That Gentleman’s Touch.

We don’t cover much on mens fashion here at Rock My Wedding and I think thats a shame but really, it’s because we don’t claim to be experts. My man pretty much takes care of himself in the fashion department, keeping Abercrombie propped up when he’s off duty, M&S Autograph for work and having a lot of love for the mens department in Selfridges when he’s treating himself.

However, a lot of what you see on these pages is what we LOVE and we hope you will love it too… so today I’m going to push a bit of fashion forward style for the gents.

The Bow Tie.

Bow Cool

We see a lot of Bow Ties on the gentlemen across the pond but somehow it’s just not quite filtering over here. I’m not sure if it’s a serious moment I’m having over Chuck Bass and the return of Gossip Girl to our screens, or the cheeky colourful and strangely relaxed yet stylish vibe they give off, but I am loving the bow tie at a wedding these days.

Lets face it, our men-folk don’t always get the greatest of says in styling your wedding (‘Chair covers? What are they?’) but getting your beloved involved in choosing his own outfit can be a great way of him feeling involved in the planning, comfortable on the day and also getting a little bit of their personalised style into the over all feel of the day.

Guy Glamour

Most importantly, we’re starting to see some seriously sharp grooms style on these here pages and I know that Cool Brittania rules supreme so why do the boys get lumped with tradition, when we’re rocking our fashion forward frocks and dolling up the maids in the chicest creations?

The Bow Tie doesn’t need to be all geek-chic, glasses and unique style. It’s just as comfortable in a glamorous setting as per this Brighton (Hurrah for the UK!) wedding.

Sometimes traditional and classic is the way forward, but how to make it modern? Lose the Tux and work a simple well fitted dark suit with a slim fit shirt.

Get me One!

Think you can talk your man into wearing a bow tie? Or is it right up his street in the first place? Well here’s a few tips on where you can pick one up without too much trouble.

Typically, think unique, original, quirky and Etsy comes to mind. Check out Forage from Somethings Hiding in Here, Xoelle and MeandMatilda for a great selection and custom orders.

So what are your thoughts on the bow tie and what look might your man be sporting to make him stand out on the most important day of his life?

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

25 thoughts on “That Gentleman’s Touch.

  1. If I could get Mr K into a bow tie, I would literally drop to my knees and weep with joy.

    Rebecca you make a good point that it doesn’t have to be geek chic, and that it can be modern and tie in with a really sharp suit. I think many a man would avoid the bow tie for fear of trying to look too “quirky”.

    I love seeing weddings where the groom dares to be different. Love braces, love matching socks, love a pattered shirt. Would love to see another groom in a hat! (like a man-style hat, not a fascinator, unless, you know, that’s his THING)

  2. I love bow ties – though for that you can blame Matt Smith/Doctor Who.
    My husband was dead set against morning wear, which was fine by me, so we had a fantastic, very sharp three-piece suit made for him at a great tailor’s, and he really enjoyed being able to choose the material, lining etc. I love a man in a waistcoat, and he just looked gorgeous (but then I would say that, right?).

  3. Rebecca, I do believe you’ll be responsible for the Bow Tie trend if you keep posting inpsiring pieces like this!

    Poor ol’ grooms are too often neglected in the planning details and my god they need the inspiration sometimes! Struggled horrifically in the ‘standing out but blending beautifully stakes’. So we’ve done what we know will stand out – handmade to our own specification and it involves CRYSTALS! I couldn’t in a million years persuade him on the bow tie front but a handful of crystals on the tie is no problem! This sounds cack. It’s not, I promise!

  4. My H2B is looking for something different. He doesn’t want the traditional dress. He’s looking at a brown velvet suit – what do you think ladies? x

  5. There are many reasons why I love this post: bow ties are natty, me likey. The red spotty bow tie and the guy sporting it reminded me so much of Noah from The Notebook that I had to keep checking back to see if it was and Chuck Bass. Le sigh. Chuck Bass was the first and only man I have seen that can carry off a bow tie (and purple ones at that!) and still make you want to snog his face off. Rebecca, I have a serious Chuck Bass problem/obsession! xx

  6. Cat… Brown velvet suits featured in D&G’s winter 09/10 collection but are back on Gucci catwalk this season. Google it for lush man in suit action.

    Dark chocolate brown with crisp cream shirt…. mmmm sounds good enough to eat.

    It’s really got me thinking about Mr. P’s get up…Gieves & Hawkes have some fab designs but as he normally wears a suit for work. Keeps telling me he is a grown up (36) and can dress himself, thankyou very much! 🙂 XXXXXx

  7. Mmmmmmmm Chuck Bass! Yum yum yum… and the main reason for my Gossip Girl obsession (and Serena’s wardrobe collection)…

    I agree, I adore a man in a snappy suit, and these are just gorgeous. Unfortunately, the H2B wouldn’t want to push the dicky bow boundaries as he thinks they’re a little ‘out there’, so it’s not something he’ll go for, although I’m hoping if I forward on this post, he’ll at least consider the idea…

  8. My boy is the same…he really liked the idea of one but when push came to shove he went for the traditional cravat. He said the bowtie was too out there for him…bless.

  9. i know for a fact that even if i were able to persuade mr into a bow tie (which i’m not), he would then be even later for the ceremony than i know he is already going to be from not being able to get it PERFECTLY TIED!!!

    on the plus side, he has chosen (almost all by himself) a gorgeous paul smith suit and patterned tie, i’m now trying to convince him that patterned tie + patterned shirt looks hot.

  10. I went to generic suit hire place with husband to be (which shall remain nameless) and they were so pushy with him. Worse than my bad dress shop experience. They kept sighing and telling him he shouldn’t get a waistcoat that matched his suit and his hanky had to match his tie and he had to stand out from the other groomsmen. I was getting all bridezilla on his behalf and ended up saying snappy things like listen as long as i can tell him apart he can look like all the groomsmen if he wants to and if he wants a white hanky and a black tie then damnit he’ll have it. there’s probably big business in a shop for really sharp ‘different’ suits/ties/bowties etc etc

  11. Great to hear some opinions here – particularly your last one Jay!

    I’m sad that men don’t get the social encouragement to be a bit more out there – it’s somehow not as acceptable for men to be individual… I went to a wedding this summer where the Groom wore a very sharp Navy three piece with a pocket watch – and gave his best man one – that simple touch made all the difference and was so ‘him’.

    Looking forward to more sharp grooms on these pages 🙂


  12. I sent this to h2b and he sent something along the lines of ‘seriously’. Whilst I think that black tie is GORGE at a wedding we’re tying the knot in June so this would look totally out of place!
    In terms of the vintage look, this isn’t h2b at all (but then I’m not trendy at all either) but clicks to those guys that can carry it off. I saw a 1920’s groom on Simon F’s blog recently-uber stylish but totally not h2b.
    Ultimately I want him to feel as great and comfortable in his suit as I do in my dress. Thank God for Marc Wallace!

  13. My Gavin would look HOT in one of those! Unfortunately (and I don’t often say this…) he’s Scottish. So kilts it is then. As much as I love the man flashing a bit of leg and going true Scotsman… he’s messing with my colour scheme with all that tartan!

  14. I love a groom that stands out from the crowd. It’s always assumed from the start that you must hire a morning suit. We nearly fell into that trap but with a venue change, the boy went and got himself his own stylish outfit. He’s discovered the joys of Paul Smith tailoring (great suits for a slimmer frame) and a funky colour shirt and tie. Can’t wait to see him in it now!

    Asking him to try a bow tie might be pushing it. He’s too slim and would look carton-like!

  15. My Man wore a purple 50’s bow tie at our wedding in May. He bought it from Fur Coat No Knickers. He wore it with a teeny little floral shirt . He looked amazing and everyone commented on it. He did really steal my thunder!

    It was only after we bought the bow tie that we saw them everywhere on the catwalk x

  16. Our wedding is at xmas and we are having black tie. My H2B has bought a really sharp, slim fit tux from autograph and looks absolutely amazing!

    However, we are trying to think of ways in which to make him stand out from the other guys…. possibly a white bow tie (still not convinced about this idea) or possibly a button hole!

    Not long now! 12 weeks tomorrow!

  17. Snap Kate!

    We are also having a Christmas wedding and are having black tie. My H2B looks so handsome and ‘James Bond’ like in his suit, I cannot wait to see him looking all sharp and sophisticated on the big day!

    We are thinking of having him and the boys in cravats for the ceremony though so they stand out from the rest of the guests a bit more, then changing into bow tie for evening, but I cant make a decision on whether this is a good idea or not?! Opinions on this please girls!

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