Take One Summer Scorcher.

Summer Scorcher Themed Week At Rock My Wedding

I’m hot and I don’t mean in a kick-ass, lip-pouting, boys-eat-your-heart-out kinda way. I mean in a slightly clammy, I can’t be bothered to do anything with my hair, I only want to wear a bikini state of affairs.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the heat and I’m also tickled by the fact that our fickle meteorologists are calling the current weather situation ‘a heatwave’. Funny, back when I was a wee one, this would just be a standard summer but perhaps that’s the mind playing tricks on me.

Any bride marrying in either June, July or August dreams of being blessed with glorious weather – I mean you don’t pay a premium for marrying at the peak of summer for nothing you know – but I think even the lucky couples of the last few weeks will be amazed at their own good fortune.

And so in homage to the sunshine, to the scorching days and the balmy nights, we’ve decided to dedicate this week to all things summer – a ‘Summer Scorcher’ themed week if you will.

To kick things off it seemed fitting to share an inspiration post with you – designed with the intention of helping you gorgeous lot with making your guests as comfortable as possible when things are HOT HOT HOT on your big day.

Stay Cool

There’s nothing worse than going to an event, wedding or otherwise, and feeling uncomfortable in the heat. Your make-up begins to slide around and off your face, sweat starts to trickle in unmentionable and countless places and even something as simple as clutching your handbag feels as if you’re holding a ten ton weight.

But there’s no need to fret if you’re expecting the mercury to go sky high on your big day -there’s many simple methods and means to make sure that your guests stay cool without breaking the budget.

Stay Cool 1

I’m sure that the vast majority of you will have already seen the programme/ fan combo but for those of you that haven’t it’s a fantastic way of amalgamating your order of service and a cooling device into one simple prop, plus you can DIY it too. Usually the bride and groom’s names are scrawled along with the wedding date onto one side of a supersized piece of card – I love the heart and shield shapes making the rounds at the moment – and the order of service is daubed on the other. Add a rounded stick and bob’s your uncle you’ve got a fan to boot!

If you’re looking to add an extra special touch to your festivities then it might be worth investing in some parasols for your guests too. Presentation is key so consider storing them in an old tea crate or a large wicker basket with a sign to encourage your nearest and dearest to take one. They also make for epic portrait shots or a handy screen if you’re a little bit shy but still want to give your new hubby a snog.

Stay Cool 2

If you’re keen to take it that one step further – hell why not?! – then make like the RMW team and build a fort in the grounds of your venue. All you need is some sheets, a few blooms and a comfy rug and you’ve got yourself a shaded sanctuary where guests can relax. Plus it would make an immense photobooth when the sun goes down too!

Failing that slinging a hammock between some accommodating trees would almost make guests think that they were somewhere tropical and you can’t say fairer than that…

Consuming enough fluids on hot days is important at the best of times but even more so when alcohol is added into the mix. Make the non-alcoholic drinking process fun by introducing an interactive element for your guests. Building a lemonade stand complete with unique vessels, straws and miniature umbrellas and flamingos is one way of sparking your guests’ interests. Introducing the comedy factor through utilising unusual containers as a fridge is another – beer barrow anyone? I’ve even seen a vintage canoe used in the past too!

Iced Delights

It’s not just strategic and considered pieces of big day decor that can make your guests more comfortable; it’s so easy to make simple tweaks to your menu so that your culinary treats can too.

Keep your nearest and dearest cool by offering sweet miniature lollipops alongside your savoury canapés at your drinks reception. If you’re after something naughty then I love these neon ice pops at the top here created from sprite and gummi bears would you believe it! If you’re after something a tad healthier try mixing slices of mango with yogurt instead. Finish by scrawling naughty phrases on the ends of wooden lolly sticks.

Iced Delights

I love the ever popular DIY of freezing beautiful flowerheads and vibrant leaves into ice cubes as a way of pimping your drink. It’s worth investigating which flowers are edible so that guests can rest easy once the ice-cubes have melted. My favourite idea is that of using herbs rather than flowers for perfectly flavoured water – mint anyone?

It’s also worth considering serving small portions of ice-cream and sorbets in the evening when your nearest and dearest have raved (and sweated!) the night away on the dance floor. If you’re looking for something a little bit different but still refreshing try unconventional flavours – basil ice-cream is a particular favourite of mine.

Iced Delights

Lastly, replace traditionally hot tea and coffee refreshments after dinner with iced versions like this cherry infused iced tea in a mason jar – perfect if your big day is a vintage rustic inspired affair. If you’ve got little ones attending or picky guests that drink neither tea nor coffee (like me!) then substitute caffeinated drinks for personalised bottles of old fashioned lemonade.

Hot Hommes

And then we have the hot hommes which granted is a tenuous link to the whole ‘Summer Scorcher’ themed week but we just couldn’t resist. For me there’s nothing that quite beats a gorgeous man in a clean well-fitting white t-shirt…or in black tie…or with his sleeves rolled up ready to get stuck into something…or even in a partial state of undress.

Ahem, let me rephrase that. There’s nothing that quite beats a gorgeous man.

You’ll see that Mr Gosling makes an appearance – good day to you Sir! Oh and there’s Eddie (personal fave of mine) and we couldn’t resist a snap of Jonny either. Don’t say that Team RMW don’t spoil you lovely lot.

Which hunk is your favourite?

Hot Hommes

So are you enjoying the sunshine or are you an ice queen? Have you been to any weddings since the ‘heatwave’ began? Did you melt?

And what thoughtful touches did the couple provide for you to ensure that you stayed as cool as a cucumber throughout their big day?

I’m off to put my feet into a bucket of cold water which is as near as I can get to a paddling pool right now.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

30 thoughts on “Take One Summer Scorcher.

  1. My Mum (yes my Mum) is in love with Oliver Queen.

    I have always had a Mark Ruffalo crush…and the Trouser Snake. And more recently Ryan….And Eddie ever since I saw him in Birdsong.

    Good choices Lolly!

    Charlotte xxx

  2. I only started watching Green Arrow with Al because of Oliver Queen at first, and then I got into the series too. But Oliver Queen is still a BIG bonus!

  3. @Kitty – I watch it too, I quite like it from an escapism perspective…. Although how much does that Lauren girl pout?! All the actual time!!!

    Charlotte xxx

  4. Oh Eddie I love you! That boy just gets hotter and hotter. Did you see him in Tess a few years back girlies?

    You cannot beat a little Monday afternoon pick me up / perv courtesy of RMW. What a treat!!

    Thanks Ladies. xx

  5. @Charlotte Lauren is a massive pouter! And Thea can get on my nerves a bit, but then she annoyed me in The OC as well! Also while we’re on the subject…how huge are Diggle’s arms?! Does Mr O’Shea watch as well? x

  6. @Karen you love Eddie too?! I thought I was the only girl who could see his beauty! He can ring my bells any day!

    @Kitty I confess I actually love Mr Queen too – if I close my eyes when I watch it it’s like he’s actually calling my name rather than the pouty Lauren’s but then it rather defeats the point of watching it if I have them closed the whole time.

    @Sophie I think you should make a den at your wedding!

  7. Too many hot males there to choose just one!

    Having just had my wedding towards the beginning of the heatwave my parasol was a godsend – pale skin and no sunscreen (as I was worried about flashback using my usual SPF 40) meant it was the only thing preventing me and my sister (my bridesmaid who also got one) from getting burnt. They did make for some great pictures as well! Word to the wise though – don’t try to carry your parasol, bouquet and Pimms together. I had to ditch my bouquet pretty quick in favour of keeping cool.

  8. Oh Eddie is a total dreamboat! A friend of mine was in a play with him last year and I’ve been begging him to let me meet him since then but unfortunately (not surprisingly though because I would quite clearly be insanely uncool and stalkerish) he hasn’t introduced us!
    Great post Lolly x

  9. @Karen I can’t work out who is filthiest – you for mentioning the perfect mouth or me for imagining what he could do with it. Gosh listen to us married woman talking about other men….

    @Alice MAKE him introduce you…and bring me along too!

  10. @Kitty – Yes he does!!! and I know?! Are his arms even real?!!!

    @Spohie – YOU HAVE TO MAKE A DEN!!!!

    @Sarah G – Firstly CONGRATULATIONS to you lovely and secondly, I hadn’t even considered that flashback thing (am just writing a whole holiday/make-up/skincare post for Wednesday), does it happen with all sunscreen?

    Charlotte xxx

  11. @Charlotte I only noticed the epic arms about halfway through the series, suddenly he stopped wearing sleeves and there they were!

    @Lauren He does have a pretty sexy voice too, but agree you don’t want to be closing your eyes too much in case you miss one of his topless training sessions!

  12. @Charlotte – I’m no expert but from what I’ve learnt (via blogs and youtube makeup tutorials) it can happen with high SPF’s due to the titanium dioxide. There was an SPF15 in my primer and none in my foundation and I had no problem with that. I may have been fine with sunscreen on my body but given that I wanted to do everything I could to make the photos look as good as possible I avoided sunscreen and went down the parasol route, particularly after falling in love with the pictures from one wedding on RMW which used them

  13. HAHA! Love it Lolly!

    With regards to summer weddings, I was slightly miffed at first that we didn’t quite get the glorious sunshine we’d hoped for with a June wedding. Although, don’t get me wrong, we got sunshine, but we also had a bit of a breeze (and rain!)!
    Anyway, the other weekend saw Dave & I head to our very good friend’s outdoor tipee wedding – on what ended up possibly being the hottest day EVER!
    I mean, seriously, even in the shade it was sweltering!
    All through the speeches all you could see was hoards of guests using their kraft card place setting as a nifty fan.
    The day was absolutely beautiful and huge amounts of fun was had by all, but I agreed with my bridesmaid – if I had had to endure that kind of heat in my wedding dress (I promise you’ll all see pictures soon!) then I think I may just have fainted!!! HAHA!

    Now to the more important issue at hand……………………….
    Eddie, Ryan or Johnny…………Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    Nice work Lolly xxx

  14. @Charlotte – PS Flashback seems to be a problem with film photography and not digital photography. I’m more than happy to be corrected though on any of these points if you find out more

  15. Lovely lovely lovely boys one and all 🙂

    I can appreciate the beauty of this weather, everything looks prettier in the sunshine annnnnnnnnnnd every one seems more cheerful but I for one am not keen. I always feel like such a party pooper when all my friends are happy and larking about as soon as the sun comes out but I loathe being hot and flustered and feel horrid any time the mercury goes above body temp. I have 5 weeks until my wedding and I am genuinely hoping it rains a tiny bit, just to keep the temp down.

  16. @Sarah G – Thanks pet, I think maybe I had read about it somewhere but forgot (!) I didn’t want to recommending products that might end up looking weird on camera. My post is more from a honeymoon packing perspective though so I think I’m safe!!!

    I’m glad RMW inspired you with parasols, I love them.

    Charlotte xxx

  17. @Karen – looks like butter wouldn’t melt doesn’t she? don’t let those doe eyes fool you, I won’t even begin to tell you all about the “immense invention” she came up with whilst on the school ski trip.

    @Natalie – I hear you, don’t get me wrong I like a bit of sunshine too but it was 29 degrees on my wedding day (!) and my Dad looked like a lobster by 3pm, I certainly didn’t have ANY kind of “it might be um…really hot” back up plans, only umbrellas 🙂

    I was glad I’d packed sunglasses, and that my venue had lots of shady places to hide….I’m sure you will be just fine what ever the weather.

    Charlotte xxx

  18. @Karen Mrs O’Shea doesn’t call me potty mouthed for nothing you know 😉 Honestly the conversations we have are enough to make you blush.

    @Rebecca I know imagine being in your wedding dress in this heat – it’s bad enough that I have to get dressed to come to the office!

  19. We (finally) tied the knot a month ago today and I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I was that the temperature barely hit the low 20s! Sure it was a bit overcast and there were a few spots of rain, but I would rather that than this sweltering heat we’re currently experiencing! I can’t imagine what it would have been like on a day like today or those just gone – forget the wedding dress, I’d have opted for a last minute outfit change to shorts & bikini top lol. As a guest all extremes of weather aren’t great at weddings (friend got married in mid-December and we spent over an hour freezing in the church grounds for photos!), but for me hot weather is the worst – fair skin, red hair = burning after barely a minute in direct sunlight! I would be all for cool non-alcoholic drinks and one too many ice lollies!

    Oh and Mr Gosling… *sigh*


  20. @Lauren C – ‘Lolly and the Ski Trip’ sounds like I’ve got my own mini book series which I’m liking very much indeed. I’ll tell you all about it next time I see you.

  21. Woo – just when we thought it couldn’t get any hotter! Those hommes are quite divine 😉 And of course we love all the tips for staying cool at summer weddings too (especially the delicious treats – yum!). Great post as always! xx

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