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The Cleopatra Collection From Tilly Thomas Lux

If you’re looking for bridal accessories with real wow factor, then Tilly Thomas Lux is the brand for you. Sally’s pieces are instantly recognisable, her signature style is completely original and her pieces are modern and totally decadent. Just perfect for our stylish, fashion forward RMW readers then.

Founded in early 2015, Tilly Thomas Lux has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the most coveted bridal jewellery brands in the UK. Known for statement pieces and decadent designs, designer Sally Thomas has become a firm favourite of brides and influencers alike and her pieces have been worn by celebrities such as Holly Willoughby and Millie Mackintosh, for whom she designed a bespoke headpiece for her recent marriage to Hugo Taylor.

The Cleopatra collection is going to blow you away, I have a feeling you’re going to be totally rethinking your accessories budget…

The Cleopatra Collection

The Cleopatra collection is rooted in uniquely feminine strength and power, paying homage to the famed Queen of the Nile. Featuring bold geometric shapes and nods to ancient Egyptian iconography, these new pieces add another dimension to Sally’s existing pieces. The Ra statement earrings are named in tribute to the Sun God while the bird Shu hair clips are inspired by the God of light and air. The intricate Aten crown is truly fit for a goddess while the Hathor arm cuffs can be worn on the wedding day, then again with a summer dress. The Nefertiti crown is an ode to the powerful Egyptian queen, mysterious and immensely strong, while the striking Cleopatra crown is the glorious showpiece of the collection – regal, beautiful and commanding.

These Are Beautiful!!! I Want To See More!

Complementary hairclips and necklaces complete the collection and provide super wearable options for bridesmaids or special gifts. All pieces are now available online at

Focussing on luxury, and using the finest materials including Swarovski crystals and Swarovski glass pearls, all pieces are handcrafted and lovingly finished in the Tilly Thomas Lux London studio.

The Individual Pieces

Maat Earrings & Cuff
Inspired by The Feather of Maat, a symbol of justice in Ancient Egypt, these stunning drop earrings feature Swarovski crystals in the shape of a wing. Like the Maat earring this statement cuff is inspired by the Feather of Maat, a symbol of justice in Ancient Egypt.  Featuring Swarovski crystals in the shape of a wing, this beautiful piece can be worn on your wedding day and then again and again.

The Aten Headpiece & Hair Pins
The gold disks and wonderful centrepiece of this beautiful headpiece are an ode to Aten, the disc of the sun in Ancient Egyptian mythology. An ode to Aten, the disc of the sun in Ancient Egyptian mythology, these delicate hair pins look incredible on their own or as a complement to the Hathor crown.

Nefertiti & Nofret Crown
An ode to the powerful queen Nefertiti, mysterious and strong. Nefertiti worshipped the sun god Aten, represented here by the gold discs either side of the central crystal. A crown fit for a princess, Nofret can be layered with other crowns or, equally can sparkle on it’s own. 

Cleopatra Crown & Earrings
The glorious crowning jewel of the collection. Like Cleopatra herself this exquisite crown is regal, beautiful and commanding, as are the super-lightweight earrings.

Shu Hair Clips
Inspired by the joy of flight, the Shu hair clips can be worn is a multitude of different ways, depending on your hairstyle. Available with Swarovski crystals in clear or blue or with delicate pearls.

Hathor Arm Cuff & Hair Pins
Mother of the Sun God Ra, Hathor was an Ancient Egyptian goddess. This sparkly cuff truly is fit for a goddess! Mother of the Sun God Ra, Hathor was an Ancient Egyptian goddess. The Swarovski hairpins are the perfect accessory for a bride or a lovely gift for bridesmaids.

Tuya & Ra Earrings
Sparkling and lustrous, Tuya means “ray of light” and these stunning earrings shine like the sun. A golden, regal nod to the sun god Ra, these lightweight earrings feature Swarovski crystals and a statement, graphic drop.


You can find Tilly Thomas Lux in the accessories section of our handpicked supplier directory, The List. Whether you’re searching for a florist, a photographer, a cake maker or for beautiful accessories like the ones you see here, The List has got you covered.

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