The Best Day EVER.

Happy Friday you gorgeous lot. And if it’s not 100% sunshine it will be now – I LOVE this Irish wedding.

And I love the bride and groom too – because it’s crazy kids Xander and Christine, the dynamic duo behind awesome photographer-ness that is Navyblur.

Their big day is a huge menagerie of colour, together foreverness, unique ideas (they even had a Marshmallow roasting station – I know, I so want to visit one of THOSE) and general merriment. I defy any of you lovelies not to finish the feature with a beaming grin.

And the ceremony – unlike anything I have seen before in terms of decor and full on celebration.

I guess the biggest hurdle for any talented photographer is who do you have to capture moments of you? Well, if you’re Xander and Christine you fly in Jeff Newsome from California….obviously.

Enjoy Enjoy ENJOY!

Perfect Plaits

My hairdresser rocks! She knew I didn’t want to go for anything ‘bridey’ as I just wanted to look like me on our wedding day. The day I went for a trial Tracey did a really cool wave curl in my hair using straighteners and finished it off with a plait – I couldn’t have pictured anything better and was so happy with it.
My sister works in an amazing beauticians so it was obvious where we’d all be beautified. A girl Samantha painted my nails each with a different stripe of colour (all my bridesmaids colours) and again I loved it! My sister’s boss Kathy and another girl Leigh-anne came to my house the morning of the wedding to do all of our make-ups which was the nicest most relaxed thing ever. I wanted to look natural but have makeup that lasted the whole day.


Xander and his two brothers, the best men, wore navy blue skinny suits they bought online from ASOS. They wore electric blue ties coloured braces and coloured socks!
 Xander’s 10 ushers wore the same navy blue skinny trousers, and a mix of yellow, pink, turquoise green and red ties finished off with a pair of blue braces. Oh and lots of colourful socks!

Xand wore a his navy suit by day and by night he was looking as gorgeous as ever in his shirt and red braces combo.
I bought him a unicycle as a little present for the morning cause he’d always wanted one (he totally wanted to be a clown when he was younger) 
He bought me an ipad and had it filled with really chilled music for when we were getting ready in the morning, he also had it inscribed as he knew my first thoughts would be ‘this is SO for him!’ – but it says ‘my gorgeous wife’s ipad..not mine. Love you Tiney 26.05.12’

Grecian Goddess

I knew I wanted a Grecian style dress simply because of how floaty and free they are – I wanted to be able to run and jump in my dress without a worry of it getting in the way! I couldn’t stop thinking about this one dress I had tried on so I went back to the shop and stepped back into it I was so excited I knew it was the one. I bought it there and then and it hung in my mum and dad’s room for months before the wedding, there was barely a day that went by that I didn’t run in just to look at it. I loved it! When getting it altered, we took a flower off the front of the dress and used the material to make the plaited strap – much more me!


The buttonholes were INCREDIBLE! Xander’s brother’s girlfriend is a whizz with wool and she created the coolest crocheted and felt cameras tying in with all the different colours of the day. Xander’s was extra special as he was wearing a ‘groom cam’ within his buttonhole (basically a little spycam) so it was sewn in to hide it away. Unfortunately the camera failed before the day had even begun but it was a cool idea! The best men had their initials stiched onto the front, the dads had ‘dad’ and Xander had ‘groom’ stitched to his.
The ushers had a felt stuffed colourful heart to add to their braces and of course more colourful socks.

Minimum Fuss

I’m not big into jewellery, I barely wear any day to day so I didn’t want to wear anything silly that I’d look back on and regret. A friend of my sisters is literally SO talented when it comes to creating bits and pieces so the main job for her was to make the chunky, statement colourful necklaces, bracelets and hair pieces for my bridesmaids. Each bridesmaid was bringing in a different colour, and as they had all chosen their own style of shoe I wanted their jewellery to be different too. We loved the final outcome! 
I had a small hair piece just to finish off my simple plait across my forehead. Nothing fussy or too wedding-y!

Mis-Mash Pretty

I pity any florist who gets a bride like me walking into their shop saying ‘Can you make me some wedding flowers? But they can’t be wedding-y’ ! Sally took everything I told her about our colourful, mish-mashed outdoorsy wedding and made us the most gorgeous bouquets to fit in with the day. So many people commented on the colours and they were perfect against the bridesmaids electric blue dresses.

Cool From California

We flew our photographer over from California and it was the best decision ever! Being wedding photographers ourselves we’re always coming across amazing people in the business, and a few years ago we came across Jeff Newsom. His work was just completely different to everything else in the wedding world and he just creates the most incredible pictures! It was a no brainer asking him to be our photographer! A month or two before our wedding he was voted as one of the top ten photographers in the world… yep… he is the best.

We had the added bonus of his assistant and buddy for the trip Rog from EPlove photography. Again a great guy and great photographer. There’s rarely a day that goes by that we don’t look at our wedding photos – they are a work of art and the coolest memories of our day. We couldn’t be happier to have had Jeff over for our wedding.
We then came across Show + Tell videographers, Reuben and Adam, two incredibly talented guys with hilarious sense of humours. Their work is just beautiful and we knew they would capture our day in a unique way… when we watched our film it was just out of this world, we couldn’t have imagined what they would do with our day but they did it perfectly.

The Wolfpack

By day we had the folksy Northern Irish duo that are The 1930s, Andrew and Jonny are such a talented pair and they completely set the tone for our outdoorsy wedding. As our guests arrived to the tipis they were greeted by this acoustic music and we literally loved hearing them play across the field.
 By night we had the awesome Wolfpack band, it consisted of a mixture of Xander’s friends from England who are amazingly gifted in what they do and they completely rocked our dancefloor. They were so gracious as to play some of my silly favourites like B*witched (some people say I look like me da) and then a whole load of ultra cool covers of old school and current songs.

The highlight for me was Xander joining the band (just like old times) and started busting out every lyric, word for word, of the Black Eyed Peas ‘Let’s get it started’ – it was completely spontaneous and completely amazing! Such a fun part of the night.


Grace, from Grace and Saviour, has to have a big mention in the decor. She not only provided our gorgeous chairs but when we told her we needed a serving area for the drinks she came up with 3 old bushmills distillery barrels she has and found an old wooden door to act as the table top. She goes above and beyond for every bride and groom and we loved having her involved in our day.

Nearly all our friends and family were roped into making a wooly pompom at one stage or another on the lead up to our wedding. We wanted the decorations to be colourful but just something a little bit different, so we had hundreds of these pompoms around the tipis acting as bunting.

We had some felt hearts and Xander made some cool cut out heart paper decorations to hang around the place which looked really great. 
Xander’s dad made us a whole load of wooden signs which were painted to fit in with the colour theme. He also made us the coolest X&C lightbulb sign – it had so many instagram photos of it the next day! We can’t wait to put all these things in our home over the next few months.
A friend and awesome designer, Emma Kenny, created a banner for the church with the lyrics of the song we signed the register to.

Jam Jar Drinks

Another friend and equally awesome designer, Ally Simpson aka Supersimbo, created all our stationary, the logo he first put on our invites then ended up on everything we could think of!

We served our drinks in jam jars with stripey straws and some very colourful stickers on the side.. this was one of my favourite things in our wedding. I know it’s not anything new to do but people just loved the silliness of drinking out of a jam jar!
One of our very talented friends took all our sweets and chocolates we’d loaded up on in a cash & carry and created a super cool sweets table – she painted drawers and wooden blocks to place the jars on.. our only regret is not actually getting to enjoy these tasty treats ourselves!

Simple Delicious

We loooove cake. A lot. So why have one? My mum made the fruit cake, and two friends made the other four flavours, carrot, lemon, vanilla and Xander’s favourite, chocolate! We loved the idea of having them all look really simply but yummy and we think it came across just like that.

Tennage Dream

Xander chose our first dance song ages ago – when we’re edited we’ll always have a random mix of music on and for a while the album of choice was Boyce Avenue. We loved their cover of Katy Perry’s ‘teenage dream’ and so that was it. Perfectly lovely!

By The Fire

In the evening we had firepits and the same friend who set up the sweets table then produced an amazing schmores station complete with step by step instructions of how to build (and enjoy) one of these gooey delights.

We so wanted our guests to enjoy mingling around outside so we had lots of haybales set out around the field and my mum cut up a few ikea blankets and sewed smaller versions for each haybale, a nice little touch.

With A Little Help….

Xander’s mum spent hours.. no DAYS creating 160 individual pompoms so that each guest would have one attached to their nametag. As we had so many bigger wooly pompoms around the tipis it was simply a reminder of our colourful big day.

The biggest thing we wanted with our wedding was to have things because we liked them, not because it was a wedding and that’s what you’re supposed to do. I was so happy that Xander was as big a part of every decision as I was, I always think boys see things differently and so it’s definitely important to let the groom have as much control as the bride.

He’s a very creative person and I loved creating our wedding day together.
Friends and family were a MASSIVE part of our wedding coming together, without them, none of the above would have come together.

Everyone was so generous with their time, effort and support throughout the whole process, especially in that final week leading up to the wedding we so appreciated everything they did for us. 

Advice… get a great photographer/videographer, the one thing that will last once the days over. Do things together, and pick things for your wedding that you actually like! And of course, enjoy every minute of the day no matter what – it really is one of the BEST DAYS EVER!

Xander and Christine’s wedding and film was so epic that I am going to post the video on another day (there is just too much greatness to contend with for a Friday all in one go….)

Cinematographers – Show And Tell

Photographers – 
Jeff Newsom and EP Love

Bridesmaid Dresses – House Of Fraser

Brides Dress – Forever bridal

Jewellery – Copper Broccoli

Barrell and Chair Hire – Grace And Saviour

Tipis – Magnakata

Stationery Design – Super Simbo

Banner – Emma Kenny

Makeup – KK Beauty Clinic

Flowers – Sally’s Floral Studio

Cupcakes – J Bird Bakery

Sweets & Schmores Table – Alphia Events

Entertainment – The 1930s and The Wolfpack

How much did you love the blooms? And how about the gorgeous portraits? And did you spot those nails?! Possibly the coolest bridal fingertips in the whole of Ireland.

HUGE thanks to Xander and Christine for sharing their colourful affair on Rock My Wedding.

Big Navyblur Love

Charlotte xxx

36 thoughts on “The Best Day EVER.

  1. Stop. Right. Now. This is so gorgeous. That DRESS is so simple but elegant and just down right gorgeous! Loving the whole plait across the forehead thing too!

    I can see this wedding providing a heap of inspiration for other peoples weddings. It’s just so happy! And AWESOME button holes!

  2. Oh my, I have no words! Actually I do…could I just have this wedding please!

    Looks so much fun, I would have LOVED to be a guest at this wedding! Christine, you make a beautiful bride!


  3. Gorgeous pics – I particularly like the fact that one of the bridesmaid looks like she is doing a fist-pump of pure happiness in one of the first shots (the “headless” one)! Love it.

  4. WOW! I am literally bursting with happiness for you both…the whole thing is just…perfect!!
    Beautiful couple, fantastic decor, gorgeous photos, amazing setting…..what a day to cherish!
    Congratulations xx

  5. What a beautiful sunshine filled way to start the chilly weekend! Such a fun weekend – loving the nails & barrels & s’mores so much, big congrats to the incredibly stylish and cool bride and groom! x

  6. I want a lightbulb sign! can someone make me one?

    I love these two. I LOVE THESE TWO. That lying down with the stripey lights shot, i gasped.

    Oh to be young and beautiful and freshfaced and carefree and in love.

    Beautiful xxx

  7. totally bowled over by the detail, the bride’s gorgeousness, in fact the couple’s gorgeousness, her dress…..

    all completely amazing!!!

  8. I think this wedding is stunning and i adore the wool buttonholes do you have a website where we cann look and purchase some for our wedding xx

  9. Eeeeeeep! I can spy mine and Xander’s faces on the polka dot pages.. we are too excited! Thank you lovely Charlotte & RMW team for the awesome blog post.. am I allowed to say it’s my favourite?!

    @Sarah the make of my dress was Gemy

    @Aimee who doesn’t love google 🙂 !!

    @Karen @Jasmine Jade the lightbulb sign was definitely one of the most photographed thing from our wedding by friends and family.. lots of facebook/instagrams appeared the next day. we’re now going to have the X&C in our living room.. exciting!

    @Sama I want some more s’mores!

    Becky, Katherine, Sarah, Tabitha, Jemma, Nicky, Claire, Gabi CB, JenniR, Sama, Karen, Jasmine Jade, Aimee, Chloe, Louie, Hannah…. THANK YOU GUYS! Your comments made us so so happy and excited all over again!

  10. We love these guys! By far the coolest wedding I have ever seen.
    And How beautiful did Christine look? We got to go to the eve do and these two were just running round the fields smiling, laughing and most definitely having the ‘best day ever’!! Xxx

  11. YES! I love you two so much!
    It was amazing to be a part of your wonderful day. Loved singing in the evening (wolfpack) and partying with you both… Xander, after that rap I think you need to join the band!
    After being at so many weddings with you where you two are creating photo history, it was lovely to just see the two of you enjoy your own wedding, letting everything go and having so much fun.
    Love you lots xx

  12. Yay! Christine and Xander are photographing my wedding next year and I’m so excited! What an absolutely gorgeous wedding, massive congratulations to you both!

  13. Aw wow! We love you guys! Thank you so much for your gorgeous comments, we’re so excited to have been involved in some of your weddings and have even more to look forward to – such an exciting time!

  14. *sigh* just so beautiful. Two of the nicest and most likeable people inside and out. I cannot wait to have Christine and Xander photograph our wedding next year!
    Congratulations again guys! 🙂

  15. It’s is Amazing!
    I have been looking for a really long time for lightbulb letters…where are these ones from? I would love tonier some for our day.

  16. Thank you Loraine.. sooo excited for your own extravaganza of a day!!
    Thanks abi 🙂 we were all about the colour!

    Susan & Sophie.. thank you ladies! Xander’s dad made the letters for us.. the general process was buying some wood, marking out the letters and then getting them cut out, marking out holes for the bulbs, buying bulbs and then there was some handy andy wiring that went on.. wish i could help more but I’d definitely say the cheapest option is buying the materials and finding someone who can make it for you… hope you get it sorted!

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