Thank Crunchie It’s Friday.

Neither Lolly, Adam or I have been to a wedding that has proffered a sweetie buffet.

We’re aware of the whispers about how they are so popular they may be perceived as “overdone” (we choose to of course ignore these whispers – you can read my post on the very subject here) so if they are indeed in such abundance then why haven’t we experienced the W-day pic ‘n’ mix wonders?

And um…why have I never seen a chocolate buffet?

THAT would be immense.

And as it’s Friday and sometimes you just need to have a wee break from all things “I do” we thought we’d share our favourite treats and invite you lovely lot to do the same.

My Top Three

This may seem incredibly boring but my no.1 chocolate indulgence is in fact a good old kitkat.

I like the crunchy texture and the fact you can dip it in tea because it is kind of a biscuit (I’m not the only one who does this right?)

I also like to have a few sticks and then save some for later – prolong the pleasure as it were.

They also work well as a statement earring.

A more recent obsession are Milky Way Magic Stars. If I don’t have at least one packet a week I get weird withdrawal symptoms. I also don’t do sharing, so if you see me with a bag don’t expect to get offered any.

Last but not least is a retro number, the Nestle “Crunch”. It’s not a particularly aesthetically pleasing piece of confectionary but then appearances can be deceptive. So if you should happen to see one next time you are browsing your local newsagents, perhaps give it a whirl, you might just like it. A lot.


I am a cliché.

Yes someone had to choose the chocolate inspired weekday bar and it happened to be me.

The good ol’ Crunchie is my TOP treat.

I’m not entirely sure if this top ranking is due to the honeycomb melt-in-the-mouth goodness or if it’s because Crunchies don’t make me feel completely guilty as I indulge because it’s not ALL chocolate you know. Either way I love them and could quite happily sit there chomping away until I was sick.

Anyone else agree?

As a child, did you ever clutch the bottom of your packet of crisps really tightly when you offered the bag around to your friends making it practically impossible for them to get anything more than about a third of a single crisp?

That’s me with Minstrels.

Like Charlotte with her Magic Stars I don’t willingly share these perfect discs of chocolate heaven. Honestly have you seen how many you get in a bag these days…hardly any. So I’m not going to start dishing out the equivalent of confectionery gold to those who won’t appreciate it as much as I do.

Which brings me to number three….Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Folks, I’m aware that a pattern seems to be developing here.

It’s not Terry’s, or Jimbob’s or Harry’s or anyone else for that matter. It’s mine…all mine. Hence the photo of me looking like a bloated hamster near the bottom there. Thanks Adam – I think I specifically told you not to put that one in.

Anyway, I do love an orange inspired treat. It makes me feel all decadent and exotic. And that can only be a good thing.


Right. Mansnacks.

  1. Drifter
  2. Yorkie
  3. Milka

…ok… Milka is not exactly a mansnack especially if you eat it whilst indulging in a lovely bubble bath surrounded by candles listening to the Bridget Jones soundtrack or a nice bit of Ronan Keating. Which I NEVER do by the way.

Yorkie – the truckers choice. Add biscuit and raisin into the mix and you have something pretty bloody special… *northern accent – Gerrit Ett.

Also, I’m sure you have heard the old proverb “Always keep a Yorkie behind your spectacles”. No…..? Seriously, where’ve you been darling?

And finally Drifter – loves it. Bit of a curve ball and only the most discerning of chocolate snack emporiums appear to stock this most delicious dual fingered wafer, chocolate, caramel combo.

I’ve made it sound dirty.

It is. 262 calories of pure filth.

Are any of these your favourites?

Do you ever have several chocolate treats instead of something “proper” for your dinner?

Do you ever think “I should really have this organic soup/lentil stew/lettuce with lettuce salad but all I REALLY want is a family size bag of maletasers?”

Please let us know in the comments below, you’ll make us feel better about our lack of willpower.

Big TFI Friday

Charlotte, Lolly and Adam xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

78 thoughts on “Thank Crunchie It’s Friday.

  1. Maltesers.
    Dime bar (nibble all the chocolate off really carefully then suck the remaining brittle).
    Boost (revoltingly calorific but chewy heaven).
    Peanut M&Ms (could eat thousands).

  2. Dear dear me! It seems that the RMW team are in desperate need of some food education. How can you portray the healthy glow of all things wedding related if you’re snacking on these choccy goodies all day? Whilst, I too, am not adverse to a family size bag of Maltesers (is a nutritionist allowed to confess that?!), I think we could work on the balance in your meals – don’t you think?! Happy Friday, now pass me the (fun sized) Maltesers…..(there’s a wedding dress to get into after all)…..

    Nicola @ I Love Greens 🙂

  3. Haha do you lot ever do any proper work? Saying that, we’re all currently sharing cat pictures and recovering from the annual staff barbecue.

    barbecue’s aside, the treat of choice in our office is a good old Fredo… only 17p and less than 100 calories!

    You can almost convince yourself it’s diet food xx

  4. Some of my faves: Starbar- a heavenly blend of peanuts, peanut butter, caramel and delicious chocolate; peanut butter Kitkat Chunky; Cadbury’s Caramel – I love peanut butter, chocolate and caramel, and all combinations of them, hence my choices! But what I bought today was: Wispa Gold. Mmm, mm. Since it’s the Olympics, and all that… and I did run 5k on the treadmill to ‘earn’ it!

  5. Tough decision, but I think it could be a raisin and biscuit Yorkie. Turns out, Yorkie is for girls too!

    Have a great weekend everyone xoxo

  6. I absolutely love it guys! My top 3 is as follows:

    1. Galaxy. The best chocolate in the world, best served at room temperature so it goes a little gooey and melts in your mouth.

    2. Yorkie. I don’t buy into all that ‘just for boys’ rubbish, in fact it actively encourages me (clever marketing ploy, huh). If I am not going for chocolate of the silky smooth galaxy variety then I like my chocolate chunky and sickly sweet.

    3. Boost. Speaking of sickly sweet, Boost gets my number 2 spot because I genuinely feel that chocolate overload mixed with a touch of caramel gives me a much needed boost when I am flagging. I am aware it is probably from an extreme sugar rush, but I fully embrace a Boost based chocolate high….xx

  7. Oooooh. LOVE Crunchies. I thought I was alone there, Lolly.

    But my go-to chocolate is always a Turkish Delight. Not only is it quite light, it’s surprisingly low fat due to the low percentage of actual chocolate.

    When I need a nutty hit, a Lunch bar.

  8. Drifters and Chocolate Orange both feature highly in my top choc list. I have been known to buy a whole Chocolate Orange when they’re on sale in Tesco, then munch the whole thing to myself, haha. Shame.

    Also a big lover of Twix, pop it in the freezer for a few minutes, then you can nibble that yummy caramel off the biscuit, mmm.

    Loving a bit of chocolate talk on a Friday. I have just been buying the sweets for my sweetie buffet, have been tempted to just buy myself a whole ton of retro sweeties just to snack on, but have managed to resist.

  9. I do love a Whisper Gold, they used to be limited edition only so would have to bulk buy in order to see me through to the end of the year! Happy to report they are now back for good, hooray!

    Happy Friday everyone! *mooches off to raid the office chocolate box* xxx

  10. hmmm, let me see…

    Twirl, Peanut butter kitkat chunky, boost, flake… dairy milk fruit and nut, the occasional mint aero (I spent my teenage years in York, and the swimming pool was opposite the Nestle factory… I swear you could smell when it was mint aero day). When I’m feeling virtuous a square of good dark, plain stuff. (Oh, and I’m partial to a proper belgian choc, especially with a coffee filling, from a proper belgian choc shop, I used to live in Brussels too – but that’s not a chocolate bar)

    I actually have just realised I don’t eat nearly as much chocolate as I used to, hurrah! There was a time when I ate a flake a day, and then doing teacher training I needed that afternoon boost… now I think I’m more likely to turn to cake.

  11. These are all really good choices! My top 3 are:

    1. Giant Buttons. I dont think there is any feeling better than letting a whole bad boy just melt on your tongue.

    2. KitKat Chunky. I like to eat all the chocolate off the outside first then nibble the middle after – messy but definitely the best way 🙂

    3. Boost. These are amazing in every way. Gives you a good spike of energy, the chewiness and chocolate just works perfectly!

    I think tonights dinner may need to be a chocolate feast after all this!xx

  12. Oh dear. I love chocolate but rarely allow myself anything other than a square or two of 70%+ cocoa solid. I tell myself I prefer it but really…. I LOVE pleb chocolate.

    My favourites: Drifter, Frys Chocolate Cream bar, Galaxy, Ferrero Rocher (although I hope they chuck any ambassador out of the Foreign Office who actually serves these at parties) and Cream Eggs (which I eat, disgustingly, by scooping the middle out with a spoon, eating the chocolate and keeping the sickly cream for last as it’s the best bit). And I love rose and violet creams (old ladyish though they may be) and Thorntons lemon creams and viennese truffles. In fact anything praline or truffle floats. My. Boat.

    Oh my. I need a lie down now.

  13. Oh, I forgot to add that if I am eating any kind of chocolate bar with core, then I am the kind of person that will nibble the chocolate from round the outside and then eat the middle separately.

    Particularly satisfying with a boost or a kitkat, cos the chocolate come away so easily. Doesn’t really work with pure caramel.

  14. 1) Curly wurly- caramel, chewy goodness- for only 20p!

    2) Milka with Hazelnuts. Or Dairy Milk with Hazelnuts… or anything with hazelnuts…

    3) I can’t choose between chocolate orange (so good but makes me feel sick fast) and Freddo’s!! (Perfect size for guilt free snacks and has the funky frog!)

    Love this post- lighthearted and fun for a Friday! xxx

  15. Ok Charlotte, totally with you on the Crunch bar, love em, always have, always will. Galaxy Caramel with a cup of tea are rather lush and also a little retro and probably because my Mum is a huge fan, the flavour packed Picnic. I’m off to the corner shop! x

  16. We had tunnocks tea cakes at our wedding – they went down a treat. I would LOVE to go to a chocolate buffet wedding, amazing.

    My favourite? Peanut M&Ms…. I lived on them and bananas when I was at uni (not necessarily recommended)… I have recently discovered pretzel m&ms, peanut butter m&ms and mint m&ms, and the obsession continues.

    Cadburys buttons are pretty special to me too. Always have a wee pack of these in my bag to help me out in tough times!!!! Needs must!

  17. How has noone mentioned a Double Decker?!
    They would most definitely be top of my list.
    I am also quite partial to a four finger KitKat…must be four fingers! I feel cheated with two fingers 😉
    Third, I would probably choose Twix, and like Ruby and Lauren A I too nibble off the chocolate around the outside first! Love the idea of a chocolate table, my friend is having a chocolate themed wedding, with bridesmaids in Cadbury purple! Brilliant!

  18. Now see if im going to indulge in a choc fest…im gonna indulge…im talking a whole giant bar of cadburys or even better those Lindt chocolate balls know the ones in a box with the red wrapping………yummmmmmm…..right im off uo the shop……

  19. @Fiona M – Peanut M & M’s would have been a close 4th on my list. They are so calorific though…..I don’t do sharing those either.

    @Ruby, Lauren A and Katy – Twix!! Don’t underestimate the power of such two fingered biscuit-ness. I also like to dip THOSE in tea.

    And didn’t I hear on the grapevine that McDonalds are doing a McFlurry version?!

    I die.

    Charlotte xxx

    1. @Charlotte, I’m so pleased you are a dunker/dipper too.
      I’ll dunk anything chocolatey in tea! While I was at college most days I’d be found in the canteen with a cuppa and a bag of Malteasers…place one on your tea spoon and dip until it starts to melt…mmmm!

  20. @Katy A double decker NEARLY made it into my top three. They are soooo scrummy.

    @Peridot I too am on the let’s only eat dark chocolate route although Charlotte and Adam made me eat the Terry’s bar purely for the purposes of this post. I am currently a big fan of… wait for it… 85% cocoa and as ashamed as I am to admit it some of my previous chocolate faves are now tasteless in comparison.

  21. Kitkats, all the way, 2 fingers or chunky just not those weird pop choc ones!
    So much so that one year I specifically asked for the boy to buy me kit kat chunkies as my birthday gift, hopefully it’s a tradition that will stick 🙂

  22. i went to munich back in may and discovered milka world, – a whole WORLD of chocolate, me and my husband ran around like 5 year olds, there was every flavour you could ever imagine, one with smarties in, strawberry yoghurt flavour, daim flavour etc …and all the big bars were about 70p each….we limited ourselves to 2 big bars each……then returned the next day for a further 2…or 3…..and they gave us more free milka for spending over 5 euros. I happened to gain about 4lbs during that trip. And it was all worth it!

  23. Oh guys, what are you doing to me – I have been so good at resisting chocolate today (need to get myself in shape for an event in September! Oh and a wedding next year!) Now I am going to HAVE to go to the vending machine upstairs!!! – going upstairs is exercise & exercise should be rewarded right?! 😉

    As for chocolate I have to confess to being a little bit of a chocolate snob! *hides face in shame*
    I absolutely adore dark chocolate, the darker the better!

    If, however I am having ‘I feel like poo day’ then I will probably turn to something a bit milkier to perk me up!
    favs would have to be galaxy or crunchie
    Yup, Lolly I agree with you on the crunchie front & will always justify having one with the ‘there’s not even that much chocolate on it’ line!! heehee

    Also, chocolate table?!!! that sounds like an absolutely ruddy brilliant idea *adds to wedding wish list* 🙂 xx

  24. also this post has made me want to …
    1) blend a bag of maltesers with a glass of milk (best drink ever)
    2.) make hot chocolate, nibble the ends of a twix and use it as a straw til it gets all melty in your hands

    however, i am trying to loose all the weight i gained post milka world, so i will have to stick with my fruit smoothie instead!

  25. If it wasn’t for the risk of type II diabeties and a fear of not being able to fit into my size 10 jeans, I would eat chocolate (and cake and biscuits…) for every meal, starter, main and pudding!! My top 3:
    – Crunchie
    – Minstrels (family pack only please!!)
    – Nutrageous or boost
    Has anyone noticed that some products that are now free from artificial colours and flavours are just not the same anymore; smarties are my evidence for this? I’ve had to stop eating them due to the disappointment.

    Adam – you can get Milka with Dime bits!!

  26. @Charlotte – love, I’ve just flicked on uber quickly at work and saw your first photo and thought, “Why is Charlotte wearing a top that says ‘Condom’ across her chest?”

    It of course doesn’t. It says London.


  27. @Lizi – Oh no, what did they do to the smarties?! I used to collect the lids when they had letters on them. At one point I had my christian name, middle name and surname. You can imagine the amount of tubes I had to consume to achieve THAT.

    @Pamela – I couldn’t get the condom one. They had sold out.


    Charlotte xxx

  28. have just e-mailed the boy insisting that we MUST have a chocolate table at our reception, and that it will contain at a minimum the following chocolates:
    M&Ms, minstrels, malteasers, champagne truffles, matchmakers, after eights…..

    Oooo and those Lindt balls that @Liv mentioned but I want the dark ones (obviously)

    Am toooooo excited about this prospect, just need to work out where on earth it will fit in the venue! & how on earth you keep the chocolate from melting?! eek!

  29. @Linzi I was just about to comment and ask if anyone had tried using a twix as a straw… also works with a penguin!

    @Rebecca Love the sound of your planned chocolate table! Great combination. I love matchmakers, specially the mint ones 🙂

  30. @Karen – thanks love, missed you too. Well, urm, it’s all a tad awkward really, so, I’ll give you the words of my Aunty Pam on the phone to her mate:

    “Linda, I’ll have to call you back. It’s been a busy few weeks, Melanie had her baby seven weeks earlier and Pamela’s wedding isn’t going ahead and she’s moving to a new apartment. Don’t worry though, both girls are alright, I mean, they’re both still doing their eyeliner so we’re not at national disaster levels just yet.”


  31. My number one is KitKat too. Not the chunky one, the old school type.

    Two is Toffee Crisp, which is, in my opinion, a totally under-rated chocolate treat. Three is a tie between Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (I must like chocolate in orange wrappers!) and Mint Matchmakers (but weirdly, I only seem to eat them at Christmas).

    NO chocolate beats a bag of fizzy cola bottles though!

  32. I’m with Lolly on the Crunchie front. Loves me a fistful of maltesers too and am I the only one in the world who loves a red bounty?

    Fridays after school were the only time I was allowed chocolate as a kid and it’s still kind of ingrained in me that that is the only acceptable time to munch.

    Did you believe that?

    Ok. It was worth a go. Let me rephrase. Fridays are the only time I don’t chastise myself for indulging.

    There. All out, all honest.

    I miss the days of cardboard bounty bases and papery wrappers, not to mention the fact that back then my treat cost a mere 17 pence.


    I’ve actually had to cut out sugar, so have been delightfully healthy for the past four, five, six months. This might just push me over the edge, though.

  33. A perfec post for a Friday!
    Number one has to be good ole Dairy Milk, melted and eaten off a spoon.
    Two is a Twix. Linzi, I bite off each end too, but in tea. The caramel goes all gooey. Messy but divine I promise.
    Three is a toss up between a Boost and a Double Decker. Both are proper big berth bars.
    We dd favours at our wedding of bags filled with our fav choc bars. They went down a treat!
    And a chocolate bar would be immense!
    Happy Friday!

  34. @Pamela – Oh crap. Sorry if I put you on the spot there. Hope you’re okay and Melanie’s baby is doing well, anyway – it’s a good job you’re still doing your eye-liner otherwise I’d be stripping you of your ‘honorary scouser’ badge. You’d better be sticking around here too, or i’ll come stalk you out on facebook or something. Big love hot stuff xxx

  35. Oh terry! I have an obsession with chocolate oranges ( the actual oranges not the bars – slight different density to the chocolate) my partner brought me 12 at Xmas ( 1 for each if the days of Christmas)

    I desperately want to make some sort of mountain/sculpture/ display of them at our wedding next year. Although I’ll probably munch it all myself.

    Btw … You guys have a fab job!

  36. @Pamela – we’ve all missed you! It’s not been the same without your talk of fringes & colleen ankles (is that right?!)
    Sorry to hear you’re not getting wed but very glad to hear you are still applying the eyeliner
    Your auntie Pam sounds fab!
    Good luck with the new apartment 🙂 xx

  37. Oh my giddy goodness this has made me crave english chocolate so much! Living in Spain has the sunshine bonuses but the choccie withdrawal symptoms grow daily… My ultimate chocolate obsession are KitKat Peanut Butter Chunkies, I was eating three a day 5 years ago when they were limited edition – and when I heard they were back I phoned my friend in the UK (so important to me that I got one that I made international phonecalls!) just to get them posted out to me… My waist is all too grateful that I can’t access them daily! x

  38. Em K, loved a red Bounty!
    Twix, Bounty, Double Decker…… would still rather have a bag of crisps though.

    @Pam – blithering flip. Hope things are as good as they can be whatever is afoot. And still very much up for that night at Garlands if anyone else is?! xxxxx

  39. Glad someone mentioned the Double Decker which you can now get as a twin bar! Aside from that the good old Wispa is a firm favourite

    Am worried now about my sweetie table….overdone…. and I was so excited about it :0(

  40. thanks to you lot, i just had to put some chocolate spread on my ryvita …

    Twix yum yumyum, and kitkat any day, but is has to be a 4finger or there just isn’t enough.

    And chocolate buttons or the new ones with caramel in … mmm

    Definitely done the chocolate as dinner thing, otherwise I’d never eat it! very strict on fitting into that dress! and NO the boy cannot share – for a start whilst i am ‘savouring’ my first piece and enjoying the melty goodness, he has inhaled half of the rest!

    ooh and a chocolate orange…

    1. @Helen – if I’d been invited to your wedding, heard there was a sweetie table and then you didn’t do it, I’d be devastated. I might never recover. You know what? White dresses (or ivory or whatever) are also quite popular at weddings – possibly overdone even – but so what, they’re great. Brandish your sweeties with pride!

      Yes to Double Deckers, Toblerone and peanut butter M&Ms which fortunately, you can almost never buy in the UK

  41. A good old bar of Dairy Milk Whole Nut has to be my firm favourite with Minstrels a close second (but both MUST be very cold) and washed down with a glass of cold milk. Yum.

    Well, that was until I discovered M&S Swiss Hazelnut Chocolate – pure luxurious coco heaven.

    Love the sultry chocolate look Adam…you should audition for a Galaxy ad! 😉

  42. @Karen, Rebecca, Peridot & Carrie – Ahhh thanks, ladies. Honestly, I am good, think I’ve just about made it out the otherside alive.

    @Carrie – erm, I shall now be spending most of my leisure time in Garlands. In fact, on the day that would have been the wedding the girls have already got things all sorted. And they’ve bought me a very fabulous Ted Baker dress to wear…and I am going to have mermaid hair down to my waist. I will literally have no shame.

    @Karen – not at all love. I adore an awkward moment. Does that make me a bad person?! Yes? Mwah ha ha ha.

    Big love ladies.


  43. @Helen @Charlotte – I just wrote a big rant and then lost it. Please dont think it’s overdone AT ALL Helen! Dont forget, just cos something appears on a few wedding blogs a couple of times, you have to remember most of your guests will never have seen one and some of your guests won’t even know what a wedding blog is or that they exist!! (sorry charlotte – talking about the Nan’s and the blokey blokes obvs)

    Double double deckers sound like the best thing evs!

    @Pamela – more important matters, are you coming Pride tomorrow? Phil (male of honour) is DJing at Gbar and you know Garlands will be booming. Let me know if you are, it’ll be boss


  44. @Pamela – just read your last comment. you cow! I was MORTIFIED. In all seriousness, glad you’re good – it’s all character building stuff. xxxxx

  45. @Karen – alas, I shall not be at Pride (sob!) because I am on Aunty Pam duty…and next weekend I have a swanky night out with some friends that requires a flat tummy as I have a crop top I want to don so I shall also be hitting the gym.

    Have an amazing time though, don’t fall over. That is the best advice I can give for Liverpool Pride.

    And my mum made me promise that through everything I had to keep hold of my sense of humour…and jeez, it most certainly, certainly is character building…talk about roller coaster of emotions…it is also not very good for the bank balance.

  46. @Pamela it is however great for weight-loss due to stress and excessive gym going. spend spend spend you deserve it love, and keep your chin up. You stay classy 😉 xx

  47. @Karen – I am doing love. In their attempt to make sure I had a super Saturday night last night, two of my mates got themselves soooooo drunk that we had to vacate the premises we were in(I shall not reveal which establishment we were in as the shame would be too much, but in starts with an ‘Hil’ and ends in ‘ton’) and I had to put them both to bed! Outclassed the lot of them!

  48. hahahaha!!! amazing. Oh the shame! I can imagine you stumbling about falling over. My favourite Hilton memory is when my mate ran in after Cheryl Cole shouting ‘Justice for Gamu!!’ at her.

    Obviously the best place in town for causing a ruckus x

  49. @Karen – I swear to god, a little bit of wee has just come out at ‘Justice for GAmu’…I would like a tshirt that says that as well as Charlotte’s condom one obviously…

  50. I’m with Charlotte on the Kitkats, I get teased in work for liking boring chocolate but I prefer to think of it as a timless classic, like a Chanel suit but much easier on the funds! I also had a Magic Stars phase a few years ago but had too many one day and sickened myself on them, I think Cadbury’s Fudges and Wildlife Bars are underrated too, they remind me of my dad bringing chocolate on his way home from work. I’m with @Peridot on the cheapo chocolate – I’ve tried to get into all this 85% cocoa posh rhubarb but I always go back to newsagent choccies! My ultimate one has to be the Creme Egg – in fact the first present the lorry driver bought me was a big box of them! I have my own method of eating them. I can’t do it in public. It is mildly obscene.

    @Pamela – sorry to hear your news but getting frocked and cock(tail)ed should help! *hugs*

  51. @Charlotte – am with you on the KitKat dunked in tea! Yum
    @Adam – just eating Milka. The one with bits of Dime bar. Yum.
    My overall fave is a Kinder Bueno though 😀

    A group of us had a long chocolate-based combo over dinner last week – we couldn’t, for the life of us, remember the name of the Minstrel-type thingies that were half white and half dark. Had to get on t’internet!

  52. Must be a Lauren thing, crunchie and mistrels are my all time sky high favourites, how I haven’t developed a honeycomb centre yet we’ll never know!!

    I had a sweetie buffet at my wedding last sat (cant give up these pretty pages even now i’m a mrs) and it went down a treat, think the adults had to bargain with the kids at one point to get their hands on a mars bar!!!

  53. I often fancy a huge ‘bag of maletasers’! [SIC]

    I love ANY chocolate. So long as it doesn’t have nuts in.

    I once paid over £3 in a Tesco Express for a family sized bag of Malteasers. Ripped off, much? Ah, it was worth it…

  54. Guys. I.LOVE.YOU. everytime I think I really should stop checking in EVERY day, (been married three months) I read a post like this and it reminds me why I do!! Seriously you l

  55. Guys. I.LOVE.YOU. everytime I think I really should stop checking in EVERY day, (been married three months) I read a post like this and it reminds me why I do!! Seriously you lot are after my own heart xxx

  56. @kat I’m glad I’m not the only one, although this post is entertaining to read I too do not like chocolate! Give me a big bag of Doritos and dip mmmmmmmm!! Or a big block of cheese!

  57. Double Decker. I’d like to catch the bus everyday, but unfortunately I would then look like one. Sad times.
    Kat – RocknRollBride, I have never met anyone who hates chocolate, but in a way I’m a little envious, you never have to battle the temptation. A queue is always the worst, supermarket, newsagents, petrol station, all the shiny little packages gleaming at you saying, eat me, eat me….!

  58. Also I forgot to mention that instead of a wedding cake I had a tower of Kinder eggs cos they are my fave……….

  59. Wah, where was I on Friday when this was happening??

    I know it’s late so no one will see, but I lovelovelove the new KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter! Which links nicely to another favourite of mine, the Reese’s Cups!

    I also recently the discovered the pleasure of the Cadbury’s “chocolate balls” as I call them. Better known as Tasters, I have so far only found these beauts in Eastleigh Vue in a large bag for the extortionate price of £3.85! But that doesn’t stop me, as they are lovely. Pure chocolate, with no manky sugary shell!

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