Todays bride, apart from rocking cropped hair (which I love because you don’t see it often on a bride these days, but you can tell, it’s so her,) has to win the prize for most amazing and creative table plan ever featured on Rock My Wedding. Fact.

Not to mention most ambitious cake.

Heather and Jonathan were married on 7th August in the grounds of Scampston Hall in North Yorkshire. They held the reception in giant Teepee’s from Papa Kata.

The one that makes you feel amazing…

I’d done the usual magazine searching, fallen in love with all the Vera Wang dresses that were way out of my price range. Then mum and I (Mum was buying me my dress – arhhh) went to the first dress shop and I tried on a few things – I had in my head that I would want an evening dress style but when I tried them on they just didn’t feel right, I didn’t feel like a bride. Then right at the end of the hour appointment the lady got me to try on a Blue by Enzoani dress called Brigham – it felt amazing, but it was a much ‘bigger’ dress than I had envisioned so mum took some photos and we decided to try on some other dresses in another shop before making a decision.

The 2nd shop we went to was in York called ‘Brides of York’ – The staff could not have been more lovely in there and they got me to pick out 5 dresses to try on. On rails all the dresses looked much the same so I just picked out some strapless ones (I knew I wanted strapless) and went ahead and tried them on. One of them turned out to be the Blue By Enzoani Brigham dress and I knew as soon as I had it on again that it made me feel simply amazing.

Make like a Magpie

I got my headdress and necklace from a company called Magpie Vintage. They collect old vintage jewellery, broken necklaces, broaches and single earings and re-craft them into beautiful vintage inspired pieces. The colours really worked with my dress which had pearl beading on and the antique gold colours worked really beautifully with the ivory silk. They are now my most treasured pieces of jewellery – I wish I could wear them every day! Mum also loaned me her pearl bracelet as my ‘something borrowed’.

Crazy, but I fell for some gorgeous ivory suede Emmy shoes which had beautiful art deco beading and feather details. Completely unnecessary hidden under my floor length gown but I knew I had them on and that’s all that matters!!

The Real Flower Co.

I really love peonies but in August they are impossible to come by so I set my heart on some gorgeous cabbagey style roses in various shades of pink. I wanted to display the roses in some fab ‘Pip Studio’ giant bowls on the tables. My budget for flowers wasn’t huge though so I decided to put bowls of the roses on half the tables and got some antique jars for the other tables which I planted up with saxifrage around church candles (which I still have around my patio now :). I found ‘The Real Flower Company‘ online and after a few discussions with them they did a sample posy to fit inside the bowls which looked amazing. I ordered my bouquet (As an added extra they can send the bridal bouquet in a gorgeous olive green hat box which I now use to keep all my bits from the day in), some button holes for the boys, the mum’s jacket corsages and some wrist corsages for the bridesmaids plus the bowl arrangements.

I then ordered some single stem roses so that I could decorate the rest of the venue myself and some fresh rose petals instead of confetti. I adored how the flowers came out, I was keen for them to be very scented so they chose beautifully fragrant blooms and mixed them with garden herbs and Lavender – they smelt amazing. My mum even took a cutting of some of the sage that was in my bouquet which I now have growing in my garden! And funnily enough – the roses were so full that some people thought they were peonies!!

Boys and Girls

We hired the boys suits from York Hire Wear – they made the whole process simple and were very efficient! We went for black tail coats for a traditional look. Jonathan had an ivory loose tie to match my dress and the groomsmen and best man had mulberry to match the bridesmaid dresses.

He looked amazing stood at the front of the church but the most special moment was when our eyes met from each end of the aisle and he welled up…arhhhh :))

Click Photography

We found Dave Sander at a wedding fair. I had a very particular style in mind and we both hate those really stuffy staged wedding shots and when we found Dave we knew we’d met our man! He had a very professional approach but a much more relaxed style without missing a detail. Jonathan loved that fact that he even brought along a spare suit on the day in case he needed to wade out into the river to capture a perfect shot (now that’s commitment! – and thankfully wasn’t needed!!).

He stayed all day and even allowed us to project some of his shots from earlier on in the day onto the sides of the teepee while we were dancing…in the end we had to stop showing them as they were so brilliant everyone was captivated!


I fell for a birdcage cake I saw in a magazine but I couldn’t afford it so I thought I’d make it myself!!

The fruit cakes were Kentish Harvest Cakes (I’m from Kent!) and I stacked them up and then set about decorating them – I was very pleased how it came out! I also made a ton of different flavoured cupcakes and provided little bags and ribbons for people to take them home.

Each flavoured cupcake had a little description card telling everyone the name (Flakeychoctastic & Marzi-Cherrylicious were a couple of them!) and flavour and I displayed the whole lot on a round table in the centre of one of the teepees – Everyone loved them and I was really proud to have made them (at a fraction of the cost!!)

Heather Honey

Our friend John is a beekeeper and his bees take their holidays up on the North Yorkshire Moors to feast on all the heather to make his fabulous ‘Heather Honey’ – so we got 150 mini jars which he filled for us and I decorated them with vintage fabric caps (thanks mum for helping me cut them all out!) and made little labels for each one showing a pin up 50’s style model with my face superimposed and the text reading ‘heather honey!’ they went down a storm and looked really pretty on the tables.

TeePee, Poms and Table Plans…

Gosh, where do I start? I knew the teepees were such a vast area that would be too expensive to decorate with flowers to make a good impact so I started searching online for an alternative and found a girl in america who made Poms (huge tissue pompoms).

So I ordered 200 of them in shades of pink, lilac and lime green! It took me, mum and the bridesmaids a full day of unfurling and fluffing while the boys, up ladders, did the hanging! Outside I hung paper lanterns in the trees, birdcages filled with twinkling fairy lights and large bottles of herbs and candles on the outside tables.

My favourite little bit was our table plan though. We found a victorian letter cabinet in a shop in Brighton and I turned all the little drawers and shelves into the different tables. One table was cut out and displayed inside the dictionary and another the names were on individual pencils in a jar marked table 4! Everyone had fun finding themselves – or at least we had fun watching them try and find themselves!!

I displayed the letter cabinet on a beautiful old piano shawl and an old family wedding photo of my great grandparents on their wedding day. Each place setting had a vintage parcel tag with the name on attached to an old key (which I spent months collecting off ebay!) we let everyone know that one of the keys opened a padlock on one of the birdcages outside that had a bottle of Champagne locked inside!

Advice from a Bride

Overall our wedding was a year long project for me and I enjoyed every moment. The planning, making, decorating, all the ideas – I loved the whole process. Jonathan and I had been to so many weddings where you really feel like it’s one in/one out; a duplicate wedding for every couple with just a different coloured napkin and chair cover to differentiate. We really wanted to create a day that said as much as possible about us and was unique to us, and I think we achieved just that. From the home made ‘save the date’ keys to the invitations which I illustrated and had laser cut, to the very last place setting, it all had a little bit of us stamped on it. On the day I was as proud as punch at what we had put together and everyone who came was so unbelievably complimentary about every element, no detail went unnoticed. Some may say that it’s just one day but for us it’s a lifetime of happy memories and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Teepees – PapaKata

Photography – 1 Click Photography

Cakes – DIY by Bride

Dress – Blue by Enzoani, ‘Brigham’

Necklace/Headband – Magpie Vintage

Bouquet – The Real Flower Co.

Shoes – Emmy

How amazing was that table plan? (Particularly loving that it was even more intricate than it looked… names on pencils?! Genius.

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

38 thoughts on “Teepee-tastic

  1. WOW! that table plan is amazing

    So impressed with the Cake Making skills too…

    And again, table plan…Wow wow wow

  2. The bride made that cake herself?! Wow, I am seriously impressed – it is sooooo beautiful. Also totally in love with those shoes. Congratulations, it looks like everyone had a wonderfully happy day!

  3. I love the night shot where you can see the silhouette of the giant pom poms inside. A.mazing wedding! It looks like so much fun! xox

  4. p.s. Heather should definitely go into business making cakes! I for one would buy them!!!! Can’t believe that was a DIY cake, it looks so professional! In fact it is better than some I have seen that were hundreds of pounds! xox

  5. Oh my WORD! And she drew that invitation design!? A-maz-ing!!

    Absolutely in love with those green hat boxes and the table plan goes without saying, SO original and really well executed! It all looks fab!

  6. Heather – you made that cake?? And so many of the other cupcakes too? I bow to you…. I’m already planning on making most of our dessert buffet the day before and it looks like our cake maker may have fallen through so possibly the cake too…. there’s no way on earth I’ll ever come out with anything as awesome as that though! Good skills, beautiful day, well done!!

  7. Oh my life, I think this is the best RMW to date – wow!!

    Heather – when did you put all the rose stems out? I’m thinking of doing similar – do you think I could get away with doing it the night before or will they all wilt? Did you put them in water?

    Just LOVE this wedding.xxx

  8. Beautiful wedding and so creative!
    Who did you get your poms from? Have thought of making them but I’m running out of time and have been overly ambitious!

  9. Good god, I’m gobsmacked at that table plan! It is truly genius! I love it. I think the pencils and the cut out dictionary are my favourite. I also really love the flowers.

    All the DIY bits are amazing and it’s so good to see a bride succeed in all the elements I’m ambitiously planning on doing! 🙂

    Heather looks stunning too!


  10. Absolutely by far my favourite wedding I’ve seen on this site!! Heather you look absolutely stunning and so so happy! I adore all the little details (I HAVE to get that Rob Ryan key! My favourite artist, I bloody love him!) I was going to ask where your invites were from, the re-read and saw that you designed them! I’m so so jealous! The whole day looks amazing – you might have converted me to being a fan of summer weddings!

  11. Oh and I just realised I forgot to mention the fabulous invitation as well! I can’t believe you drew that Heather. You seem ridiculously talented, I don’t think I could ever stand next to you without feeling an overwhelming sense of inferiority!

    And I love the shot of one of the groomsmen at the beginning getting fantastically excited that the bride had arrived (I assume) and the shot of the light shining through the tipi. Fab.


  12. I am truly flabbergasted at this one….!! The most unique, fun and beautiful table plan i have ever seen. Bride heather is bang on the money too about the identi-kit weddings I’ve been to so many that theyve all blended into one in my head.

  13. WOW-that table plan is divine and the cake looks amazing-Heather is one super talented bride  Have you thought of launching your own business? I’m sure there would be a queue of RMW addicts who would snap up your skills straight away! Love the Poms and the flowers-I can almost smell them now…x

  14. I am also LOVING the cake! Ooh – maybe RMW could do a feature on DIY cakes?! (Sorry – that just occurred to me as I was typing!) as there have been some other great cakes on here too (can’t remember the post except the bride and groom made loads of little icing flowers by hand to stick on a plain M&S cake and it looked stunning.)

    Er, yes. Anyway – I also really love the bridesmaid dresses – what a gorgeous unusual colour. Fab!


  15. Tiger Tea, you totally can! I was at Columbia Road and they had peonies this weekend! Beautiful peonies. The season starts in March in Holland markets!

    If your florist told you otherwise change florist!

    I love the invitations, where did you have them lasercut?

    Gorgeous bride. Quelle elle le make up?? X

  16. Let me add from my memory of this amazing day as the photographer… I didn’t taste the cake and I normally dislike cupcakes but I tried one. (Actually I tried three… sorry Heather, bill me) These cupcakes were so fantastically exquisite that I talked about them for weeks. I wrote articles about them. I called them the best cupcakes in the world! Heston Blumenthal would surely use Heather’s recipe as his blueprint for cupcakes. Also, those Pom Poms… The best man, in his speech, said they each took 15 minutes to unfurl. There were dozens of them! Oh, and yes, the table plan was even better than the photography could convey. One of my favourite weddings of my career. xx

  17. Things I love:

    – The bridesmaid dresses. GORGEOUS. They are roughly the colour my girls wore but I think these are more glam! Where are they from?
    – The cake. A-ma-zing
    – The shoes. Ditto
    – The table plan. All I can say is ‘le sigh’! (Sorry Mahj!)

  18. We’re so thrilled that you loved our flowers and delighted that we were able to play a little part in such a fabulous wedding! It’s so lovely for us to see how everything came together and it all looks absolutely perfect.
    So clever that your Mum took a cutting from the sage too…such a brilliant idea and one that we must encourage all of our brides to follow. XX

  19. Hi – I absolutely love your invitations! Can i ask where you got them laser cut? If you decide to sell your design/make it available to others – I’d definitely be interested. I’m a huge fan of Rob Ryan and have been trying to find some wedding invitations in a similar style to no avail – but yours is absolutely perfect!

  20. Hello…..
    In total agreement with jennifer’s comment above, if there is any way I could borrow your invitation design/ commission you to do one for me I would be absolutely delighted & please let me know…. Maybe even one with a tipi because we too are having tipis! Xxx

  21. Does anybody know of any land we could put a teepee in Cheshire?
    We are desperate to have one but can’t seem to find anywhere

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