The Future Of Bridal Fashion?

Ok so I have always loved David Fielden’s gowns. Out of all of the bridal designers (at least in my humble opinion) they create some of the most unique and fashion forward frocks around.

I’ve got to admit though, when the new collection fresh off the Milan runway landed in my inbox, it did take me a while to adjust to not only to the styling (skull caps, sci fi……are they walking through rubbish?) but also the fact that some of the shapes and fabrics are quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Then I took another look. Then another. Then another one. And then I realised that actually it was really ruddy clever. Not only does the froth and femininity stand out a country mile from the urban-esque landscape but doesn’t this epitomise what we stand for? doing it exactly your way?

And of course in amongst the perhaps “less traditional” numbers you’ve got some unbelievably beautiful and completely wearable dresses for W-day.

I can feel this collection is going to cause some interesting discussion today lovelies.

On your marks. Get set. GO!

Slim Line and Slinky: Top left – I love the texture, like an uber cool carpet . And top right is so fluid. The silkiest of silks.

Popstar Princess: Top left – I defy anyone not to fall head over heels for these full length pleats and cap sleeves. Bottom right – the butterfly effect. Only better.

Sexy Silhouette: Plunging neckline? Check. Maximum pin-flashing? Check. Total sex-bomb appeal? check checkity check.

Charlotte’s Favourites: Clockwise from top right: Ahem. A bridal jumpsuit? what’s not to love?! And the pockets, the transparent pockets. Imagine what fun you could have putting pretty things in those. Since watching Black Swan I have always wanted to wear a tutu, this one is simply delicious.

And last but not least…

This one I would shimmy down the ailse in a heartbeat. It’s just so sophisticated and elegant.

So then folks, what’s the verdict?

Any David Fielden brides amongst you?

Oh and just for the record. I’m not suggesting you all don a skull cap and sweeping blue eyeshadow to make your big day unique, just that you can…

If you want to.


Big Futuristic Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

21 thoughts on “The Future Of Bridal Fashion?

  1. I vote tutu at the bottom! You can’t beat a frothy skirt. I would like to prance in it.

    And as for brides on the wasteland, our photographer had us standing next to inner city wheelie bins on our W-day couple shoot (did I say the word “urban”? Well, he ran with it…).

    Yours, forever swooning over haute couture dresses (bridal or otherwise),


  2. OMG they get better as you go down the page. Not quite loving the skull caps but they are stunning, the movement they create is h-mazing…yummy.

  3. My favourites are the short dress with the sleeves and assymetric neckline and the long one at the end – fab sleeves! Can’t quite reconcile myself to the skull caps/hair styling in general but the dresses are amazing.

    When I was looking for a dress, there were only two designers I really loved – David Fielden and Jenny Packham. I went for Jenny in the end, but if I could have a second dress it would definitely be a David! A word of warning to any potential David Fielden brides who haven’t been dress shopping yet – his dresses are SMALL fitting. Don’t be paranoid if you have to go a size (or two!) bigger than normal. Apparently he used to be a ballet dancer and obviously he still thinks all women should be of dancer-esque proportions!!

  4. So I have to say the skull caps etc are a little bit scary for me personally, however a couple of dresses I really like.
    I think the only one I would really think about wearing is the pleated plunging V neck one, it’s very pretty and swishy. However in the real world….there would be a very unpretty amount of my boobage not being kept back I think!

    The second one I like it the short of one shoulder one, I think it’s really elegant and lovely.

    Thats about it for me though, but as always thanks for the something pretty to stare at, it’s always lovely!

    P.S. I am now a teency bit worried that I am not very fashion forward.

  5. The dresses are stunning…

    But is no one else shocked and appalled by just how skeletal these models look?!

    I know haute couture goes for size 0 but these girls look ILL and anorexic. I think there is enough pressure put on brides to be to be as small as they can be on their wedding day, and images like these do nothing for promoting healthy body image.

    Just my opinion.

  6. ugh, their yellow faces are putting me right off!!

    anyhoo – when you actually look at the actual dresses (and Abi – I’m with you on the models, they’re way too thin!) the bottom left one is my definite favourite, closely followed by the bottom left of the ‘sexy silhouette’ four. neither would look good one me not being five foot nine and a size 8 but one can dream!!

    mrs x x x

  7. I’m really undecided. The dresses that I like the most don’t really look very bridal. Definitely worth a second and third look though.

  8. I agree with Amy F – the girls are far slimmer than I am (I’m a size 10) but I wouldn’t see them on the street and think “oh dear that girl is poorly” (and I do see a lot of those girls!) I don’t agree with an industry that would reward people for making themselves ill and ultimately risking their own lives to be thin, but, evidence and research (and loads of it) suggests that items seen on a thin model will sell much better than an item seen on a “realistic” sized model. Dorothy Perkins was one of the first High Street retailers to introduce the “plus sized” mannequin, and it was a disaster for their sales. If I was a designer or fashion retailer I would go with the tried and tested method of making money – and if that is by using a model who is far smaller than a majority of my clientelle then that’s what I’d do.
    Anyway – the dresses – I too am a big D.F fan and I personally don’t believe that there are any dresses in this collection that are “unwearable”, perhaps it’s difficult to take them from a catwalk setting and picture them outside your local church but if any of these dresses are featured in a wedding soon I think we’ll realise how fab they are!

  9. I am a HUGE fielden fan and love most of these gowns. The cut, feel and drape of his designs are extraordinary and actually I was with a friend last week who tried on his wallis Simpson gown and it is gobsmackingly beautiful. I think though he does push the boundary for the catwalk as do most fashion designers but don’t really expect to see it filter through to the mass Market {skull caps look fairly tame next to his helmets from last season!} but the edginess makes him a bridalwear winner all day long for me. Trend led and romantic, perfect for today’s modern bride.

  10. I love the two with the plunging necklines – so beautiful.
    I do not love how miserable and p*ssed off they all look though, a model smiling in a wedding dress is far more of a seller than one looking angry marching down the catwalk carrying a suitcase (see above) like she’s just been dumped at the alter! I think their faces actually put me off the dresses!

  11. Oooh, I wondered how long it would take for a designer to jump on the jumpsuit bandwagon!
    Apart from the jumpsuit (not a fan – they are always too short in the body for me, which makes them tight in THE most undignified places), and the one with the silver sequins on the top half (doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the collection), I LOVE!!
    Faves are the other 3 in the ‘popstar section’, and the final one (left hand side), for slinky 30s glamour – beautiful.
    @Abi, & Amy – I was thinking the same thing as Amy, about the models looking healthy in comparision to most. I think it’s the skull caps and harsh make up make them look gaunt and ill in the face.

  12. Morning Lovelies….

    I’m really enjoying reading your comments and thoughts.

    I think the make-up and lighting used in this particular show has a lot to do with the model’s razor sharp cheek and collar bones, and although this seemingly “sci fi inspired” wouldn’t be a look I’d want to wear in everyday life, for the catwalk and certainly as something really “different” I think it works.

    @BrideandChic – that’s the word I was looking for, “drape” – David Fielden completely nails it.

    Charlotte xxx

  13. My only dress wobble was about a David Fielden dress – the Wallis Simpson one. Thankfully I saw it too near our wedding to even contemplate…. but I do dream….
    Love some of these – especially the very last one on the left and the bottom right of the first group.

  14. If I was to do my wedding all over again I would be skipping off to David Fielden to pick one of these beauties up.

    Or maybe most of them, a dress an hour, now that would have made my Wday unique!

  15. I’m a David Fielden bride. The thing about his catwalk styling is that it’s so avant garde (dare I say bizarre?!) that it makes the dresses look less ‘wearable’ than they are. I was expecting his boutique to be a bit mad, but it’s very traditional and all the dresses, even the very modern ones, are sort of transformed into fashion forward yet totally wearable options. I seriously considered one dress that I would have thought was nuts on the catwalk!

    I heart that 30s gown in the last row – just beautiful. But I do think the models are too thin and don’t show off the dresses to best effect.

  16. I love, love, love David Fielden and am due to marry my hubby to be in his beautiful goddess dress next year. I am so excited, as soon as I put it on I knew it was the one. Beautiful, simple with just a touch of high fashion. Perfect.

    Lou x

  17. I have just ordered a David Fielden dress (style 7112) for my wedding next year and I just LOVE it!!! Its so cool yet still bridal.

  18. I am in love with a David Fielden Dress for my big day and he is the only designer that seems to make dresses for my style!
    One thing though, they are so expensive for a one wear dress. Does anybody know when his sample sales are? I know that last year it was on the 10 December, but wondered if he had one every year?

    Regardless, I am going to have to have that dress, it would just make it sweeter if I could get it a bit cheaper 🙂

    Please let me know if you hear anything

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