The Best Thing Rock My Wedding Ever Did.

Fairly recently Rock My Wedding celebrated it’s third anniversary.

I know. THREE WHOLE YEARS. And my hasn’t it flown by.

And before I begin to explain what this feature is all about I want to ask you a favour….if you enjoy our pages but have never felt the urge/need/desire to comment on a post then could you make today and this one your first? pretty please? with sugar strands and those silver sparkly ball things on top?

We would really REALLY appreciate your feedback and thoughts on our campaign film…..

Yes. Our campaign film. Our AW12 RMB (Rock My Boutique!) official laid-bare finale of our most recent project.

For those of you that don’t know what I’m on about, Rock My Wedding launches its on-line boutique on Monday the 5th November with a selection of limited edition products designed in conjunction with various leading industry suppliers.

The boutique and the design and production of the campaign, is without a doubt, the best thing Team RMW have been involved in thus far. We’re not into own trumpet blowing as a rule (you just end up sounding like an egotistical w*nker) But we are really proud of this, and we hope you gorgeous lot will come inside our blue polka dot bubble of glitter and glee as we do a little dance and some serious clapping and cheering.

We wanted something unique.

And I mean completely unique.

We wanted something fashion and urban and gritty and raw.

But most of all we wanted sexy. We wanted the absolute goddam sexiest seasonal campaign film and styled shoot that weddingville had ever seen.

Yes. We do like to push ourselves to the very limit of reasonable sanity….most days in fact.

It started with dreams of concrete floors, steamy car scenes and architectural blooms…it all came together when I found some break dancers in the carpark on my way home from RMW HQ

(Seemingly random stuff like this happens to me on a fairly regular basis – I am now officially used to it.)

And there it was: BIG CITY LOVE

Of course as always there is a whole lot of inspiration behind this campaign which I will share with you tomorrow when we feature the whole shoot in all of it’s Ann-Kathrin Koch photographic glory.

But for now I will just leave you with this. (And for the full effect click the FULL SCREEN button and if your internet connection isn’t so zippy – let the video buffer and load in before pressing the magic play button).

Simon Clarke – you are officially a genius my friend.

RMW – RMB I AW12 – big city love. from Simon Clarke Films on Vimeo.

Styling, Design and Concept – Rock My Wedding

Florals – Passion For Flowers

Stationery – Rock my Wedding in collaboration with Yield Ink

Warrior and Boudicca collection headpieces/cuffs – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with DC Bouquets

Brazen Hussy Jewellery Collection – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with Natasha Jane

Oak Framed Artwork – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with Coulson Macleod

Blue Soul and Industrial Shoes – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with Harriet Wilde

The “Melissa” Bridesmaid dress – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with Maids To Measure

Bridal Gowns – A selection from Jesus Peiro and Alan Hannah and The Couture Company

Hair and Make-up – Gemma Sutton

Chair Hire – Blakeley Browns

Videography – Simon Clarke


Big CITY Love

Team RMW xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

77 thoughts on “The Best Thing Rock My Wedding Ever Did.

  1. Beautiful!! Really amazing 🙂 If only I was still planning I would definitely be visiting Rock My Boutique! (although I probably will do anyway)!! x

  2. WOW!! None of the traditional wedding fluff there – and thank God! With only 10(!) days till our W-Day I’m not sure I can cope with anymore candy coated saccharine sweetness – although I can’t wait for our day, obviously! Now the question is will you be able to deliver any last minute goodies by 10th November??!!
    Big love x

  3. Be proud gorgeous crew, it’s absolutely fantastic. I’m super excited about RMB and this just showcases them perfectly. I love the dichotomy, the Pretty Naughty, the beautiful against the city grit. Simon has done a storming job and so have you all.

    I love how you’ve given Pamela a little birthday treat today with our gorgeous male model friend too.

    Massive pats on backs once again. Blow that trumpet, you so deserve it, you’ve come so far in three short years. Congratulations to you all.

    Excited to see the full shoot tomorrow (oh and of course my very own next post… that’ll be the headliner kids. Stick around!)

    Massive love! xxx

  4. Great Film, all cred to Mr Clarke!! I think I spied on of our frocks gettin a bit steamy in that car too!! xx
    Congrats to all of you xx

  5. @Coulson Macleod – I dont think it does. Something new every time. Love the accessorising of the CM piece with the leggiest legs around! Sets it off perfectly x

  6. Love it!

    Well done team RMW, you are entirely absolutely 100% right to be proud of this!

    Can’t wait for the boutique to go live, although there is a massive danger that I will end up obliterating our meagre wedding budget!


  7. @Abi it’s worth the wait. hot like fire!!

    @Coulson I also feel leg-inferior. Mine are in baggy leggings with fluffy slippers on the ends. Really feeling the need to glam up asap and go and hang out in a car park! x

  8. Hey you gorgeous lot! 😀
    Am sneaking a peek while at work so cannot play it with music, but it looks AWESOME!.

    Well done on such a fab new venture – RMB is going to be fab, I just know it!
    Eeeeeee – Cannot wait to see the full shoot tomorrow 😀

    So excited for you all, well done – you deserve it 😀

    @Karen – damn you for getting in there first with the ‘something borrowed’!!! :-p

    Ps. I am very jealous of the 20’s sparkly headband – can see you all prancing around the office in it everyday!!! If you ever get bored of it you can always send it my way!!! 😉 x

  9. Just like @Abi my work computer won’t let me see it…seriously what is up with that?

    Anyway, I know it’s going to be amazing anyway cause everything you guys do is but I will be sneaking to the loos on my afternoon break to squint at my phone for a peek!


    P.S. @Karen – I totally second the ‘Something Borrowed’ line *cheeky grin* x

  10. I’ve never been so furious that videos don’t work on my office computer (apparently we’re in the prehistoric ages). Can’t WAIT to get home and see what you’ve been up to, and also cannot wait for the photos tomorrow (we’ve just booked the lovely Ann for our 2014 wedding and excited is currently an understatement…). Loads of love xxx

  11. Loving the steamy car action interspersed with the breakdancing! You’re all so right to be proud of this – and I’m proud to have been involved! Can’t wait for the full shoot tomorrow, so much excitement in one week!

  12. Just awesome!! Congratulations – you must all be so proud! Can’t wait for Monday – that back necklace is calling me 😉 xx

  13. Ooooh finally got to have a watch (hid in the loos – how glam!)

    It’s gorgeous, congratulations guys, you should be so incredibly proud and shouting it from the rooftops!

    Can’t wait for Monday, pay day today so am going to blow it all at Rock my Boutique, ssshh nobody tell Chris.


  14. I have a confession to make – I found RMW back in early 2010 whilst looking for a wedding reading to do for some favourite friends – and I was hooked… I read back and back and back until I got to the original RMW from July 2009 and understood where this wonderful blog came from.

    Pretty much every day since I have visited my favourite blog for a minimum twice a day (often more) for a bit of escapism – but this was my dirty little secret as I wasn’t even engaged (until 5 weeks ago!) and its not because I’m wedding obsessed (far from it) its more that I love the writing and and the creativeness and the FUN! I’ve never really commented (as a single lady it felt a but wrong) but now you’ll have trouble stopping me!

    So congrats on the 3 years, I have now, so to speak, “come out of the closet” and with a wedding to plan for I’m pretty sure I will have bought up the shop… I already have my eye on the shoes…

  15. YOWZAAAAAA! loves this, I do enjoy stuff that lurks in the seedy corners of life whilst still being pretty as all get out. Hoping to make a purchase for my big day – 3 months on Saturday *vomits* xx

  16. @Tab – same! i need to buy things NOW

    @Mel – oh wow, congrats on your engagement and hello! Looking forward to hearing more from you now he’s put a ring on it 😉 xx

  17. Aw shucks, thanks you guys, already feeling like part of the community. I’m just so glad I don’t have to keep going and deleting my browsing history so my other half didn’t freak out that I was looking at a wedding blog… i’m sure he was starting to suspect I was looking at porn or worse still asos and theoutnet…

  18. I LOVE rock my wedding, it has helped us plan our whole (and I mean whole) wedding so far and provide some sanity amidst the traditional wedding world chaos. The campaign video is awesome and all of your collaborations so far are very very exciting.
    My only feedback – I love short skirts and wear them myself often but I would never want my bridesmaids in something so short (with a plunging neckline as well!) While the dresses look gorgeous on the models, maybe next time you might have something more modest (but still modern and sexy!) for the super duper bridesmaids to wear.
    Very very well done, you guys are super inspiring! Abigail x

  19. Woweeee! Stunning film! LOVE IT!

    I will def need to get me a little something something from the boutique for our Wed in August!!

    It is my first comment today after discovering the site a couple of months ago :). We really want our wedding to reflect our personalities (I admit we are slightly bonkers) reading RMW has really encouraged us to have the day we really want, not the day we feel we should have. Soooo Happy 3rd Birthday!!! Hope you had lots of lovely cake to celebrate.

    Joelle X

  20. Loving your work beautiful people!

    RMW has always been a fantastic inspiration for our wedding & my business. I know even after our big day if love I shall be back here to see the pretty. RMW isn’t just a blog it’s a way of life.

    I am jolly excited about the boutique launch – credit card at the ready! Monday morning free. Show me the pretty!

  21. I am too excited and can’t wait to hear what everything thinks about the jewellery 😉
    The video looks amazing XxX

  22. Well yes it was worth the wait! Happy 3 years! I discovered you guys back in 09 (again wasn’t engaged till end of 2010) now all married up, I still have a look most days, even if I don’t comment as much as I used too. Massive congratulations on building such a special brand that has led to what can only be described as the PERFECT next step for your business! Congratulations to you all, but particularly Charlotte whose baby is all grown up 😉 I really do love it ps I still love your beauty/skin care recommendations Charlotte (your love of Lancôme artliner made me purchase, and continue too as well as your stila powder)

  23. @Abigail – Thanks for the feedback pet, we hear you. What I will say it the dresses don’t have to be so cleavage o rama – we styled one like that on Svetlana as well….it looked sexy that way (!) and also the length, it isn’t as short as on here (the models were 6ft plus in shoes) so on the average girl it would have a good few extra inches.

    Charlotte xxx

  24. Hey, have loved your blog Since I first came across it back last year. Not only is the blog itself amazing but it’s very inspirational seeing how RMW has grown since you started. Well done the video is exactly what you said it would be sexy, edgy and I’d be surprised if you don’t sell out straight away. Hope you’ve got a lot of stock!

    Good luck with it all.

    Jo xx RMW addict!

  25. Great work..looking forward to seeing more tomorrow! Amazing as always Simon! You and Anna make a formidable pair 🙂 xx

  26. Happy 3rd birthday guys -my how you’ve grown! We got hitched in September of this year and whilst wedding magazines gave me the heebie jeebies, RMW had plenty of pretty that inspired us for our big day. Keep up the good work guys and is it stil OK to check in when you are wed?!

  27. AMAZING!! I actually get more obsessed with your gorgeous blog with each passing day – and this is one more thing to become addicted to!! Congrats team RMW on being truly fabulous xx

  28. Well if sexy was your aim, you darn well did it! Amazing. Fantastically well done to all involved!

    Like Abi formerly Harhar! (nice to see some familar old names popping up!) I too am now married and whilst I have reduced the multiple daily visits (more than FB!), I still love coming back for all the same reasons. It’s ace to see how you’re developing something with real longevity, that people will keep coming back to, long after the confetti has been thrown and the wedding cake scoffed.

    Big pats on back.

    Now what can I treat myself to next week…..?! xx

  29. Well hello people, firstly happy anniversary!!! What an amazing three years and now the RMB??? You guys do indeed rock. Big big congrats, can’t wait to see it all propers x x

  30. what you have achieved in three years is pretty mindblowing and proves that with sheer hard work, determination and downright bloody good vision you can do great things. congratulations to you all @rockmywedding x

  31. @Carrie – it was so thanks 🙂 I really hope some of our things (and future things!) will appeal to everyone not necessarily just brides.

    @Elizabeth – that is so sweet! I feel we need to have that on a poster somewhere “The Best Dressed Wedding blog” 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  32. WOW! I can’t believe how profesh and all amazing that video is! I can totally imagine it on the telly as your wise dad said!

    Congrats to you all, I can’t wait to see it all up and running and though I am a wedded gal now I am properly enjoying that back necklace!!! I am having it to renew my vows if that ever happens!

    Huge congrats again and I think huge things are going to happen for you!!

  33. I’m with a lot of other lovelies, married and can’t keep away!! I’ve had My Day, My Way and love seeing everyone else’s stories develop on the comments pages and then on these pages!
    Yay for the blue polka dotted pages! Roll on Monday!

  34. Ooh that’s 1 minute 19 seconds of sheer sexiness! I think I might need a nana sit-down to recover. Well done guys, absolutely bloomin fantastic! You should be very proud of ourselves. Hearing Charlotte’s plea, I’m popping my cherry with my first RMW comment. Such awesomeness required it! I live in Singapore, planning a wedding for sunny Devon next year, and RMW is a godsend! Many happy MRT journeys home from work poring over the pretty and sexy. Love, love, love. Promise to comment more often!

  35. Love how different this is to the usual wedding advertisements. Wish my wedding hadn’t already been and gone! I’ll definitely be looking at the boutique though when it goes live! Well done guys it looks ace!

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