy Squires._0001