The Best Day Of Our Lives.

The best day of our lives

Happy Monday you lovely lot. This morning I’m bringing you a glorious 30’s inspired day with a hairpiece to die for…and a pair of bright pink lips. Totally lush.

With a whimsical venue in the shape of Preston Court and gorgeous blooms, Sue and Neil managed to pull off a stunning looking day. And Neil is well dapper in his custom-made suit. I LOVE the colour of it and the tie compliments it so perfectly. And he sings ladies. Yep. His band performed at the wedding…

The best day of our lives

Sue The Bride: My dress was from The Vintage Wedding Dress Company from the Decades Collection. It was 1930s style high waisted v-neck lace dress with satin slip. I really wanted to find a vintage dress, but found it difficult to find one in super good condition and in lace. I really love the romance of the 30’s and this was the look I wanted to go for, so completely fell in love with the dress the first time I saw it. I was checking out vintage stores in Soho and managed to have a quick look in their boutique style showroom, and it immediately stood out to me. From then on, I always had it on my mind even though I tried quite a few vintage dresses. So finally I gave in to my gut instinct and tried it on, and it was perfect. I had my maid of honour Rachel with me during the fits, and the look on her face said it all too! Also the dress was made in the UK and was really pleased that I could help support UK production.

The best day of our lives

Unique And Special

I wanted to get something that fitted in with the style of the dress and was also different from other headpieces/veils I had seen. I really loved capped veils, but felt it may be a bit overkill with my dress so first stop was to see what they had. They are fantastic to use to find unique and special pieces. I eventually found Agnes Hart and she had the most beautiful headpieces where you can attach veils. The whole service that Agnes Hart provided was fantastic, and found my perfect accessory for my dress – a 1930’s Art Deco headpiece with silk veil. I received it beautifully packaged a few weeks after and was so excited. It looked even more stunning in the flesh!

The best day of our lives

If The Shoe Fits

As I live in flats and often channel my inner preppy boy look, I opted for a mid heel so that I could feel comfortable on the day but of course did not want to compromise on finding the most wonderful shoes! On my search for my dress I went to ‘Fur Coat, No Knickers’ who were great, and found Rachel Simpson shoes through them. I loved the styling and she had the most gorgeous ballroom inspired T-Bar shoes in a soft metallic gold. And they fitted perfectly! So ordered these off her website.

The best day of our lives

Old Hollywood

I used Lipstick and Curls for my wedding hair but did my make up myself. I wanted an old Hollywood glamour look for my hair to tie in with everything, so went for soft waves and curls. Amanda from Lipstick and Curls was great working with my hair.

The best day of our lives

Gorgeous Blooms

I created my ideal flowers on a Pintrest board. I really wanted a soft feel of muted cream, whites, pinks, greens and to create a country garden effect. I found Euphoric Flowers florists to create the beautiful centre pieces and gorgeous bouquets and button holes. I did have a preference to hydregeas (as they remind me of New Zealand which is where Neil grew up and have been there countless times to visit) and herbs that were in my bouquet. I could not have asked for more as they constructed apple creates with vines and beautiful vases filled with gorgeous blooms!

The best day of our lives

Winter Pastels

For the bridesmaids, we bought their dresses from ASOS.COM and from the ASOS Salon Collection which is vintage inspired. I wanted to have a modern twist to their dresses and each dress was different. The dresses fitted in theme with my dress and my mum’s dress. I wanted muted winter pastels.

The Groomsmen bought their suits from M&S and got their ties, shirts and cufflinks from T.M. Lewin. These matched the Neils attire. Neil had his suit made for him from a tailor called Norton Bespoke. It was made to measure and fitted him like a glove! He had his tie also from the same place as the groomsmen and got his brogues from Loake, which were amazing.

The best day os our lives

Intimate Moments

I had known Nabeel for a while through friends and saw he had started photographing weddings and began to follow his work. As soon as we got engaged I knew we wanted him to be our photographer. He really does capture intimate moments well and also has a great narrative to his work, so was so unbelievably happy with how the photos turned out.

The best day of our lives

Three Tiers

I went to the Vintage Wedding Fair in Bethnal Green earlier in the year and this is where I saw French Made. Her cakes were delicious and beautiful. We had a 3 tier cake with a base of carrot and walnut, middle tier victoria sponge and top tier lemon, all covered in buttercream icing. Then the florist decorated the cake in delicate flowers which was stunning. It was simple but beautiful.

We got our favours from Creighton’s Chocolaterie who had chocolates with a twist and again made in Britain. We decided to go for chocolate moustaches in 3 flavours – dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate with hundreds and thousands. Bit of a lighthearted treat and also reminds me of Neil and his beard!!

The best day of our lives

Centre Stage

Neil and his friends are in a band so it would only be fitting if they played at our wedding!! Neil surprised me with the song choices and took centre stage as the lead singer! Some of the songs were ‘Here comes your man’ by The Pixies, ‘All day and all of the night’ by the Kinks and ‘I want to hold your hand’ by The Beatles. It was amazing!!!

Our first dance was to Beach House ‘ I’ll take care of you’ as we really loved the lyrics and the band. Neil bought this on record in the summer and it has been one of our favourite records ever since.

The best day of our lives

Tea Lights And A Lick Of Paint

With the help of my friend Amy we made over 20 metres of lace bunting. We sourced jars and wrapped them in lace trim, bought gold tealights and also sourced old frames, painted them in blackboard paint and made these our table plans, welcome sign and order of service. Neil was great at painting and setting these up for me to write on.

Luckily Preston Court has the most beautiful backdrop of ornate vintage music hall organs and created a stunning backdrop to our service. With the help of some friends we added lanterns in the main barn and decorated the metal orning outside the reception barn with multi coloured ribbons and also decorated trees near the barn in ribbon, bunting and tealights in jars.

The best day of our lives

My Soul Mate

Our day was special because we did it all together. It was a great representation of us, and our hard work and it was great to see everything come to life. It was the best day of our lives and more than anything I was so happy to marry my soul mate. My advice is to enjoy all the preparations even though it can get stressful but you will get there in the end and all will be perfect on the day. And keep a tight budget and try and do as much as you can yourselves, which makes it more personal. I would use blogs as inspiration and ask your friends for help as it’s much more fun doing things together!

The best day of our lives

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Venue: Preston Court
Boutique: The Vintage Wedding Dress Company
Hair piece: Agnes Hart
Shoes: Rachel Simpson
Hair: Lipstick and Curls
Flowers: Euphoric Flowers
Maids: Asos Salon Collection
Groom: Norton & Sons
Photography: Nabeels Camera
Cake: French Made

What a muted winter pastel dream. I love that as a colour theme. and how beautiful is Sues shawl? Next to those amazing lips! Serious case of the green eyed monster going on over here.

I am also very much in love with Sue’s shoes. So gorgeous and completely the right colour to set off her beautiful dress.

Really in love with the use of tealights as well. They are so simple but such an effective touch. Are you having lots of candles on your day?

We also need to talk about the cake. The flowers set it off a treat and Sue really managed to achieve that garden look in such a pretty pretty way.

I’m off to find some buttercream to sink my face into!


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

17 thoughts on “The Best Day Of Our Lives.

  1. What a beautiful wedding! I love all the 30’s details, going for something similar myself. The backdrop at the venue is gorgeous 🙂 Congratulations x

  2. Currently, I am a major fan of a beard…so am thoroughly enjoying the photo of Neil and his best man. I salute you, gentlemen.

    Obviously, I am somewhat all over the red nail varnish and shawl. I don’t understand why there are other nail colours available sometimes…

    And, clearly I am obsessed with the guest in the wedges and floral frock…fringe envy.


  3. PAMELA’S BACK!!!!

    Alright girl?

    Can I add to my request for guests in brightly coloured chinos please? I would also like blue velvet blazers in abundance.

    Fabulously stylish, loving this wedding! xx

  4. Sue – you look gorgeous!
    I LOVE your 20s/30s look! Am currently all over the art deco period! haha

    Gorgeous venue, gorgeous wedding, gorgeous guests
    Just gorgeous!!
    Oh & LOVING the pic of groom singing to bride – A.MAZ.ING!
    Huge congrats guys 🙂 xxx

    ps. YAY! Hey Pamela! 😀
    I am thinking that surely everyone should have a fur stole?!

  5. I NEED that Agnes Hart headpiece in my life. You know to wear out with the girls, to the shops, out for dinner. It is exquisite. And any groom that can literally provide the evening entertainment for his guests is a winner in my book.

    I am also seriously lusting over that table plan too – crates and florals and blackboards? Ummm yes please!

  6. @Karen and @Rebecca – hello lovelies *waves like a mad lady*….

    Sorry I have been quiet…I have been trying to figure out ‘new girlfriend’ territory and was worried consistent shows of RMW on my internet history would look a tad odd / neurotic / plain mental…

    I know wedding planning is stressful for you all, but seriously, new girlfriend territory is terrifying…when can you let them see you without makeup on again?!

    And, @Rebecca, deffo, yes to a fur stole….I even have a fur capelet thing with a hood that is so weird I have never worn it out but it makes me happy knowing that should the day present itself when I invited for tea with the Queen, and it is snowing, I shall have the appropriate garment.

    Missed you all sooooo much!


  7. @Pamela – dude you missed my huge drama about changing our venue and EVERYTHING. I need a full update of your girlfriend status and related stresses. Can you roadtrip with us in March for the pop up? I’m going from Manchanny so room for a little one!

    I would give it at least a year before no make up. Also, the whole leaping up and brushing teeth thing before he wakes… is that still going on?

    Miss you my darling! xxxxxxx

  8. Woooaah….a full on venue trade….I shall look back at posts but give it me quickly, why swap and where is it now?! Did you have a semi-stroke? Ooo semi-stroke – that sounds a bit rude…but I would have had a full on stroke if that had been me (even ruder)…quite frankly I’m pretty impressed you’re still alive!

    Girlfriend status is as such – I am THE girlfriend, it has been six months and we have been on a little trip away together. I have also allowed him to have a little hold of my baby niece which is fairly major as she is pretty darn precious. He only got 20 seconds though, when Aunty Pam is in the room, Poppy is sat on MY knee. Trip away was fun, particularly when I put a playsuit on…I don’t think men his age have seen many playsuits before…pleased to say I nearly induced a heart attack from him, which we all have to admit, is always the desired effect..(or affect or whatever the rule is there!!)…My mum had also made him a cheese and sausage pie. And, in return, he bought me some Hogan high tops this weekend. I feel that’s a fair trade. My mum bakes him a pie, he buys me trainees. I’d be happy for this to continue.

    I am missing wedding prettiness though and so am doing a floristry course at night college…honestly, the bit where you go round the table and have to explain why you came to floristry…”So, I was getting married but…” AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And what is this ‘pop up’ malarky?! See, I have missed that too….aaaarrrggghhh!


  9. He got the cheese and sausage pie?? No way!! Well, if that doesn’t cement his future then nothing will.

    For fear of derailling the thread of this beautiful wedding with our rantings, I will inbox you my dear. Seriously heartstoppingly stressful times


  10. Just lolling at you ladies – espeical Pam with the Queen-appropriate capelet with a hood in case of afternoon tea invite when it’s snowing. hehee.

    Love this wedding, particularly since i’ve just bought my Vintage Wedding Dress Company 1930s lace dress only slightly different from Sue’s, with the addition of a pearl encrusted belt (yes – who knew!) and sheer sleeves. Excited!!!!!!!!!!!

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