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The Beautiful De Beers Infinity Collection

I am rather partial to diamonds. Then again who isn’t? I’m a bit like a magpie when it comes to pretty sparkly things so you can imagine how excited Charlotte and I were when we got to see all the amazing pieces that De Beers bought to our recent shoot. Lets just say we may have jumped up and down a bit and gasped, A LOT!

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite pieces from the De Beers collection. The new De Beers infinity rings are so delicate and timeless. A piece you can truly treasure.

Symbolising eternal love, the new De Beers Infinity ring features a graceful design inspired by the circular symbol for infinity. The stunning engagement ring is set with a Solitaire diamond and embodies the timeless vow a couple make to each other to constantly evolve their love and make it last forever. The collection also features the infinity band. These versatile and contemporary bands are available in white, pink or yellow gold and are designed to be worn with the De Beers Infinity engagement ring, alone or stacked together for a combined radiance.

Choosing your rings is an important moment in any wedding as they will be one of the lasting reminders of your special day. Charlotte recently shared this and her other thoughts on really enjoying those special moments in collaboration with the De Beers ‘A moment to last forever’ campaign.

By choosing a De Beers diamond you will be drawing on their diamond mastery since 1888, De Beers hand-select each diamond for its unique beauty to capture unmatched Fire, Life, and Brilliance. As the definitive destination for diamond jewellery, we have a quest for inner beauty, bringing lightness, femininity and delicacy to our sublime diamond jewellery.

You can view the full De Beers collection on our fine jewellery pages.

Photography by WE ARE // THE CLARKES
Author: Lottie Manns
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