The Fashion Pack Asks What’s In Your Suitcase { Part One }.


As I write this, I’m looking out of my window at the torrential rain that Mother Nature has decided to gift us on this very grey Friday in April. Technically I know I/we should be grateful; the plants get a thirst-quenching drink and I’m sure that bluer skies will probably be on their way next week. I can’t help feeling a bit miffed however…I mean it’s the end of April and frankly I still feel that we’re in the depths of Winter at times.

Come on Summer!

With dreams of warmer climes and balmy nights on the brain, the RMW team turned their thoughts to summer holidays this week…more specifically honeymoons. In fact some of you lovelies might already be ‘mooning as we speak (which actually makes me a very jealous girl indeed) but then I know there’ll be a fair few of you planning and scheming about your romantic holiday to come and which essentials to pack for the journey.

If you’re anything like me then you’re a veritable hoarder, squirrelling away the equivalent of a year’s worth of provisions for a five day city break. Ridiculous. Yep, you can guarantee that I’ll be the only one out of my family that will check in luggage for the hold rather than taking a carry-on…much to their dismay, but this girl can’t help it. Are any of you guilty of ‘travelling heavy’?

With this packing dilemma in mind we turned to our delicious Fashion Pack designers for a little bit of their divine wisdom and a helping hand and asked them which items they simply couldn’t travel without…

This week we’ll be hearing from Belle & Bunty, Kate Halfpenny, Naomi Neoh and Johanna Hehir. Check back next Friday for more inspiration from Charlotte Balbier, Wednesday Roses and Suzanne Neville.

Belle & Bunty:

Kate Halfpenny:

Naomi Neoh:

Johanna Hehir:

So many goodies aren’t there! And just in time for payday weekend too!

What will you choose? What honeymoon essential will you be packing for your romantic break?

Come and tell us all about it!!

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

4 thoughts on “The Fashion Pack Asks What’s In Your Suitcase { Part One }.

  1. Sooo many lovely things!! I’m especially loving those wedges from Dune!

    This post is well timed, because packing is currently giving me a real headache! With the wedding being in Italy but us living in the US, that means I need to pack for nearly 4 weeks and be prepared for: (a) unpredictable weather in London, (b) all things ‘wedding’ including countless candle holders and a rather important dress, (c) a honeymoon trekking and kayaking in Canada, and (d) a weekend in NYC with the other Rock My Wedding real brides right at the end of my honeymoon.

    Oh Lordy. I am going to need to pack very smartly! Something tells me I’m going to have one hell of an excess luggage charge! x

  2. I need a Triangl bikini in my life.

    Anyone else LOVE packing for holiday? Laying everything out on the bed in piles ready to be put neatly into the suitcase is so much fun…the miniature beauty products, the new items of clothing bought specially for the occasion…the pile of books ready to be devoured while lounging in the sun…

    I’ve never thought about taking a nice smelling candle away with me before, but it’s a lovely idea.

    Sophie – I do not know how you are going to pack for four weeks with such different places to be in!!! Like Lolly, I will take as much as I can get away with…wrestling suitcases is one of my specialities.

    Fern x

    P.S. You real Brides must take lots of photos in NYC and send them to us! 🙂

  3. Oooh Miss ChiChi – not a dry eye in the house!!! What a heartfelt post, Simon is such a lucky lad. So lovely to hear from Mr Sophie, what a sweetie he is (and funny!!!).

    I can’t wait to see you both on your big day – a month today!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!

    Hope those drinking wheels are OK, Simon!!!

    Lots of love to you both, xxxxxx

    1. its worth pointing out i am highly drugged on codeine and have just commented on the wrong post… multiple windows open in Chrome!!! xxx

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