The Garden Of Glamour.

Every so often a W-day is submitted where the bride is the “other me” – i.e very similar tastes/choices to my own. Lorna is one such bride – all Amanda Wakeley-clad Delphinium-loving inch of her.

Only she went and found the shoes and went for the outdoorsy ceremony that I had my heart set on only to chicken out last minute. But I cannot possibly be too green-eyed amongst so much love, laughter and pretty. Lorna and Roger’s laid back garden affair is full of a gazillion stealable details all captured beautifully by Daria Nova.

Oh and Lorna’s nephew gave her away – isn’t that just the cutest thing you ever saw?! and um…there are some table centres made out of trees from Johnny Depp’s back yard. And a “Portrait photo-booth” – one of the coolest DIY entertain-your-guests inventions I’ve seen in a while.

Something Old Something New

My ‘accessories’ style on the day was very simple – I used some vintage glass hair pins which I had first worn at my sister’s wedding 10 years prior. My gold earrings and cuff were both from small designers I found on the internet – both were a bit different but I could see myself wearing them again – which I have!

The Perfect Fit

My dress was by Amanda Wakeley. Loved the very classic lines – loved the box pleat silk skirt. I had the train removed from the original design to make it more practical for an outside wedding and to make it more contemporary / modern.

Loved that it was modern and classic at the same time – and ultimately it just suited me and my figure!

Chic And Natural

For the garden celebration I wanted something classic and pared back, so went for soft brown hued eyes, and soft nudes and pinks on the my cheeks and lips.

Again with my hair, I wanted something classic – so my hairdresser and I went for a low side bun twist – which looked very natural, but chic all at the same time!

Blue For The Boys

As we had a very laid back wedding we didn’t have any ‘formal groomsmen or bridesmaids’ so our best man just wore a classic suit which he already owned while we my nephew who gave me away, chose together an outfit both he and I liked – we ended up with a classic navy pinstripe suit from M&S, an untucked white shirt and some black hi top converse trainers… all of which he loved wearing and has worn again.. and again!!

Roger, had a tailor made suit made from Cad & the Dandy on Saville Row – it was a beautiful dusky dark navy wool, which fitted him perfectly – making him look very dapper and trim!! Plus a fitted pale blue cotton shirt and graphite silk tie both from Reiss. He wore is old faithful Oliver Sweeney black formal shoes which just finished the look perfectly.

Garden Party Chic

My sister designed the invites, menu cards and seating plan – which were made to be humorous, fun and to tell the story or Rog and I in a lighthearted way – they went down well with everyone.

We had large white paper lanterns hanging from locally sourced willow branches to mark out the areas in the garden for the service, drinks reception – and our ‘portrait booth’ – these were really cheap and very effective – we also had stripe deck chairs and picnic rugs for our guests to sit on for the wedding celebration in the garden – to stick with the ‘garden party chic’ theme!


My shoes had 5 Inch heels (Roger is a lot taller than me without heels! – and I love heels!)

Found and fell in love with the Chloe heels before I found my dress – the heels had a black suede block heel (needed for a garden wedding), nude toe strap and a vintage style diamante ankle strap.

Love at first site when I saw them on Net a Porter – BUT when I went to buy them – my size had sold out everywhere – managed to get the Chloe store to fly over the only pair they had left in Paris (1 size smaller than I needed but felt it was worth the risk) It was a little bit of a Cinderella moment when I went into see if they fitted – fortunately they fitted perfectly and the sales assistant almost cried he was so happy for me!! (well that and the fact he was probably on commission!)

D.I.Y Blooms

My wonderful Mum and her fabulous friends did all my flowers – and I couldn’t have been happier – my bouquet was a simple bunch of pale blue delphiniums tied with a burnt orange wide ribbon. The button holes and corsages where made from blue thistle, cream roses and eucalyptus.

The flowers used for the service, and to decorate the marquee – were tall stems of the pale blue delphiniums with cream stocks… We also had cream/white hydrangea heads in blue glass jam jars and vintage terracotta pots with Indian mint and Thyme in on all the trestle tables.

Original And Creative

To be honest my sister and I worked tirelessly on all the details for the overall theme of the day – we planned the day in 3 months – so it was all about original DIY ideas!

I had a rough outline – based on a Victor & Rolf dress – I wanted the colours to be pale blue and burnt orange plus white highlights – but without it looking contrived… my flowers provided the blue – with burnt orange ribbons on the bouquet and the white ceramic jugs.

I knew exactly what I wanted for the tables – relaxed but chic – so I made hessian table runners, my brother in law’s friend who is a tree surgeon provided the wood slices from Johnny Depp’s garden (very random!), I found the vintage terracotta pots on ebay and the vintage blue glass jars came from Ohio.. again via ebay!


I actually found Daria Nova through the Rock My Wedding website – loved her ‘alternative’ style and the curve she applied to the images – and her reportage style of capturing the day.

Better Together

My dad and sister sang in the wedding celebration – I asked them both to sing as my whole family are musical, with my dad being a professional singer (in his day) and my sister has a stunning voice – my dad sang a beautiful Italian love song and then performed a duet with my sister which they wrote about Rog and I – they were both amazing, and made me feel very proud on the day! We also had a fab Jazz band, called The Bernard Wight Sextet for the post wedding celebration champagne – they were perfect and friends of my dad who organised them as our wedding gift.

Our first dance was by ‘Better Together’ by Jack Johnson – think the title says it all – Rog and I only met each other as we both hit 30 – being both very independent people – think when we met, it just clicked and we realised we really are better together – even though we are as independent as ever!!

The Queen Of Cake

My little sister made the cake, she is an amazing cook but she excelled herself with this achievement – it was stunning and tasted even better! – I wanted something fitting to the summer garden wedding – nothing formal – so I requested a Victoria sponge with summer fruits – the rest I left up to her – and I didn’t see it until the day! She is the queen of cupcakes so these were a personal addition by her – but they really added to the overall effect and were a big hit with our guests!

Get Involved

I loved finding and working on all of the little bits that personalised our day – from humorous invites and menu cards to the portrait booth and the willow lanterns, to the vintage blue jam jars – this made it our wedding and not like anyone else’s I had seen before or been to… I wanted our day to be personal to us and the day was just as we had hoped – very Rog and Lorn – and all our guests commented on this!

My only advice would be stay true to yourself and do what you want – don’t be side-tracked by what you ‘should do’ or what others think. I personally loved getting my family involved in as much as we did – yes it was stressful at times – but it was all worth it in the end !

Brides Gown – Amanda Wakeley

Brides Shoes – Chloe at Net A Porter

Grooms Suit – Cad and The Dandy

Blooms – D.I.Y

Entertainment – Bernard Wight Sextet

Photography – Daria Nova

Sometimes it takes the simplest of decor to make everything look so incredibly chic, you know?

So then, who’s going to organise a portrait photo-booth?!

Big Amanda Wakeley Love

Charlotte xxx

32 thoughts on “The Garden Of Glamour.

  1. Gorgeous! Beautiful dress (and bride of course!), love everything and looks like loads of fun (particularly amused by the kecks themed table plan….there’s a new one if ever I saw one!!!). Massive Congrats Lorna and Roger!

    I am so impressed they pulled this off in three months, I am panicing there is only 10 weeks to mine and feel like left everything to last minute!! This gives me hope!

    Lorna – help please!! I want runners exactly like that – we too have long tables (not sure how long because we are getting married in France and they don’t seem to get ‘runner’!! but think about 10 per table) – where did you get hessian from and were they easy to do?? And snap again with the paper lanterns, I was going to put some in trees….but think the ones on sticks look gorgeous….again where did you get it all from/how? I feel like I’ve looked at a million sites! And were any of them lit later? (I have been trying to find a way to do so (ours is completely outside – b*ggered if it rains) via battery or solar powered lights of some sort (fairy lights + french voltage = not sure!) but seems v v expensive.

    All thoughts extremely welcome and congrats again! x

  2. Wow, that literally took my breathe away. Absolutely stunning. And I love how you told your story, your Dad singing choked me up! Beautiful beautiful day. Congratulations Lorna 🙂

  3. Ahh I LOVE love love this! This is so similar to our wedding in so many ways. It is all completely gorgeous and looks so effortless.

    I’ve been hunting for wood slices like that everywhere! If you would like to sell them/put your friend in more business please let me know


  4. What a glowing bride! Its all so chic, gorgeous and inspiring. Just enough to be lovely without being too much. Def going to be revisiting these pics for further inspiration!

  5. Morning ladies!

    @Carrie – Your wedding sounds lovely! we will see if we can get Lorna to come and share some of her tips and tricks with you – I love a hessian runner.

    @Laura C – Also loving a wood slice (did you read these were from Johnny Depp’s garden?! – how do we get to go and pay a visit there?!)

    Charlotte xxx

  6. Haha, thanks Charlotte, hopefully it won’t be a complete last minute disaster and will all come together!

    (or as Laura C says, if Lona wants to sell any of it??)

  7. Sooooo pretty!! The flowers are so beautiful, fab use of maps (we met travelling in Africa so I might shamelessly steal some of these!) and I love, love, love the portrait booth too – amazing idea! Everyone looks so happy – I would have loved to have been a guest.

    Definitely one of my favourite ever weddings on here


  8. Amazing wedding- totally natural!! Don’t suppose you want to sell on/hire out the blue jars to me for my July wedding? We tried to order some from the US but the import tax seemed to be huge!! xx

  9. Can I please have a slice of that cake, while I try and write something totally witty for our tables (just love that idea). Oh and don’t get me started on the shoes…love the whole Cinderella moment, they was meant for you Lorna!!!

    Also love the shot with the bloomers and the whole underwear table names 😉 in fact it all just looks bloody lovely xx

  10. Gorgeous bride, I totally love that dress! The day seems so relaxed and happy. Those lanterns are great and the flowers are absolutely beautiful while being really simple, love it!


  11. @Carrie I was kindly given about 35 cream lanterns just like the ones in these pics by another RMW bride who had them left over from her wedding. I’m getting married on Saturday (2.5 days eek!) but would be happy to forward them on to you afterwards for the cost of the postage if you’re interested? In terms of lighting them, you can buy floralytes which are like LED’s strapped to a battery pack and you just hang them on string or wire inside the lantern from the metal frame bit at the top – easy. You can buy them on ebay in cheap multipacks.

    If you’re interested, I’m sure Charlotte can put us in touch via email.

    Re this wedding …. I LOVE the humorous stationery, its so personal and happy and fun. Great idea about the portrait gallery and of course I am biased in liking the orange and blue colour theme – a gorgeous combination 🙂

  12. What an amazing wedding! So beautiful, and I love that so many of your family were involved. It makes me feel all warm and cosseted just looking at it! The flowers are fantastic too, I will be sending this to my mum, who has also very kindly offered to do our flowers! I hope your married life continues just as happily and beautifully. xx

  13. Beautiful wedding.. loved all the family involvement. Love also the relaxed nature of the day. Many congratulations

  14. @Shirley……err wow, you are amazing – really???! Thank you so so much that would be fantastic!! (and thanks for the tip on the floralytes, I may ask more questions!) But for now just concentrate on yours – have loved reading your posts, can’t belive how quick it has come round, maybe speak on the other side…..have the best day ever! xx

    @Charlotte if you could put us in touch that would be ace!

    Yet another reason why RMW rocks!!

  15. Hi Carrie,

    thank you for all your lovely comments – a wedding in france sounds lovely!

    I’ll do my best to help with answers as like you I did not find table runners easy to source. I actually still have the table runners which you’re very welcome to buy – postage plus small contibtuion towards the hessian (I have 8 or 9 of them and i think they are 6m long -if you’re interested I can measure them) but it may well be easier to start from scratch so they fit your table perfectly! You can buy the hessian relatively cheaply via ebay supplier – postage can be quite expensive, but it’s the cheapest way I found… and then it’s a case of you and a sewing machine for a day or so!! Pretty easy if you have the time!

    I also have the white lightshades if you’re interested – about 40 of them in different sizes – but again you can probably buy these quite cheaply – I found ‘Wilkinsons’ the cheapest place but they only sold 1 size! We didn’t light them – but you can get little LED lights to put in them easily enough – the time consuming part (which is why we didn’t do it) is stringing them into each shade – we went for candle lights in jam jars instead – much easier! The willow was a very fortunate last minute purchase – although not sure how you’d get it to france!! We found a supplier close to Taunton in somerset… it’s cheap – about a fiver for a large bundle which was enough for us.. but I’m sure you’d be able to find something suitable in france!

    I hope the above helps – but do shout if you have any more questions – i remember how many hours i spent on the internet sourcing everything so if there is anything I can do to help I’d be happy to – and you’ll be fine, it;s amazing but somehoe you will get everything done on time – it just sort of happens… good luck and have an amazing day – wishing you lots of sunshine!


    (ps – the weather forecast for our wedding day was torrential rain the whole week before and we had no plan b for the ceremony part – but it was sunny on the day…!

  16. hi laura c… thank you for your lovely comment… sadly I’m afraid the wood slices went on the fire – as they don’t keep so well… however maybe email a local tree surgeon as i didn’t pay for these as they were just made from a tree he had to take down anyway – and he didn’t mind cutting 10 slices out for me… think I just bought him a nice bottle of wine to say thank you – good luck, I’m sure you’ll find a way! Lorna x

  17. What a beautiful beautiful wedding, I love the colours, sublime. Lorna if Carrie does not need your cream light shades I would be over the moon to give them a good home at my wedding! Do let me know.

  18. Thanks Lorna, you are filling me with thoughts of glorious sunshine…..!

    I am definitely interested in exploring buying the runners further if it works….me and a sewing machine aren’t natural bedfellows…!

    @ Charlotte, can you put is in touch please?

    Oh you lovely, helpful people you!


  19. Hi Neema,

    Sorry for taking a while to come back to you… re the vintage glass jars – I have to be honest to being a little reticent to lend these out – as they (as you noticed) cost a lot to buy/ ship over… but let me know if you can’t fin anything else suitable and I’m sure we can work something out! take care and good luck with the rest of the planning.

    Lorna x

  20. Hi Lorna, Just a lovely wedding. You looked stunning and everyone looked so happy.
    My son is getting married in March next year & his bride is looking at using hessian at their wedding also. Can you tell me what weight hessian that you used (14oz/18oz) if you know? Or if the thicker/heavier hessian is better.
    You possibly now have a little one to look after so congrats!
    Any info would be appreciated.

    1. Hi there – I bought the lighter weight hessian as easier to sew – with a finer gauge so it’s nice on the tables – got it from an ebay seller – pretty affordable stuff really! Hope your son’s wedding goes well and you find everything you’re looking for… take care, Lorna x

  21. Hi Lorna,
    On a quiet Friday whilst browsing through some emails from I came across this link to your beautiful wedding at The Big House Co. I hope you don’t mind, but I have put a mention to RMW on our facebook page so that prospective brides and grooms can see what may be achieved at one of our lovely venues.
    The images from your wedding day are gorgeous and I’m sure you must have had an epic weekend stay at The Big House Co!
    Best wishes,

      1. Thanks Lorna. Yes, you’re right, time does fly by.
        Our facebook ‘likes’ are small but growing, we’re still a bit new to it, but the post about your wedding has been one of the most viewed that we have had!
        Thanks again, Claire

  22. Hi Carrie, Not heard from Charlotte re putting us in touch so here’s an update – I have measured the table runners – they are 160in (15ft) long x 13in wide – there are 9 in total, 4 in perfect condition, 4 with a small amount of wax on which I am happy to get out before sending as it won’t take long – the other one has chocolate sauce on and needs a cold wash and an iron – but I’m afraid I don’t have time to do this as well. Let me know if you’re still interested in them… they cost about me about £60 in total – so was thinking £20plus postage was a fair price – do let me know.

    Also -were you interested in the white lampshades or shall I get in touch with Sophie – as I was planning to put them on ebay soon – as I need to have a clear out as have a baby on the way!!!!

    Many thanks – hope all planning is going well.

    Charlotte if you can put us in touch that would be great so we can sort details.

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