The Elopement.

I’m guessing there may be a fair few of you gorgeous lot reading this that at some stage during W-day planning have thought “Sod it, let’s just elope”.

Because sometimes it gets all a bit much, the decor details, the spiralling out of control budget, the guest list….and really when it comes down to the black and white nitty gritty it’s really just about two people, completely devoted to each other, vowing to spend the rest of their lives together – forever.

So this Friday morning folks I am sharing with you just that – the very private and intimate elopement of a beautiful bride and groom captured to perfection by Dominique Bader. There are no favours, no fancy cakes or endless reams of home-made bunting for you to take inspiration from I’m afraid. But there is a delicious dress, some to-die-for shoes and more passion and happiness than I can even begin to try and describe.

Prepare to fall in love with love.

A Sky Blue Lining

We got ready at the Town hall apartments and hotels before heading off to Islington Town hall for the ceremony.

My dress was by Lela Rose, spring/ summer 2012 ready to wear collection which I purchased online at net-a-porter. Originally I’d had a beautiful and somewhat traditional ivory dress made for the big day. However, every bride must have at least one disaster and mine was on taking the finished garment to what I thought was a reputable dry-cleaner, it was promptly ruined; brilliant! So after my mild emotional break down, I decided to buy a dress and found this gorgeous deconstructed 50’s style number on net-a-porter. In the end, I much preferred the dress I wore dress to original dress I had made- so I guess every cloud as beautiful-sky-blue-Lela-Rose-lining!

Minimalist Chic

I wanted to keep jewellery to a minium as I find that it can sometimes date an image so I decided to go for classic pearl earrings from Astley Clarke and a very simple bracelet by Iwona Ludyga.

Elegant And Groomed

I’ve always been a heels girl, so couldn’t resist buying these perfect water-snake peep-toe pumps by my favorite shoe designer, Pierre Hardy. For my hair eventually I decided to go for something quite elegant and the girls at my local salon Expressions in hair, Leyton did an amazing job. I also found the best make-up artist ever, Alison Cameron, she’s has such an amazing talent and I’m extremely grateful for the fantastic job she did on my make-up.

Matchy Matchy

Eventually I decided to go for Amnesia roses they always look so beautiful, and the colour seemed to match my shoes! Our local Florist, Flower Power Design on Roman road did an amazing job.


My Husband wore an impeccable made-to-measure suit and bespoke shirt by Saville Row Tailors, Gieves and Hawkes. His shoes where by Paul Smith, and his accessories (tie-clip and cuff-links) by Lanvin.

A Real Romance

We felt that Dominique’s unique take on romantic reportage, was something that really appealed to us as a way of documenting our day. There’s almost an element of the fantastical which overlay the very intimate moments she captures.

We couldn’t be happier with the images Dominique has taken, it was an incredibly special day and to have such an extraordinary talent capture it, is a true honor.

The Right Decision

To any couple who really don’t want to have a the big wedding with all the trimmings, you don’t have too, its possible to create a very special day for just the two of you.

This may not be right foe everybody but, I don’t think we I could have gotten married any other way.

Venue – Islington Town Hall

Brides Dress – Lela Rose at Net A Porter

Brides Earrings – Astley Clark

Shoes – Pierre Hardy

Grooms Suit – Gieves and Hawks

Blooms – Flower Power Design

Photography – Dominique Bader


Who really needs anything else when you’ve got portraits like those?

Big I Did Suggest Gretna Green On Several Occasions Myself Love

Charlotte xxx

36 thoughts on “The Elopement.

  1. Its like these polka pages can read my mind – I’m being drawn back to original elopment ideal after being swept along by the fever and planning a wedding trying to involve my ‘so dramatic it makes eastenders look like the waltons’ family! This is inspiring and so close to my original dream wedding! The blue dress is breathtaking – such an elegant and gorgeous couple! So much love and style with no fuss – stunning!!!!

  2. They just look so in love! Yes the dress is a beauty but what I really noticed are the looks on their faces, you can feel it I swear! Nice fuzzy feelings on a Friday morning xx

  3. I wanted to elope. I had dreams of us in our wedding attire eating fish and chips on a sea front somewhere.

    The Big C didn’t. We drew straws. I lost. True story.

    This is such a stunningly simple wedding, I adore everything about it. The bride has the most beautifully expressive face. As well as her face I am quite enamoured with her collar bones.

    Wish the north west’s skies were that Lela Rose blue today, ’tis really grim up north!

  4. This is beautiful. I agree with Louise you CAN feel it!!

    @charlotte I think this would be an interesting feature (sorry if it’s already been covered) I think they’d be a lot of emotional issue to go along with an elopement, I’d be interested to find out how couples deal with that.

    We’ve mentioned a few times lets make it very small but we some how dont ‘dare’ too!!

  5. So stunning! That dress is actually to die for and totally agree with the minimal jewellery/accessories thing!! It can date a picture so quickly!

    Feel all warm inside this morning now; seems like this was all about the love. 🙂

  6. Firstly. Beautiful. The dress is stunning and such a gorgeous shade of blue. Like porcelain.

    Secondly. We eloped. Sort of. I wanted to run away just the two of us to some far off place and get hitched and have an awesome honeymoon all in one. He wanted people there. We compromised. 11 guests. One san Francisco city hall wedding last month and we had 3 weeks cruising the coast of America. Afterwards I still wish we’d gone alone but it was nice to have some people there a bit! It’s funny how most of the people who I have spoken to who want to elope are women seen as traditionally wedding is women’s work! Haha!

  7. This is just all kinds of beautiful and is a great reminder of what it is that really matters. p.s That dress is amazing!

  8. Morning lovelies – you guys start EARLY 😉

    As soon as Dominique sent me these images and explained the story behind them I knew you would love it. The dress is ridiculous in its beauty but more than that as everyone has pointed out, it’s how these pictures literally do tell a thousand words – a thousand “I love you’s”.

    Charlotte xxx

  9. Wow – I almost feel like i’m intruding. What beautiful intimiate photos and they just capture the love so perfectly… off for a little cry xxx

  10. Oh how beautiful! And the bride is just stunning, I love the dress and shoes. I wanted to do exactly that (though on a beach somewhere), hubby didn’t. So I ended up compromising. But that is such a beautiful day, so lovely to see someone just doing exactly what they wanted to – after alll, the day is just about the two of you.

  11. This is just so beautiful, it makes me want to go home and give h2b a big massive hug! That dress is just stunning as well, like it was made just for her!

    I must admit, although 99.9% I love all the pretty and being creative and the planning, but sometimes I look at Chris and think ‘all I really want to do is marry you and be your wife’ and wonder what all the fuss of planning is about, hmmmm sigh….but then I remember how much I love the all pretty and carry on scouring the web for bridesmaid dresses!

  12. Beautiful, I like that even when all the ‘wedding’ details are stripped right back the pictures still show such emotion and love, shows what it’s really all about. xx

  13. I love this, it’s just so beautiful and romantic. I wanted a teeny tiny wedding to begin with but have somehow ended up with a mid-sized Scouse extravanganza – had a slight meltdown over it last night and the lorry driver said we should have a good talk and work out a way of doing it that will make us both happy. I’m taking this as a possible sign…x

  14. These photos are near perfect and made me all goose pimply! The dress and flowers are such a gorgeous combo.

    I wouldn’t want to elope at all but each to their own 🙂

  15. I love these images and the fact that they were bold enough to do it on their own. I often think that a lot of people get lost in the big party that is their wedding and the committment being made is somewhat lost. In a world where separation is all too common, this feature is inspiring. Beautiful shoes, dress, jewellery choice!

  16. @Lou – “The Lorry Driver” makes me laugh a lot!!!

    @Mimi – I know, I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful colour on a dress and blooms that are the perfect “match”, I hope the bride gets to wear that frock again and again and again…

  17. Absolutely gorgeous wedding, the bride in that dress is just stunning! I originally wanted to elope (I don’t like a fuss), my husband wanted a massive do (as did my mum!) We compromised and had 40 people for the ceremony and reception then invited another 80 to the evening party. I’m glad we did because it was so lovely to share the day with those people but every couple is different and you have to do what makes you both happy. You can see from this couple’s faces that they are just so happy and that’s what counts.

  18. Oh WOW! That picture of the groom kissing the brides forehead? IMMENSE!

    Stunning, stunning dress – the perfect colour. And I am loving the way the flowers pick out the shoe colour.

    Dominique, you have an incredible talent!

  19. Oh …that dress is stunning. Such lovely fabric and colour and shape, and the bride looks so beautiful in it!

    Love the braid in her hair too! Really unusual but so pretty.

  20. I feel a little bit sad…
    This is exactly what I wanted to do for our wedding but the boy would not have any of it! Although I enjoyed the day, I feel I cannot remember it properly because I felt so much pressure to make sure I spoke to everyone(and we had a small wedding). And despite most people saying you will not want your wedding day to end, I was definitely ready to be done with it by 8pm. Looking at a wedding like this makes me want to turn back time. This was the type of bride I wanted to be…

  21. Before Mr H and I were even engaged my dad had said over dinner one night that if we did get hitched, we should elope (I’m the 4th of 5 kids – he’s so over weddings) and my mother, who is usually very mild mannered slammed her fists on the table and said ‘over my dead body’. so there you go.
    Skip forward a few months and we’re getting ready for a family holiday in Yorkshire in the village where Mr. H’s family are from. His sister, it turned out, had convinced herself we were going to get married and had organised all the family to go to yorkshire for that very purpose! The day before we went she pulled me aside and said ‘seriously, do I need to take a dress?’ – I was a little perplexed!
    When we did get engaged, I was all for a small wedding with our nearest and dearest – just as my sister-in-law to be had clearly envisaged. But Mr H wants a big old shin-dig, and I’m not totally averse to the idea (especially as he’s the super-duper organiser of the two of us and will no doubt sort it all out!), so that’s what we’re having. But I do sometimes wistfully think, if we had eloped we could have the most amazing trip of a lifetime with all the money we’d have saved on a wedding!

  22. @Charlotte – I’ve referred to him as ‘the lorry driver’ since before we went on our first date and some of my friends still do, 3 years later! He is actually a very funny person so he could make you laugh in more than one sense!x

  23. How. Utterly. Wonderful. I have six weeks to go and have been – as most people have – through all the emotions ranging from absolutely excitement to absolute dread – but that’s – ‘The Elopement” – what it’s all about!!! The love positively jumped out from the gorgeous pictures taken by Dominique…’s all about the love…….

    A xx

  24. Wow…just really puts everything in perspective really. So much to take inspiration from… I’m quite green with envy at the simplicty and beauty of it all

  25. Great photography Dominique. I really loved the brides bouquet and the colour of her wedding dress. They look very in love. I love that they did what they want, simple as that.

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