The Best Thing Rock My Wedding Ever Did.

Fairly recently Rock My Wedding celebrated it’s third anniversary.

I know. THREE WHOLE YEARS. And my hasn’t it flown by.

And before I begin to explain what this feature is all about I want to ask you a favour….if you enjoy our pages but have never felt the urge/need/desire to comment on a post then could you make today and this one your first? pretty please? with sugar strands and those silver sparkly ball things on top?

We would really REALLY appreciate your feedback and thoughts on our campaign film…..

Yes. Our campaign film. Our AW12 RMB (Rock My Boutique!) official laid-bare finale of our most recent project.

For those of you that don’t know what I’m on about, Rock My Wedding launches its on-line boutique on Monday the 5th November with a selection of limited edition products designed in conjunction with various leading industry suppliers.

The boutique and the design and production of the campaign, is without a doubt, the best thing Team RMW have been involved in thus far. We’re not into own trumpet blowing as a rule (you just end up sounding like an egotistical w*nker) But we are really proud of this, and we hope you gorgeous lot will come inside our blue polka dot bubble of glitter and glee as we do a little dance and some serious clapping and cheering.

We wanted something unique.

And I mean completely unique.

We wanted something fashion and urban and gritty and raw.

But most of all we wanted sexy. We wanted the absolute goddam sexiest seasonal campaign film and styled shoot that weddingville had ever seen.

Yes. We do like to push ourselves to the very limit of reasonable sanity….most days in fact.

It started with dreams of concrete floors, steamy car scenes and architectural blooms…it all came together when I found some break dancers in the carpark on my way home from RMW HQ

(Seemingly random stuff like this happens to me on a fairly regular basis – I am now officially used to it.)

And there it was: BIG CITY LOVE

Of course as always there is a whole lot of inspiration behind this campaign which I will share with you tomorrow when we feature the whole shoot in all of it’s Ann-Kathrin Koch photographic glory.

But for now I will just leave you with this. (And for the full effect click the FULL SCREEN button and if your internet connection isn’t so zippy – let the video buffer and load in before pressing the magic play button).

Simon Clarke – you are officially a genius my friend.

RMW – RMB I AW12 – big city love. from Simon Clarke Films on Vimeo.

Styling, Design and Concept – Rock My Wedding

Florals – Passion For Flowers

Stationery – Rock my Wedding in collaboration with Yield Ink

Warrior and Boudicca collection headpieces/cuffs – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with DC Bouquets

Brazen Hussy Jewellery Collection – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with Natasha Jane

Oak Framed Artwork – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with Coulson Macleod

Blue Soul and Industrial Shoes – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with Harriet Wilde

The “Melissa” Bridesmaid dress – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with Maids To Measure

Bridal Gowns – A selection from Jesus Peiro and Alan Hannah and The Couture Company

Hair and Make-up – Gemma Sutton

Chair Hire – Blakeley Browns

Videography – Simon Clarke


Big CITY Love

Team RMW xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.