The Fash Flash: Shoe Love…

I like to think we’re well past the days where a white satin bridal shoe was the only way forwards. In fact I think at least 50%, if not more of the Brides we see are rocking (at the very least) a metallic or nude shoe, never mind a fancy colour!

Typically as the seasons change I’m finding myself browsing the fashion online stores and seeking out the best, most beautiful heels for your special day. There are some pricey statement options in here and we’ve also hunted out some seriously special high street heros. Lose yourself in the shoe candy…

Lilac Love

Previously relegated to the doldrums of wedding colour schemes, lilac is making a reappearance on the high street and high fashion, which means in no time it’s going to be working it’s way into weddings. And why not when the candy is this good?

Lilac Studded heel – Bionda Castana

Nude Saw sole heel – Camilla Skovgaard

Purple pearl Peeptoe Platform, House of Harlow, all @

Bright and Beautiful

Weddings now come in all colours of the rainbow, and if you want to fill yours with all things bright and beautiful, shoes are a great way to tie the whole look in…

Selena Shoe – LK Bennett

Yellow Sandal – Karen Millen

Blue Suede Court – New Look.

And the winners of the bright section, (and perhaps the whole blog post,) due to astounding cheapness with good design credentials… The New Look blue shoe shown above also comes in an array of juicy sherbet shades perfect for maids with matching dresses or a bride wanting to pop a bit of colour into her look. We LOVE. All for £49.99!

Feeling really Brave?

We just love it when a sweet as sugar looking bride lifts that hem to reveal some fierce footwear. If studs and buckles are your normal thing, why deviate for W-day? Just soften the look with blush tones or nude shades. Of course, fierce can mean floral with these show stopping brightly printed, totally-on-the-fashion-this-season-money heels which double up as fabulous honeymoon wardrobe additions too!

Pink Studded shoes – River Island

Marylin Pointed Peony Shoes, D&G @

Nude Studded Heels, Sam Edleman, @

If you Must have Neutrals

We have gone a little left of center with the choices today… (we wouldn’t be Rock my Wedding if we hadn’t!) but not everyone wants to be different on their big day. If pretty, subtle and classic is your thing, how about some glamourous grey patent, laser cut nudes or ivory floral pretty?

Powder Celia Patent Round toe, D&G @

‘Vampy’ Laser cut shoe, Dune

Coast ‘Bella’ Shoes.

Spy any winners in here for your w-day? I am particularly taken by the Sam Edleman spikey heels and the Lilac lovelies at the top of the page…

Do tell us what your footwear will be and if you’re rocking something fashion forward for W-day!

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

62 thoughts on “The Fash Flash: Shoe Love…

  1. The LK Bennet shoe comes in nude too-it’s my go to work shoe de jour.

    They have 20% Jimmy Choo’s with a Brides magazine evening in Manchester and London soon. It makes them a lot more reasonable! Information in their latest magazine (the one with all the gypsophelia).

    Also. White Hunters back in stock from May 4th (in my diary on reminder) for all those corn flower and wheatfield brides!

  2. Ahem *stands up* “My name is Lizzie, and I am a fan of the white wedding shoe”.

    Yep, I think that the white wedding shoe gets a bit of an unfair rep, but sometimes a wedding dress will go with nothing else!! That doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t some ugly beast ones out there! I love Emmy for something a little bit different, and Next for high street wedding!

    Having said that, I will be hot footing it over to Karen Millen for those yellow beauties!! xx

  3. Ah shoes. My most favourite topic! I am slightly shoe obsessed, as is my lovely sis.

    When I got engaged she said that she would buy me a pair of shoes for w-day. Any pair I liked. No budget. Nothing too much.

    So we went shopping. We went to Jimmy Choo, we went to Manolo, we even went to the bespoke Mount St Louboutin boutique (this is a whole other story – actual heaven. They have a whole secret room of shoes. You can essentially design your own pair, and the whole experience takes place in a secret room. Hidden behind a mirrored door!) and I didn’t find anything I really loved.

    I scoured websites here and in the US and became slightly obsessed with looking for the perfect shoe.

    Then I found them.

    In January, in the Karen Millen sale. £59.99

    Quite possibly the cheapest pair of shoes I have ever owned, but I absolutely LOVE them and they are perfect!

    So gorgeous sis is now a lot richer, and I have an amazing pair of shoes.

    Still might buy some Louboutins for honeymoon though!


  4. Oooohhhh, Rebeccas, you’ve both just made my day!!! I’ve got my eyes on the Jimmy Choo Clue. As I’ve got an intricate full lace dress, I’m thinking nude patent although the champagne sparkly ones are all out fabulous too. Does anybody have any recommendations as to which might look better? Heading straight to the newsagents! xxx

  5. Lizzie,

    I didn’t say this in my bargain swopping post but I agree with you. I remember RMW’s Charlotte saying in her original YAYW post that she’d tried other shoes but ended up with bridal shoes.

    I’m going white white on white too (well, off white/ivory satin). The white shoe makes me think of scuffed white patent stilleto’s on that programme about Essex Girls on ITV2.

    Not that I watch such trash you understand…. x

  6. Shoes now this is my favorite topic. I bought my wedding shoes before I’d even stepped into a bridal store. Thought I would have spent big on a pair of designer but ended up with the most gorg sparkly pair from nine west and even better in my known for colour of pink. Love the idea that they are not the traditional wedding shoe but they are so me and people won’t know till they catch a peak!

  7. I can’t go in karen millen any more precisely because they INSIST on filling their shops this kind of shoe porn!! Those yellow sandals are a.mazing and may just have gone on my ‘honeymoon shoe list’.

    on the plus side, new look are absolutely brilliant for shoes,I love them (though am annoyingly in between sizes!!),

    admission – i have bought 2 ‘trial’ pairs of wedding shoes from there which i may have ‘accidentally’ forgotten to return, oop!

    my actual wedding shoes are from kurt geiger (in the sale natch!) and they are be-yooo-tiful.

    big ‘i love shoes’ love! x x x

  8. oooh so much shoe love and it’s only 9am!

    I did indeed settle for very simple bridal shoes for the day and swapped into silver Dolce and Gabbana peep toes for the evening ( a bargain from Bicester!)

    I really stuggled to find anything that didn’t look odd poking out of my dress – that was to do with the shape of the fishtail as much as the colour really ( a round toe looked ever so peculiar on me for some reason!)

    Looking back though I shouldn’t have worried so much and just gone for it – would’ve LOVED a hot pink 😉

    And um….. those studded beauties by Sam Edleman?!



    Charlotte xxx

  9. I’ve ordered what will hopefully be my wedding shoes from Upper Street. I’m having a pair of 3.5″ chunky heeled d’orsay peep-toed mary janes with a 0.25″ platform and a bow on the toes in scarlet and burgundy satin which I’m then going to cover with garnet and siam Swarovski crystals to give me my very own ruby slippers. 😀

    Not that I’m obsessed with sparkly things or red shoes at all… Definitely not… Okay… Maybe a little, tiny, eensy, weensy bit…

  10. I actually think I am more excited about the shoes than anything else. I just bought myself the most beautiful pair of bright blue satin Nicholas Kirkwood platform slingbacks (pretty budget busting but I have managed to justify them on so many accounts!). My Mum is talking about getting a glass box for them after the wedding! I do have to say that it took me a while – I visited Selfridges, Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and found nothing that I really loved until these beauties appeared! Loving a something blue shoe!

  11. The shoes were my very first wedding purchase (before I’d even looked at a dress!) and it was a given for me that I would be wearing the infamous Louboutins – I didn’t even look anywhere else!

    They are ivory satin, but with a fabulous bow on the front and blue inside…heaven.

    However, I can’t stop thinking about the need for a bit of colour in the evening… along the purple lines. If it happens it will be a last minute purchase, depending on how many pennies are left over.

    My mum has the Selena shoes from LK Bennett in navy for her outfit. They are seriously gorgeous… if only we were the same size!


  12. Oh lordy, I am full of a cold and my eyes are stinging and I have NO idea why I am in work….then I saw those yellow Karen Millen lovelies and I am like “what cold?”.

    Le sigh. *blows nose*.


  13. I am having shoe issues so this post is spot on today – please help me RMW ladies…

    …I have a short dress so everyone can see them….and I’m getting married in a field which will not only result in anything too stilltoeeeee sticking me in the mud (NO, it WILL be sunny and dry!) but I suspect that anything too lovely will just get ruined. Choos and mud would make me cry.

    But I love shoes and I want them to be amezing. xx

  14. swoooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn.

    I was a purple suede, 5 inch, peep toe 1940’s glamour Christian Louboutin Bride.

    I now look at my shoes every day and smile while the dress is rolled up in its cover waiting for the dry cleaners!


  15. Here be mine….

    I fear no heel height! Although my boy has designed us matching Converse (white with pink laces and teeny pink heart detailing) for the evening which are being shipped over from the States in the next few weeks, so I’ll be able to change shoes in the evening and dance the night away 🙂

    Just 8 weeks and 2 days to go….

  16. Monochrome Chanels for me. They are a bit hoity toity nestled in among my New Look shoes. As my dress was short, I wanted something VERY special. I was particularly proud that I colour matched them without having my dress swatch with me. You might be able to make them out in my avatar.

  17. I feel bad for my shoes now with so many louboutins and jimmy choos around…especially when folks say things such as “well they just had to be louboutins” They are my dream shoes (they’re even the wallpaper on my desktop) but they are sadly way out of my league….unless I skip a mortgage payment to pay for them!!! 🙁 Plus I’m the same height as my man so skyscraper heels are just going to make me look like some kinda giant!!

    My wedding shoes are in the post on their very way to me as I type this. Blue Irregular Choice with union jacks on the front….my 3rd pair of wedding shoes :S The first pair were beautiful navy suede vintage sandals, a real bargain and perfect for what I thought I wanted…..until I saw the Faith sparkly beauties that I had lusted after for weeks….in the sale at half price! And I loved them, I truly did, for over a year…but you see this is what happens when you plan your wedding so far in advance, you change your mind! I finally decided last week that although I had planned to have a wedding slightly out of the ordinary I was somehow having the typical by-the-book wedding, so in an act of defiance I ordered the union jack shoes to poke out from under my very weddingy Ian Stuart dress 🙂 I’m marrying an Aussie so I figure I will be English during the day with my union jacks and then maybe slip on some Aussie flip flops for dancing in the evening 😀

  18. Ah LadyFushia, it really doesn’t matter how much they cost, it’s that you love them. My Husband got such a steal on my e-ring that he treated me to my lovely CLs. He said that he saw my face when we walked in the shop and that was enough for him to justify the cost. I am a very lucky lady. Whenever I feel down, I put them on and walk around the house – they make my Primark pj’s look amazing.

    @Penny – stay tuned to RMW – you may, just may see them in their glory soon…

    Here’s to shoes!


  19. I think I am an alien. I HATE HEELS! I am happiest in flats and look like a complete freak trying to walk in anything over an inch. I’ve tried to ‘heal toe, heal toe’ but it’s no use! I look like I’m made out of wood! I would love to be able to strut around in all of these beauties – I have heel envy!

    My mom treated me to a beautiful pair of Lanvin sandals in the net-a-porter sale (less than half price!). They go perfectly with my dress and are sooo comfortable! XX

  20. Lady Fushia, as long as you have the perfect shoes, it doesn’t matter who made them. The main thing is that they complement/enhance your attire and you can dance in them. For what it’s worth, I coveted Louboutins for years and was set on getting something for my wedding…then I went shopping for them and it appears that they HATE my feet. So that dream died there and then!

    I was lucky finding my shoes and that they went so well, it just happened that they were designer – I wasn’t out looking for them at that moment, I was only following in my 10 year old cousin and bridesmaid who had *wandered off* into the Chanel concession (as you do) and the colour was TOO perfect. I knew that if I didn’t get them, I’d spend ages trying to find something else.

  21. Lady Fushia – I cried when I realised I wouldn’t be able to afford my dream sparkly Louboutins. But I’m more than happy with my £75 River Island beauties now! Sometimes it can be tough comparing what you can afford to all the amazing weddings you see out there… but really, on your big day, you won’t care as long as they look great with your outfit and you love them. The Irregular Choice shoes sound amazing!

    Holly Pockett…. oooohh…. exciting….

  22. Oooh what lovely shoes! I do love a coloured heel, especially when within my sadly-not-top-designer budget. I thought that was what I’d go for but have actually surprised myself with a more classic sparkly 4.5 inch sandal from Dune:

    They just looked pretty and sparkled at me in John Lewis when I was supposed to be focusing on buying a bathroom bin. They may not be dance-proof though, so this post has swayed me to maybe add some colourful little numbers for the evening!

  23. @hally – monsieur L also hates my feet, they’re just the wrong shape for his shoes, damn him!! x x x

  24. LOVE! I am a big fan of the ‘non-bridal’ bridal shoe and have spent many, many months searching for THE ones. I am finally picking up my beautiful Sophie Gittins lovelies this Friday, thanks to the amazing Young British Designers website. All praise the ‘non-bridal’ bridal shoe! 🙂 xx

  25. Oh my goodness those Sam Edlemans are so scary! They look so angry and evil!

    Loving the bright red LK Bennetts and the patent D&Gs!

    I got my shoes from Next in the sale, bargainous! Am on the look out for some bright flats for evening dancing now though!


  26. Am I the only one who bought their Jimmy Choos full price and that is the end of that? No trawling for sales or hoping for a similar high street version that is just not the same as having the real deal?

  27. Oh and Robyn, I’m so with you – I can’t do heels either! I bought some for another wedding we are going to this summer and when I tried walking round the house in them I look like I was just learning to walk! After so many years of just wearing ballet pumps or trainers I’m not looking forward to wobbling down the aisle in heels! I’m definitely going to have some flats on standby at the reception venue!

  28. Robyn – yes me too!! I’m terrible in heels, I can only gaze in envy at those ginormous heels like the studded numbers above. I always knew I’d never have killer heels as painful feet make me miserable and you can’t be miserable on your wedding day! My wedding shoes were ivory kitten heeled sandals from Faith and then I changed into silver flats in the evening (also Faith). As long as you’re happy (and not in pain!) that’s all that matters 😉

  29. Mahj – with you all the way on those KM beauties!

    Ladies I have to say that my one regret about my wedding day getup was not splashing out on shoes. I loved my shoes, still do, and have worn them to weddings since…£28 ivory satin 4-inch courts with a bow from Red Herring and loved every single step I took in them.

    But shoes…shoes…they get into my blood and under my skin like nothing else…more than a dress, more than makeup. Would have loved to have splurged on a colourful, outrageously expensive pair that I can wear again and again, with jeans, skirts, in my PJs. A bargain, whilst often better, is not always better!

  30. Having been chanting the phrase ‘no-one will see the shoes anyway so there’s no point in splashing out’, I’ve finally given in to a pair of Rachel Simpson shoes I’ve been coveting for months after reading this post! I’d originally bought myself a pair of ivory wedding shoes from bhs at a bargainous £35 but was cheating on them every lunch hour by poring over a pair of mink Marilyn shoes from RS, you girls (particularly Anna K – I don’t want to look back and regret) have encouraged me to go with my heart and buy them, who cares if no-one will see them, I can wear them again and lift my skirt up to flash them all day if I needs be!

  31. OOh i love looking at other people’s shoes!

    I can’t do heels either (plus i am only an inch taller than the boy and do not want to tower over him). I have found some with a tiny heel (maybe half an inch) from a shop in London called Bull dog (not sure if it’s all around the UK). They are blue, floral (I became obsessed with floral so this gets my sister out of having to have a floral b’maid dress), with a navy pom pom on the top, and have a strap so I won’t walk out of them (have stupidly narrow feet). I love them! My dress is gold and is vintage and a tiny bit short (well an inch from the ground when I’m in flats) so I like that they look like i mean them to be seen rather than just my dress being too short… Hope so anyway. I cant find a link to them : (

    I went shopping with a friend who is getting married soon, who is also likes floral and she got these for her barn dance reception, for £11!!! They are very cute and very her:

  32. I too was the same and bought my shoes before my dress!! I love shoes and love having the excuse to spend more than the usual on a fab pair of heels.
    I knew I wanted sparkle and knew as soon as I saw my ‘Gina Gilda’ shoes they were perfect and I love love love them!!
    6 months to go and I can wear them all day, can’t wait!

  33. I love shoes but they hate me!! Wide plates of meat that look hideous in all shoes and ache painfully after 1 solitary shimmy across a dancefloor 🙁

    I had my eye on a pair of BEAUTIFUL Jimmy Choos (India Champagne Glitter – sigh) and tried them on at the Trafford Centre last week and I was officially in love – but my feet were too wide; I mean like seriously too wide: would have needed to shave an inch if either side to look nice. I cried into my Starbucks whilst my ever suffering Mum told me it would be ok and ‘its only a pair of shoes’!! Erm, hello…. does she not know me but at all?!?!?

    So now the shoe search continues… maybe flats are the way to go – sparkly Gina ones 😉

    Donna xx

  34. The shoes were one of the first things I thought about pretty much as soon as I got engaged, I’m officially obsessed so I’ll try not to ramble on too much! I found I hated most mid-level wedding only brands, it’s like they forget all that is fun and beautiful about shoes and make them in bright white satin that will get trashed the second you so much as look at them. I really don’t think they can be better value than designer shoes if you only wear them once. I say go cheap and fun or beautiful investment purchase…

    I made myself a solemn promise that if I was going to buy nice shoes I would have to buy something I loved that I could wear again and again. The first ones I found were a pair of Jimmy Choo Jag sandals in bronze (basically India last season) I got them in the sale for less than half price and whilst they are lovely and I will wear them loads, they weren’t quite right. After much searching and the purchase of some £25 gold glitter heels from Kurt Geiger that can get ruined if it rains I’ve finally found mine! I went with Rupert Sanderson’s Japyn in a pink nude colour. The pictures online in no way do them justice they look so much better in the flesh. I may even love them more than Louboutins and I never ever thought that was possible.

    Final quick note for anyone contemplating buying expensive shoes. If you can you MUST go in store and try them on. I found if anything the top brands vary more from style to style than the high street. I went down a whole size from my normal one in my Japyns so I’d hate to think of anyone ending up with beautiful shoes that didn’t fit!

  35. Donna! We are feet twins!!!

    Not only are mine wide they are also stumpy ( size 4.5) and very VERY wrinkly from all the eczema.

    I find Nine West, Carvela and (for posh) Dolce and Gabbana fit my plates the best.

    Check out Bicester Village for D & G last season bargains -mine were £80 reduced from £300!!!!!

    Charlotte xxx

  36. I have the LK Selina shoes in Sage (actually blueish) I LOVE Them. They cost more than my dress (tea length from Coast. I want to wear them outside the house sooo much but ca’nt for another 8 weeks! I knew I wanted Blue shoes and my gosh these a beautiful blue shoes. Thankyou for the fab shoe porn RMW. xx

  37. Good Lordy!

    One day away from the blog and all commenting hell (or shoe heaven) breaks loose!

    So glad you guys enjoyed the post. I can see I’ll have to get my fairy blogmother wand out and do a white/ivory shoe post for the traditionalists out there soon. No problemo.

    I’m off to read all 51 comments now 🙂


  38. I have some beautiful fuchsia pink suede Louboutin shoes! I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them and splurged a bit on the old credit card, when I told my fiance how much I had spent he put the money for them in my account! No telling off, nothing! I am a very lucky lady indeed. You can see pics of them here . They are very high, so I am getting my practice in!

  39. I take back all my earlier niggles….whilst in bed ill today my new shoes arrived and have cheered me up immensely! They’re not very weddingy, they’re not at all your traditional wedding shoe, but they are as comfy as slippers to wear (crushed velvet linings you see) and they are without a doubt, very, very ME! 🙂

    And hey, I’ll just have to ask the mister for Louboutins for our first anniversary, or my 30th (which is next year. Eek.)

    L xx

    ps Loved having a nosey at everyone elses shoes 🙂

  40. Loving all the shoe talk!

    This post has come at the ideal time as I’m currently trying to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes. But I’m having a major shoe struggle 

    I have been lusting after some skyscraper snazzy shoes-Choos, Louboutin, Blanik etc, etc, but my other half is not much taller than me and I don’t fancy towering over him on W Day.

    So my knickers are in a bit of a twist-do I just think ‘sod it’ and go for the skyscraper heels and tower over my man or do I opt for a smaller heel and end up at around about the same height?

    The only problem with the smaller heel option is that there isn’t as much choice shoe wise.

    What do you lovelies think?

    Any shoe fairy advice/support/info would be fab 

    P.S. Am loving all the shoes above-especially the nude studded ‘killer’ heels….

  41. I have the same height issue as a lot of you – my other half is pretty much the same height as me but there was no way I wasn’t having the Choos of my dreams…….I think mine are 3.5 inch heels – so my plan is to strategically slouch down a bit on one leg when needed for photos. Mym mum is horrified by the thought but I can’t tower over him for the pics. Height dilemma!

  42. I have just bought the orange New Look lovelies for a wedding next weekend – they are limited edition and it was a toss up between orange and pink… the fashion girl in me won.

    P.S. The New Look magazine which they have on the tills has a 20% off voucher in the back, so suede orange magic stiletto heels for a mere £40!

  43. Yey! So excited about this shoe post and very excited to see my chosen shoes on there too! I bought the Selena LK Bennett ones in lipstick red a couple of weeks ago and they are amazing – a combination of wow-ness with the comfort needed to dance the night away at our wedding in October. Tried them on with the dress last week and just perfect 🙂 Keep sneaking off to have a peek at them – and walk around the house at any occasion but only when the boy is out – feel like i’m having a secret affair with my shoes!! Recommend these to everyone and Annie – the bluey ones are amazing too – fantastic choice for ‘something blue’!

  44. I have wide feet, double E to be precise and usually take a 71/2 or a size 8 shoe. I blame my mother lovingly taking me to have my feet measured by that electronic machine in Clarks when I was little – should have had them bound Chinese style, then I wouldn’t have end up with these troublesome huge hooves.

    I’ve become an accomplished shopper for wide fitting footwear…eagerly awaiting the seasonal offerings from Duo of Bath, New Look, M&S, Evans, Classic Confidence catalogue and Next.

    And while Cinderella-like I might covert a pair of Jimmy Choos or Louboutins, perhaps even a Nine West or a Gina my Ugly Sister situation means these tootsies aren’t cramming into any such style.

    Then the magnificent man produced my dream ring (down on one knee under a full-size wicker puppet horse since you ask) and my shoe shenanigans took on a whole new dilemma.

    I’m well-educated in all matters wedding – you pick the odd thing up having been a bridesmaid 5 times – and one thing is I have learnt is the bride don’t want you looking taller than her groom if she can help it. So at 5’9” I’m well aquatinted with Rainbow’s wide-fit dye-able styles Bethany, Angel and Megan.

    However with a mum-in-law-to-be who’s based her entire mother-of-the-groom outfit around a pair of sky-scraping pink Jimmy Choos, I wanted some hot heel action too.

    A pair of fabulous mail order wider fit Filippa Scott’s have already been returned, with a sulky face and that soul destroying feeling you only get from trying to jam five little piggies into squeal inducing sexy sling back, only to discover my freakish sized feet won’t fit.

    Then the old faithful Evans package arrived containing their ivory satin heels for this season. Turns out they were actually a bit too wide for me and their return-to-sender-status was confirmed as I took them along to my dress shop only to discover they were too butter-creamy yellow for my ivory frock.

    I live near Derby, but on a recommendation AND the vain hope I wouldn’t end up in Rainbow’s Alexa (wide-fit dye-able with a heel, but sooo pedestrian) I took the two hour trip to Elegant Steps near Birkenhead with two of my most stylish gal pals in tow.

    The helpful assistant pulled out every wide fit shoe they possessed in a size 8 and while I was thrilled my feet were fitting in every one, I didn’t like any of them enough to think, yes, these bad boys are the ones to swagger down that aisle in. My glamorous gal pals stood open mouthed in repulsion at what they described as the “mum-sy” style of the wide fit shoes on offer, as I tried to delicately explain my shoe shopping experiences were always a compromise. Sensing we were getting no where the lovely assist offered to pull out any of the normal fit shoes she knew were generous on width, I’d like to try.

    Some crippled me, some wouldn’t go on, and some fitted but hurt like hell, then came Tesi (cue angelic chorus of deep and profound joy). They fitted, they didn’t cut in, but most importantly they inspired that gooey lust only a pair of must-have shoes can. And, I was informed, being made of leather and silk they would also give a little too.

    Now because I’m no wedding rookie I quickly rang my dress shop back in Derby (my loyalty and trust in the two amazing sisters who run Lori G was established extremely quickly and is un-faltering, seriously I’d consider renewing my vows every year just to keep buying frocks from these ladies).

    Naturally they already stocked the style, though understandably not in a size 8. However after a quick visit to the shop in a pair of purple heels of my own which match Tesi’s heel height to try with the sample gown, my very own pair of “designed to fit normal feet” dream wedding shoes are on order. Seriously, so excited. Having actually just typed that sentence, I could have a tena lady ultra moment.

  45. Hi there. Glad you’ve included styles from New Look. We’ve recently featured some gold strappy platform sandals from New Look – perfect for a bride and so much more affordable than ‘wedding shoes’. Loving the trend for bold bright coloured shoes!

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