The Friday Treasure Hunt.

As you can imagine we receive lots of emails at Rock My Wedding HQ, lots and lots and lots…..

Recently I have noticed that there are many brides requesting advice from Team RMW on accessories and fashion for W-day that fit into a small to moderate budget. We are certainly not blind to the fact that we post a whole lot of delicious on these blue polka dot pages and that more often than not, that delicious comes with a hefty price tag.

So I’ve been on a little mission these last few days lovelies, I’ve been looking for the prettiest March buys that come in ( at least) under a hundred english pounds. As we all know, weddings are expensive, and often the budget can spiral completely out of control and there is simply no option but to reign it in. Unless of course you fancy selling a kidney, or for a pair of nude patent Laboutins perhaps even your soul….. ( I was tempted, VERY tempted folks)

And the answer is yes. We take it on the chin that us Blog Queens are often to blame for making you want to splash the ( not always available) cash.

Charlottes’ Treasure Hunt For Statement Jewels

I am ALL about the chunky cuff at the moment. Whether it’s beachy and bohemian like the Hedy from Coast £28.00 or the glamorous vintage inspired Mega Leaf from Mikey £40.00

And as much as I am all about the cuff I can’t resist a pair of “look at me” lobe candy. These Antique Heirloom bobby dazzlers from Glitzy Secrets look very fancy for £38.00 and Rebecca and I have been in raptures over these Art Deco numbers by Stephanie Brown at Liberty in Love for months. If someone buys them and wears them for W-day we will die. £90.00

Charlottes’ Treasure Hunt For Fancy Frocks

There are lots of lovely gowns out there. Thousands…… Millions even. But this one is my current favourite for maids. Its floaty, it’s feminine, it’s flattering and it comes in my colour palette of the moment – yellow and royal blue. Yours for the bargain price of £45.00 from Topshop.

Oh and if you decide to purchase one for your best girls then I want to be one of your best girls.


With cherries on top?

Charlottes’ Treasure Hunt For Very Sexy Veils

I wore a cathedral length veil for the ceremony and my Dad trampled on it the whole way up the ailse. Wasn’t the best way to make an entrance to be honest.

So, to avoid fathers with big feet and a distinct lack of spacial awareness…. pick a sexy short one instead. They rock.

And you can’t find more bargainous Bridal headwear than you can on Etsy, whether it be birdcage, fingertip or fabulous in feathers, this is the place to go. All of the above are under $100 including P & P to the UK.

And as sharing is caring and all that, make sure you let us know what your most economical buys have been so far, if you have a link to the lovely item then even better – please do drop it in the comment box below.

Wishing you a weekend full of treasure and treats 😉

Big Value Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

35 thoughts on “The Friday Treasure Hunt.

  1. I am eagerly awaiting my glitzy secrets parcel – they have 25% off this week (code is bridesweek) but today is the last day so be quick ladies! I bought some necklaces for my maids, a head band for me and a gorgeous cuff which I am most excited about 🙂

    I must admit its the cheap veil that I am seeking. I dont want to wear it all day so will just be for the ceremony and photos and I refuse to spend £100+ on something that will be worn for a couple of hours MAX.

  2. Ooooo, lovin’ the bargain hunting!

    My best girl dresses came in at a brilliant sub £100 price tag thanks to the karen millen sale

    And for those feeling crafty, the MacCulloch and Wallis website has tonnes of stuff for making your own birdcage veil and even headpiece (which i will be submitting a tutorial for if it looks alright when its finished!)

    Also, we designed our own invites and got them printed by a local printing company which came in at a bargainous £54 plus materials.

    looking forward to more tips! x x x

  3. I honestly don’t believe brides should have to shell out loads for jewels for W-day. There’s so much out there that looks fantastic for limited £; especially in department stores.

    Glitzy Secrets is brilliant – and the service is great. They do some great JP/Magpie Vintage replicas for a reasonable amount, and earrings that I’ve worn to many a wedding and attracted many an admiring comment!

    And Etsy. Oh dear lord. Try Mignonne, Mandizzle or Untamed Petals for some BEAUTIFUL head candy. Your head deserves it.

  4. I made my own necklace (a la Rebecca) and my earrings were borrowed from a friend but I must recommend Mango Gems where I got my tiara:

    Super reasonable prices and great service and you can customise lots of their stuff to fit your colour scheme etc.

  5. erm… how have I never come accross glitzy secrets before?

    Have just ordered cuff and emergency hair thing (in case crafting goes horribly wrong and I end up glueing feathers to my own hair or something) x x x

  6. Ah yes some wedding day jewels are rather pricey {says the girl who wore diamonds for hers but least I will wear them forever}.

    As for veils I wore a long one too but I got a bridcage one with a flower from Lily Bella Bridal ( for my sister to wear at her hen party and it was gorgeous and not too expensive; and they are based in the UK and make them from scratch.

  7. Yup. I’m doing my own save the dates and having the invitations letterpressed at cost by a friend in the industry, I’m doing my own cake (fake layers), own decor (buying it a bit at a time), my own veil, my own style touches, my own caligraphy (my Mum is a professional so maybe….she’ll end up doing it), my own flowers (tablecentres, aisle liners).

    I estimate all of the DIY touches will save me around £10,000.

    I’m not joking. That is going STRAIGHT into the dress and shoe fund ladies….

    Apart from flowers all of this can be done in plenty of time too.

    For me its not about the budget its about the sense of satisfaction and I’m finding doing something crafty is a fantastic break from corporate work where I pull my hair out (literally, SO not a good look). Plus with me living away from The Boy sewing 100’s of fabric hearts (no idea what I’ll do with them) is a cheap alternative to going to the flicks or shopping.

  8. Great post girls! I love getting a good bargain.

    For my bridesmaids we found that Littlewoods did an affordable version of the multi way dresses that are quite popular – I don’t think they stock them now but they were only around £40 each whereas the branded versions are easily £200!

    I then got the bridesmaid shoes from Debenhams in the sale for £8.40!!!!!!! And they were exactly what I was looking for (I spotted them before I knew the price).

    One of the few perks of being engaged for ageeeeees is the luxury of having the time to shop around.

    Good luck with the bargain hunting ladies!

  9. Wow, I hadn’t heard of glitzy secrets before but I just brought the exquisitely pearl large headband – thanks for the discount code MrsJones!

    Talk about impulse buy, I had been planning to have flowers in my hair!

  10. Perfect timing for me on this post – I ordered 4 tiaras from Glitzy Secrets this morning as I couldn’t decide which I liked best! Got my 25% off and will just return the ones I don’t need. Also Mimco has some gorgeous jewellery and they have 20% off at the moment on the website. I’m lucky enough to be near their Covent Garden shop and have my eye on these beauties

    for my reception (bit too bling for church methinks!) and would love to know what you ladies think of them!

  11. Love the post, as always! Just wondering if anyone knows where you can buy earrings like those for non-pierced ears?? All the ones I’ve found look my granny would wear them (and whilst they’d look lovely on her, not so suitable for me!).
    V x

  12. I ditto Glitzy Secrets, they do some lovely vintage style beauties for your hair etc. at a fraction of the cost, I bought my hair clip when they had 25% off too so barely cost me anything and swapped my veil for the clip for the evening do to change looks a little bit:

    aarghh love it and matched the brooch on my Moonstone shoes perfectly, just need to find occasion to wear it again 🙂


  13. Love love love those earrings. Want them badly!

    On a side note, has anyone seen sparkly costume jewellery with a gold-toned base metal? All I seem to find is silver.

  14. Well my parcel has arrived and the pieces are ever so sparkly 😀 Looking forward to wearing them on the day!

  15. Took my bloomin’ ages to get what I wanted for my headpiece. I looked everywhere to get what I wanted and even then I had to have it made to order. I didn’t want silver shiny or flower pretty. Yes it cost me more than I budgeted for, so I pulled back on the paper – I made ALL of it myself…

    I was also a bird cage veil girl – so I’m biased. I heart heart heart my veil and kept it on all day!

    My earrings were from etsy at the grand price of $25, and my coat (that I never wore) was £20 from eBay! I wore a gorgeous hammered gold cuff from Warehouse that I got in the sale!

    Good luck ladies! Shop around, I think that’s the key!!


  16. I really like that yellow dress, I’m thinking of adding it to my growing collection of honeymoon dresses. I’m sorted with my jewellrey – sticking to my rings, diamond earrings the boy bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago and family heirloom diamond pendant my grandad bought my nana on their 60th wedding anniversary. I’m hoping it will bring me luck (and a husband who buys romantic gifts after 60 years!). I need things for my bridesmaid though so will definitely be looking at Glitzy Secrets.

  17. Etsy is fab! Thank you so much, just ordered my floral hair accessory as found the perfect one! And what amazing prices! V happy bride-to-be 🙂

  18. Okay, firstly I did not know about Glitzy Secrets until today. And finding out has really not increased the likelihood of meeting my deadlines this week!

    Second, I really want a proper tiara on my W-day. I know that’s probably a little… not cool anymore by hey, it’s the only day in my life I can actually wear one without looking bonkers, until of course I turn 90, dye my hair purple and then I may wear one to the post office everyday, just for the funs. Anyway, I’ve been struggling to find tiara that isn’t a bit Jordan (a look I’m trying to avoid since I do have fairly hefty bangers) but I ♥ this so much…

    So thank you for the Glitzy Secrets love! xx

  19. Fab to hear good feedback on the quality of glitzy secrets – I cake across it a while ago but the price seemed too good to be true! Off to order lots of sparkly stuff right now! X

  20. Has anyone got any suggestions for unusual wedding jewellery that isn’t sparkley and crystally? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a bit of bling and am Glitzy Secrets is right up my usual evening-jewellery street, but I’m having a rustic country garden style wedding and think that dazzling everyone with my rocks might be a bit much.

    Katielease – get the tiara! Not remotely Jordan-esque (unless you spray it pink and your hubby to be is an Argentian underwear model who doesn’t speak English)

  21. Ooo Glitzy Secrets really is fab! I’d never ventured on there before either!

    Has anyone got any more ideas for bridesmaid dresses? I’ve been hunting everywhere recently but can’t seem to find anything at a budget friendly price!


  22. Not On The High Street has some nice non-sparkly, handmade type jewellery like the one Katielase just linked to on Etsy, Cat. I’m thinking of going for a sweet little glass heart pendant on there for my big day. But I also want to wear some family pearls so not sure if it is a massive no no to wear two necklaces at the same time…

  23. Charlotte, great to see you are featuring Coast I work on the A&J buying team and am wearing the hedy cuff to my own wedding in September!!

    Coast’s very own bridal range launches next week make sure you take a look!!

    Much love from Amy@ Coast x

  24. Just ordered 2 cuffs and some earrings from glitzy secrets. Already have 3 choices of jewels for the day but hey ho. I had my heart set on a cuff but couldn’t find one I liked, then 2 at once. Oh my.

    On the subject of accessories. To veil or not to veil? I thought not but now (with 8 days to go) am thinking should I??? And if I should where the heck do I get one at such short notice. Aaagh!!

  25. Amazing, this blog just gets better every day! Have been searching for long blingy earrings that aren’t also wide for aaaages! Those ones on Glitzy Secrets are perfect, along with a gorgeous bow bangle which my bridesmaid will love for her birthday! She is as obsessed with bows as I am with green!

    Can’t believe how much inspiration I have had from here, my wedding would be bare without you! 😉

  26. I’ve bought the Art Deco earrings for my wedding. Liberty in Love are doing 20% off until tomorrow I think – the code is YAYW20 if anyone is waiting to buy anything!

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