The Best Thing Rock My Wedding Ever Did (Again.)


When we decided to create an on-line boutique we really didn’t know what to expect. As with anything you’ve never done before, it’s a steep learning curve complete with daily challenges and constant surprises.

We wouldn’t have it any other way though, there is never a dull (or even vaguely quiet) day at RMW HQ. “Boredom” doesn’t feature in our vocabulary.

Launching Rock My Boutique was a huge project for us, we hosted our biggest industry event to date and spent a significant amount of time scheming, dreaming and designing our first campaign “Big City Love“.

Those of you that have already seen AW12 will know it was very urban, quite…… edgy.

And so for Spring/Summer (let’s face it – we’ve kind of um…by-passed Spring already (!)) we decided to do something very different. Actually, we decided to create what might be considered the polar opposite of our disused-nightclub based Autumn/Winter shoot complete with a zillion spray-painted tins and break dancers….


Our new campaign is called “Coco” after one of Lolly and I’s favourite icons of all time…..Coco Chanel.

Think super super polished. Think sophisticated and clean and timeless. Think mercuried glass, sequins, feathers and an abundance of beautiful blooms. Think Provence in July with a generous dose of Parisian chic thrown in for good measure.

Think pretty. Really REALLY pretty.

We love the outcome of our latest adventure. And we’ve got everything crossed that you gorgeous lot will feel the same way.

The full shoot will be appearing first thing in the morning along with details of our new product range and the official collection shop launch.

For now we’ll leave you with our campaign film by the very talented Simon Clarke – he did such an awesome job of the last one how could we ask anyone else?

Plus frankly, he might be the only person on earth who could put up with my Miss bossy-boots director ways and verging-on-the- ridiculous requests.

With special thanks to a whole host of unbelievably creative List suppliers who made this whole thing possible, you can find links to their websites in the credits below.

Enjoy lovelies.

Videography – Simon Clarke Films
Photography – Anna Clarke
Venue – The Old Chemistry Lab at Nottingham Conference Centre
Styling – Team RMW
Assistant Stylist – Lauren at Fairlylight
Florist – Leafy Couture
Make-up – Jo Leversuch
Hair – Emily Kent founder of The Wedding Hair Company
Headpieces, veils and sequin cuffs – RMW in collaboration with What Katy Did Next
Sequin bouquet Train and sequin badges – RMW in collaboration with What Katy Did Next
Shoes – RMW in collaboration with Harriet Wilde
Bridal Gowns – From a selection at Naomi Neoh
Bridesmaids Dresses – “The Fearne”, RMW in collaboration with Maids To Measure
Artwork – Team RMW for RMB
Vases, Candlesticks and Frames – Team RMW for RMB
The Belle Necklace – RMW in collaboration with Natasha Jane
Ceramic cufflinks, badges and tags – RMW in collaboration with Alice Shields
Giant “Coco” letters – Doris Loves
Stationery – Bonny and Clyde

Did you like it?

Did you see anything you might fancy for W-day?

If you’ve got any questions on any of the products or just want to give us some feedback (we massively appreciate it!) then please leave us a note in the comments box.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!

Big Coco Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

45 thoughts on “The Best Thing Rock My Wedding Ever Did (Again.)

  1. <3 <3 <3

    Love it darlings! So so beautiful – I love it all. Can't wait to see the full shoot and browse the shop. Surely 9 days is enough time to change my mind about EVERYTHING right?? Gorgeous styling as always, well done guys and the other Lauren.

    Now, if that model doesn't have Gaultier-Ollerenshaw blood running through her veins I'll eat my hat. Those lashes are standard Lolly material!


  2. Wow I logged on at the right moment! This is so beautiful, you should seriously be pleased/happy/over the moon with yourselves. I’ve just had another look at the Big City Love campaign and it is so different but has got RMW running through it. Love it guys, well done x

  3. Super pretty!!! I’ve been trying not to look – 3 days isn’t long enough to order it in!!

    What is that song though please?!?! It’s just beautiful! x

  4. Congratulations all. Everything is oh so pretty! I’m loving the headpieces so much I’m wondering whether I could get away with wearing one everyday?!

    Looking forward to seeing everything tomorrow (and praying my credit card can take a hammering!)

  5. @Karen – she does have a bit of the Lolly about her doesn’t she? And 9 days is plenty of time to at least add a few little french bits 😉

    @Alice – Thanks lovely, it is very romantic isn’t it? I’m going to france in a few weeks and am thinking of making James hire a moped.

    @Ruth – I’ll find out the name for you!

    Charlotte xxx

  6. I actually thought it was Lolly from the photos, striking resemblance!! All looking lovely, congratulations RMW Team! x

  7. Wow that is LUSH! Right up my street that is, very excited about the new collection – shame 8 days isn’t long enough to order myself a little something…plus I’ve already got myself a little something from AW 😀

    Love the giant Coco letters from Doris Loves – great work Amanda & Darren!

    Also, there’s some serious eyelash pretty, and make-up and hair inspiration going on in here, love on many levels!


  8. erm…….sequins & feathers??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh dear lord, this is not going to be good!!!! haha

    Video looks fabulous! And all that pretty looks….well pretty!

    Fab work guys & gals, looking forward to tomorrow morning! 😀

  9. Ooooo yeah fab work Doris Loves!!!
    Look at you guys go! Those letters look ace & are making me pretty darn excited about my LOVE letters!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 xxx

  10. Aww you guys!! I love the grey sequin cuff, need to get my hands on one of those for general every day wear. Also, the piano man, he will be for sale in RMB yes??

  11. love the film, it’s great. Just a thing, i think i saw things in french that weren’t correct or something we would say. Don’t hesitate if you need any translation !!

  12. Hello lovelies! Thanks so much for all the fantastic feedback already! We’re thrilled!

    @Karen @ajk thanks for the compliments lovelies…would love to look as hot as our model!!

    @LynseyB we can’t promise piano man will be for sale…maybe in our next collection, non?

    @SarahG of course you can wear a headpiece everyday…we do!

  13. oh dear – there goes my ‘no more presents’ promise to the future husband. i have 7 months until W-Day (and a lot already purchased), but clearly with time on my side there will be a whole lot more pretty needed!!!

  14. So divine RMW. I am in love. Congratulatuons to you all and so fantastic to see everything coming together so beautifully. I also spy a few familair pieces here 😉 Shame our website chose to crash on us today. typical!

  15. @Charlotte…So pleased you are having a holiday, you totally deserve it. Pictures of James and you looking windswept on a moped, please! x

  16. *excited face*… how amazing is this! Tomorrow’s post will definitely brighten up my morning tea! The “vous et moi pour toujours” is a definite fave of mine and something I’d love to put on my window sil after my W day!

  17. So, so, SO preeeeeety!!! I love it. It makes me want to sit in a beautiful champagne bar somewhere listening to jazz piano and playing footsie under the table. Dreamy. xxx

  18. Wow.

    RMW you are going from strength to strength.

    I very much hope you are dancing like wild things and participating in many high fives and back slapping.

    You guys rock.


  19. @Ashley – I already have one on my wall 🙂 well tell a lie – I actually have a different one on my wall but you will have to wait unit the morning to see the other designs…..I know, we’re mean.

    @Sophie *waves* – footsie under the table?! we so should have added that to the film!!!

    @Emily – that is such a sweet message, thanks so much 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  20. Stunning, I love/want/need everything!

    That lip colour is the perfect colour that I have been on the hunt for! Can you please let me know the shade?

  21. So so so happy to see it all come together! The video looks so stunning. Very honoured to have been a little part of such gorgeousness x

  22. WOWSERS!!!
    This is immense!! Love the music, it’s all soooooo beautiful and dreamy and makes me want to have super awesome long lashes and massive brown eyes!

    The dresses are gorgeous, I can totally remember eyeing up a Naomi Neoh dress when I first started looking and they are just stunning!

    You guys are soooo amazing and I can’t wait to have a good old gander at the new stuff tomorrow…sadly after work booooooo!

    P.S. Charlotte….I LOVE FRENCHLAND! Enjoy and do come back with a post on holiday attire please lovey!

  23. Erm…WOW!! Just when I thought you couldn’t give us any more pretty and then you go and create THIS!

    This is so up my street! I seriously would like it all please and to also live in your world, where you get to create beautiful things like this!

    Congrats RMW…it’s just too pwetty!! xxx

  24. @Jo thanks lovely xx

    @Alex Mrs M yes you must come back and visit!

    @Tabitha there is loads of stuff in the new collection that I want. No scrap that – I need it! And it’s all totally transferable to the home too!

  25. @Alex Mrs M – Why of course! I think I should buy new things just so I can blog about them 😉

    @Tabitha – If you live in our world you also get to choose hot male models…

    Just sayin’


  26. Truly fab! I didn’t expect anything else from the dream team that is RMW and Simon Clarke, of course.

    Now excuse me whilst I go hit refresh on the boutique website until I can buy both a feather and a flower head thingie.

  27. Such an utterly gorgeous film, cannot wait to see the next installment in the morning! I do have one question (slightly obscure) where did the grooms braces come from? The boy is desperately trying to find some for our wedding day and is not having any luck – if you can help you may prevent a full blown man-strop 😉

    Em x

  28. Love everything about this! Soo gorgeous and pretty!
    Beautiful stationery by Bonny & Clyde… as always! These talented pair have just designed our wedding invitations and lets just say we are one very happy pair! Xxx

  29. This is all so amazing, the styling, the models, the photography, the videography. It’s all so stunning. Congrats to everyone involved. Seriously the video Simon has filmed could be an ad on tv!!! I’m currently on honeymoon having had the best wedding ever! Thanks to some very important people!! Charlotte, Anna and Simon clarke, Adam at RMW, Bonnie and Clyde and the lovely Lauren at fairly light!!! Now I definitely can’t wait to see our video now and all the photos from Anna and Adam . It’s makes the coming home from honeymoon so more exciting!! Love to all and well done again to everyone can’t wait for the next bits!! Coco chanel is also my fav perfume!! xxxx

  30. @anna and @charlotte

    I used a various range of lipsticks on the day…but if you love the image of the model putting the lipstick on with the mirror in the background….on this blog…i actually used Illamasqua lipgloss called Move.( which is a mauve rose pink)

    The other lipsticks i used on the shoot were Kiko in 07 and 08, (these both pale pink with a beige undertone) Estee Lauder in Flashdance ( is a lipgloss but with a hint of cerise pink) and Estee Lauder in Blazing Sun.( is a lipstick in a slight orange/red colour)

    Remember if you like the lipstick, try before you buy if you can as on everyone the lipsticks will look different. If you cant try on before you buy use the finger tips to try lipstick and not on the back of your hand…

    Hope this helps…please ask any further questions i be more than happy to help.xx

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