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The Sun has been shining of late and it’s been the excuse I needed to do a bit of shopping. I know the fact is that we don’t have too many male RMW readers, but it’s also a fact that a lot of men look to their other halves for the nod on what to wear. So, welcome to my RMW summer fashion post for men! (based 100% on what I bought the other day because it was pay day.)

It’s a bit geek, it’s a whole lot of chic, and hopefully there is something of interest in it for everyone. And don’t despair if you really aren’t into man fashion, most of the items I’m presenting for your consideration today are unisex… Back of the net!

Top Half

This T from Obey was a total impulse buy – I have a thing for t-shirts that are really soft with a sort of fleck in the colour (does anyone know a better way to describe this?) So this retro T was sold before I even tried it on.

I love the record label inspired design – 10 geek points there! I got the redish orangey one as I have too many grey T’s already. Obey do loads of really funky designs – I’d not encountered them before but I think I will be adding some more Obey to the t-shirt collection before too long.

Bottom Half

Volcom are a strange brand – some of their stuff is too skatey for someone who has entered his third decade on the planet. A lot of it is really cool though, and almost borders on the formal side of “smart casual”. All the Volcom stuff I have looked at has been incredibly well made out of good quality fabrics, so I’m a big fan (can you tell?) These shorts are pretty smart with the preppy pin stripe just hinting at the Avril Lavigne-esque skater boy that lurks within us all somewhere :).

They are called FRICKIN STRIPE CHINO SHORT which made me smile.

Volcom are really good at adding little details here and there to their clothing designs which make the brand stand apart from the crowd, like that a-symetrical stitching line across the back pocket.

On Yer Feet

Who doesn’t like Converse All Star? Well if you don’t just skip on to the next bit. For the rest of you, have a look at the unisex Chuck Taylor Slim. They are lighter and thinner than standard All Stars with air holes in the side (not visible in these pics.) Perfect for summer sockless shenanigans with minimal pongy foot syndrome. (let’s face it – it happens!) They are available in loads of colours and come in a really skinny shoe box which is just coooool!

On Yer Face

I can not find adequate words to describe how blinking ace these unisex sunnies are. Why has no one made eyewear out of wood before? That is probably what the peeps at Shwood were thinking, and thank the lord they did something about it.

This girl is wearing them and she looks like a hottie, nuff said. I went for the tigerwood finish (lower image) because they are LESS subtle – and I want there to be absolutely no doubt about the fact that I am walking about with LOGS ON MY FACE.

Something to Carry

I have been looking for a replacement matchel (mens satchel for those not in the know!) for a while now. I fell totally in love with the leather one in AllSaints, to the point where I was prepared to file an inch off the side of my 17″ MacBook Pro to get it to fit it. Coming to my senses I scoured the internet and found Scaramanga.

Not only do they sell a host of (girls and boys) satchels to suit a modest 13 right up to a magnificent 17″ Laptop, they also sell a load of other cool reclaimed and retro bits and bobs for the home. I can’t quite bring myself to purchase any of the antique padlocks they have in stock, but for some reason I really want some. Also, the Scaramanga satchel is made of thicker leather than the AllSaints one and was half the price. I dearly love AllSaints but this needed to said!

So ladies, there has to be something in this little lot that you wouldn’t mind seeing on your manfolk, or indeed yourselves.

I think my best find were the shwood sunnies – they are so cool (IMHO) the perfect mix of geek chic with preppy appeal – there is a style to suit every taste too. The only downside is that they take about 4 to 6 weeks to get here as they are hand made in the US.

I only have a few days left to wait for mine – yay! And due to the super duper exchange rate when i purchased, I grabbed myself a total bargain. Double yay!

…What’s the bet that the sun is gone by the time they arrive though?


P.S. I have just realised that this post is completely un-wedding related…


…hmmm… summer wedding… bride and bridesmaids all in matching Shwood sunnies..?

…that’ll do for me!

My summer 2011 fashion Love Lust List….

Obey T-shirts and stuff

Volcom shorts and stuff

Shwood eye wear and that

Scaramanga satchels and ‘ting

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

13 thoughts on “The Blogfather – Geek Chic

  1. To tie it into a wedding….. the groom’s honeymoon wardrobe??

    This made me laugh because geek chic is exactly how I described my other half to everyone after our first date. 5 years on I would say that we are getting to the point were we are both mainly geek but shhhh we do well to hide it most of the time!

    LURVE the sunnies. Top of the cool list right now.


  2. Or bridesmaids in matching converse?!

    Love the “bloke post” and good to see you back here again! Surely the blogfather should consider making a regular appearance?!

  3. Love it! Will be making the t-shirt purchase for the Mr, he’s a chic geek too 😀
    The sort of fleck in the colour cotton? It’s called Marl I think

  4. Loving the straight-from-the-forest sunglasses! Seriously, I’m thinking of a Mrs K and Mr K wood-sunnies combo, me in “Oswald” in walnut, Mr K in “Govy” in East Indian Rosewood. Too much? No. Also I want to be the girl in the alpaca rug on a snowy mountain on the front page of the website. Right now, right this second.

  5. Adam, there is so much I love about your post that I dont know what I love the most. Oh I know, ALL OF IT! From the uber achingly cool sunnies to the satchels, one of which I have been asking Martin to buy me for agggeeesss and he always says he cant find one “old school” enough for me. Now thanks to you, problem solved. Weeeeeeeee!


    PS. I totally misread Volcom as Vulcan!

  6. I discovered Scaramanga a couple of years ago and bought my OH a lovely leather satchel – fab quality and price (especially as I was buying it for him as a little suprise treat)

    The wood glasses may well be another suprise treat!

    Thanks Adam!

  7. Love it – LOGS ON MY FACE!
    And the Converse tip is great. I cannot pull off the normal ones as I have stumpy legs but the slimline ones look great. Miiiight get a cheeky T for the OH – geek chic all the way!

  8. Talking of Obey – which since looking up I realise is the street artist – have you seen ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’ – he’s in that – interesting and odd film!

  9. Love this post Adam! My other half is also an RMW addict so he will really appreciate this!! Especially as he is currently putting his honeymoon wardrobe together  xx

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