The All New Rock My Wedding.


Charlotte: If you are reading this post and you have ever visited Rock My Wedding prior to the 2nd January 2013 then you will have noticed things have changed around here quite a bit.

I’ll be honest, the re-brand of RMW has been long overdue and along with everything else, sometimes there are (literally) not enough hours in the day.

After the launch of Rock My Boutique and the obvious cleaner, more contemporary aesthetic we had adopted styling and branding wise, we realised just how tired and flat our polka dot world had become.

It got to the stage where I found myself not wanting to look at it too much at all – so in love was I with our shiny and sophisticated shop. And that can never be a good thing, especially when the vast majority of my time is spent doing exactly that.

The million dollar question is – where the hell do you start? it’s not as if our branding was making us unsuccessful, we continue to increase in readership month on month – so would changing it actually be a bad business decision?

But just like the wedding industry as a whole, everything is constantly evolving, and we should be at the forefront of the on-line design and technology evolution, not tottering behind in our virtual so-last-season Laboutins.


It’s All About Watercolour Baby

I guess the place you start is with the logo itself. And after me having a minor melt down where I actually said to Adam “It has to be timeless! I want it to look like Grace Kelly WROTE. HER. SIGNATURE….you know? And if not Grace Kelly then some other elegant iconic person with impeccable taste in fashion and excellent hair….”

This (on my part) was not in anyway an understandable or detailed brief.

And in the end I just wanted it to be watercolour. And not particularly “right now” (because let’s face it, trends by their very nature, last all of ten minutes) but with a view to not look completely crap in twelve months time.

It seemed to make sense to tie the design in with the aforementioned RMB branding (we can then continue on in a similar acronym vein when we continue with our plans for total world domination*) whilst remaining simple, pretty and that little bit edgy and unique.


Size Matters

Sometimes folks it REALLY does. And we decided that inspiration wise, the more detail you can see in an image the better.

So we’ve increased our picture size by 33.33333% (to be precise.)

As far as we’re aware there are not any other wedding blogs that are quite as um….BIG on the old image front but a few photographers use similar sizing for their own personal blogs and the more and more Team RMW admired them, the more we knew we had to follow suit.


Love It. Pin It.

My other prerequisite for the all new RMW was to have a dedicated inspiration gallery, a place where you gorgeous lot can take a little trip to now and then for some extra pretty.

We’ve separated it into categories we thought would be the most useful however, please feel free to drop us a comment with further suggestions, or anything else we could include that would assist you in your quest for the perfect bouquet/decor ideas/make-up look etc, the gallery will be updated on a daily basis and we are still fine-tuning the content and format.

You can get to the gallery via our new tabs in the header section.

We’ve also enabled everything with the Pinterest Pin It facility so you can add our images to your pintrest boards until your heart’s content.

Talking of galleries, for every real wedding or photo shoot we feature you will now have access to the FULL MONTY, i.e., every single photograph that we have. Not only will you be able to see EVERYTHING from all angles and then some, you can also pin each image individually rather than having to pin a chunky template… I know, we’ve tried to think of everything to make you guys happy.


Drop Down Gorgeous

Adam: Our old menu was once described as being not too dissimilar to that old fairground attraction where you had to guide the metal hoop over a wire maze and if you touched the wire with the hoop it buzzed at you and it was game over.

So, we’ve changed it… It’s now a simple drop down menu that is easy on the eye and more importantly, easy to use. We have also renamed some of our menu categories to make them more simple and more obvious as to what they are. Take a look at the menu and see what you think.

Finally, all text is now bigger and bolder so you should be able to read our posts on a handheld device without too much pinching and zooming. We are particularly fond of our new heading font which is called…

Reenie Beanie. We Love You Reenie Beanie.

So, what do you think? Did we do ok?

Any further suggestions to make RMW even better?

Over the coming months you will see a whole bunch of other functions and cool stuff that we will be adding to the site, we’ll keep you updated on what’s new and what’s HOT.

Thanks so much for making 2012 our most successful year to date and here’s to an even more awesome 2013!

Big Love

Charlotte and Adam x



49 thoughts on “The All New Rock My Wedding.

  1. I find the new font for the body text quite difficult to read…not sure if it’s just me. Sans serif is easier for me to read. I do like the opening photos though – bride and groom name, place and photographer. That’s a good addition.

  2. Beautiful!!! The huge piccies are fab and it all looks so clean and fresh. Well done guys! Will certainly enjoy my trips down RWM lane even more now! xx

  3. Love love love LOVE it!

    Well done RMW team, I have been waiting in anticipation for the brand new site, glad to see you kept the polka dotted pages but with a modern twist.

    My fave new change is the 33.33333% increase in picture size, more wedding-ness for my eyes to feast on!

    It’s good to have you back on my screen, RMW!

    Big 2013 love.


  4. Well now I’ve had a good mooch about I love it!!

    I love the little intro image with the snapshot detail, i love the big pics (although am totally fearing seeing my big moon face in giant form!) and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the image galleries. That’s one thing I always thought RMW was missing (but kept it as my own secret pain). I am really loving the overall feel too – I’m sure if our glorious Princess Grace was alive and into web design then she’d love it too!

    Reenie Beanie… Can I be honest? I like it, but it doesn’t work for me. No idea if it’s my stupid screen or my rubbish feeble eyesight but I’m struggle to read it clearly. It’s not very sharp. I hate saying that though because it is very pretty indeed! xxx

  5. Having recently re-done my own website, I feel your pain! As with any change it takes time to get used to so I think it will take a while to bed in.
    I like the increase in picture size, I like the galleries, they’re a great addition.
    New font may take time to get used to but I don’t have trouble reading it.
    Atm the banner feels a bit too naked but again I may get used to it (the old one was very cool)

  6. Looks like all your hard work paid off!
    Loving the new look 🙂
    And agree with the others – the larger pics are ace!! (@Karen – I am also a little worried about my big face becoming giant!! haha)
    Also, think the full picture gallery for each wedding is a fabulous addition
    Oh & ADORE the new image gallery – perfect!

    Now go get yourself some sparkly to celebrate!! 😉 xxx

  7. I love love love it guys!! Congratulations, you are a seriously talented team. You’re hard work has seriously paid off. Do you lot ever sit still though??

    Seems much easier to browse and find things, and I also love the galleries. Looks super stylish, sleek and modern too!

    So pleased to be a part (even though its a teeny tiny, iddy biddy part) of the new look RMW! Looking forward to the further updates too 🙂


  8. Wowee I love it, v exciting! I got engaged on christmas eve 😀 so now am officially allowed to be obsessed with the blog (although I’ve been secretly reading it for months already!)

    I’m pretty sad that I can’t get pinterest on my computer at work but I’m sure that I’ll make full use at home 🙂

    As a suggestion to make RMW even better, I think a page with ideas on how to get married on a budget would be great! Might not be the most exciting thing but I know it’s something I’m really struggling with and as it’s a recession I’m sure there are a lot of people in a similar position.

    Love love xxx

  9. New logo – Great!
    Serifs – love ’em.
    33.333333333% photos – IMMENSE (literally)
    Subtly shaded polka dots – pretty 🙂
    Pinning individual images – hallelujah!
    Reenie Beanie – I’m with the Swale. I’m all for a doodly handwritten typeface, but this one in particular is a bit too masculine and irregular for the otherwise elegant, cohesive aesthetic IMhumbleO

  10. Happy New Year guys, and Happy New Blog Day. You’ve gone all industrial-chic! I love the technical aspects- bigger pics, gallery, bigger fonts etc. Design-wise it’s all very clean and minimal so I like the coherency with the boutique site. I feel like I miss the ‘prettiness’ but ask me in a month and I’m sure that’ll be a distant memory 😉 Congrats xx

  11. Great Job guys, RMW looks so sophisticated, retaining that edginess that I love about this site! We are redesigning our site at the moment, So I know how hard those decisions can be, It Looks BEAUTIFUL!

  12. New picture sizes are fantastic. Love the ability to Pin from here now and the galleries are awesome – well done! These galleries are a very welcome addition. I find all the fonts easy to read and the new menu works well. Good to have a change (even though I used to really love your old RMW logo!).

  13. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments folks! It’s been a real labour of love for us and Adam especially has worked super hard at making this happen.

    It seems that you’re loving the super duper sized images and the pinning potential – it was a must-have on my list being a Pinterest addict so I’m glad you agree.

    @Sama don’t you worry lovely – there’ll be plenty of prettiness in the weddings we’ll be blogging very soon. We can’t wait to share them with you.

    @Mairi – was there anything in particular that you’re keen to see on the blog relating to budgets – flowers for example or decor. Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

    @Tabitha we can’t sit still. Like ever. It’s like a full blown case of permanent ants in our pants.

  14. Yay! Glad you are loving the bigger images and gallery facility!

    @Karen – It’ a funny one isn’t it font, we did look at lots of lovely swirly girly wedding-y ones only to not really “love” them and ironically – I found them too difficult to read!

    @Phillipa – Reanie beanie was quite a step away from typical big day femininity you’re right, we wanted a more hand-written vibe, and yes, dare I say throw a bit of masculinity in there? rightly or wrongly for W-day bloggers Lolly and I favour that aesthetic and what with Adam being a boy (honest!) we decided a bit more “groom” wouldn’t go amiss.

    Glad you like everything generally though – am loving the big pictures!!

    Charlotte xxx

  15. @Nicola – That’s the most difficult thing about re-design I think, how MUCH do you change?

    It’s funny that our new background folks are perceiving as shaded polka dots when it’s actually watercolour paper – but that’s why Adam chose it, because the “feel” isn’t too far removed.

    I’m actually glad you think the new banner is a bit “naked” – we wanted so much more “clean” and although I know you loved the old one, we felt it had become all a bit cluttered.

    Congrats on re-designing your site though pet, it’s a stressful process!

    Charlotte xxx

  16. @lolly I’m finding it hard to find style-inspiration for my groom in terms of suits. Something ‘bloke-friendly’ would be great. Lots of proper grooms suits are really old fashioned I’m finding. I found this post you did really helpful ….so basically, more of the same from you all this year!

  17. oh I love everything about it you guys! Really well done. I think you’ve done a brilliant job of making it cleaner and easier on the eye. Very stylish but not too far removed so still feels very RMW. It’s perfect.

  18. @charlotte I think my brain is just getting used to it. I too thought you’d kept a little hint of the polka, love that it isn’t but still keeps the vibe. And yes I love a bit of nudity so the naked header is right up my street! xx

  19. @Sarah Vivienne @Naomi Kenton – Thanks guys, yes we really wanted it to be all about the inspiration so a cleaner design means everything else will “pop” more 🙂

    @Karen – Mwah ha ha! yes on the nude front – me too 🙂

    Charlotte xxx

  20. I do really like the general style, but I agree with the other comments that the fonts do seem harder to read than previously. One of the reasons I kept coming back to this blog is because so many other ones are almost impossible to read. Pale text on pale backgrounds looks pretty but is hard on the eyes and especially if you have any kind of sight problems. I’m also slightly confused about the prep section of the menu i.e. what counts as a love story and what counts as your day your way and the overlap with this and real weddings. I like the idea of the menu names being more romantic and chatty but don’t know whether for some of them clarity might be more important so you know where to look for things.

  21. Oooo I shall be pinning until the cows come home now! But…would it be possible to link to the full wedding coverage from the inspiration blog? Very often they discuss suppliers and you can see all the other lovely their wedding involved!

    Looking good guys!

  22. @Christina – Do you mean the linked text pet? the light blue? the main body text, post headers and menu are all bigger and darker than before (promise!) so just trying to figure out which bit you mean. We made the headers less obscure (although I kept beauty not beast as it makes me laugh!) but yes you are right, it’s difficult to fully explain something in so few words sometimes.

    Love Stories are engagement shoots – we figures this was part of prep, your day your way is everything to do with planning – choices/discussions etc…hope that makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to comment/feedback x

    Charlotte xxx

  23. I have been waiting ALL DAY to get home to view the website in all it’s glory! And it looks fabulous! Looking forward to exploring all the features this weekend when I am in full wedding-planning mode (I have dress-shopping AND ring-shopping to get through in 48 hours…!)

    However, as some others have said, I did struggle to read it on my phone. I have a *feeling* it’s the larger pictures (which I love – the bigger the pretty, the better), but when I do the ‘fit to screen’ tap on the iphone it obviously just fits to the size of the photos which means the text is smaller and harder to read. Perhaps I just need my glasses prescription updated lol. I only mention this as I normally read RMW on my journey to/from work so I’m limited to viewing it on my phone. But like I said, perhaps it’s just my eyes!


  24. Love the new look! It’s a bit like your friend getting a new haircut: it’s still the girl you know and love, and she stills looks as fab as ever just….different!

    Also, just wanted to say a huge thanks for being generally being wonderful. I’ve been reading for a while and got engaged in Sep so am looking forward to RMW being a constant source of inspiration. Keep up the good work!

    Sarah xx

  25. @Jo ALL day?! I admire your dedication doll. Hopefully it was worth it?

    Thanks for giving us your ‘iphone’ feedback – we’ll pass it onto our resident technological guru and see if he can fix things for you.

  26. Loving the new site guys!!! Its très pretty!

    I adore the new font, and find it really easy to read, I also really like the watercolour-ness!!! I am missing the old logo though, I think it really made the page pop and even with just a quick glance you would know that you were looking at something RMW, but I do get what you mean about it being too cluttered!

    You can really see how hard you have worked, virtual pat on the back to you all!!! 🙂


  27. @Lolly I was more thinking of the really expensive parts of a wedding like venues and feeding all the guests! I’ve got loads of inspiration on decor and some really useful tips on making the most of flowers – my favourite tips were the one which showed how to make the decorative letters out of cardboard and wool and the idea of using bridesmaids bouquets as centrepieces!

  28. @Lolly Definitely worth it! No worries, we’re currently under-going a website re-design at work and we’ve been talking endlessly about how we need to keep in mind people who use smart phones/tablets, so it’s all I can think about at the moment…!

  29. @Emma – I should know the name of this but…I don’t (!) I’ll ask Adam to let you know sweetheart.

    @Lizzie – It was a very chunky logo before so I can see how it made the page pop, there were so many things going on with it though, I never felt it was streamlined enough. It served us well for a long LONG time though and we were sad to say goodbye.

    And thanks for the virtual pat on the back 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  30. I’ve said it on Facebook and Twitter so might as well make it a hat-trick 🙂 I really like it guys, think you have done an awesome job. I love the big intro picture, but I also really like how the brand now ties together with your other ventures.

    I am a huuuuuuuge Pinterest addict though, so my favourite feature is the ‘Pin it’ facility and the individual gallery to make pinning each individual piece of inspiration much much easier – I didn’t manage to get a good butchers at this particular feature earlier but it’s looking great. My next hope is that RMW itself will find its way onto Pinterest so that I can pore over even more RMW-selected pretty 🙂 x

  31. Loving it Charlotte, Well done you. Will let you know how I get on. Lots of love and see you soon for some flower inspiration. I can’t belive I get married in 4 months and 9 days to be exact! xxxx

  32. @Emma – Bless you, you are very sweet. And pintrest yes um..we are a bit behind (!) but don’t worry, we’ll be there ASAP – promise!

    @Lisa – EEEEEeee!

    Charlotte xxx

  33. Thanks for the great feedback guys… and the constructive criticism 😉

    Change is always a tricky one but I’m glad that the over thoughts are that the RMW aesthetic has remained intact…. and you’ll all grow to love reenie beanie I’m sure 🙂

    @emma – the other font we have used is called Cutive and you can get it free from google.

    All the best for 2013 everyone.

    Adam xx

  34. PS: Just realised I have an audience that I haven’t said “I’m getting married this year!!” to yet….



  35. It’s gorgeous!!!! I love the new look! You made some really great and to be honest necessary changes: I love the bigger font size, because I even had to enlarge the page on my laptop and I adore the new picture options, I always cropped the template to the pic I wanted on Paint!
    So congratulations to you all! As always you are amazing!!!

  36. @Mairi – I agree, budget is so tricky. I love RMW but often find myself sighing because I know I could never afford a lot of the things I see on here. I think it would be great if RMW could publish the rough budget of the weddings on the site, or even a breakdown of the big things, maybe alongside the list of suppliers at the end of the post? Love the new look by the way!

  37. I was so worried about the change, I don’t like change…. but it’s ACE!!

    Also thanks for sorting the drop down menu bit out-that was the only thing that bugged me about the site-it literally drove me BONKERS some days!! Haha!

  38. Hi All! *waves*
    Just dropping in (a wee bit late) to say I love the new look and especially the new menus! Like someone else said before, it would be EXCELLENT if the image gallery photos were linked back to the wedding they came from, just so that they can be appreciated in all their glory.
    Thanks for taking care of us so well, RMW! xxx

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